Posted on April 10th, 2015

By Gomin Dayasri

J.R.Jayewaradane will sigh a relief and break into a wry smile if he finds his constitution is dislodged. As it is, he may have to live with it – a life after death. Shove altogether now, but presidency keeps bobbing up and down

Those with wafer thin majorities exploited the 1978 Constitution to the maximum that Jayewardane set for himself with a 5/6 majority in Parliament. Unelected Prime Minster Ranil Wickremasinghe (Is the ½ mark a bridge too far for him to reach?) is aiming to ditch a constitution his uncle baked and over-iced to make it look fancy. Is a caretaker trying to become the master of a mansion having crept through the backdoor while JR rests in peace seeking to rid his luggage? Alas, Ranil and Sirisena await a whopping whipping by the next generation for their amateurish work on a constitution entrusted to a few unskilled hands.

Mahinda Rajapakse must be laughing his sides out. Executive Presidency was on parade when Sirisena took oaths as a peoples’ President – treats the Prime Minister in awe and the UNP with respect. That will make Rajapakse do a run Mahinda run in search of the premier post.

Constitutionally the man, who won the presidential election – may have to play second fiddle – to the man who lost. Gravestone of the constitution ‘78 will carry the epithet: A President took his life under the helpful watch of a Prime Minister who encouraged him to extinguish himself”.


The impediment Rajapakse carry is the horror stories originating out of the family chronicle sufficient to disqualify a candidate. If the naval episode of the son is bad the aviation tale of his brother-in-law is worse – both under his watch. Is the hero of 2009 the villain of 2015? A victory that went to the head, led to his undoing, as he fashioned it wrong. A supreme victory in the 2010 election was the undoing in 2015, over estimated gratitude to overlook much. Understandably people voted him out: was it to make a comeback triumphant or rest eternally in the backwoods?  Yearning for him is buoyant as the successors are more of a hindrance.


Makes Rajapakse’s ‘fourth-coming’ resourceful, with the office of the PM, in an amended version looks superior to a President, under an earlier edition. More benefits with fewer liabilities accrue to the Prime Minister under a new constitution with a reversion to collective responsibility that spreads the fault element among cabinet colleagues.


If he returns, are we to witness the re-emergence of persons under investigation from the Central Bank to Sri Lankan Airlines and from there to former envoy’s in the embassies abroad; bunched together as in the wicked old days in a cuddly cockpit? Voting for recurrence means endorsing corruption – be honest with yourself for the sake of the country.


Mahinda Rajapakse will sure run for the enhanced office of PM – so unlike from the time he was an insipid PM and was called a reporter [Mahinda] and taken for a peon [Premadasa]? Sirisena needs to flee to the arms of Ranil and ensure he remains Prime Minister; otherwise Sirisena could be chained to a kennel under the 19th amendment.


The judiciary by choosing to tango with Presidents – especially Chandrika and Mahinda, distorted the 1978 Constitution. Judges became slaughtered lambs to politicians and issued licenses for MPs to cross party lines that were strictly prohibited in the constitution. Not by one, not by many, but by a few during a queer judicial epoch of you know whom?


Being vested with the right to interpret the constitution they made a carriageway permitting traffic to cross party aisles in parliament. There lies a cause for the downfall of a nation.


Speaks sufficiently for a judiciary that comes out heroically in calling for a referendum on the 19th amendment. Chief Justice Siripavan is a welcome module to a kind that made Mohan Pieris, Shirani Bandaranaike, Asoka Silva and Sarath Silva. Sometimes you need just one brave man to show the way- others obediently take the same route. Indeed a sunshine story amidst the prevailing gloom.


The patchwork constitution is not a home for a government that finds it difficult to function as when it was in the opposition; and now being compelled to govern, does it no differently as when in the opposition. Its lifetime might be restricted to around a hundred days- being merciful to our countrymen.



JR knew a presidential and general election were due six years hence from 1977. Held an illegal referendum instead of a general election to secure his 5/6th hold on parliament and then held a mock presidential election where his opponent Kobbekaduwa’s vote was impersonated! Indeed a dark period in the annals of the franchise when NGOs made no noise except for a shriek heard from Amnesty International. NGOs have suddenly gone dumb and Friday Forum opens out rarely to talk of the past more than of the present. Naturally their head boys are gainfully employed otherwise.


Under presidential voting pattern, the worth of the vote is equally factored whether exercised in Point Pedro or Devinuwara, in reaching the required winning number of over 50% of the vote. It enables the minorities to make a call at the presidential election – proved beyond doubt when Sirisena won the presidential election comfortably by sweeping the North after losing the South by a considerable margin. It makes the President deferentially obliged to the Northern voters. If the Presidents wings are clipped the vote is registered for a man of straw. Therefore the 19th amendment, which overhauls the constitution, weakens the minorities, unable to impact a President on their loyalty vote.


In stripping the President of his powerhouse, the main thrust in support of the amendment, came from the TNA lawyer cum MP Sumanthiran when the 19th amendment was taken for argument in the Supreme Court. Was he in the draftsmen’s pool?


