Posted on January 13th, 2015

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwela

It is heatedly argued in many circles who is responsible for the victory of the president Mr. Maithripala Sirisena in the last historic election.

The Minorities claim they are responsible since they voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Maithripala Sirisena and the Sinhala Buddhists claim it is their own propaganda which really made a difference. If we think about it logically, it is simple to realize that   without the votes of either of them he could not have won. It is the collective voting of the entire country which made him victorious. Even though the south is depicted as if they voted for MR we must keep in mind that almost half of the south voted for MS. The way the colors are given in the map for areas where MR got majority gives a false appearance as if people of these areas voted en bloc for MR – not so. The whole island had supporters for MS and much more in the north and east. But without the votes in the south MS could not have won at all.

Similarly who initiated this amazing process which brought down this marvelous change in our country?  The venerable Buddhist Bhikkhus with a proper sense of Buddhism and social responsibility? The past president Chandrika Bandaranayke?  People like Ranil and Rajitha? The JHU speakers? The JVP firebrands? The Muslim ministers who crossed over? Actually every one of them played their part and without any of them, this would not have come through.

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” So said  Harry S. Truman and it is important that this discussion should not make us divide again. Everyone had one goal and it was achieved – that is what matters.

On a lighter vein there is only one person who can really really claim responsibility for this whole saga. That is of course none other than Mahinda Rajapakse himself, albeit ably supported by the vociferous rabidly racist BBS, which alienated him from every right thinking people irrespective of the religion or ethnicity.  Even after the defeat he is going around saying the same things which brought him down. He says south voted for him and it is the Ealmists who voted for MS! How thick skinned can he get! If he is thinking of coming back into politics these could be the final nails in the coffin of his political career. Without barging in again, he needs to sit back and ponder on the mistakes he made in his career and re think of ways to re coup before destroying whatever meager support he has.

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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,



  1. lokubanda Says:

    Dr Mareena, Your last paragraph completely overturns the very thoughts you have expressed in the penultimate para: “it is important that this discussion should not make us divide again”. This is unfortunate.

  2. Charles Says:

    You have become very vociferous Dr. President Maitripala Sirisena won with Tamil and Muslim votes that is a fact. Please therefore keep your opinion about the President Mahinda Rajapakse to yourself.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    According to Mareena, My3 won thanks to,

    1. LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists.
    2. JIHAD and AQ terrorists.
    3. BBS terrorists.
    4. IRA terrorists.


    Now its time for all these groups to do what they do best – kill each other!

  4. Marco Says:

    If we recall you were pretty vociferous prior to the election singing high praises of MR and your opinions were very well articulated in this forum
    Mareena like you has every right to voice her opinions here too whether you agree with it or not.

    You should know traditionally the citizens of N & E province are not SLFP/UPFA voters. It’s been proven election after election. (refer to 2010 election) MR & his campaign team knew it but were hoping that the voter turnout in the N & E province was to be low for any effect
    The Election Commissioner & the TNA/MS team ensured the voter turnout was high hence it more than counterbalanced the higher votes MR received in the south.

    There is only one person who is to be blamed the defeat. Thats MR supported by his motley crew of thieves.

  5. Christie Says:

    Dr Mareena you are right in a sense. But India managed to divide the Sinhala (includes all non Indians) unity. That is why JR brought resident system to give Tamils and their imperialist backer India to win.
    nth State or Estate of India Jai Hind.

  6. Vimutti Says:

    >>>destroying whatever meager support he has.<<<

    47% of the presidential vote for MR is NOT meager. 51% of Parliament MPs for MR is NOT meager. 100% of Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice is NOT meager. If MS and Ranil do not respect THIS power of MR, they are in for a very rough ride.

    Trying to convert a very narrow 51% victory in the presidential polls into some kind of countrywide 'mandate' is a big mistake, and it is this kind of triumphalism that is going to come back to bite Ranil/Maithripala in the back side.


    Dr. Mareena, where did MR say that south voted for him, north and east voted for Srisena? How President Srisena won is by ballot stuffing. Killinochchi give 70% of the vote to President Srisena? He did not do it but the mighty powerful Tamil SANGHAM did it. It might take few years for this scenario to come out. Mareena, I think should do what Charles said, keep your disinformation to your self or buy the French magazine and learn about forgiveness after killing innocent people.

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