The King is Dead. May Long Live the King!
Posted on January 11th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Although I have remained silent for three years, I have followed the goings-on in Sri Lanka with interest.

First of all, may I comment that the Sri Lankan politics could also be written as a Shakespearen play.  The latest event symbolises Julius Ceaser.

“Et tu, Brute!” cried Julius Ceaser, as he spilt blood on the steps and died.

In the Sri Lanka scenario, Mahinda “JuliusCeaser” Rajapakse survived the first attempt by his own, decorated soldier, ex-General Sarath Fonseka. The second attempt on the 8th January 2015, displaced him from the Throne, but will still “Live to Fight Another Day”.

Too much confidence on his own self-importance, led by his advisers telling the King, that he looked great in his “golden” robes riding on top of his elephant, was toppled him by his own trusted ex-Minister of Health.

History has shown that the Minister of Health does not give remedies to the Leader, as was the case with late Edward Heath, who was toppled by his Minister of Heath, late Margaret Thatcher.

As a non-citizen of Sri Lanka, I have no right to interfere in the local politics, as long as Sri Lanka remains as a Sinhala Nation.  However, gaining power through a Tamil supporting vote gives too much bad blood running inside the Sinhala veins.

For a start, the character of Ranil Wickramasingha and CBK involvement in the government raises disturbing questions.  The next thing, I hope not, might be the impending visit of Erik Solheim to act as a Presidential Advisor on “Divide Sri Lanka & Rule”.

I read the articles of Mr. HLD Mahindapala with interest. Great read!

Also Lorenzo comments are as good as they were. Balanced and patriotic.

However, in my opinion, some writers, whilst stressing the need for a United Sri Lanka as a Sinhala-Tamil-Muslim Sri Lankans, still harp on the religion as a point of concern. Point taken when the Tamil Catholic Bishop of Jaffna Rajappu Joseph is playing his violin for LTTE and the Terrorists, but that should not be applied as a punishment on all Catholics in Sri Lanka.

Another question which was raised was the Presidential appointment of the Prime Minister and the legality of the appointment.

A one writer stated, if the position of the PM should be the leader of the largest opposition party, then a member of Rajapakse led Front, should have the seat?

When I saw the first photograph of President Maithri Sirisena, he was dressed in an Indian version garb, possibly getting ready to meet Mr. Modi.

 Having read the First 100 Day programme, has the new President used a simple calculator to check out his budget? With all the goodies he has promised, he has not shown how he plans to balance the budget.  It will be a huge mistake to kick-the-Chinese out, and with no other country to light the candle!

I take this opportunity to Wish All the Readers of Lanka Web, and the New Government of Sri Lanka, Health, Security & Happiness in years to come!

May God Bless You!


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26 Responses to “The King is Dead. May Long Live the King!”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    History has shown that the Minister of Health does not give remedies to the Leader,

    Your are correct.

    Wimala Wijewardane was also health Minister in 1956 SWRD Bandaranaike’s government and later involved in assassination of Bandaranayake

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    as long as Sri Lanka remains as a Sinhala Nation- Mother Lanka aways remains Sinhala Nation as long as We Hela Demilaya (Eelath Thamilan) with you.

    NB/ Nandavarma was Finance minister in Dudugamu (Thudda Kaimunu) Govt.

    We-Eelath Saiva Tamilar never against ti Bhuddist Chinhalar.
    live & let’s live until Eelam was V.

  3. anura seneviratna Says:

    “as long as Sri Lanka remains as a Sinhala Nation”.

    Salutations to Prof.Hudson for stating the truth as it is that Sri Lanaka is The Sinhela Nation, which many misled Sinhelas are unaware of. As long as this ignorance prevails due to most traitorous past rulers, settler communities who already have their national lands elsewhere will continue to attempt insidious invasions within SL.

    Even the parted king made the major error in ignoring the Sinhela nation who sacrificed many lives in defending the Island; yet electing a president, behind whom the power is granted to the 2 most evil traitors the country has ever known, makes it difficult to understand the Sinhela psyche!

    Unless, Sri Lanka is declared as the Sinhela National Country Upholding Sinhela National Sovereignty, where all settler communities too are INCLUSIVE Sinhela national citizens, which is the universal political principle – the Sinhela nation will tread into the gloom!

  4. Christie Says:

    It was the non-votes by Indian colonial parasites and Indians that lead to the 2005 win by Mahinda. Then India backed Mahinda thinking it would be hard to manage Ranil Wckramasinghe the UNP candidate. India has been directly involved with the island politics from 1951 when India recruited Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike who was the health minister of the then UNP government. Now his daughter has followed the father as an agent of Indian Empire and Sirisena has become the Coolie of India like her, her mother and her farther. Jai Hind.

    India had enough money to train, arm, finance, manage its terrorist arm branded Tamil Tigers by India.

