Posted on January 21st, 2015

By Gomin Dayasri

100 – day government is off to an astonishing start. President Sirisena appoints Cabinet Ministers and the Leader of the Opposition to display bi- partisanship to an embarrassing maximum. Party leaders enter into a marriage of convenience between the fractions of the SLFP to hold a shotgun wedding solely for their own benefit. Did they give mind to those who voted for the UPFA and on whose votes their parliamentarians still thrive and enjoy benefits?  Failing to give mind to the voters caused the majorities to evaporate and the fiasco enacted lately tends to lose more votes.

UNP and SLFP have lost many an election, more badly than presently. Neither party went down under nor did the UNP or SLFP hand over the party to the rival for its survival. This was the strongest government in living memory that collapsed dismally after an electoral defeat – not a debacle – to end in a political landslide in a bath of mud. Previous governments fell due to political deficiencies but in 2015 the leadership carried moral deficiencies after the war and surrendered abjectly.

Ironically, man that felled Prabhakaran fell at the feet of his former party secretary? Answer: An overt change of character took place after the war victory of 2009 and it became an infectious disease among the palace guards to become an isolated administration in the company of few sycophants.

People that voted knew of the nuptials after the event. Those that voted for the then President found their votes are registered after the election for those whom they voted against, as the UPFA parliamentarians shifted en-block to the opponent without accessing the voters; Mahinda Rajapakse bequeathed the SLFP to his rival without notice to his party membership. They awoke one morning and became aware of the unfolding events on hearing or reading the news headlines. The defeat at an election is manageable; what took place thereafter is unpardonable.

Are we to live again with a lame Opposition more akin to an administration under a one party rule? This continuous pattern does not augur well for democracy, as the opposition always appears servile to the government. The dividing line is virtually invisible and the UPFA parliamentarians are looking pleadingly at their rival for a place in their electoral list for the general elections. The President has legitimacy yet the status of the Opposition is dubious. Is it an opposition primed to uplift a government when placed in a quandary? Why are we forever foisted with manipulated Oppositions?


The bottom line is that most parliamentarians are prepared to hop step and jump to the government in search of portfolios. It makes the opposition the virtual ‘B’ team of the government since parliamentarians once elected swap blue and green jerseys for their comfort. The Supreme Court contrary to the letter and spirit of the Constitution lent a helping hand by judicial interpretation to enable crisscrossing between the parliamentary aisles. An imperative provision is required by way of a constitutional amendment to overcome the mockery created by the judiciary in a period to enable the government to secure a working majority. The wheel has turned on its head.


One up: the country is secure irrespective of political variation- speaks much for our democratic traditions. More significant is the 100 – day spell that follows the first 100 days as the administration intend providing good governance with a lineup consisting most of the previous pack with many allegations against their names.


Undoubtedly the first 100 days is a honeymoon period to set up home where a ‘do not disturb’ tag is placed prominently. How good a home is determined in the next 100 days? Do not except it to be an ideal home in its early days –there has be set backs for which understanding is required; good intention is to make the local man’s home his castle. If corruption is averted from the beginning, that is a sufficiently pleasing start.



Here is a President elected democratically, bequeathed with an opposition in bulk by an extraordinarily legacy granted by a wilted Mahinda Rajapakse. Time will tell whether it is an outcome of a manipulated masterpiece or a cowardly act of a petrified politician in the expectation of a gainful response or where the party hierarchy has developed cold feet to throw the baby with the bath water and all.


Was it an act carried out after due deliberation in terms of the party constitution or at the fancy of a few? Symbolized by SLFP parliamentarians carting their baggage happily to the other side to show solidarity with the government appears to be more an act of self – preservation. It might give temporary relief but the voters in exercising the franchise next may mete out due punishment.


Mahinda Rajapakse will go down in history, irrespective of the lapses of his family, for overcoming terrorism and providing the north its right to vote. For that gesture they overwhelmingly voted against him to defeat whereas in the South he led in the vote count with greatly reduced majorities. Rajapakse was stupid to think that the North will ever forgive him. They bided their time to inflict pain.


Popular history will make Mahinda Rajapakse taller than any successor when it is rewritten 20 years hence, for bringing peace to the land and eliminating terrorism. The state of the country then will speak out loud.



Under government’s spacious spread most Parliamentarians irrespective of party ties, support President Sirisena, as the head -except for a few mavericks. On paper UPFA holds sway over the largest number of parliamentarians (including those that crossed in numbers from the UNP over the years to the UPFA) and the UNP holds the next largest segment. It’s a government that is stronger than J.R.Jayewardane’s team with a 5/6th majority and more powerful than Mahinda Rajapakse’s 2/3 majority with a war victory to add to it’s name.


President possesses more than a 5/6th majority surpassing the required 2/3rd majority, strong as to overturn the constitution.  Indeed unique in a democratic framework for a President to control both the government and opposition. What more could a President or Prime Minister ask for?  Bewilderingly baffling – for it’s the majority that leads to the undoing of many a government.


Always governments with overwhelming majorities have fared hopelessly and suffered dire consequences. Worse when it a rainbow of coalesced parties and personalities. Past election results tells the story best.


Whether green or blue or any merged color, the party representing the government can place only a single list of candidates at a general election with parliamentarians of all coloration seeking to find a place in the government list? Undoubtedly UNP has a right to hold the majority of places in the candidates list as the Presidential election were won more on the vote of the UNP but with many aliens in their fold in Parliament, they may need to accommodate -that requires a reduction of candidates from the green column. It gives rise to an open ‘saloon’ door policy that Mahinda Rajapakse followed where fidelity was greater to oneself than to the party – where loyalty to the President was a prime qualification for an intake; treated better than the loyal party hacks – a sure recipe for dissatisfaction to grow. 2009 war victory had a downside –it brought a feeling of invincibility giving rise to arrogance.


Problem arose in taking of the SLFP/UPFA comprehensively for the purpose of obtaining the required majority in pushing the constitutional amendment. Initial dissatisfaction within the government will arise in the preparation of the list of candidates. The ready answer is to have two lists, for the government of UNP and another for the Rest, supportive of the government. Naturally the Rest will limp home wounded.


It needs, in fairness, a 200-day vigil to watch the government function. During the 100 – day honeymoon the country must wait and watch instead of stir and strike. The people by their vote approved the 100day package and therefore it must have an easy passage through the legislature provided it does not leave an iota of space for the division of the country. An amendment cannot please all; therein lie the spirit of democracy in the art of accommodation.


Next comes the thaw. There are too many to satisfy with hardly space for maneuverability. The end result to smell roses must please more and displease less. Not a tall order if the government is not over ambitious in over hauling the constitution. Presidential powers cannot be dismantled comprehensively unless such are delegated to the Prime Minister to ensure the proper functioning of the 13th amendment. With an astounding majority in hand it is assured of a safe passage.


General elections are not the proper test to judge the government. It must be given more space, as overturning a system is more onerous than over throwing a government. To be fair, 100 – day government needs another 300 days to test its performance.



  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo and his puppet Nanda, are both PREACHING Buddhism to the Patriots now, after having been CAUGHT RED HANDED helping to deliver the Motherland bound hand and foot to its ENEMIES.

    Both of you are DROHIYA’s INCARNATE, but Lorenzo is the GREATER DROHIYA as the knowing Leader, than Nanda LESSER DROHIYA as the blind Follower!

    Consider that already:

    1. There are WITCH HUNTS all over Sri Lanka against MR’s supporters in a TRUE REFLECTION of the Maithree Yahapalanaya coming home to ROOST!

    2. Tamil Eelamists are cock-a-hoop in SL and in Tamil Nadu, demanding devolution of land and police powers, and resettlement of fake refugees with land grants in SL.

    3. The US and the UK are already planning to RAMP UP War Crimes Charges against the leaders of the previous UPFA GOSL, and to FORCE the new Government to comply if they prove to be reluctant puppets. I posted a news article on this at LankaWeb.

    Avamangala Samaraweera is calling for War Crimes prosecutions against MR and others already. This is a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of MS’s victory.

    4. Knowing that China will not offer loans as in the past, the new GOSL is looking for IMF loans. As in the past, IMF loans will come with ONEROUS STRINGS attached that will infringe on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity! Neither the USA, nor other Western nations have the money to offer large loans (withput strings) like China did. They want to acquire compliant puppets on a shoestring. Sri Lanka will not get 3 billion USD in loans from the USA like Israel does to REPLACE the loans we got from China! No way, Jose’!

    5. India is jumping on the bandwagon, demanding early resolution of the “Tamil Question” to placate Indian Tamils at SL’s expense, while seeking restrictions against future visits by Chinese Naval ships and submarines, and military alliances with China. This is an INFRINGEMENT on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, to which the MS GOSL will abjectly agree!

    It will take another DECADE for SL to get back on the TRACK OF RAPID PROGRESS that we were on under MR’s GOSL, after the newly elected government supported a consortium of diametrically-opposed anti-national political forces comes CRASHING DOWN under the weight of its own putrifying flesh.

    Remember the DEBACLE of Western engineered REGIME CHANGE in Egypt? Long tiime President Mubarak was toppled by West supported Facebook Democrats, only to REAP the Muslim Brotherhood Govt of Mohammed Morsi hated by the West, and that in turn was toppled in favor of an OUTRIGHT MILITARY DICTATORSHIP under Sisi!

    Western REGIME CHANGE SPONSORS know not what they do, toppling GULLIBLE 3rd world nations from the frying pan into the fire, and LOSING WHAT LITTLE LEVERAGE they had in the beginning!

    So it shall be in Sri Lanka as well: IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME for that HISTORY WILL REPEAT itself in Sri Lanka, despite the best laid plans of Western REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES!

