Support Mahinda Rajapaksa Prime Minister Campaign & Stop Re-Entry of Terrorism
Posted on March 19th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Irrespective of a very few correspondents from the LankaWeb Gallery, who try to bar me from expressing my opinion, making silly simple comments with no substance, simply because these “Ghetto-stuck Sri Lankan Expats both Sinhala & Tamil” in Earls Court London suburbs who frequent the Sri Lanka High Commission London, to have their subsidised Rice &Curry, and dwell(?) in USA, I choose to ignore, whilst I continue with my Mission.

Those voters who succeeded in promoting the UNP led RW to appoint My3 Sirisena, ousting ex President Mahinda Rajapaksa, have yet to realize that they have, in fact, destroyed ten years of Patriotic Services by Mahinda & Gothabaya Rajapaksa, and General Sarath Fonseka.

With such short-vision “bird-brain Sinhala”, does Sri Lanka need enemies?

I keep on repeating the name of General Sarath Fonseka, for his diligent execution as a military commander, of the elimination of the Tamil Terrorist LTTE. I do hope, that with divine intervention, General Sarath Fonseka considers cooperating with the Rajapaksa Team, as a full member, and a future Minister of Defense.

Then Mahinda Rajapaksa has to ponder carefully how he might learn from his past mistakes. Hopefully, he reins-in Namal and the Rajapaksa entourage from harvesting the best, illegally. And Minimise Corruption!

I doubt for a moment that whatever his mistakes were, that the Sinhala Nation may support him as the only tangible option Sri Lanka has now, to continue the development Rajapaksa Team created.

It is impractical to suggest a China-like policy to deal with corruption, and execute those who are found guilty, because that might create about 60& vacated seats in the Parliament!

One most important point, Rajapaksa brought Pride-of-Nationhood of Sri Lanka to stand against the New Colonials from USA-UK-Norway-India.

Sri Lanka and the predominant Sinhala population have reached a Serious Crisis Point…….

—–“Sri Lanka planning to lift ‘terrorist’ ban on Tamils abroad”—–

President Maithreepala Sirisena (in a public statement), and his cohorts have decided to open the Gates of Sri Lanka to…… Tamil Terrorists!

Over and above that…. It is widely understood & accepted that the LTTE remnants are now in discussions with ISIS to establish their Asian HQ in the Maldives, as a Spring Board to jump into Sri Lanka, the Gateway to Tamil Nadu, through Trincomalee & Jaffna as their Operational Centres!

Since one of the best lawyers in Sri Lanka late S.L.Gunasekara is no longer with us, are there any skilled patriotic advocates ready to “take-the-baton” to fight the illegal irregularities of the present President?

The general public opinion in Sri Lanka, according to my contacts and the foreign opinion of the current President Maithreepala Sirisena, is a JOKE!

MY3 is straight out of a Peter Sellars comedy!

Of course, the West, led by UK, and the Indians are very pleased to have such a Flexible Plastic President, who will “do-the-jig” to their tunes.

It was certainly great news that Mahinda Rajapaksa has now announced his intent to be a candidate for the position of Prime Minister, as a Member of Labour Party.

Hopefully, members of SLFP and independents may rally around to give the number of seats Mahinda requires to garner the position to win.

INB:  do hope the likes of Lorenzo will reconsider their support to promote the victory of the current Greatest National Leader in Sri Lanka of our times!


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11 Responses to “Support Mahinda Rajapaksa Prime Minister Campaign & Stop Re-Entry of Terrorism”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    MR is a & only candidate for the position of Prime Minister, as a Member of Labour Party !!! please do not walk up .

  2. Nimal Says:

    Now the war is over the peace dividend should be felt by the people in the south by good governance and true freedom.To start with end the criminal racket in our courts where court cases goes on for decades,transfering people about, hospital staff to care for thye sick without expecting relatives to look after thye sick in hospitals.Problems are numerous and the politicians seem to ignore them in our ammge darmadeepaya.If they can’t solve the problems then give the country to the Colombians or even former colonials.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Stay with us, Prof ! Never give up ! We need you.

    Yes, sometimes we feel that ‘with Friends such as we have in Lanka, who needs Enemies” !!

    European experiments with the Economy ought to be lesson enough for Lanka’s politicos. After two World Wars where nearly 80 Million died, Europe has ended with Socialist states. Lesson Learnt from Europe : Capitalism has to work within a Socialist system. Sri Lanka already has a Socialist system in place. Politicos of Lanka : Learn to work with it !

    MR did a good job within the existing Socialist ystem and won a war against terrorism too. Stay with him as the Leader for our Times.
    He is the man with Heart AND Muscle.