  5. stanley perera Says:

    MR forgot the sinhala people who voted him to power including some sinhala catholics. MR mollycoddled the muslims and Tamils. Ignored the displaced sinhalayas from North. MR and Basil spent a lot to get the support from Tamils. If not for Tamil and Muslim votes MS would have lost. MS and RW must do a lot to reconcile with Tamil and Muslim with much emphasis to neutralise the Tamil Muslim extremism.

  6. ranjit Says:

    Prof.we have not read your articles for a long time and we are glad you are back. Prof,Don’t think that the King is dead. He will rise from the dead pretty soon and be with us to take our country forward without any corrupt traitors behind him. People who were close to him let him down. It’s politics but we cannot allow him to leave us just.He should take the lead and plan and organize his party to come back.

    I hope he will learn his mistakes and think hard what went wrong and start rebuilding his party. Still he has the Majority in the Parliament so if he plan well he have a chance. May God bless him. Children in my country needs him. small kids doesn’t know any leader except him because he was very close to our children’s hearts. Our politicians must stick to one party without jumping from one place to another for their own benefits. It’s disgrace to have people’s reps behaving like that way. Gossips and lies rampart in Sri Lankan politics which I don’t approve at all. I thought our people have learned a lesson after thirty years of war and destruction but unfortunately they haven’t still they try to kill each other due to dirty politics in the country. I feel ashamed and unhappy but what can we do. It was very peaceful and beautiful after 2009 to date but all will vanish due to this change. The people who came to change were all old rejected ,corrupt bunch of traitors who ruined our country in the past except Sirisena. I cannot see anything good coming on our way but let’s hope something will come and we can live in peace.

  7. helaya Says:

    Good to hear from you, Porf. Very good analysis. Keep writing.

  8. Senevirath Says:

    ranjith did u read that another 20 mps have left mahinda and joined sirisena now it seems sirisena is the president of S L F P pl .. check it and let us know

  9. douglas Says:

    ranjit: “I hope…………………start rebuilding his party.” You said. A little while ago it was announced over SLBC that the present President Mr. Mithripala Sirisena has been appointed as the Chairman of SLFP”. Did I hear it correct? If true, MR has lost control of the party, unless he contests for the post again at a party convention and secure the position. I doubt it very much. Another option will be to form a new party and contest the next Parliamentary elections and secure a majority to claim the position of Prime Minister. Yet, even if he does that, there will be a “Deputy Prime Minister” appointed from the next party that holds the second larger number of seats in Parliament. That works out to virtual elimination of an “Official Opposition” and that leads to a “National Government”. If MR works out a plan to become a Member of Parliament (at the moment he is not an MP) and secure the position of Prime Minister after the forthcoming Parliamentary election, he can lay a good claim to contest the next Presidential election after the expiration of the present President’s tenure of office. The present President has already declared that he will not claim a second period of service. It is left for MR to carefully weigh his options and I wish he will make a considered and a wise decision to join the political process of the country.

    PS: Please note this is an analysis according to my observations of facts.

  10. Marco Says:

    Thank you for your astute analysis.
    May I add that MR is likely to be appointed an MP next week following a “friendly” retirement of a National List SLFP MP.
    I’m uncertain of the powers and constitution of the Central Committee of the SLFP for the appointment of a National List MP. There appears to be confusion of the “Chairmanship” of the SLFP with one faction claiming MR is the Chairman another faction saying MS is the Chairman.
    Hopefully, this will be resolved within the next few days.

  11. mjaya Says:

    A lot of Brits rejoiced when Thatcher died. She was that unpopular among the working class. There was a famous photo of graffiti that read “Iron Lady Rust in Peace”.

    This is indeed like a Shakespearean drama, also a repeat telecast of 1815 when the Sinhalese people handed their king to the British. At that time the main reason was the execution of Ehelepola’s family. But, the reason for this was Ehelepola’s treason in the first place. Anyway, what happened in 2015 was just like that. The people didn’t think far enough and thought about a short term solution for MRs flaws. The same happened in 1977 and the result was JR and the root of most problems we face today.

    As the good Prof. has said wonder if MY3 had a simple calculator to balance the budget before his 100 day goodies come through, probably like Run-nils 100 day programme.

    Anyway, I’ll be a bit selfish and wait for a liter of petrol to become Rs. 50. I’ll probably go straight for a full tank knowing what happened to Bandit Queens Rs. 3.50 loaf of bread!

    To (unsuccessfully) parody Shakespeare, Realism or no realism that is the question….

  12. stanley perera Says:

    Lets hope Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese form a united Sri Lankan front and rule the country without a separatism.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said Prof as always!

    Even SWRDB was the health minister of the previous UNP government!!

