How Long will the Honeymoon Last?
Posted on January 12th, 2015

Prof. Hudson Maclean

Sri Lanka electorate and the players have reached political maturity.

The ancient civilization of the Sinhela have demonstrated proudly to the world how democracy is played in this little Island.

The politicians behaved with decency and the voters, who normally end-up carving-up a few hearts & souls, with a few funerals after the voting, surprised the foreign observers, with the civility & decency.

The new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, according to the news reports acted with civility and dignity, as the go-between negotiator behind the security screens at Temple Trees.

One thing which really surprised me,is that, in a gossip-mongering City of Colombo, how can Ranil + CBK cook the goose MR, in such secrecy, that even GR having met with his dear ole friend My3, missed the plot. This goes to show, the present day Sri Lankan politicians do know How-to-Plan!

One very important observation is the Tamil mentality.  Mahinda Rajapaksa paid the full price for bending-over-backwards to build the infrastructure in the North and the East, sacrificing the Sinhela South.  In the well known Tamil tradition, the Tamils voted for the opponent, simply to de-Throne Mahinda Rajapaksa, the hand that fed them.  I personally have had a similar experience in having a Sri Lankan Jaffna Tamil accountant in my employment in the UK, and the SoB did sell-me-to-my-opponent. An insider deal.

 Moral of the story: Never Trust Tamils!

The Second important observation is the Dynamic Duo. Ranil Wickramasinghe and CBK. These are historically known facts that, both Ranil & CBK, “Sold Sri Lanka to LTTE Terrorist Velupillai Prabhakaran” directly and through Erik Solheim. Those who followed the blue-eyed Norwegian Minster of International Development crap, loves his Thosai, but upon consumption, suffers immediately from diarrhea. Solheim having got thrown out of his Cabinet post in Norwegian parliament, has a new job in a European organization.

Erik Solheim took the lead of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in January 2013. A job he always wanted.

During the times when General Sarath Fonseka was having his political hick-ups, I was most sympathetic to his fate but not to that of his son-in-law, who disappeared. Undoubtedly, the boy-wonder will return with or without excess baggage.

The newly ascending star Sarath Fonseka, as a full blown General or even as a Field Marshall, to sit next to the newly elected King (Minister of Defense), as his Deputy Minister of Defense, will be the one to watch. Fonseka is also a “China Man”.

A good balancing act to have Sarath Fonseka in between the President My3 and CBK-Ranil, aka Tom & Jerry Show.  Most certainly Fonseka will send his son-in-law to China to source the hardware, and hopefully keeps only 5% commission.

There are two interesting scenarios: First, since My3 has already announced that he is only interested in a single term Presidency, just to sweep & clean the dirt left by Mahinda Rajapakse, Fonseka will undoubtedly lie-and-wait for the occasion. During the five-year stint, Fonseka clan will rake-in the dollars to fund his ambitions.

Moreover, unless My3 gets rough & tough, puts Mahinda Rajapaksa through the “mill”, castrate his ambitions of a resurgence in Presidency, then it will be “Revenge-is-Sweet” for Field Marshall or General Sarath Foseka, to face his old rival at the next Presidential Race, and might even climb-up to the Throne.

At this moment, My3 deserves fullest support to carry out his immensely complicated dream of feeding Sri Lanka with an empty sack. He really needs a decent accountant to add-up the give-aways to see from where he is going to collect the revenues, especially if China get booted-out or side-lined.

Sri Lanka should count-out EU & USA currently suffering from economic woes and Islamic Terrorism, are not in the best mood to give alms. Russia is in dire straits. India might offer the odd bowl of rice but not much comfort.

The only donors left are China – Japan – Korea. Arab oil producing countries are having a 50% cut-in-oil-revenues. Therefore better tell the Indians, either “Put-up or Shut-up”. Sri Lanka has no other choice than stay with China.

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32 Responses to “How Long will the Honeymoon Last?”

  1. aloy Says:

    Prof., Your insinuations makes one sick. Let H.E. the president work through his 100 days or at least 50 days before making negative comments. Of course you are entitled to your opinion about SL matters as a Sri Lankan with a Scottish nick name.