  4. Ramanie Says:

    Amen! I agree with every word you have written Prof! MR is not perfect- but he is the only option we have to ensure the sovereignty and prosperity of Sri Lanka.

    Sirisena the clown has opened the gates for every enemy from Callum McRae to Rudrakumaran, let loose LTTE leaders within the country, the national anthem is now being sung in Tamil (when in India 70 million Tamil sing their National anthem in Hindi!), high security zones in the North are disestablished, Vigna is a bigger mover & a shaker than the President of the country…. the list goes on!!!! Next in line is the National Flag- they don’t like the lion!

    Like you I hope SF will have the sense to work together with MR and GR to safeguard the hard-won peace and unitary status of the country!

    Indians are all over Sri Lanka like an ill-fitting suit; they are making sure that China gets kicked out of Sri Lanka so that they can run the show in the region again! Trinco harbour is already spoken for!

    Yes, the “Ghetto-stuck Sri Lankan Expats” in the gallery is an embarrassment; they have no personality or ability to express a worthy opinion but consider taking pot shots and making personal insults against those who express an opinion while they remain anonymous, a great skill!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m FAST LOSING HOPE in My3. Earlier I thought its only the UriNePee that is doing all the dirt. But My3 is ALSO doing them.

    e.g. His approval to sing the TAMIL ELAM national anthem.

    This is a shitt decision by My3.

    IF the govt. lifts the ban on Tamil terrorist groups then surely I have to make a decision.

    BUT I will NOT support MR unless he agrees to SCRAP 13 amendment. MR CANNOT win unless he promises to SCRAP 13 amendment.

  6. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Not only Indians, now Dalai Lama is also paying his first-ever visit Sri Lanka soon, he is hopeful that the Sirisena government will allow him to visit Sri Lanka as a religious leader, and ignore his role as the leader of the Tibetans.

  7. Indrajith Says:

    I agree with Ramanie and NMY. Not only that ……they are planning to relese the Tamil woman who destroyed 2000 year old Kurutu Gee on the Sigiriya rock for a few more tamil votes.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Prof keep on writing, everybody has friends and enemies alike so don’t get upset just write the truth. Yes Nugegoda Man is the answer for all our ill wills . If not for his brothers he would have still be here with us as the President of Sri Lanka. Now we know who made the blunder for his downfall and who was the Judas who back stab him. Just look at the people who run crazy when they hear him coming to any place or hear his name. Will anyone run to see MY3 or Ranil or Chandrika like that? Never, people hate their ugly faces and hate to hear their lies. If you see his picture is enough for people to go crazy,that much people loves this man.

    Up to date he hasn’t divulged his plans truthfully because for so many reasons. One is Media.They don’t treat him good.Most them in the media are paid servants of the west. They don’t talk about the UNP corruption but talk about Mahinda’s corruption all day long. Why the media do not question Ravi about his money laundering case and Rajitha’s kidnapping case every now and then and why they keep on asking questions about the corruptions of the previous regime only. All the media traitors,thugs,murderers,drug lords,terrorists are coming back to the country nowadays because of Yahapalanaya. If one hand here and one leg there was found during Mahinda’s time they will blame Gota and it will be headlines in the west now whom they will put the blame? Media is silent because all the media outlets and TV channels run by this corrupt Govt of Ranil. Nature will punish them for their crimes sooner or later. Let’s pray for their downfall as soon as possible.

  9. nilwala Says:

    The prof has said among other impt things that “….whatever his mistakes were, that the Sinhala Nation may support him as the only tangible option Sri Lanka has now, to continue the development Rajapaksa Team created.”

    The present situation is a mess that has made Sri Lanka so unstable as a country to invest in that we are tilting into real trouble economically as well as on Foreign Policy.
    The daily confusion caused by conflicting utterances by the senior members of the My3/RW/CBK group throwing the SLFP into disarray and making a mockery of Yahapalanaya is NOT GOOD for the country.

    MR/GR with a new team can move the country FORWARD!! This is too critical a time to play politics.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Indrajith come on mate be kind…. please do not make big issue out of this school girl as we all done this sort of stupid thing in our school time We still regret …….
    to release the Tamil woman who destroyed 2000 year old Kurutu Gee on the Sigiriya !

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Nilwala says “the daily confusion caused by conflicting utterances by the snr members of the MY3/RW/CBK group throwing gte SLFP into disarry and making mockery of Yahapalanaya is NOT GOOD for the country” … “made Sri Lanka so unstable as a country to invest …”

    Totally agree with those views.

    Stability and Peace first, and Prosperity for all follows.

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