    BTW, I will NEVER STOP MOURNING the abandonment of the UPFA government by enough Sinhala Buddhists to enable the REGIME CHANGE that took place, for it augurs an ENORMOUS SETBACK for Sri Lanka’s National Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity, Internal Peace and Future Prosperity.

    This will DELAY, or ENTIRELY STOP, Sri Lanka’s EMERGENCE as the New Wonder of Asia!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What have you done to our Motherland!!!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have ALWAYS stood for, and STRONGLY ADVOCATED, ONE Sri Lankan Nation, of ONE Sri Lankan People, sharing ONE Sri Lankan Destiny, with EQUAL RIGHTS and EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES for ALL citizens irrespective of Community.

    However, the OVERWHELMING SUPPORT for the Common Opposition of Minority Voters, Tamils, Muslims and Christians alike, in the recent Presidential Election DEMONSTRATES BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that they do not share this unified vision of ONE Nation, and remain arrayed against the Sinhala Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka.

    Even with that OVERWHELMING MINORITY VOTE, the war-winning President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who reunified the nation and ushered in an era of enduring peace and astonishing economic progress to our Motherland, would not have been defeated had the Sinhala Buddhist majority not been MISLED by the SIREN SONG of Corruption and Abuse repeated like a mantra with the support of the Western Colonialists sponsoring a REGIME CHANGE to fit their WORLD HEGEMONIC China Containment Policy.

    That swing vote of the Sinhala Buddhists away from the UPFA GOSL was small, but it was ENOUGH to PRECIPITATE a disaster for the Nation.

    Not all who voted thus will come to grips with the MONUMENTAL STUPIDITY of their FLAWED decision, but they WILL SOON ENOUGH REALIZE THEIR

    ERROR, as our resplendent Motherland falls away from the path of PROGRESS and National REINTEGRATION it was on, into uncertainty, divisiveness, and economic stagnation.

    The Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka MUST NOW RECOGNIZE that the 5 years that elapsed since the LIBERATION of our Motherland from terror was too little time to INCULCATE a Common Sri Lankan Identity free of Communal Divisions in the Social Fabric of the Nation.

    Accordingly, they must Firmly Resolve to Recapture the Presidency and the Parliament once again, and establish a new phase of National Government committed to the same IDEAL of ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, that will SURVIVE for at least TWO MORE DECADES and IMPLEMENT CHANGES to FIRMLY and IRREVERSIBLY EMBED those CHARACTERISTICS in the Nation.

    That CANNOT BE DONE without the FULL and COMPLETE SUPPORT of the SINHALA BUDDHIST COMMUNITY guided by the Immortal Compassionate and Tolerant Message of the Lord Buddha. It CANNOT BE DONE with reliance on Minority Communities; such reliance will yield the same DESTRUCTIVE RESULT we now see in evidence.

    ONE Indivisible Nation, of ONE Indomitable People, sharing ONE Common Destiny, MUST BE OUR GOAL!

  3. douglas Says:

    Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse must take the FULL RESPONSIBILITY for changing the Constitution of the the SLFP, an act done with “Vengeance” to “Dethrone” Mrs. Chandrika Cumaranathunga, in that, it was stated that whenever the “Party Nominee” becomes the President of the country, he/she will be the President of the SLFP.

    See how this “undesirable” act “BOOMERANGED”. Today this party SLFP was compelled to accept Mr. Maithripala seirisena as its Leader. I know, when this “Amendment” was brought, so many members of the party objected and as usual, MR never ever listened to wise counseling. One prominent member among others who objected was Mr. Wijedasa Rajapakse a leading lawyer and today he is the Minister of Justice from the UNP.

    Today that “Mighty Man” is not even a “Member of the Legislature”. For all that and many more debacles, he, himself has to take the blame and responsibility. He is a “Buddhist” and should have known that “No worship, Prayers, Sacrifice would work for your “Freedom” but the only “Ethic” of Buddhism is the “Noble Eight Fold Path”. Hope he will at least now reflect on those “Ethics” and correct the course.


    Gomin, I respect every sentence and every word you have written, Unfortunately you strayed away from the TRUTH this time. If you dig deeper you will find enough facts to create a hypothesis that the election was rigged. Ballot Box stuffing cannot be proven that easily because it was done by very experienced CIA agents. There was a series of events that took place some months before the election date was decided by MR. (Gomin can you give an answer to this occurrence! When MR opened the Jaffna rail station, the amount of Tamils cheered and greeted him. Then at the election 70% voted against him?) I live in USA and I go by KATA_KATHA (E-Mails and clandestine web sites) They all said the ballot boxes were identical to the real ballot boxes but the police escorts were not familiar to the Sinhala and Tamil workers at the pion level. Isn’t strange that no one is talking about the Election Commissioner, Mahinda Deshapriya? This is the biggest crook that got half a million dollars to rig the election. He transferred this money in October 2014 to an Australian bank. Where is he now? In Australia? His family and friends live there. First he had to establish him self as Mr. puritan, then he had to imagine he is the President of Sri Lanka and give directives to Government departments as the president would do. Whole package was created and funded by Tamil Sangham in USA by Raj Rajarathnam. Tamil Sangham cannot be defeated but can be compartmentalized. This is what MR attempted to do but operating from New York prison, Raj Rajarathnam and his family successfully took control of Sri Lanka. Raj Rajarathnam’s company got the contract to bring the New York city from bankruptcy to a profitable operation. Today New York City has surplus. How did they do it? By manipulating the commodity markets. Lots of things went wrong because he did not know how to control crooks; like Vass Gunawradena and Dr. Cris Norris beating each other after getting drunk. I am a retired old computer network engineer living in Florida, USA, but you have access to many news leads and they are local. MR created lots of goodies but never checked the whether they operated correctly. one such thing was the e-mail address president So now, you want to give 300 days? why not 1460 days?

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    If it cannot be PROVEN then there is NO crime.

    MR shut out the EPDP this time calling them thugs and vote losers when in reality it is the opposite. WITHOUT EPDP there are NO TAMIL people FEARLESS enough to canvass for MR in Jaffna and Vanni.

    My3 had TNA.

  6. ranjit Says:

    TNA never worked on behalf of the country except sympathize with terrorists from the beginning. They openly supported separatism. MR should have banned this party long time ago for working against the nation and for collaborate with our arch enemies.

    Yahapalanaya will not survive long with their revengeful acts against the innocent people in the country. They even searched MR’s house. Disgusting. These traitors want to show the world that MR is a criminal but they will not succeed.
    Just see how people were flocking and crying to see this great hero of ours not like those pimps in the Yahapalanaya. Yahapalanaya group was all thieves in the past. Sajith,Ravi,Rajitha,Karu,Chandrika who were they in the past? Didn’t anyone heard what Mangalaya said about Sirisena before the elections? Are they talking from their mouth?

    In one point it’s a god omen for MR to lose the election. Now he will think hard what went wrong and who can be trusted in the future and how to face the challenges ahead. Let him stay put for sometimes and prepare for a comeback because we are waiting for that day to come soon.

    What Lankaputhra says are all true.People will come to know the truth very soon just relaxed all of you and we can find more of Yahapalanatya pretty soon. Already people are fed up of these yahapalanaya crooks for harassing people and taking revenge like no other time. 10 people say 10 different things in this group.We do not know whom to believe. All the TV’s and News papers are with them now so where’s the freedom to express other views? If they take out our Forces from the North we can see some fire works again for sure. Do not trust Tamils or Muslims because their dream is to have their own homeland inside our Sinhala homeland and if our Sinhalese do not act wisely their dream will come true someday. Be prepared because we have traitors who are in the pockets of Tamil terrorists. They are well paid and looked after therefore Sinhalese should put aside their petty differences and be united to face this grave challenge to our Motherland in the future.

  7. Nanda Says:

    But TNA decided to support only on the 26th of December. Only 10 days left.

    I am not sure why those USA residents think this conspiracy, when it was 100% clear to me that Maa-hinda would surely loose this election during my 21012-2013 visit. I spoke to people I met. I took the public bus. I did not stay in hotels for 1 month out of 1.5 months.
    At the same time most my friends (90%) living abroad still preferred Maa-hindaa. They were dead scared to think beyond him. But my children who were educated abroad had not so much bonds with stupid politicians of Sri Lanka including Maa-hindaa were smarter than me, they knew he was a crook as early as 2010. It took me longer to get rid of foolishness.

    There is no need to have any conspiracies. Biggest distraction is the God himself. We saw the stupid huge “cut outs”, banners showing this LEADER OF THE WORLD and they couldn’t stop laughing.
    When you enter the airport, a big photo placed higher than Buddha statue. What kind of Buddhist is this man ? They asked me. How do I answer ?
    Surely he planned to make the war ( an unfortunate incident of so many parents loosing their children and so many children loosing their parent , a huge , unthinkable mass of suffering) his religion. He will suffer in hell for a long long time.

  8. Nanda Says:

    Can people just think with a clean mind why this election was called when there was another 2 years to go ? Rather than just following what has been published , just think independently, as if you are the ex-President.

    When you think that way , a you will find a lot of answers. A lot of realities, very possible practical options.
    Then, as the president of Sri Lanka, you have to make few judgements about yourself and ask few questions.

    1. Am I a good person ?
    2. Are my Ministers, Deputies good people ?
    3. Have I ruled justly ?
    4. Are my people are more prosperous now than in 2010 ?
    5. Will I win the next election ? If not why and what can I do during this two years to win it ?
    6. Is it a good idea to hold an election NOW ?
    7. Will I be able to win this election ? If there is some doubt and what can I do during this two months to win it ?
    8. What if I loose ? what is plan B ?

    As you go through this exercise (being honest to yourself) you will discover yourself better.
    That is the moment of enlightenment. You will surely know who Maninda Rajapakse is.

  9. NAK Says:

    I am at a loss to understand how a person of the calibre of Gomin call this a democratic election.