JR’s vision in setting the ’78 Constitution was to govern, holding the office of President with the help of the minorities and keep the parliament in check by prohibiting MP’s from switching sides and reaching a majority through proportionate representation. A selfish exercise that Wickremasinghe is now bent on correcting. Is the TNA voting for it blindfolded? No, they are thinking of a step beyond.


No doubt TNA prefers the emergence of a weak President enabling them to usher the 13th amendment under a Modi Plan and unite the North and East. They see the difference in the role models between J.R.Jayewardane with a 5/6th majority in Parliament succumbing to terrorism and Mahinda Rajapakse with a slim majority became the President and within 4 years eradicated terrorism and increased his parliamentary hold. TNA has made its mind – Mahinda Rajapakse’s superman image should never again be superimposed and be expunged from the constitution. Purge Jack to live with Jill can be a gamble for the TNA.


The architects of the 19th amendment desire to take Sri Lanka on the same journey as when N.M.Perera of the LS.S.P held hands with J.R.Jayewardane of the UNP that led to the 1977 UNP administration. This left/right combination unwittingly brought forth the 1978 constitution that was too late for Dr Colvin R de Silva (of the L.S.S.P) to defang it, been ousted from Parliament. The 1978 constitution irrespective of its infirmities is a work of art compared to the crude workmanship by the artisans of the present constitution. Do we see the paw marks of LSSP rebels in this draft too?


We are in an era of fledgling governments of limited duration made more prolific by an intended constitution: still it does not hurt much as Sirisena and Wickremasinghe are assured of a long life as their guardian deities, USA and India, will protect them from impending evils.


Yet the will of the people can overcome all other competing sources if the South without getting fragmented, stands together and elect a leader and a party that sits on its own and governs.


Recent events showcase the deficiencies of a coalition – leads to shadow boxing among sparring partners. People won’t tolerate nonsense for too long. Rajapakse learnt it the hard way and to come back is not easy. Goofy successors do make the impossible – a possible.

Face it – we are in a right royal mess. Yet Sri Lanka has come out smelling roses out of a worst mess as when terrorism held sway. Next election will aggravate the existing muddle more.


  1. AnuD Says:

    Under these circumstances, if TNA is given the oppositionleadership, they have written to the speaker asking for it, they will be very good boys during the tenure of this care taker govt.

    the reason, they want to prove first time, in order to get it the next time during which they fight for their goals.

  2. douglas Says:

    Mr. Gomin Dayasri: You did your duty by the people and the country the other day in Courts in challenging the provisions of the 19th Amendments supposed to have been masterminded by the “Pundiths” belonging to the RW camp. Thank you. As far as we are concerned, some forward movement has been made, in that, the requirement to establish those “Independent Commissions” and make the President and the PM answerable and accountable to the Parliament have been achieved. Also we saw how the “INDEPENDENCE” of the Judiciary was “REESTABLISHED” after a long period of five years. If this decision was given by the Judiciary between 2010-1015 we would have seen another “Impeachment” of the Chief Justice. These are some of the “ACHIEVEMENTS” we have got from January 08, 2015 and I am thankful to your for being a part of it. So let us move forward.

    You also did mention of MR & Co. gaining grounds and coming back in a new form of “Prime Minister” under the 19th Amendments. I don’t think that is possible; especially there are “Watch Dogs” independent of his role from here onwards and they are subjected to be answerable to the peoples representatives and an independent Judiciary. In the absence of these “check and balance” institutions MR’s Administration went “MAD” and carried on regardless both to the detriment of the country and themselves. That is how we now see the performances, the references you made to Sri Lankan Air and other Institutions that came withing his purview. Most alarming is the recent internal audit figure of Rs. 375 millions spent by the National Lottery Board, on the election campaign of MR from November 2014 to January 2015. That “ROBBERY” was made from the Tax Payers money on those “Digital Displays” and “Video Walls” put out countrywide. Now with the establishment of that National Audit Commission we will see a marked difference and a real display of Good Governance. Hopefully, even if MR has his come back in mind, he will not be able to dance his tune but follow the RULES and be subjected to an INDEPENDENT Judiciary and most importantly answerable to the people. On the other hand, we hope he will not resort to “PARDON” or “EXCULPATE” those who robbed us of the National Resources and Assets. That is the most DETERMINATION he has to make and “OFFER” to the country. This “Nugegoda Man” and his sponsors must give serious thought to this history.

  3. L Perera Says:

    Congratulations Gomin. You said it ALL.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    The “south” is fragmented and there is nothing to unify it. A strong campaign is needed to unify the political south. Abrogation of 13A is a very catchy slogan and a sure way to get even with Vigneswaran and TNA too. Otherwise Mahinda better enjoy his retirement without spoiling governance. The country cannot afford to go through a period of instability. The economy is already in very bad shape.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Mahinda better enjoy his retirement without spoiling governance- Good Mother Lanka is in safe hand with Three Women & a kirama seveka head of state !

    Sampanthan , you know what to do Sir ??? 2nd step referendam to TE .

