Open Appeal To Compassionate Rulers
Posted on January 24th, 2015

By Kusal Perera

Presidential poll concluded over a fortnight ago, witnessed the opposition campaign especially in the South focusing heavily on corruption and fraud allegedly committed by the Rajapaksa regime. Media is now reporting on massive corruption that had gone extensively viral than even the opposition campaigners ever imagined. What would come of them will only be seen in time to come.

This new government under the presidency of Maithripala Sirisena most fervently promised the people of this country of a clean, corruption free, compassionate rule. Most concerned citizens now expect this government to deliver such clean and accountable rule. It is first the President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and State Ministers along with their Deputy Ministers who would have to bear total responsibility for a clean and accountable governance. Next is the  National Executive Council that had virtually taken over policy making, though without constitutional validity.

I firmly believe the promise for clean and accountable governance can be best achieved by those responsible publicly declaring their and their family assets and liabilities. Therefore I call upon, the President, the PM and all ministers and deputy ministers in this government to declare their own and their family assets and liabilities under the Declaration of Assets and Liabilities Act No. 01 of 1975 amended as Act no. 84 of 1988, before 04 February next, the day of Independence. I would also request them to have the declarations published in their official websites; President and PM in their official websites and all other ministers and deputy ministers in their relevant official ministry websites.

Also those individuals who sit in the National Executive Committee are called upon here to declare their own assets and liabilities and of their families, in the official website of HE the President.

I may not be wrong in believing no person who promised a clean and accountable, compassionate rule will ignore this call for open politics.

3 Responses to “Open Appeal To Compassionate Rulers”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Most compassionate President has already declared his assets when the election nominations were made, if you are not aware of. I am not sure whether the other main candidate did that.
    Most people in Sri Lanka have no internet access. But nevertheless this a good idea and I believe it must be already compulsory for many year now.
    The best is it is published in main government website ( not individual parties, ministries etc.)

  2. ranjit Says:

    How can an old bunch of corrupted individuals rule the country without investigating themselves first? Who are these compassionate rulers you are referring?. No compassion except anger and revenge in their hearts all the time. See how they are going after respected people.Do you think all were in the past Govt was corrupt? How about the present rulers? Are they not corrupted? Most of the politicians on both sides were corrupt it’s a well known fact but there were good guys also.We cannot blame all. Our politicians were well known for corruption and no leader had the backbone to bring them to justice because of dirty politics.

    Corruption is a phenomenon thing all over the world. Every Govt has their mistakes but this time we see a dangerous pattern in ruling with so many of our arch enemies in the past has been involved with the ruling party. Instead of uniting they are trying to divide the people by attacking and harassing innocent just because they are in different side.We all like to have a clean Govt with Zero tolerance for corruption but it’s impossible to have one in a country like ours. Show Maitri not Vairaya to all.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ranil Wickremasinghe IS GOING FULL SPEED AHEAD to deliver our Motherland bound hand and foot to the Eelamists by Implementing 13A in FULL before the General Election later this year!

    This is what those TREACHEROUS EELAMISTS “Facebook” Lorenzo and his servile LAPDOG Nanda were STRIVING to ACHIEVE ALL ALONG!

    Is it for THIS that Tens of Thousands of Patriotic Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Policemen sacrificed their lives as the FULL MEASURE OF DEVOTION to their Motherland?

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What are YOU DOING in CAHOOTS with UNREPENTANT TRAITORS ENABLING the DESTRUCTION of our Motherland!

    Your name will go down in BLACK LETTERS in Sri Lanka’s history as its GREATEST TRAITOR!
    Lanka reaches consensus to implement 13A: Wickremesinghe
    January 24, 2015

    Colombo: Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Saturday said political parties have agreed to implement the thirteenth amendment as a solution to end the country’s over three-decade-old ethnic conflict involving the Tamil minority.

    “All parties have agreed to solve the ethnic problem within the framework of the thirteenth amendment. We are continuing our talks,” Wickremesinghe said while addressing a gathering at Deniyaya in the south.

    He further said that all provincial councils will have equal powers now that the Tamil National Alliance has said that they are for a solution within an undivided Sri Lanka.

    Provincial Councils became part of the Sri Lankan statute as a direct result of the landmark 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka accord, popularly known as the Rajiv-Jayewardene Accord, after its architects ? Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Lankan President J R Jayewardene.

    He also blamed the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for failing to resolve the thorny issues concerning the Tamil minority despite having ended the two-and-a-half decade-old civil war with the LTTE in 2009.

    On the UN’s human rights investigation on Sri Lanka, Wickremesinghe said it was the result of Rajapaksa’s mishandling of the issue.

    “They (the Rajapaksa government) agreed with the UN Secretary General to have an investigation after the war ended. Later confirmed it at the UN Human Rights Council. But the investigation did not happen, so came the appointment of an investigation panel,” Wickremesinghe said, referring to the March 2014 UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka.

    Rajapaksa government had resisted to cooperate with the investigation meant to probe the human rights abuses by both the LTTE and the government during the final days of the battle in May 2009.

    Wickremesinghe said the new government’s policy on the investigation is that all criminal charges will be probed through a local mechanism.

    “Only Sri Lankan courts will have jurisdiction for criminal investigations,” Wickremesinghe said.

    The new Maithripala Sirisena government which succeeded Rajapaksa rule was urged by a section of the international community to cooperate with the UNHRC investigation and resolve the issues concerning the country’s minorities.

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