    First it was held with huge sums of money pumped from abroad by interested parties to buy the neccessary peole,proof was found in Ratmalana in US$ and EUROs. Second it was ably manipulated by the inteligence agents of RAW,proof, the result of
    Nuwaraeliya/Maskeliya electorate.

    In a way this could be a blessing in disguise as Sri Lanka is bleesed country. Now the plan of action seems to be to hand over the SLFP to Chandrika and clip the powers of the presidency so Chandrika will be back at the reins with a vengence and shut the Rajapakses for good. Vimukti to continue the legacy.

    The reason I say it a blessing in disguise is, Today every one is scrambling over the cookie jar that was made possible by Mahinda after he cleared the mess. But, once the mess created by Mahinda is cleared by this(god willing)lot, Mahinda can give shot at a fresh go.

  10. SenaD Says:

    Douglas said,

    “Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse must take the FULL RESPONSIBILITY for changing the Constitution of the the SLFP, an act done with “Vengeance” to “Dethrone” Mrs. Chandrika Cumaranathunga, in that, it was stated that whenever the “Party Nominee” becomes the President of the country, he/she will be the President of the SLFP.

    See how this “undesirable” act “BOOMERANGED”. Today this party SLFP was compelled to accept Mr. Maithripala seirisena as its Leader. I know, when this “Amendment” was brought, so many members of the party objected and as usual, MR never ever listened to wise counseling. One prominent member among others who objected was Mr. Wijedasa Rajapakse a leading lawyer and today he is the Minister of Justice from the UNP. ”

    You and Mr. Wijedasa Rajapakse a leading lawyer and today he is the Minister of Justice from the UNP have missed a simple but most important point.

    That is: Maithreepala Sirisena was not the “Party Nominee” for contesting the presidential election; he contested from SF’s party!

  11. Christie Says:

    Namaste. Indian imperialists won again. This time Chandrica and her Collie. Emperor Mori couldn’t wait until the incumbent resigns. Indian Emperor is more assertive and is prepared to openly display the win. Jai Hind.

  12. Fernando Says:

    Responding to an article after couple of years. I have been reading the comments on the articles and wanted to say something. As a person who is living here what we saw during last 5 years were unbearable. Starting with the way SF was arrested, how the court proceedings were conducted, etc. What was worse was what MR did with the 18th amendment. Been a born UNP person, I too voted for him as he wanted 2/3 majority to make the country safer. I was expecting him to emulate what Shri Nheru did in 1962 during the Indo-China war. I also managed to canvas many to vote for MR.

    Although he didn’t get the 2/3 he managed to get enough MPs to get the required majority. The ONLY thing he did with the majority was to takes the judiciary, police and the bribery commissions under him (worse than the position before the implementation of the 17th amendment). The sheer arrogance he and the close confidantes showed was simply unbearable. I will not talk of the corruption and sheer abuse of state powers in th election and before. But please believe me when I say this. At least half of my friends, relations and associates were supporters of MR and SLFP. Towards the end NONE was supporting him. This is the truth. Many are aware that there was something that RAW did to get the opposition candidate. I so far have not anyone who found fault with that. That was because they were so frustrated of what was going on. Similar to some UNPers rejoicing the death of President Premadasa.

    I don’t know whether there is a benefit by looking to assign the blame to anyone or any party for the result of the election. Personally I don’t think there is none. I am expecting that the country will benefit from the re-introduction of 17th amendment. As there will be an election under a independent election commission MR can contest again to see whether he could come back in a free and fair election.

  13. Indrajith Says:

    I totally agree with LANKAPUTHRA; this is what exactly I stated in a comment to another article on 19/1/15,
    which is reproduced below:

    “The news circling among Sri Lankan’s living overseas these days is that biased public servants in North and East rigged the election in their areas in favour of Sirisena with the help of EC Desapriya. Remember many western countries praised the EC for his impartiality? It is high time for some patriots to come forward to pursue legal action against this colossal fraud.”

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    NOW those faithless Sinhala Buddhists who VOTED against MR can CRY A RIVER OF TEARS as their Motherland is SLICED & DICED into ETHNO-RELIGIOUS BANTUSTANS!

    Aiyooooo Sirisenaaaaa …… What have you DONE to our Motherland!

    Will implement 13th Amendment within a unitary state: Ranil

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 21 (Hindu) The Sri Lankan government will implement the 13th Amendment to its Constitution within a unitary state, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has said.

    Implementation of the 13th Amendment — born out of the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 — has remained a long-pending demand of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the main party representing the island’s Northern Tamils. The Amendment envisages substantive devolution of political powers to the provinces.

    In his first parliamentary address after assuming charge as Prime Minister — following the Sri Lanka’s January 8 presidential elections — Mr. Wickramasinghe said: “We will implement the 13th Amendment within a unitary state.”

    Given that the TNA backed President Sirisena in the elections, the Northern Tamils — who voted against President Rajapaksa in large numbers — would expect the new government to be sensitive to their demands.
    Civilian Governor

    In a gesture that sections perceive as President Maithripala Sirisena’s willingness to engage with the Tamils’ demands, he recently replaced the former Northern Province Governor, a military man, with a seasoned diplomat.

    It is also learnt that orders have been passed to transfer the Chief Secretary of the Province who was on a collision course with Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran.

    Mr. Wickramasinghe also outlined the newly-formed government’s plan for the first 100 days. The government would set up independent commissions to run the police, the public service, the judiciary and the elections department, he said.

    The new government had presented its 100-day plan ahead of the elections promising a host of measures, including the abolition of executive presidency, which former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s critics saw as being a huge impediment to democracy during his two terms. Mr. Wickramasinghe, appointed Prime Minister by President Sirisena, said the new government would also pass a Right to Information Act.
    Rajapaksa’s home raided

    Meanwhile Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday asked the new government to stop “revenge”, a day after police raided his country-side home in the southern district of Hambantota.

    “Our family has been in politics since 1931. But never our homes came to be searched. I ask them to stop this political revenge,” local media quoted Mr. Rajapaksa as saying. The police were reportedly looking for a Lamborghini sports car and launched a raid following a court warrant, but the search drew a blank.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Police has started to act IMPARTIALLY for the first time in SL history!

    1. After investigations floating armory case closed.
    2. UNP Thevarapperumal arrested for violence
    3. NO POST ELECTION murders
    4. Wele Suda has been ACTUALLY interrogated.

  16. AnuD Says:

    It looks like Ranil Wickramasinghe is no different from the earlier govt. it Looks like he should be defeated in the general election.

    IT looks like there is a media component which lies for Ranil wickramasignhe and he is using all the wrong words.

    For example, with respect to the tamil problem, who gave Ranil wickramasinghe and Mangala Samaraweera to say thing that they are saying.

  17. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Rajapakse did the wise thing. Retreat in the face of a slim victory of 450 thousand instead of contesting it. He probably knows it may have been rigged and if so the nightmare for Sri Lanka will be the birth child of Sirisena. Victory is also to know when to retreat and when to fight.

    Now the Tamil and Muslims rule for it is their vote that kicked out Rajapakse by only a half a million dubious votes. Anything that goes wrong they will shoulder and things always do go wrong.

  18. douglas Says:

    SenaD: If Mr. Maithripala Sirisena was not nominated or contested from the SLFP why was he made the President of the SLF and declared that it was in keeping with its Constitution? This is “Antho Jata Bahi Jata”.

    I know the “meeting” that Maithri and Mahinda had at the official residence of the Speaker and what were “discussed” and “agreed” are not known other than those published in the media.

    Perhaps, we must refer this question to the SLFP?

  19. Samanthi Says:

    Thank you, Lankaputhra for exposing Rajaratnam’s clandestine operation to change the regime of former Prez MR. I have no reasons to unbelief this story. Adhikarana Sanga Nayake of the US, Venerable Valpola Rahula Himi who spearheaded MR’s election campaign may be in a position to find out more information about this sordid act as he gets first- hand information about that international fraudster.
    The rumor I hear is that the death of a security officer attached to the election commissioner on the Election Day is not an accident but a cover up operation to hide election rigging.
    The strange thing is that so far no one has come forward to question or protest this election fraud!

  20. SenaD Says:

    douglas Says:
    January 21st, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    “If Mr. Maithripala Sirisena was not nominated or contested from the SLFP why was he made the President of the SLF and declared that it was in keeping with its Constitution? This is “Antho Jata Bahi Jata” ”

    My guess is that when MR said he did not want to split the SLFP he was telling the truth, i.e., he had estimated that he could not expect to win a struggle for chairmanship of the SLFP against the president.

    It was the other constituent members of the UPFA that made a big noise about giving up without a fight.

    I think he just acknowledged what would be the eventual outcome!

  21. Dilrook Says:

    Quote: What the New Regime now has as immediate priorities seem insurmountable and overwhelming towards restoring global credibility in an economic sense

    Agreed. This is the main thing. With over $6 billion loan interest and repayments due to foreign entities and China financing drying up, Sri Lanka is heading for bankruptcy. It is Basil’s fault fairly and squarely. It was also very wrong to borrow more and more to ostensibly finance old loans but the new UNP government’s anti-China policy will actually cause it.

    Yesterday the interim finance minister met IMF. What the government doesn’t say is the meeting was unsuccessful. IMF will not bail Sri Lanka out unless the government agrees to very unpopular austerity measures. Despite freedom of information (the act has not passed still) people are kept in the dark. Contrary to IMF dictates, the UNP government dropped fuel prices as a red herring. Another disaster. If promised salary increase is given and the public sector is not cut down in size, that will be the final nail on the UNP coffin in an economic sense.

    Is the UPFA ready for the spoils?

  22. Nanda Says:

    Who cares about IMF ? How much money can they give ?
    They can easily follow Rajapaksa and sell more bonds to get cash ( that is of course 7-8% interest loans) and postpone the problem as Kabraal did. When Kabraal kept doing it our fools thought that the country is being developed !

