Posted on March 7th, 2015

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 

Oh what a night

They called it Chrystal Night

Forcibly breaking the silence

Erasing the moon and stars


Oh what a night

It was the Kristallnacht  

Braking windows and burning Synagogues

Beating human flesh in a savage rhythm


Oh what a night

They called it the night of retribution

The night of payback time

The night of the scapegoats


Oh what a night

Filled with pain and fear

Humiliation with banishment

Losing the touch of humanity


Oh what a night

Night that friends denounced friends

Neighbors spat in the face

The night of the evil

Night that consumed humanity




4 Responses to “Kristallnacht”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    What led a highly civilized culture as Germany who gave the world Strauss, Beethoven, the Austro Hungarian Empire, great philosophers, writers, scientists to go mad? what made them single out the Jews in Nazi Germany?

    All Jews were not to blame. lets make that clear. but the few that did made it horrible

    During the Wheimar Republic when Germans were starving. when a loaf of bread cost millions of Marks and when an economy was devastated by the policies set forth by the victorious European (and US) powers in Versailles which demanded from Germany reparations IN GOLD for world war 1. the Jewish bankers had what is called
    JUBILEE. That is a Jewish term for forgiving the debt of other Jews every 5 years. They made it up by increasing the interest rate on the Gentiles (non Jewish population).
    Jewish bankers and brokers would buy up German property, family heirlooms, art, and other valuables for next to nothing. They would then hold it or sell it at market value to the world. they would give to other Jews.
    From Karl Marx who wrote Das Capital (the bible of the Communists) European Jews were ardent supporters of militant communism. From Karl Marx who coined the term “Religion is the opium of the Masses” while living comfortably in London were leaders of this movement. To this day outside of Israel the Jews support liberal policies.

    The Nazis did not win the elections but when the Kaiser suddenly died Hitler whose nationalist party won only around 38% of the vote became Chancellor. the German parliament suddenly burned down. It was a process where a radical party seized power. One of the first things they did when they came to power was to ban the private ownership of guns. another thing they did was to eliminate the German communist movement which also had a lot of Jewish leaders.

    What the Nazi party did was sheer madness. but at the end they eliminated the Judaic culture from Europe once and for all. Those who escaped to the US brought with them the same liberal policies they cherished in Europe.

    the Protestants already had control of Wall street and a good deal of the US business. the Jews then controlled Hollywood It was a process that took decades. They also controlled the media. To this day the American Jewish Lobby are ardent supporters of Obama and his socialist policies. the areas they are most concentrated (New York, lower Florida, California) are all hard core democrats. the Jewish Lobby supports:
    -Open borders in the US
    – Multiculturalism in Europe
    -Pro Abortion
    -Anti Christian values. (support gay marriage, legalization of pot,)
    -Anti gun laws.
    BUT they do not support these policies in Israel. When it comes to Israel they support ultra nationalism, pro life, pro Judaism, pro gun laws. The American Jewish lobby are one of the largest contributors to the liberal Democratic party to this very day.
    In Europe they still support multiculturalism even though it has now worked against them with the infusion of Middle Eastern Muslims who hate them. they have the means to flee to Israel leaving the mess for Europe to handle. Simply put the Jews have messed thing up every where they have gone. Thank God they have a homeland.

    One more thing.
    A Jewish couple named Rosenberg (Louis and Ethel Rosenberg) betrayed the trust of the US and sold the US nuclear secrets to the USSR in the early 1950’s. That set the stage for the cold war in which both the US and the USSR competed with each other as to who will build more nuclear and Hydrogen bombs.
    the USSR then gave that technology to China in 1956
    The USSR also gave that technology to India in the 60’s who detonated her 1st nuclear bomb in 1974. That led Pakistan to demand the same technology. China who got this from the USSR gave that to Pakistan.
    that set up a new cold war of unrelenting nuclear buildup between India and Pakistan
    Pakistan’s nuclear father “Khan” set up a nuclear bazaar and sold this secret to North Korea and Iran.
    now we have the leader of Israel Netyanyahu in a conundrum over Iran’s nuclear program which would not have happened if two Jewish people named Rosenberg did not betray the US and sell this deadly secret to Communist USSR in the 1950’s.
    Sometimes there is logic to some madness.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Karl Marx Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto went on to define the governments of Stalinist Russia where an estimated 20 million Russians died of neglect.
    It defined the militant communism of Maoist China which under the great leap forward and the cultural revolution saw Communist Chinese kill other Chinese to the tune of 100 million.
    Maoist Communist China invaded, destroyed 6 thousand Tibetan monasteries, the repository of their culture, religion literature and arts, brutalized the people and annexed a nation.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Rothschild family who were and are Austrian German Jews are one of the most influential wealthiest Jewish families in the world. They started as bankers. they were instrumental in the creation of the United Nations and her lopsided laws. From the Security Council to the UN human rights Council the UN has done more bad than good to the world. The International Monetary fund to the World bank who has loaned hundreds of billions of dollars to the developing world has hardly asked for any transparency. India is a classic case. She was the world largest recipient of those loans. Today India has more slums, more people on the streets, more beggars and more poor people than any other nation on the planet.

    I do not have to mention how the UNHRC or UN peace keeping missions to environmental issues have been used by the few powerful western nations to push their agendas.

    George Soros the Hungarian Jew and a multi Billioniere is responsible for the banking collapse of the United Kingdom. Google it.

    Bernard Madoff an American Jew and his Ponzi Scandal is ” is considered to be the largest financial fraud in U.S. history” He and his wife Ruth ruined the life of millions who trusted him.

    for such a small community the negative impact they have had on the world is far larger than their numbers. the days of blaming the Germans are over. time to question why and what happened. the same nations who are quick to condemn Sri Lanka and the Singhalese are the same nations whose media is by and large controlled by the Jewish community.
    By the way. Try to even bring up such issues about the Jewish community and you are labeled an “anti semite” till you are silenced.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:


    One must understand of all the major religions in the world only the Jews call themselves “tribes”. If looked in that manner Judaism is both a religion and a social order of tribes. the “12 tribes of Israel”. Is often stated in the old testament. they see themselves as tribes. they interact with each other in a tribal way. their allegiance is first to themselves and second to the nation they live in. Only the ancient Roman province of Judea did they call their “homeland”.

    Modern day Israel is only a slice of that province which included modern day Jordan as well. when seen in that manner they have two sets of values. Liberal progressive values in other nations AND ultra nationalist conservative values reserved for Israel. the do not support European nationalism or American nationalism but ardently support Israeli nationalism.

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