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Hey Aloy!
    Cool down. This website is for people who believe in Free Speech, Right of Expression that Creates Platform for Dialogue. Prof. is not a Sri Lankan. But his wife is. Don’t abuse the facilities provided. We all know that this is how the My3 supporters behave, but Lankaweb should not tolerate these type of comments.

  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    A Sri Lankan with a Scottish nickname you say! So reveal your info on this please!
    Truer words have never been spoken as has Prof HM.Only a blind bat will try to circumvent the truth as it isetched in stone~ particularly the words about Prabhakaran and Solheim and ere long the wisdom of the words here will prevail.Perhaps in 100 days!
    If you are sick you probably need medical attention aloy perera~Open your eyes wide take a deep breath and focus on the dangers and adversities Sri Lanka could be exposed to with the potential lack of concern for national security and territorial integrity of the likes of RW and CBK who in the past have tried to sell out the Nation amongst other misdemeanours for which they got away scot free?
    MR had his faults, perhaps too mnay towards his fall but he never consorted with the Tamil tiger supportive groups in and outside Sri Lanka where it was the LTTE supportives and slinky Muslims ( not the decent ones) deserters and conniving backbiters who had tarnished track records that prevailed in the dog eat dog politics of Sri Lanka.One of his lapses was to be tolerant towards the former LTTE supportives the TNA who should have been barred from political entitlements.
    Have you forgotten that MR secured the majority of the Sinhala vote and why Sri Lanka is a place of tranquility and freedom today? Hopefully there will not be a price to pay in the end!

  4. Marco Says:

    Yes indeed how long will the Honeymoon last, fairly certain it will not last as long as it would take Sri Lankans to pay back the over inflated loans at high interest rates to China on our white elephant projects.

    An Elephant and an Ant got married, and on the Honeymoon night they made passionate love throughout the night before falling asleep. The Ant wakes up the next day morning to find the Elephant dead.
    “Sh*t” the Ant says to himself, “one night of passion and I spend the rest of my life digging a grave”

  5. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    There will be loans with far greater interest rates under the new regime!
    Remember !these are the open market free loaders now in power whose sole objective was to grab power by hook or by crook and were helped by their affiliations linked to connivances with the West whose divide and rule policy finally paid off.Sri Lanka’s debt could be colossal next and the Chinese debt pale by comparison.
    Thought it was the ant that died for obvious reasons and the elephant saying to himself “Whew! that was some exertion ! no more ants! not in my pants!! haha

  6. Nanda Says:

    Dear Prof,
    Honeymoon will last until the baby (Yahapalanaya) is delivered and beyond. Hopefully the couple is fertile enough.

  7. Marco Says:

    No sane Government will be paying interest at 6%

    GOSL was unable to refinance the Hambantota Port phase 1 loan of $360m at 2% to Exim.
    Exim extended/refinance package the same loan at 6.3%!!! penal rate extending the term and required the rights of 4 berths given to a Chinese state owned company.
    Hambantota Port Phase 11 being developed with a 100% loan of $810m. Nobody know what the interest rate is on this loan. Believed to be 2.3%

    On a side issue, according our erst while contributor Dilrook who keeps repeating that 90% of borrowed funds went towards the development of North and East province. If for argument sake these two loans of $1.17b represents 10%, GOSL must have spent $11.7b developing North and East.- thats 17% of the GDP of Sri Lanka.

    Not surprised Cabraal reigned and Basil went back to his Motherland.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said Prof., NMY and SM. Abusing our patriotic writers is SICKENING.

    These 2 issues are the MAIN thing.

    1. How long will the honeymoon last?
    2. NEVER EVER trust Tamils.

    I think My3 has addressed #2 with NO Tamil minister from the north and east.


    That is NOT a good comparison. In this honeymoon there are MULTIPLE partners! The GG baby will take the shape of whichever partners that copulate!! My3 is NOT in parliament and it is the parliament that will pass GG laws, appoint and work in commissions, councils, etc.!!

    So it will be UNP and another partner that will make the GG baby under My3’s watch.

  9. Nanda Says:

    Yes. That is on paper, after the 100 day P. But in actual fact most important characters to 100 day program are the couple. There are side supporters to both of them.
    I believe 100 D P is the most important in GG set up. After that the couple will do the job “naturally”. But GG should be comprehensive enough never to allow “characters” to overrule the “position”. GG is essentially the “system”.
    I agree , parliament rules under the watchful eye of the president is the “system”.