    “With over $6 billion loan interest and repayments due to foreign entities and China financing drying up, Sri Lanka is heading for bankruptcy. ” this is what My3 team was telling the voters and they should tell people the truth. Thieves shall be caught and interviewed in ITN and Rupavahini for public to be made aware of.

    Probably $1b can be earned by catching the thieves BR and Cabraal.

  23. ranjit Says:

    It’s pity to have a President who cannot speak in English without looking at a paper. Why this man taking Ranil & Chandrika when ever he goes to meet foreign dignitaries? Who is actually running the Govt? Different leaders in the yahapalanya lot say different things in different places which is very difficult to understand. Did anyone saw how he was sitting and acting in the recently concluded lawyers convention in front of the foreign dignitaries? We should have one leader not three with three different views. Sinhalese think hard and decide next time.

    Chandrika who once said that she was ashamed to call a Sri Lankan now has plans to bring her half white half colored son to Sri Lankan politics. This power hungry woman lives with a burning hatred towards MR and the people of Sri Lanka. We saw what she was doing and whom she met,talk and discuss with during past several years after her fall from grace. How can we trust this woman again after all what she have done to our Motherland with Ranil the Dumb & Dumber?

  24. SA Kumar Says:


    If Mr. Maithripala Sirisena was not nominated or contested from the SLFP – already MR is nominated from SLFP so how come two person contest for one job.

    Mr. Maithripala Sirisena is nominated by UNP !!!

    So confusing is not it ?
    Please any one can tell me SLFP or UNP in power ( majority MP in Parliament) now???

  25. aloy Says:

    Is this true:
    “Adhikarana Sanga Nayake of the US, Venerable Valpola Rahula Himi who spearheaded MR’s election campaign”

    So, MR must have taken Rs. 1.5 billion from Battaramulla BOC for dana.

    Isn’t our country a fools paradise?.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    Looks like My3 is also doing the same mistakes! His brother KUMARASINGHE SIRISENA appointed as SLT boss!! Promise was only 23 ministers, already 52 ministers of various names!!

    This is no good.

  27. Nanda Says:

    Actually My3 did not resign from SLFP, but he was kicked out. Unless that kicking out is illegal, according to SLFP’s constitution, he can’t be the SLFP’s president, even though he is the country’s president.

    Now it is a National Government. UNP+ some SLFP + minor parties + (LTTE ?)
    other SLFP+ few other minor parties + Karuna ( ex- LTTE) = opposition

  28. Nanda Says:

    Promise was only 23 ministers, already 52 ministers of various names and it is an interim government only.

    What are the roles of State Minister for this State Minister for that ….. ( copy from MR too ?)

  29. Nanda Says:

    Not Dana , but Pirikara.

  30. Lorenzo Says:

    Oh! it gets worse. More FAMILY appointments. This is another MAFIA.

    Ranil’s ministry secretary is SAMAN EKANAYAKA. His wife RENUHA EKANAYAKA is the ministry secretary of social welfare and livestock ministry!!

    Ports and airports ministry secretary is LP JAYAMPATHI. His wife HDS Malkanthi is the cultural affairs ministry secretary.

    This is a bloody mafia.

    My3 has to stop this madness. Otherwise he will also end up like MR.

  31. Lorenzo Says:

    We worked hard to elect My3 as president. If he BACKSTABS us SO QUICKLY we will not remain INACTIVE.

    Something tells me we will have ANOTHER presidential election SOON! RUN-NIL VERSES GOTA. Battle of the century.

  32. SA Kumar Says:

    Now it is a National Government. UNP+ some SLFP + minor parties + (LTTE ?)- got more than 225/2= 113 members ???

    come on TNA is not in Govt ( are our jockers siding in ruling side-No) ??? because they supported MS (common candidate) in election than last time support SF that mean they were in UNP or SF party -No logic ( Thalaya suththuthu -My head is spinning)

    my question is how can UNP ruling party now even though election due 2 years time ???

    no worry -We-Tamils have CM, Yal Devi , A9 etc…. in Saiva TE not our problem whether Rama or Raavana rule SL.

  33. Samanthi Says:

    Aloy, you don’t believe Rajaratnam funded the regime change?

  34. SA Kumar Says:

    Rajaratnam funded -He is in USA jail long time age , unless he funded from his jail wage.

    Why can We open eye & see Indian flag is flying in Saiva TE(NP) , why???

    Indian trained & wiped out VP&co – India supported MR war time & kicked him out.

    Now you know Why We kicked out IPKF even though they offered NEP in gold plat you m…..!!!

    Hela – Demilaya (Eelath Thamilan) !

  35. aloy Says:

    Yes, even the bond of Maithree must be from him.

  36. aloy Says:

    What matters is the dispatch of MR to Beliatha, perhaps he preferred Welikada.

  37. Samanthi Says:

    Aloy, why Welikada? Isn’t Hague good enough?
    That’s the place Suren Surandhiran, MIA, Vaiko et al want him to be sent!

  38. SA Kumar Says:

    DD Losing his long-held Ministerial portfolio was bad enough. And the worst possible too has happened. He lost his electorate too.-
    is any one can explain me why ??? isn’t he elected MP in Jaffna ?

    So confusing parliament system all thanks goes to Our Hon JRJ !

  39. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Two issues:
    -Sri Lanka should take advantage of the low global price of Crude to increase her national stockpile for strategic reasons. China right now is increasing hers from a one month supply to 90 day supply
    -Sri Lanka should get into refining oil for export. India currently is the second largest oil refiner in Asia and just behind China. Sri Lanka is well positioned between the oil producing Middle East and the oil consuming far East to develop this profit making segment.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Maithreepalanaya” has ALREADY BECOME “Vairapalanaya” with SYSTEMATIC attacks on the defeated UPFA leaders and supporters!

    “Yahapalanaya” has become “Borupalanaya” with the NUMBER OF MINISTERS, now 52, MORE THAN DOUBLE and VASTLY EXCEEDING the PROMISED LIMIT of 25!

    “Maithreepalanaya” has become the “Kotipalanaya” with the REMOVAL of the Military Governor of the FORMER WAR ZONE flodded with UNREPENTANT SEPARATISTS, and soon to become EELAM in all but name when Land & Police Powers are DEVOLVED to the SEPARATISTS as PROMISED to gain their support to topple President Mahinda Rajapaksa!

    It was NOT NECESSARY to topple the EXISTING war-winning PATRIOTIC government, the SOLE BARRIER to disintegration of Sri Lanka, to KNOW that this would be the RESULT of that TREACHEROUS ACT by a motley gang of ANTI-NATIONALISTS!! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE??

    The STUPID Sinhala Buddhists who fell into the “Maithreepalanaya” TRAP can now RETURN HOME to the Patriotic Fold, crying “Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa, Mea MAXIMA Culpa!

    However, the TREACHEROUS DROHIYAS who ORCHESTRATED the Regime Change, like that HYPOCRITE “Facebook” Lorenzo and his LAPDOG Nanda, both hidden Eelamists, will not be accepted into the PATRIOT fold!

    Their FURIOUS BACK-PEDALLING after the DIRTY DEED is done, that we see now, DOES NOT ABSOLVE THEM of their TREACHERY! WE KNOW, that is all a DEVIOUS STRATEGY to hide among the PATRIOTS until it is TIME TO STAB THE MOTHERLAND in the back, ONCE AGAIN!


  41. Lorenzo Says:

    According to Ananda-USA Nanda and I are ELAMISTS now! What a change!

    There was NO MILITARY governor in the north. GA Chandrasiri RETIRED before assuming the post. SO he was a CIVILIAN not military.

  42. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yes, when EELAMISTS come out from their DEEP COVER where they have been HIDING as “PATRIOTS” to enable a REGIME CHANGE that ONLY BENEFITS the EELAMISTS, we identify them as EELAMISTS!

    You just have to GIVE ENOUGH ROPE for them to HANG THEMSELVES, as you two HAVE!

    If they LOOK like Eelamists, TALK like Eelamists and ACT like Eelamists, they ARE EELAMISTS!

    If they also LOOK like Hypocrites, TALK like Hypocrites, and ACT like Hypocrites, they ARE HYPOCRITES TOO!



  43. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    Being as DEVIOUS as YOU are, did you really think the motley crew of “Maithreepalanaya” JOKERS were EVER going to

    1. LIMIT the Cabinet to 25,

    2. ERADICATE Nepotism which you railed against,

    3. Protect the Nation by REPEALING the 13th Amendment, and MAINTAINING a STRONG MILITARY PRESENCE in the North and EAST just 4 years after the war, when NATO still occupies the AXIS States, 60 years after WW II??

    4. Not go WITCH HUNTING against political opponents belying their balleyhooed “Maithree”??


    IT WAS TO WEAKEN Sri Lanka sufficiently, pitting segments of the Majority Community against One Another, to EMPOWER the SEPARATISTS and set them FIRMLY on the PATH to EELAM!!


    WHEN the BLOW-BACK comes, as it SURELY WILL, the EELAMISTS and other Anti-National REGIME CHANGE Forces CELEBRATING their DEVIOUS TRIUMPH TODAY, are going to REGRET having EJECTED a MAGNANIMOUS President Mahinda Rajapaksa from POWER, and not having take the hand of FRIENDSHIP and AMITY that he OFFERED!

    IT IS THE SAME MISTAKE the Late Unlamented SunGod, Velupillai Prabhakaran made!