    So it is NOT A CHOICE. We all MUST join hands with PRESIDENT MY3 for a better SL so that UPFA can RETAIN its parliamentary majority.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Lets hope Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese form a united Sri Lankan front and rule the country without a separatism.-agreed

    why MS agree to visit India next month ?

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    any of TNA members will get minister post in new National govt?

  16. Nanda Says:

    SA Kumar,
    Let me answer on behalf of Lorenzo who is busy talking to My3 at the moment.

    All the TNA friends of yours will be made ministers/deputies and given 10% corruption allowances. (The budget still have funds remaining 500% – 10% = 490% previous government Paga allowances).

    After the 10% “Tamil Cause” will dissolve. Vaiko will get 5%. You may apply for 1%.

  17. Nanda Says:

    Who will be the health minister this time ? Lorenzo ? or My3 himself ? Lessons Learned (LL) ?

  18. Nanda Says:

    Before 2007 Sri Lankans thought giving “some eelam is OK.
    After 2009 they thought some 10% -20% PAGA is normal and OK.
    After 2012 they though 500% is also unavoidable in order to keep Tamils at bay.
    At the end of 2013, 50% of them knew it is more than 500%, but the other 50% thought 10000% is OK as long as Rajapakse build nice roads.

    Now, regardless of Ealam, 51% has decided lower the threshold back to below 10%). Some good people think only 0% is legal. That is the proper thinking we all must lean to accept.

  19. Nanda Says:

    If you all yourself Buddhist , please do not accept any Chintanaya which teaches,
    killing is OK, stealing is OK, Womanising is OK, lying is OK, Ethanol is OK as long as Eelam is not given

    It is the same with all other religions. But they can wash away these sins by telling the God , we cannot.

    Actually, our Buddhism MUST have the 6th precept called Eelaam is not OK.

  20. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Lorenzo was right – SWRD was DS’s Health Minister in 1951 when he quit the government to establish SLFP.

    But Thatcher was NOT Minister of Health when she toppled Edward Heath.

  21. ranjit Says:

    Let all the traitors leave him except few who really loves him and the Motherland stay back to build the party and start new with a new thinking and new ideas. Did anyone saw how much people love this man. Go and see in Hambantota. People were crying not the rich but the poor peasants. They cry from their hearts. BAIYA WILL COME BACK.DO NOT HAVE ANY DOUBTS. Tie Coat rich who were financed by NGO’s and LTTE Diaspora will not have that easy to carry on while the real lion is walking freely with the support of the poor.

    Look at the children in this country.Go and ask who is the President they will tell in one voice that MR is our President because he was too close to their hearts. Have anyone seen any President who was so close to the children in this country? They love him because he has a heart to help the people not a revengeful dirty hearts like these Yahapalanayas have. From the day one they were talking about Corruption and what they will do to hang the culprits,take revenge and send them to hell.Is this Yahapalanaya they were talking about? Be like Mandela love thy enemy as all religious leaders preach. Is Maitri means taking revenge? Who is the Saint here in the Govt.? We like to know. Bullshit politicians. Give us Jobs,Education,Roads,Hospitals and a better future rather than taking revenge and selling our country to the west. Be a true Sri LANKAN.

  22. Nanda Says:

    Don’t get confused with “him” and “motherland”. “He ” is the one who raped “motherland” for fame , power and money. So, how on this earth having some brain , I love him ?
    Yes, if Ruinill can come back Baiya can also come back. FOr that , he has to change AND the current “TOYYAS” should mess up the whole thing, following old habits.
    As Buddhists we should follow Buddha. There are no “persons” in reality. Person is made up of how his mind works and how he reacts , communicated with others. Every one should be given 1st, 2nd and last chances. That is the Buddhist way. Not foolishly fix on past actions and say “this woman is evil”, “this mas is a God” and so on.
    Jesus too said “thou shall live in this world like in heaven”. Buddha proved it. We will be reborn in the worlds appropriate to what thoughts we carry. That is why “Metta” is good and “Hatred” is bad.

  23. SA Kumar Says:


    All the TNA friends of yours will be made ministers/deputies and given 10% corruption allowances. !
    My sinhala bro money can not buy us , We-Tamil know how to earn money We never want OC money.

    eg:VP ,is any one of money bought for 33 years?

  24. Nanda Says:

    Andy Lingam,
    VP had more than enough money, donated by foolish Tamils like you and using his drug trade.

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    VP had more than enough money- fully agreed but not in beginning (he start from one shot gun)
    eg: JRJ offered good money but VP refused

    because , Tamilukku Amuthenra oru peyar, antha Thamil engnhal Uyirukku mel ..Uyirukku mel !

    My Chinhala brother live & let live until Eelam war V ( We-Tamil need 100 more years to recover from Mulli vaikal
    , Velu were are ?)

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    sorry , Velu Where are you?

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