  10. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Latest Trend in corruption is now boiled down to Cabraal, Basil and Namal. Is it getting diluted now?

    But according to that golden 100 day programme, on Thursday February 5 Special Commissions will have to be appointed to investigate allegations of massive corruption in the preceding period.

    This special commission should investigate all political corruptions which may involve any one in the last cabinet and MPs including Champika Ranawake’s involvement in coal purchase tender scam, and President Sirisen’s involvement in purchase of Saline for hospitals using single bidder etc etc.

  11. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Good article Prof Hudson Mclean

    I quote from the article “Mahinda Rajapaksa paid the full price for bending-over-backwards to build the infrastructure in the North and the East, sacrificing the Sinhela South.”

    In my opinion the reason why President Rajapakse immediately embarked on building a world class highway system that especially linked the northern and eastern provinces with the rest of the nation was primarily as a security act more than an economic one. A bit of elaboration to support this opinion:

    -China has built similar world class highway systems along the India/China border when the commercial need for them is lacking. there are no heavy auto use on those highways. In the case of the US it was done at the very height of the cold war with the USSR.

    – the same can be said of the US construction of highways in the 1950s which linked all 48 contiguous states when the density of cars, trucks etc did not exist to substantiate such a construction. In both the US and China the issue was the rapid deployment of the military to any place in these nations.

    -During the 30 year war Sri Lanka lacked such an infrastructure needed for rapid deployment of the military to the region which would have become Elam. The fact that Rajapakse prioritized these construction projects over those of the deep south only cements my conclusion. He left behind a world class infrastructure for the military to deal with any resurgence of Elam in the future. I do not believe that in this case it was meant to please anyone but to secure the integrity of Sri Lanka. Now as in the US the commercial use is as important.

    -During the Katrina Rita natural disaster the US highway system was immediately used to deploy government assistance while cordoning off the commercial use to other highways.

  12. Nanda Says:

    I agree ( except you last para which has no meaning)- will come to that).
    If you are seriously honest, let me tell you that I am delighted the fact that Anura Kumara Dissanayake, Sobhita Thero and JHU are still rebelling seriously and insisting on “some form of punishment”. This is good. They will not allow Ranil to run in the old ways and even My3 will be threatened.

    About Champika – please stop this nonsense and read the letters he sent to Maha Raja. Maha Raja will have to be investigated then. But they promised not to touch Maha Raja. So ?
    But I believe those secretaries may be in trouble and I don’t like that because according to Champika’s own words “big fish” must be caught. Let us see whether what they say they deliver or not.

  13. Nanda Says:

    Sirisena will not investigate himself. In that case how about Maha Raja ? Sirisena is EP now and immune.

  14. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    We are not going to decide who is guilty or who is not guilty in this issue. If there is a valid accusation, it should be investigated by the commission. We should not have pre-trial by their loyalist or their enemies.
    In 100 days, President Sirisena’s immunity will not be there according to his own 100 day programme if it is taken in the original context. There will be no executive president any more after 20th April.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with NMY.

    ALL allegations must be investigated not just POLITICALLY BENEFICIAL allegations. Otherwise people lose faith.

  16. Nanda Says:

    But they promised to public that maha Raja will be left alone or am I wrong ?

  17. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Nanda and Lorenzo
    I respect Maha Raja, but if he is involved in corruption he should be punished or at least remove him from active politics.
    This same criteria should also be applied to Chandrika, Ranil, Karu, Ravi, Sajith and all those who are engaged in active politics.
    It is time for complete clean up. Whether they are Red , Green or Blue they are stealing our money.

  18. Christie Says:

    “One thing which really surprised me,is that, in a gossip-mongering City of Colombo, how can Ranil + CBK cook the goose MR, in such secrecy, that even GR having met with his dear ole friend My3, missed the plot. This goes to show, the present day Sri Lankan politicians do know How-to-Plan!”

    Dear Professor, Indian Empire and imperialists are good at keeping secrets. They are experts at misleading the world and getting their plans executed. If you are a reader of The Hindu you will see one writer saying Chandrika is a frequent visitor to India. Bandaranayake Family has a lot of Family friends in India from the days of SWRD Bandaranayake’ s student days in England.