    SAMANTHI, thanks, you gave some valuable info that I can use to build the case and challenge Gomin. At least some one is reading and responding to my theory. “Death of a security officer attached to the Election Commissioner’s office is not an accident.” Please try to get the name of this security officer. I will write few paragraphs and publish it. Now Mahanayake of USA might not give this info because of retaliation. They might confiscate his passport! So, now we must find out where is the Election Commissioner is living today? My guess is; he is in Australia that is why every one is silent. Including Gomin. S.A. Kumar Hela-Demilaya, Since you are in SL, please try to dig out Mahinda Deshapriya, the Election Commissioner’s past. Leave JRJ’s past (Yatagiya-davase-info) alone, they are of no use today.

  45. Lorenzo Says:


    You have gone LOCO!

    1. Cabinet is now 53. BAD but not worse than MR who had 100+.

    2. Nepotism is still there but WAY BETTER THAN MR!!

    3. MR continued with 13. MR demilitarized the north. Forces were down to just 13,000 under MR in the north.

    4. That is done by UNP not My3. After 2010 election the MAIN CHALLENGER SF was JAILED!! Nothing of that happened this time!!

  46. Nanda Says:

    Palaces of Maha Raja is now open to public When 10% of 47% visits them, 47% will reduce to 27%=47-2×10

  47. Nanda Says:

    We are indebt to MY3 even though he errs here and there, for toppling the biggest thief of our motherland . We must forgive him as we have forgiven to this thief for 5 years as a gesture of gratitude. He has done a job even more difficult the defeating Prabhakaran because he did that without harming anyone, with only 1 life lost , killed by big thief’s supporter.

    We need not defend anyone, as we are not attached to any individuals. We will keep on criticising My3 or anyone else as we feel necessary.

  48. Nanda Says:

    Alibaba is up to something. My friend, his very close relative has been summoned.

    No one, who has a brain will cry for this thief. A young lawyer, a relative, whose father and mother got very high political appointments, supported My3 because of what this thief has done for the country. Only fools cry for him.

  49. SA Kumar Says:

    If they LOOK like Eelamists, TALK like Eelamists and ACT like Eelamists, they ARE EELAMISTS!
    My Sinhala Brother We-All Damilayas are Eelamist whether we like it or not it may be surprise you but that is the fact which include myself, our bro Lorenzo , Laxman Kathirkamar, DD etc….

    We tried since King Eelara (Ellalan) to VP time , lost last at Nanthi Kaddal Now We wait for next chance ( Eelam war V, or next Unceased wave ) thats all.

    but their is always exception our bro Lorenzo , Laxman Kathirkamar are not real Ealamist because they are not real (not brain washed like us) Thamilar so you can true him 50% .

  50. aloy Says:

    All those Bikkus who have been sent to distant lands (as quoted by Samanthi) for politiking also should be called back; they have done precious nothing to propagate the teaching of Lord Buddha. I think bikkus in Thailand and leaders like Dalai Lama has done much more work. About an hour ago I was watching a BBC documentary on Malaysian flight MH17. They were showing how the parents of a young couple from Amsterdam was coping. They showed the bedroom of the couple in exactly the same way they left on that fateful day. By the side of their bed was a statue of Buddha. Although there was no focus on it that showed to me how the ordinary Europeans have taken to Buddhism.

  51. Nanda Says:

    I know this particular monk from young. He is a US resident. Presidential adviser those days. All other Bikkhus over there are not approving his opinion and did post a video protest over his open preference of MR.

  52. ranjit Says:

    Kith and kin of every leader in the world gets special treatment when they come to power. It’s normal. See what is happening today in Sri Lanka? All the wives and relatives get the best opportunities in the Govt same like before so what the fuss blaming only Rajapksas for doing this and that. This is natural everywhere in the world. Take Korea,India,Cuba for example. All those countries run by family members. Already your MY3 has given a top post to his brother and others have given their wives and brothers too. MY3 and the clan preach something and do something else that’s the reason I cannot trust these gang. My3 himself is a lair. He praised Mahinda as Raja while he was with him and now he denies same goes with Mangalaya and others.

    They are not Yahaplanaya but Paligannapalanaya. They run riot occupying Govt offices by force and harassing opposition supporters. This will not last long.Take my word.

  53. aloy Says:

    You need to cool down a bit. The thrown has been passed to someone from Rajarata after a spell of 800 years willingly or grudgingly as there was no alternative. According to Patali, it had happened due to the opposition of low rank officers. If not for them our country would have been in a precarious situation today, perhaps another type of Arab spring. They appeared to have encircled the city and important positions.

    I do not know from where you are contributing, but I do know you still dream of MR coming back by looking at the stuff you and others write in this site. How can they do it after attempting such a heinous crime?.
    I know the guy you are complaining about. He used to work with us when I was in RCDC ( a state owned company under RDA) in late 80s. He was known as a hard working and honest accountant then. When his bro was in opposition he even had problems of getting his due promotion. (I learnt about this after I left, but long before MS became the president). He has all the qualifications and slogged on unlike people like us.

  54. Nanda Says:

    I too worked in RDA from 1986 to 1988 and did not hear anything bad about this guy compared to people like “5 my son 5” ( pahai putha pahai) if you know who he is.

  55. aloy Says:

    I joined RDA in mid 86 after returning from Nigeria and was attached to the works section under the former chairman and then worked in RCDC when that was formed. I was there till end 89. Perhaps I may have seen you, but not heard about the phrase you are referring to. I may be back in SL after I finish work on my current project overseas.

  56. Nanda Says:

    You mean under EFM Perera ? I have forgotten most names. Mr. Paranagama took me in. That was March 1986 after I returned from Singapore.

  57. Lorenzo Says:

    Godfather of TERRORISM Saudi king is at last DEAD!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    At least now financing extremism will hopefully reduce.

  58. Nanda Says:

    Lingam asking Where is Velu . He will welcome this Saudi bugger in hell.

  59. aloy Says:

    It was under MBS F’do. There were senior guys who had tirelessly worked for our country in the jungles like Maduru-Oya etc. They had lived in Asbestos huts and suffered in Malayria infested places. They had only their saving in banks to bank on after retirement. The previous government even reduced their interest on the savings and made them to suffer.

    I hope the present government will put up a scheme to look after the retiring private sector and semi government employees.

  60. Samanthi Says:

    Lankaputhra, the person who died on the day of Election as rumored is a P.C.
    I tried to locate his name from archives but failed. In any case, it is only rumor (unverified)
    and therefore I think it is unethical to publish his name associated with the election rigging.

    Also, I don’t think Mr. Dayasri is against MR or trying to undermine his service; he is only criticising the way how this whole episode took place. I too am not happy about the giving up of the previous government (not the Presidency) and the leadership of SLFP. It is a great betrayal to the majority people who voted for MR.

    Mr. Dayasri is one of the greatest patriots in our times. Remember, how he fought (with HLDeS and SLG) to demerge N & E, handled the case of ACF/AAH staff in Muttur and most recently in bringing victories in the case of Land Powers to NP. Although I doubt it very much, hope we’ll be fortunate enough to maintain those victories under the new government as well.

  61. Ananda-USA Says:

    Samanthi said

    “I too am not happy about the giving up of the previous government (not the Presidency) and the leadership of SLFP. It is a great betrayal to the majority people who voted for MR. ”

    I am VERY unhappy about it ALSO. I think I understand MR’s logic, which is WRONG in my view!

    MR did not want the SLFP to SPLIT, or for Maithipala Sirisena to be a CAPTIVE of the Anti-National Forces who would then Command MOST of the Common Opposition MPs in Parliament. He wanted to GIVE MS the ABILITY TO RESIST those ASPECTS of their program DESIGNED to DISMANTLE our Motherland.

    I think MR was WRONG in that decision, because in doing so HE GAVE UP the ONLY INDEPENDENT NATIONAL FORCE that would be able to RESIST those anti-national forces in Parliament and WIN the NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS decisively! The Patriots were DEPENDING on that STILL LARGE BLOCK of the SLFP to form the ORGANIZED PATRIOTIC OPPOSITION. It is goin g to be an UPHILL TASK to do that now!

  62. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    You have not gone LOCO, just gone TREACHEROUS and REVERTED to your TRUE EELAMIST self!

    1. How are you going to explain that “Yahapalanaya” is not a”Borupalanaya” when within a week of gaining power, the CRITICISM of MR’s large cabinet has been forgotten and the PROMISED limit of 25 Ministers VIOLATED by OVER 100% , and MORE TO COME in the future???

    After all, there are ALL THOSE ELECTION FAVORS that need to be PAID OFF in this UNHOLY ALLIANCE of TRAITORS!

    2..I thought Nepotism was a BLACK/WHITE issue for you. You DISMISSED ALL GRADED JUDGEMENTS in MR’s case, but now OFFER EXCUSES for MS!!!! Give MS TIME, he has 12 brothers to fill positions with, not just 3 like MR!

    In your MIND MS is better ONLY BECAUSE he has WEAKENED Sri Lanka’s defences; which is MANNA FROM HEAVEN for the EELAMIST you are!

    3. Yes, MR continued with a LIMITED version of 13 to keep the country stable until it could be REPEALED. But, MS and Ranil will IMPLEMENT 13A in FULL giving Land and Police POWERS, while REMOVING the Executive Presidency that is the MAIN DEFENCE against SECESSION and CREATION of an EELAM.


    4. Ah, right! NOW you distinguish between the components of the Common Opposition, the UNP in this case, ABSOLVING MS from all RESPONSIBILITY for the ATTACKS on the defeated UPFA leaders and members.

    NOW, why could you not do that when the MR GOSL was in power. INSTEAD, you LAID the RESPONSIBILITY for every little thing that happened in Sri Lanka at MR’s door, because he the President.

    Pray tell me, who is the President now, and why should he NOT ACT to CONTROL and SUPPRESS the ABUSES taking place now, just as yu wanted MR to do??


    Aiyooooo Lorenzoooo …. Unholy Internet AGITATOR … now turn this GROWING MOUNTAIN of a BROKEN PROMISES into a MOLEHILL!

