Appointment of Ranil as Prime Minister ?
Posted on January 10th, 2015


Presidential Elections have come and gone. People wanted a change. The new President won by 51.28 per cent of the votes and took oaths as President. And everyone is waiting for the implementation of the proposed 100 day Program and hopes that it brings good for the country.

But there are concerns with regard to the appointment of Ranil as Prime Minister. He took oaths  as Prime Minister. According to the Constitution the Prime Minister is appointed from the party which has a majority in Parliament. Ranil does not have a majority and he is short of at least by 30 members. If so, the question remains how Ranil was appointed Prime Minister ?

The election held was for the appointment of a President and not for a Prime Minister. A general election is to be held in July. So Ranil has no mandate from the people to be appointed as Prime Minister ! As it is there are two SLFP’s – Rajapakse SLFP (R)  and Maithripala Sirisena SLFP (S). According to media reports Rajapakse will be back as a National list MP. Whatever it is, there appear to be Constitutional issues with regard to the appointment of a Prime Minister through the back door !

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  1. Nanda Says:

    A valid point. I did not like what happened in the ceremony at all.
    Only good thing was My3 did what he promised and made all pundits who raised legal points FOOLS. Those who cried to retain full EP will realise how unnecessarily powerful is this post.
    MR is waiting to take over all powerful prime minister position after 100 days. He thinks all others a FOOLS.

  2. SenaD Says:

    The president can appoint the PM to his liking.

    However, if a no confidence motion against him is passed in parliament the PM would be out of job.

  3. Wickrama Says:

    Sirisena who said he will abolish executive powers of the president, used the same to appoint Ranil as the PM !! If he goes on to use these executive powers during the next 99 days, maybe he would want to keep them for a little bit more !

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  5. Independent Says:

    None of you should have and complains if he keeps it forever !. All were worried about Chandrika and Ranil.

  6. Nanda Says:

    I am very happy if he could kick out UNPiers and Chanrdrika now.

  7. Leela Says:

    Is piggy back ride to power the beginning of the ‘yahapalanaya’? Never mind such hard facts for the time being, what we await is to be benefited from the list that My3 promised.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Around the world in 100 days. So many stunts can be seen in 100 days because all the coup leaders involved in it were from around the world. America,England,Europe,Canada,Diaspora, Jihadists, Tamils and Muslims around the world. If these coup plotters were able to carry on like this we can see same like in Pakistan,Afganistan,Libiya etc. All minority clans wanted to have a separate piece for themselves. They will not support if they don’t get what they wanted to carry on for six years. I am sure.

    If we are Buddhists,Christians or Muslims or Tamils we are all Sri Lankans. We must think like that and stay united for ever if we want to keep our land safe without giving in to terrorism or to those white mercenaries. MAHINDA kept all races together and safeguard our nation from terror. That is enough for us. He was genuine SRI LANKA made not like these rats who bow down to the western and Tamil stooges. Why Chora Regina came back? She came to take revenge with the help of some traitors who talk something and do something else like Awamangalaya etc. He is the one who said Sira is not capable to do anything and that he was just a clerk who knows nothing. These are the type people this new ugly bunch has to run the Govt. Sira is a puppet of the west as well as Chowra Regina.

  9. S.A Says:

    Well said Ranjit,

    සමහර තිරිසනුන්ට පවා තමාට උපකාරයක් කලඅයෙකු මතකයේ රැඳේ. කළගුණ සලකයි. අවාසනාවට අපේ සමහර මිනිසුන්ට මතකයේ රැඳෙන්නේ යමෙකු තමාට උපකාරයක් කරනතෙක් පමණි.

  10. Vimutti Says:

    Appointing Ranil as Prime Minister is blatantly unconstitutional, and does not bode well for Maithripala who promised “good governance” a weakened president, and stronger Parliament.

    If I were the speaker, I would challenge the appointment with a vote of no confidence, and file in the Supreme Court if Ranil continues in an unconstitutional capacity.

    Absent approval by Parliament, Ranil is unable to be Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and ANY actions he take in an unconstitutional capacity are null and void without any force of law.

  11. Sarath W Says:

    My3 should remember that he did not win this election. Mahinda lost it because of his arrogance and because he was surrounded by that stupid mafia of some political goons. It was not a victory for MY3, but a victory for the ungrateful minorities and burnt our incompetent politicians backed by the diaspora and the west and the Indian bullies.

    Ranil must be the most shameless, cowardly and selfish politician in the history of Sri Lanka

  12. SenaD Says:

    The president cannot keep RW in the PM post by presidential decree.

    RW can run the state machinery as a minority govt as long as he is allowed to do so by the absence of a no confidence motion against him passed in parliament.

    The UPFA (or was it WW?) has said that they will support the new administration of RW on a case by case basis.

    The only way RW can have a stable majority is if the president ensures it by inducing MPs to his side just as the ex-president did.

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