  19. Nanda Says:

    I agree that is the proper way ideally. But we have to be practical. People do not persecute themselves, unless they are arahants. So, let me propose some figures for discussion.
    1. MR do not touch unless <= $100million
    2. Gota do not touch <= $100 million
    3. Armed Forces Heads who won the war $100 million allowance.
    4. Others $10 million allowance

  20. Dilrook Says:

    One of the best post election analysis so far. Mainstream media avoid these critical issues. How long will the honeymoon last? A question that rings in the government and the opposition. As long as the government avoids addressing real issues, it can last any longer but when it gets down to real issues the coalition will collapse. Unless done appropriately, the 100 day program will be suicidal upon the government.

    What is more important is to reduce recurring corruption and waste in the public sector. Investigation and punishment of past corruption has little economic value now.

  21. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Scots are part of Sri Lankan heritage. Please keep in mind each time you take a bag of tea named “Lipton” t was a Scot named Sir Thomas Lipton who started that industry in Sri Lanka.

  22. Samanthi Says:

    “ජනාධිපති මෛත‍්‍රිපාල සිරිසේන මහතා විසින් සියළුම පළාත් ආණ්ඩුකාරවරුන්ට මෙම සතිය ඇතුලත ඉල්ලා අස්වන ලෙස දැනුම් දී තිබේ.

    ඒ වෙනුවට නව ආණ්ඩුකාරවරුන් පත කිරීම ජනාධිපති මෛත‍්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මහතාගේ සහ අගමැති රනිල් වික‍්‍රමසිංහ මහතාගේ එකඟතාවය මත සිදුවීමට නියමිතය.” Lanka C News reported.

    If the above news is true, it is going to happen as I expected.
    The first one to go will be Mr. G. A. Chandrasiri, the Governer for NP.

  23. ranjit Says:

    Although our ungrateful Sri Lankans forgot what Mahinda did in 4 years we cannot forget what Ranil Chandrika did during their time giving half of our Motherland to LTTE terrorists and how they got down Erik Solhaim here and how the transactions went thru. Those are the real traitors to our Motherland not Mahinda. If by any chance (Mr) Prabakaran was alive today he will be the defense Minister in MY3’s Govt because all his partners already in the Govt now. Let’s see the Honeymoon how this wild bunch works with all these LTTE sympathizers.

    Before anybody investigate Mahinda’s corruption they must investigate,Chandrika,Karu ,Ravi,Rajitha etc for their corruption which all Sri Lankans know about. Can we call them MR.Clean? Real Jokers. JVPer’s were killers, cold blooded killers same as LTTE those days and now they have forgotten their sins and try to be saints. I don’t think anyone believe on those failed red blooded hounds. Mahinda restored order,Freed our nation and brought peace and those JVPer’s and LTTE did was kill innocent people and destroyed our valuable assets in the country nothing else. JVP must investigate the coup of Rajitha and the clan which we saw before the elections. I think all Sri Lankans saw that tape. They must investigate the Foreign Financiers who financed the then Opposition. How dollars and Euro came to this country so on. If they want to have a Yahapalanaya They must do like Nelson Mandela did after his release from prison. He didn’t take revenge from the whites instead he called all South Africans to be united and build the nation which saw blood shed for many years. That’s yahapalanaya not this Yahapalanaya talking about revenge & corruption from morning till evening by some of the new Govt Ministers. They are in power to eat the heads of the defeated party not to serve the people. They talk as if nothing happened during their tenure in office. From President to the lowest person in the new Govt thinks that they are all very good,decent,uncorrupted people’s representatives except Mahinda’s clique. What a joke my dear citizens? Come on talk sense.

  24. aloy Says:

    Thanks for that. I knew about Sir Thomas Lipton, the first tea planter. I did not know that a lot of them stayed on and that Prof was a descendant. As he was writing so much about our affairs I was thinking he was using just some other name. My apology for that. How ever the rest applies.