    Bah! BLOODY HYPOCRITE & Machiavellian EELAMIST!

  63. Marco Says:

    Lankaputhra, Samanthi
    I find it interesting and funny that both of you (and Dilrook) think there was a conspiracy, vote rigging by the Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya.
    Most interesting that Mahinda Rajapakse nor his campaign staff have accused the EC of foul play/vote rigging. Don’t you think they would have? MR will try anything.

    Lankaputhra- would you have evidence of this $500,000 paid to Mahinda Deshapriya and it was orchestrated by Raj Rajaratnam? Is this all dreamt up like stories one hears from Tamil Net?

    EC Mahinda Deshapiya did an excellent job and he was rightly commended by all. AS far as I know Mahinda Deshapriya is still in Sri Lanka.
    I will let you cook up another angle to your “fib”. Did you know that Mahinda Deshapiya is the brother of Sunanda Deshapriya the exiled journalist hated by the Rajapakse family.
    Lets hear the angle to your story

  64. Ananda-USA Says:

    Two BROTHERS employed, 10 to go and COUNTING!

    P.G. Kumarasinghe assumes duties as SLT Chairman
    January 22, 2015

    P.G. Kumarasinghe, a brother of President Maithripala Sirisena has been appointed as Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom.

    He assumed duties amidst a simple ceremony this morning (22 January).

    Sirisena is also the CEO/General Manager of the State Timber Corporation (2006- To date) and also he is working as post of Board Director at Land Reclamation & Development Company Ltd.

    He was the Coordinating Secretary to the Leader of the House -Sri Lanka Parliament (From March 2005 to August 2005). Sirisena has also served at various times as Board director of various organizations such as Mahaweli Engineering Services Ltd, State Development & Construction Corporation as well.

    Professional Qualifications :

    » Master of Business Administration Degree – 2012-2013
    » Master of Public Management Degree – 2006/2007
    » Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy & Financial Management – 1997/1998 University of Sri Jayawardhenapura Department of Accountancy & Financial Management
    » Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management 1996 – The Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM)–University of Sri Jayawardhenapura
    » Diploma in Business Management in National Institute of Business Management of Sri Lanka 1998/1999
    » MIOGAF – Institute of Government Accounts and Finance. Associate Membership of the Institute 1999. The Institute of Public Finance and Development Accounting under the Ministry of » Finance and Planning. (Fellow member)
    » AAT Sri Lanka – Membership of the Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka Year – 1993- Index No. 1186 (MAAT/SAT – Life Member)
    » The Preliminary Examination of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka – 1982
    » Course of Sri Lanka Taxation 1993 – 1994 . The Charted Institute of Management Accountants Sri Lanka
    » Course on Malaysian Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management Systems 1998 in National Institute of Public Service Department. This course sponsored by Asian Development Bank MOF Funds-Ministry of Finance.
    » Selected members of “DBFA” Post Graduate of Diploma in Business and Financial Administration. The Institute of Charted Accounts of Sri Lanka public sector wing
    » Certificate in Sustainable Forestry Management-Thailand

    Kumarasinghe was the CEO/General Manager of the State Timber Corporation from 2006 to December, last year.

    He has also worked as a Board Director at Land Reclamation & Development Company Ltd and L.R.D.C. Services (Pvt) Ltd.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science (Public Administration Management) from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura.

  65. Ananda-USA Says:

    PATRIOTS! NEVER FORGET the Role Played by the TRAITORS to our Motherland as the Motherland is UNDERMINED from WITHIN!

    “Tamilnet” Reveals Ten Point Accord for Regime Change and Executive Presidency abolition reached in 2013 at Meeting in Singapore Involving Mangala Samaraweera

    Januaryb 23, 2015

    The “Tamilnet”website long regarded as the mouthpiece of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)organization has in a news report revealed details of an alleged “understanding”involving among others the current Foreign Affairs minister Mangala Samaraweera and Tamil National Alliance(TNA)national list parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran that was arrived at in Singapore in the year 2013.

    Mangala Samaraweera M.P.

    The “Tamilnet” website claims that the understanding reached in 2013 formulated a conceptual framework on abolishing the executive presidency based on ten basic principles described as the “Singapore principles”. The news report further states that current Presidential adviser Dr.Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Colombo University Law professor VT Thamilmaran and unnamed representatives of the Global Tamil Forum(GTF)along with a lawyer from the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress also participated in the conclave.

    The conference was organized by South Africa and funded by two European countries alleges the “Tamilnet”.

    Quoting an unnamed participant in the meeting the “Tamilnet”says “Mangala Samaraweera came as a ‘beggar’ urging Tamil support for regime change and abolition of the executive presidency. It was 2013,”
    M.A.Sumanthiran M.P

    M.A.Sumanthiran M.P

    The Tamilnet report also outlines the ten « Singapore principles » described as “hitherto unrevealed Singapore Principles of 2013”

    The “Tamilnet” report of 22nd January 2015 is reproduced here in full –

    Singapore Principles of 2013: Tamil polity taken for ride from Oslo to Singapore

    [TamilNet, Thursday, 22 January 2015, 07:19 GMT]

    Right from the Indo-Lanka agreement of 1987 to Oslo Declaration of 2002 and to hitherto unrevealed Singapore Principles of 2013 that brought the Sampanthan polity into a conceptual framework for the recent regime change in Colombo, the external forces seeking to influence the affairs of the island have taken the Eezham Tamils for a ride to confine the Tamil polity into the unitary State of genocidal Sri Lanka without securing any concrete and descriptive guarantee from the Sinhala polity. By its latest move, the ITAK has pushed the Tamils back into the past, Tamil political observers in Jaffna said citing the so-called Singapore Principles from 2013. TamilNet brings out the text of the so-called Singapore Principles for the edification of global Tamils.

    All the clauses of the so-called Singapore principles are non-descriptive with regards to a principled approach in resolving the national question.

    Mr M.A. Sumanthiran, the non-elected national list ITAK parliamentarian and Mr V.T. Thamilmaran, the dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Colombo were the Tamil representatives from the island while representatives of the so-called Global Tamil Forum (GTF) were representing the Diaspora Tamils at a meeting in Singapore in 2013 when Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne came with his proposal points to agree upon a conceptual framework aimed at regime change, the removal of Executive Presidency and other arrangements targeting good governance. Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne was an adviser to Sri Lanka’s past two Presidents.

    “Mangala Samaraweera came as a ‘beggar’ urging Tamil support for regime change and abolition of the executive presidency. It was 2013,” said one of the participants, reflecting on the Singapore meeting.

    When Tamil aspirations came for discussion, M.A. Sumanthiran wanted to avoid the mentioning of terms such as Nation and Right to Self Determination in the document.

    Only the voice of a human rights defender, a Sinhalese, representing the civil society, was in favour of a formula based on the recognition of nationhood to Tamil people with their traditional homeland in the North-East.

    V.T. Thamilmaran, who was once respected for his principles on Tamil sovereignty, was silent and was talking only about good governance.

    Tamil aspirations went missing in the proposal. Instead, the document was drafted with the intention of being non-descript. But, a consensus was achieved on winning Tamil voters through the TNA for the regime change.

    A lawyer from Sri Lanka Muslim Congress was also represented at the meeting apart from several other representatives.

    The meeting was organised by South Africa and was funded by two European countries.

    The directors of South African ‘In Transformation Initiative’ Roelf Meyer, Ivor Jenkins and Mohammed Bhabha organised the meeting.

    Ironically, the ‘approach’ of the South African outfit, according to its website is “premised on the philosophy that any solution to differences or even conflict must be designed, must evolve, and must be developed and settled domestically; solutions cannot be prescribed from external actors.”

    The ‘Singapore principles’ was giving secondary status to religions other than the Buddhism.

    The 10-points agreed between the Sampanthan polity and the regime changers including the new SL Foreign Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, at Singapore in 2013 follow:

    Singapore Principles

    1. In describing the nature of the State what is important is the substance; the labels are secondary.

    2. The Constitution shall be based on basic constitutional principles and values including sovereignty of the people, participatory democracy and supremacy of the Constitution which shall form an unalterable basic structure.

    3. Power sharing shall be on the basis of self-rule and shared-rule within an undivided Sri Lanka.

    4. The Executive Presidency shall be abolished and the form of government shall be Parliamentary.

    5. The pluralist character of Sri Lankan society as well as identities and aspirations of the constituent peoples of Sri Lanka shall be constitutionally recognised.

    6. There shall be a strong and enforceable Bill of Rights consistent with universally accepted norms and standards.

    7. There shall be a separation of powers and an independence of judiciary which includes a Constitutional Court.

    8. Important institutions shall be independent and accountable. Appointments to these and High Posts shall be through a transparent mechanism that provides for a national consensus, example Constitutional Council.

    9. Institutions of the State shall reflect the pluralist character of Sri Lankan society.

    10. The Republic of Sri Lanka shall be a secular state. The Foremost place to Buddhism and equal status to other religions shall be assured.

    * * *

    The controversial paragraph of the so-called Oslo Declaration of December 2002 follows:
    Responding to a proposal by the leadership of the LTTE, the parties agreed to explore a solution founded on the principle of internal self-determination in areas of historical habitation of the Tamil-speaking peoples, based on a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka. The parties acknowledged that the solution has to be acceptable to all communities. [Related story with full text]

    * * *

    On 11 November 2011, Mr Erik Solheim was claiming that it was the UNP politician Mr Milinda Moragoda and himself, who were behind the drafting of what he termed as ‘Oslo Declaration’ in December 2002, which was signed by Mr Ranil Wickramasinge on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and by Mr Anton Balasingham on behalf of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    “It was Milinda and myself who wrote that document at the […] restaurant here in Oslo and Balasingham accepted it and he took it to Prabhakaran and Prabhakaran refused. It was not public at that time, but it was clear he was furious because he was reluctant to federalism,” Solheim said during the evaluation of the Norwegian Peace Process [Video evidence].