    Dear Prof Hudson

    “A husband may forget where he went on his honeymoon, but he never forgets why.EVAN ESAR”

    This unholy alliance is the ideal recipe for disaster for Sri Lanka. There is already power struggle. At the moment RW is holding fort, but CBK is determined to have majority power. Lets hope nothing serious will happen that will destroy lives of ordinary people.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    GAC was not effective anyway. TNA had a field day under him!!

    So there is NOTHING BAD in changing him.

    When the president changes, govenors are changed. Normal.

  27. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Let us talk about corruption.

    About 5 months ago when I went to Sri Lanka, I casually enquired about procedure for execution of tender in Sri Lanka from one of my cousin who is a consultant paediatrician who got involved in purchasing million dollar worth of medical equipment for the hospital. After he explained the procedure I was really surprised to see the level of transparency and flexibility of the procedures the Ministry of Health has adopted in execution of these tenders. Any corrupt official or a Minister can easily manipulate the procedure and earn some commissions from the unsuspecting suppliers without any risk of being caught up by the ministry auditors or accountants. This is exactly the epicentre of corruption in Sri Lanka where the misuse of public office for private gain can be easily carried out without any risk.

    Any tender procedure in question should respect the principles of sound financial management, equal treatment, and fairness to the suppliers bidding for.. In my professional carrier over 38 years in London, part of my job as a principal engineer was to take part in tender evaluation (Bid evaluation) process. In order to make it a sound financial management, equal treatment, and fairness, the commercial part of the bid (price) will not be disclosed to us and communication in relation to bid clarification with the suppliers will be carried out only through a single person of contact most commonly Tender Manager and he is obliged to send clarification communication to each bidder to make it faire. The technical specification should clearly specify the guarantees and after services required which is not a common practice in Sri Lanka. The tender evaluation will require at least three bidders to proceed, otherwise you have to restart the procedure again.

    Since most of the accusations levelled against the previous government are in relation to tender procedures in development work carried out by the previous government, It will be a horrendous task, if not impossible, for a corruption commission to prosecute persons involved in tender procedures in Sri Lanka when there is no proper code of conduct nor a solid procedure for execution of tender in place.

    Fight against Corruption is not only limited to Sri Lanka, even in the United States President Obama has recently called the fight against corruption “one of the great struggles of our time.” The costs of corruption in the US are immeasurable – injustice, mis-allocation of resources, economic decay. Corruption affects a staggering number of livelihoods and lives and erodes the faith of citizens in their governments and in the rule of law. The United States views corruption as a growing threat to the national security of their country and allies around the world.

    For years, the United States has led the fight against international bribery. In 1977, it passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, domestic legislation which prohibits Americans and other persons and businesses that fall under the jurisdiction of the law from bribing foreign officials in order to obtain or retain business. To level the playing field, the United States sought to create a “race to the top” by encouraging other OECD countries to criminalize such bribery. The Anti-Bribery Convention was signed in 1997 and took effect in 1999, becoming what Transparency International calls “the gold standard” in the fight against corruption.

    Sri Lanka can easily follow a similar action taking into consideration the following features
    1. Corruption – Sri Lanka needs a solid legal framework to fight the corruption that has run rampant both in politics and in the state structures. Some legislation similar to US criminal conflict of interest statute, 18 U.S.C. § 208 is needed as fewer safeguards means an increased corruption risk in the government. Once the legislation in place the legal system should be capable of handling and prosecuting those who are involved in corruption.
    2. Nepotism and cronyism – Nepotism and cronyism can bring about conflict of interests. Conflict of interest is a situation in which a public official or a politician has a private or other interest which is such as to influence, or appear to influence, the impartial and objective performance of his or her official duties.
    Therefore, only way of tackling the issue of conflict of interest is to actually prohibit (prevent) certain conflicts of interest.
    Regulation should be designed not only to impose obligations on public officials and politicians, but also to help them to resist improper approaches, and more generally to contribute to the development of a fair public service culture. For that criminal conflict of interest shall be explicitly defined in the statutory book and penal code.

    3. Without that we will be using the word corruption as a political weapon for ever.

    There is a slight hope for some positive action in relation to corruption and Nepotism in the 100 Day Programme.
    Thursday January 22
    A Code of Conduct will be introduced for observation by all representatives of the People.
    Monday February 2
    An Ethical Code of Conduct will be introduced legally for all representatives of the people.

    We all have to wait and see

  28. Nanda Says:

    I am form 78 batch from Katubedda. As I said few times I worked in Singapore for a long time and also in Australia. Worked in Sri Lanka for in short periods time to time.
    I guess you are from Peradeniya 76 batch unless U R a UK graduate.
    Tender procedures in Australia is similar to what you mentioned. My first job was MDB in thick jungle with malaria , wild elephants and poisonous snakes. We lived in polatu huts , slept on Booru Enda ( camp beds). Even those days Technical Assistants and some Engineers got together and practiced beloved corruption. We do tender award and we approve everything and unless you dig and check you don’t know what they have cast inside. At one instant I did check it by digging and found that the contractor has cheated. Young man form Colombo, I let go with a warning and some minor punishment.
    In Singapore it is very competitive and contractors some times do jobs at a loss. Real Yahapalanaya is there. I think there is corruption at politicians levels in Australia, no way in Singapore. You can do the same job at less than 1/2 price in Singapore, even though the per capita GNP is higher.

  29. Marco Says:

    I certainly think a thorough independent investigation into corruption, money laundering and illegal payments should be carried out with a primary view to recovering funds for the nation.
    It should not be a witch hunt and it should be undertaken for all parties and done soon before the funds disappear.

    I certainly think a Committee should be appointed with ably qualified people (not politicians) Forensic Accountants and Lawyers, QS Cost Consultants, anti-Money Laundering experts and bankers to review and appraise with a fine tooth comb all these high profile expensive projects were in fact “kosher” and within accepted guidelines. A detailed review of cost,budgets, approval processes, flow of funds to contractors and professional teams, Bank loan draw downs, trace flow of funds, conflicts of interest etc to ascertain if the public money has been expended correctly.
    This is not a witch-hunt, and in the case of illegal payments they should be traced vigorously by the Forensic experts and funds recovered. The potential recovery of funds could run to hundreds of millions. It is essential it is done as soon as possible.
    Named and shamed would be up to the Politicians and if the perpetrators cooperate and willing to disclose.

    For a start can somebody explain why the Bank of Ceylon would want to open a branch in Seychelles?
    Why on earth would the BoC have an overseas branch with 5 people in Seychelles in a country with just over 91,000 population and less than 50 Sri Lankans.
    As far as I know BoC has branches in London, Male, Chennai- why Seychelles? why not in Aus, US or Canada.
    Our trade with Seychelles is no greater than the total turnover of popular bath-kades in Galle Road, Bamba.
    I would be interested to see the bank accounts opened and maintained in Seychelles an all fund transfers routed via Seychelles.

    Sujeewa Senasinghe a bright young UNP parliamentarian (brother of Namal Senasinghe owner of that famous and photographed Aston Martin with the number plate N4MAL) brought up during the Sirisara program(on 31st night) a small unsolicited Water Project in Hambantota that had been initially offered at USD 120 million which became inflated to USD 270 million at the time of awarding the contract.
    Sujeewa offered the complete dossier of documents pertaining to this deal to the 5 front line govt cabinet ministers (Keheliya, SB, Weerawansa, Dilan P and Bandula Gunawardene) who were present at the Swarnavahini TV debate on 31st night. The 5 ministers had no valid answer.

    The above are two small examples.

  30. Independent Says:

    If you watched it carefully, that inflated figure was the “approved limit”. There is no reason to approve so much more, but that alone will not proved they intended to award for that price. They can always say they were expecting variations/ price escalations, so approved more in order to continue the project without delays.
    Moreover, it was a filed complaint.

  31. SA Kumar Says:

    GAC was not effective anyway. TNA had a field day under him!!
    My Dear Lorenzo you are a real Thamilan until MS elected you always said GAC is best governor to control TNA now he is useless.

    in MS Govt
    why DD, Karuna, Thondaman (soon or later he will) did not get any minister job yet?
    why no job for TNA jokers (not even pion job)?
    hope Mangala, CBK, Rani won’t let down Sampanthan.

  32. NAK Says:

    MR lost because he trusted the Muslims and his relatives across the palk. A fatal mistake. They both did the needful.
    This will be the shortest prime ministerial stint for RW. Honey moons are not supposed to last anyway.

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