    Mr Balasingam has recorded his version of the narrative on the subject in his book, “War and Peace: Armed Struggle and Peace Efforts of Liberation Tigers”: “[I]t must be stated that there was not any specific proclamation titled ‘Oslo Declaration’. The decision to explore federalism was included in the record of decisions at the Oslo talks and signed by the chief negotiators of both delegations and the head of the Norwegian facilitating team.” (page 403)

    He further explains LTTE leader’s position that Tamils were prepared to consider favourably a political framework that offers substantial regional autonomy and self-government from the part of the Sinhala side.

    But, failing the delivery of regional self-rule, the position of the LTTE leadership was that the Tamils have no alternative other than evoking the external right to self-determination. In an implied sense, Balasingham explains the objection by the LTTE leader to the exact phrasing of the paragraph in the so-called Oslo Declaration.

    It was after the LTTE submitting the ISGA framework, which stressed the external dimension of the right to self-determination in its preamble and after the publishing of the War and Peace book questioning the ‘Olso Declaration,’ Mr Balasingham was brought back into the negotiations as chief negotiator by the LTTE leadership in 2006 during the Norway facilitated talks between Mahinda Rajapaksa’s GoSL and the LTTE.

    While there was a leadership committed to principled political foundations, the Tamil polity had internal mechanisms to address the external manoeuvrings that sought the Tamils to abandon their principles.

    But, now, the Tamil polity claiming to represent the Eezham Tamils in the homeland has no such fundamental principles or mechanisms.

    The Tamil polity could be course-corrected and brought back to track only through the edification of the masses.


  66. Marco Says:

    ha ha – Ananda -USA
    Quoting from Tamil Net- Seriously?
    Have you started scrapping the barrel now?

  67. Marco Says:

    P.G. Kumarasinghe list of qualifications
    I would not call them qualifications
    -The Preliminary Examination of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka – 1982
    This is not a qualification. He sat for the PE exams and I assumed he failed otherwise he would have completed further two professional exams to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

    -Course of Sri Lanka Taxation 1993 – 1994 . The Charted Institute of Management Accountants Sri Lanka.
    Any one can attend a course but did he pass the ICMA exams?

    There appears to be duplication especially on Business Administration.

    All that being said he was the CEO of State Timber Corporation under MR and sacked when MS announced his candidature.

  68. Ananda-USA Says:

    Embala Sinhalayeni! NEVER FORGET the TRAITORS who BETRAYED our Resplendent Motherland to her ENEMIES!

    RESOLVE TODAY, NEVER AGAIN to Desert your PEOPLE and your Motherland!


    200 Years scince that DAY OF INFAMY on March 2, 1815, when our Motherland was BETRAYED to the British,
    I offer the following INDICTMENT of the TRAITORS of 2015:


    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Treason
    Into the Jaws of Dishonor
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Bribes to the Left of them
    Jobs to the Right of Them
    Power in Front of Them
    Cudgels to the Rear of Them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Tears
    Driven by Nameless Fears
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Jostled from the Left of them
    Jostled from the Right of them
    Massed Asses to the Front of them
    Hoots of Rage to the Rear of them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    ……..TREASON MOST FOUL!……………….

    “Tamilnet” Reveals Ten Point Accord for Regime Change and Executive Presidency abolition reached in 2013 at Meeting in Singapore Involving Mangala Samaraweera
    January 23, 2015

  69. Lorenzo Says:


    There is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT.

    The Cabinet is only 53 compared to 100+ with MR.
    MR’s entire family including distant relatives were given appointments. My3 only 1.

    Who is the traitor? KP’s bed fellows or My3?

    PEOPLE have answered this question on January 8th. Too bad Ananda-USA has a DIFFERING VIEW REJECTED by the people.

  70. Lorenzo Says:



    I REFUSED this DISGUSTING OATH because I CANNOT renounce my allegiance to SL. But some have TAKEN IT!! How can they absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to Sri Lanka? I cannot understand.

    I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

    Guess who brought this to election propaganda which had a HUGE HUGE HUGE reception!!

  71. Nanda Says:

    Yes. I know him too. I was there that time in Sethsiripaya and surely we must have met.

  72. Lorenzo Says:



    I REFUSED this DISGUSTING OATH because I CANNOT renounce my allegiance to SL. But some have TAKEN IT!! How can they absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to Sri Lanka? I cannot understand.

    I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

    Guess who brought this to election propaganda which had a HUGE HUGE HUGE reception!!

    BTW did you take this oath Ananda-USA? I’m sure you did NOT. But just o be sure.

  73. Nanda Says:

    Now even Tamil net has become the trusted source of information for Lankaweb. We commentators all from USA to Canada to Sri Lanka have become LTTE supporters and traitors with some giving dread oaths. Jayaweva !

  74. Marco Says:

    The government of Seychelles has said it will assist with all formal requests for an investigation into the assets of Sri Lanka’s former president Mahinda Rajapaksa. The Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said this in a press statement released yesterday after reports surfaced recently in the Sri Lankan media that the country’s newly-inaugurated President Maithripala Sirisena’s government would be pursuing an investigation against former President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, in connection with allegations of stolen assets hidden in the Seychelles.

    A very good and timely move.
    I’m convinced the BoC branch at Victoria, Seychelles was opened to launder money on-route to Switzerland.
    As have mentioned in a previous comment, I cannot fathom why a branch of BoC was opened in a country with a population of 92,000 and very few Sri Lankans.
    Why not Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, NYC, Toronto.

    Authorities should request the bank accounts opened at BoC without any delay or else the funds would disappear into a banking black hole.

  75. Marco Says:

    The ‘Aiyo Siripala’ ring in politics

    Courtesy of The Island
    By Lucien Rajakarunanayake

    The new Leader of the Opposition, Nimal Siripala de Silva, has announced that the SLFP Opposition will also have its own 100-day programme for the coming General Election, while supporting President Maithripala Sirisena to implement the 100-day programme of the current Yaha Palana alliance.

    My first reaction was a loud “Aiyo Sirisena”.

    This “Aiyo Sirisena” approach is very relevant in the crossover politics of today. One cannot forget how soon after Maithripala Sirisena was announced as the Common Candidate of the then Opposition, there were posters all over, put up by the SLFP-led UPFA, making much of the jocular plaint of “Aiyo Sirisena”, in a vicious tone.

    These posters even showed the Sirisena who had left them, being a stab-in-the-back enemy to whatever cause they stood for. The “Aiyo Sirisena” insult was hurled with much venom by the crowd grabbing speaker Wimal Weerawansa at most pro-Rajapaksa rallies, where bus loads transported public (the bills are yet to be paid to the SLTB) gave the false impression of huge crowds at these events.

    This was the height of political deceit played on Mahinda Rajapaksa, giving him the false impression of winning with a huge majority; backed by the ravings of the fasting-hoax Weerawansa, woman stripping SB Dissanayake and the screaming voice of an Apavithra Wanniarachchi.

    But “Aiyo Sirisena” took a very different turn when Sirisena won the mandate of the people. Those left behind, in the SLFP or UPFA, were racing to come over to the winning side. There were new and desperate pleadings of “Aiyo Sirisena” to take them all to his winning side. The “Aiyo Sirisena” plea got louder when the Mahinda Rajapaksa’s change of the SLFP Constitution to remove Chandrika Kumaratunga from the party leadership, boomeranged on him, enabling the winning Sirisena, with the pleadings of “Aiyo, Aiyo” behind him, to stride to the leadership of the SLFP; giving the shoving upstairs to Mahinda R, to share what he believed was the insult to Chandrika as Patron of the party.

    What then of the100-day programme of the SLFP Opposition? Will it be a new search of international conspiracies to destabilize this country, or to give new life to the LTTE? Will this include new allegations of how a political plot is being hatched to take Mahinda Rajapaksa to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and as it was said so often, place him on the electric chair for war crimes?

    Will this 100-day programme include new efforts to place members SLFP or UPFA politico’s families – whether children, nephews & nieces, or even uncles and aunts – in the foreign service of Sri Lanka, for which they have the least qualification; and be guided there by a “Monitoring MP” who saw the assault on an ambassador of the county as the height of diplomacy?

    Is it possible for this 100-day programme to include the establishing of yet another TV station, with a Carlton prefix to its name, which will get the most lucrative advertising for sports coverage, which was grabbed from the State broadcasting institutions? Will it include the march further ahead of the “Nil Balakaya” or the Blue Front that looked and behaved very much like the “Baby Doc” gangs in Haiti, with little respect for decency in public, and a special taste for threatening referees in rugby matches?

    It will certainly be a great 100-day move, with all the hope of raising several millions to pay for the cost of the coming election, from people with special links to the huge rackets taking place in the drugs and ethanol sectors, with the distillation of corruption to produce the spirits of the kind that corrupt politicians are ever so fond of.

    The most important feature of the Nimal Siripala 100 day programme is finding another family, like the Rajapaksas, whose trunk is so thick and branches are spread as wide as to cut off the sunlight below, to prevent any other plants to grow, and also creepers to control everything from politics to so-called development in the provinces. Will it be a 100-day plan for a “Divi Besma” – that rhymes with the all pervading tone of the Basildom of local politics in recent years?

    Looking at all of these possibilities in the coming 100-day plan promised by Nimal Siripala de Silva, my reaction is another big Aiyo, but with a difference. “Aiyo Siripala!”

  76. Samanthi Says:

    Marco, no one in LankaWeb or any other forum gives 100% verified information; most of the comments are based on rumor/hearsay/grapevine etc. However, when most of the people say the same thing we tend to believe. That is the human nature! I too still believe that there was a kind of rigging happened during the last PE after studying the strange pattern of votes cast in North, East and in Central. Do you know that there is a pending court case against the new FM regarding transferring of funds by Rajaratnam? Did Rajaratnam give money to have a party?

    We as commentators at LankaWeb can make statements loosely, but for a person like MR to make such allegations, he needs hard facts. May be he is collecting information, evidence etc. We don’t know yet! Hope he’ll do the needful in right time.

    Many Sri Lankans know that the co-famous human rights guy who comes to Geneva circus during the last few years to give evidence against Sri Lanka is a brother of EC. It is not news! People of Sri Lanka also know how he made a big dance in public against SL air force when it attacked Voice of Tigers in Vanni a few years ago. People also know that he fled the country after his financial irregularities at his NGO Free Media Movement was revealed but he lied to the foreign embassy he has a threat to his life just to get refugee status in Switzerland. And I heard, (again rumor) he is one of the refugees who refused to come back even after the government is changed because the Swiss govt is providing him with a lot of perks which he cannot enjoy in SL.

  77. Marco Says:

    Thank you for your response.
    Personally I don’t comment on hearsay/rumour/grapevine or base it on gossip blogs. My comments are based on reputable newspapers like The Island, Daily Mirror, FT, such like and perhaps less on Daily News.

    When one keep repeating a blatant lie or gossip, i don’t blame the gullible to latch on to the story line without carrying out due diligence or research. In this particular instance i have seen you, Lankaputhra (lving in US) and Dilrook (living in Australia) keep repeating the same loosely.
    With respect to Dilrook, i have already proved his other false story that 90% of borrowed funds went towards the development of North & East which cannot possibly be true unless Basil Rajapakse siphoned off over $19 billion. which represents 20% of the GDP. The last time I visited the North & East province it certainly did not look as if $19billion has been spent on infrastructure.
    Nevertheless you and the rest can keep repeating the same as it’s your prerogative.
    With respect to MR making similar allegations, I did not see MR coming with hard facts when he accused Maithripala being involved a foreign backed regime change. It was a regime change by a democratic process.
    If there was a modicum of evidence in relation to vote rigging one would have expected Wimal Weerawansa shouting from the roof tops.
    Perhaps, you Lankaputhra & Dilrook can provide the hard evidence to MR to lodge a serious charge against the EC.

    With regards to Raj Rajaratnam flow of funds i agree there was a breach of Exchange Control Regulations. A little more research would have revealed that the $390m was remitted (Inflow of FX Funds) to acquire Union Bank shares an other equity investments. Although its a technical breach its still a serous violation but rectified by the Central Bank issuing a letter of clearance retrospectively. Of course there are allegations that these funds were for terrorist activities. I understood the current FM was the main contact and KPMG were the main investment advisers.

    I’m not privy to the whereabouts of Sunanda Deshapriya and yes I’m aware of the financial irregularities at the NGO.

    Referring back to the voting patterns, if one glanced through the MS electioneering phamplets it clearly indicated that a high voter turn out was essential in the N & E provinces to defeat MR. Historically, the N & E provinces are not SLFP/UPFA voters hence 80% of the 25% minority groups voted against MR. Nuwara Eliya district went against the Thondaman allegiance to MR. The Muslims, I think had already decided against MR even before SLMC jumped ship.
    Even with the bulk of the Minority vote against MR, MS would have not won had he not reduced MR Sinhala vote bank from 67% (2010) to 55%.

    I’m happy for you or any one else to prove me wrong with hard evidence regards to the vote rigging. Merely saying because there was a high turn out of 70% -it must be vote rigging.
    How about the voter turn out at Hambantota 84%

  78. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ranil Wickremasinghe IS GOING FULL SPEED AHEAD to deliver our Motherland bound hand and foot to the Eelamists by Implementing 13A in FULL before the General Election later this year!

    This is what those TREACHEROUS EELAMISTS “Facebook” Lorenzo and his servile LAPDOG Nanda were STRIVING to ACHIEVE ALL ALONG!

    Is it for THIS that Tens of Thousands of Patriotic Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Policemen sacrificed their lives as the FULL MEASURE OF DEVOTION to their Motherland?

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What are YOU DOING in CAHOOTS with UNREPENTANT TRAITORS ENABLING the DESTRUCTION of our Motherland!

    Your name will go down in BLACK LETTERS in Sri Lanka’s history as its GREATEST TRAITOR!
    Lanka reaches consensus to implement 13A: Wickremesinghe
    January 24, 2015

    Colombo: Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Saturday said political parties have agreed to implement the thirteenth amendment as a solution to end the country’s over three-decade-old ethnic conflict involving the Tamil minority.

    “All parties have agreed to solve the ethnic problem within the framework of the thirteenth amendment. We are continuing our talks,” Wickremesinghe said while addressing a gathering at Deniyaya in the south.

    He further said that all provincial councils will have equal powers now that the Tamil National Alliance has said that they are for a solution within an undivided Sri Lanka.

    Provincial Councils became part of the Sri Lankan statute as a direct result of the landmark 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka accord, popularly known as the Rajiv-Jayewardene Accord, after its architects ? Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Lankan President J R Jayewardene.

    He also blamed the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for failing to resolve the thorny issues concerning the Tamil minority despite having ended the two-and-a-half decade-old civil war with the LTTE in 2009.

    On the UN’s human rights investigation on Sri Lanka, Wickremesinghe said it was the result of Rajapaksa’s mishandling of the issue.

    “They (the Rajapaksa government) agreed with the UN Secretary General to have an investigation after the war ended. Later confirmed it at the UN Human Rights Council. But the investigation did not happen, so came the appointment of an investigation panel,” Wickremesinghe said, referring to the March 2014 UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka.

    Rajapaksa government had resisted to cooperate with the investigation meant to probe the human rights abuses by both the LTTE and the government during the final days of the battle in May 2009.

    Wickremesinghe said the new government’s policy on the investigation is that all criminal charges will be probed through a local mechanism.

    “Only Sri Lankan courts will have jurisdiction for criminal investigations,” Wickremesinghe said.

    The new Maithripala Sirisena government which succeeded Rajapaksa rule was urged by a section of the international community to cooperate with the UNHRC investigation and resolve the issues concerning the country’s minorities.

  79. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oh My God, MORE STEPS BACKWARDS as Ranil Wickremasinghe by DESTROYING Sri Lanka’s National Investments to APPEASE his Wesytern REGIME CHANGE sponsors by SUPPORTING of their CHINA CONTAINMENT POLICY at Sri Lanka’s EXPENSE!

    This DESTRUCTION of Sri Lanka’s National Investments WILL NOT END until Sri Lanka is again REDUCED to a Colonial Backwater!


    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaaa …. What HAVE YOU DONE to our Motherland!

    Sri Lanka PM to decide whether to continue port city project with China

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 24, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that a final decision will be taken within the next two weeks on whether to continue the Colombo Port City Project launched by the previous government in partnership with China.

    Mr. Wickremesinghe earlier said the government is reviewing the Colombo Port City project launched during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Sri Lanka last year.

    The government has not yet seen the reports of feasibility study and the environment impact assessment, he said.

    “We will have to look into the environmental and feasibility aspects,” Mr. Wickremasinghe said.

    The Prime Minister’s Office said that 3 reports called for by the PM have been received so far. The Ports Authority, Board of Investment (BOI) and Coast Conservation Department have submitted reports but the Central Environmental Authority has not submitted a report as their views were not obtained at the time the project was launched.

    During his visit to Sri Lanka in September 2014, President Xi and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa launched the US$ 1.5 billion Colombo Port City Project to build a modern city on land reclaimed from the sea.

    Construction of the port city was to be carried out by China Harbour Engineering Company under a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Sri Lanka Ports Authority with China Communication Construction Company (CCCC).

    Concerns have also been raised on the agreement since under the deal signed with the CCCC, the company is getting land on a freehold basis in a high security zone.

    The proposed city will be built on 233 hectares (583 acres) of land reclaimed from the sea between the Colombo South Port and the Galle Face Green and under the agreement 20 hectares of land will be given to the Chinese firm on an outright basis.

    Sri Lanka’s new Investment Promotion Minister Kabir Hashim said the land in a high security zone cannot be given to another country and project needs to be completely reviewed.

    Sri Lanka’s neighbor, India has also raised security concerns over the project as a large portion of cargoes bound for India are transshipped through Colombo port.

  80. Ananda-USA Says:


    While the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is an UBIQUITOUS FEATURE on the UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES of that Champion of Democracy engineering REGIMES CHANGES across the World, Sri Lanka DISMANTLES her the training of her future Defenders in her Officer Corps!


    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What are YOU DOING to our Motherland!
    Sri Lanka terminates military leadership training in education sector

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 24, Colombo: The new government of Sri Lanka has decided to terminate a mandatory military style leadership training program initiated by the previous government for school principals and university entrants.

    Sri Lanka’s new Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said the government is ending the program that was compulsory for the students entering the country’s universities under the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration.

    Similarly the government will call-off the leadership training for the school principals and awarding brevet military titles to them.

    Previous government’s mandatory leadership training program for undergraduates was highly unpopular among the students and parents, and has been seen by intellectuals as a militarization of the education sector.

    Sri Lanka’s Marxist party, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), affiliated student union had charged that the leadership training was a part of the government strategy of militarizing the society.

    The new government installed earlier this month under President Maithripala Sirisena has pledged to reduce the military’s role in the society, especially in the education sector.

    The Education Minister said the military training is not necessary for school administrators or students adding that the Education Ministry is in the process of preparing a circular announcing the discontinuation of the program and it will be sent to the President for approval soon.

    Over 4,000 school principals have received military titles through the physically demanding program.

    The three-week long, physically demanding program was given at military camps to provide leadership training and enhance positive attitude in new university entrants. The rigorous fitness training had resulted in deaths of three students and a principal also died while participating in a training program in 2013.

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