  6. nilwala Says:

    Excellent analysis by GominD that dissects and lays clean and clear all the trajectories past and present….and the possible grim Future that awaits this nation. Reminders that we have faced worse times provides little relief, in a geopolitical scene that is itself dangerously out of control and unstable.

    In the predicament we face with MS indebted totally to RW, and the latter being only a master of subterfuge and deceit, who does not have a grasp of how to deal with the citizenry in honesty and open leadership…. and with only Machiavellian conspiracy and plotting to hold the power play , what hope has this nation of bringing a UNITED SOUTH together and of presenting any collective resistance?

    Only one man in the scene can do it, and he has yet to convince the nation of LESSONS LEARNT.

  7. douglas Says:

    Dilrook: Yes. “South is fragmented and there is nothing to unify it”. Mr. MR from “south” is still engaged in fragmenting it further and further. How? (1) He has banded with the most “notorious” and “hated” Provincial Councilors and go about campaigning with them for a “come back”. The southerners know who these “rouges” are and who planted in these positions using the “Provincial Councils” under the draconian 13th Amendment. So with this unholy association, it is a myth to expect Mr. MR to abrogate the 13A. The other day Mr.MR summoned these “notorious” and “rogue” Provincial Councilors to Abayaramay temple and had a seminar type discussion and what was planned will come out soon. (2) Mr. MR has publicly accepted that he made certain mistakes and prepared to correct himself. But, he made a terrible mistake of directing criticism at the ongoing investigations and corruption allegations against his Ministers and members of his family. Not only the “southerners” but a large majority allover the country wanted to know what all these “allegations” were and who and who are responsible. They are now getting some answers; such as the biggest white elephant the nation has to maintain – The Sri Lankan Air. The CTB at present has no money to pay even the salaries. The employees have started demanding to recover the Rs. 142 million due from UPFA for the hire of buses for the election campaign. The disappearance of our “Envoy” to Russia, who is no lesser person than Mr. MR’s first cousin and his involvement in arms deals; Sri Lankan Air GSA operations and now the “accidental death” of an employee attached to the Mission etc. Then again the people have come to know now how and who took out millions and millions of money from that “Samurdi Bank”; because the GM in charge of the Bank has given out the clues at an investigation. At least people are now receiving some credible information and they are beginning to find more answers than questions. In my opinion Mr. MR must “distance” himself from these investigations without “ridiculously” dismissing those as “witch hunt” aimed at taking revenge from his Ministers. The people are well aware of the “doings” of his Ministers and they want to know what happened. The more a person takes pain in “defending”, the more pain and contempt he will receive. As I said earlier the “New Vote Bank” comprised of those between the age group of 25 to 18 years are not an “EASY PREY” of politicians. There are more than 10 lakh registered in that category and it keeps growing. Not only Mr. MR; all others have to be very “cautious” of them, because they are a different kettle of fish.

  8. nilwala Says:

    Douglas – the situation today is much more than what your gripe is, which is about Sri Lankan Airlines, Samurdhi money AND VARIOUS OTHER MONEY ISSUES. While these are important…they are about MONEY. What about the leaky national security, the deceit and the subterfuge that the current leaders have sprung on the people leading the country into anarchy that will fragment the nation and crush its fundamental civilisational base, built and cherished over so many centuries, destroyed in a mere 100 days

  9. douglas Says:

    nilwala: Thank you. “IS THERE A MONETARY VALUE THAT CAN BE PLACED ON A CIVILIZATION” What more to say than to agree with you.

    This was exactly what I was most concerned during last few years from 2010 onwards. The entire “Value System” that we inherited from our religions was “corrupted” with this “veneration” of “MONEY”. The entire society, commanded by the “Ruling Class” spread that plague into the very core of our cultural civilization by injecting a “prestige” position to “Possession” of wealth and money. It is no secret to identify even our clergy in large numbers got corrupted with “possession” and went around distorting even the very teachings of religion to their benefit. Our “Political Leadership” at every level exploited that “MONEY” concept and “possession” for their survival and enjoyment. That is how a very “High Ranking” politician who commanded more than 40% of the Budget allocations decided to “dole” out money to “Samurdhi Beneficiaries” in large sums and he used even the village temples for such distribution work. This is the typical mentality of foreign domiciled Sri Lankans who think the so called “poor” could be bought over for “MONEY”. This “degeneration” and “erosion” of our value system that was fading for some decades, raised its ugly head most visibly during the entire period from 2010 to date. Don’t you see how even a local politician who contests a Provincial election spend millions of money and later recover that expenditure in ten folds. So what would you think of politicians who contest for positions in the Legislature.

    In this trend of “MONEY VENERATION” principles overtaking the “CULTURAL VALUES AND CIVILIZATION” has indeed, “cohabited” very well with our SECURITY too. No doubt about it. We have seen and experienced it very well in the past and it still persists.

  10. Independent Says:

    Well said Douglas. When MONETARY VALUE replaces Buddhist Principles and values the whole CIVILIZATION goes with it. WAR has been won and Sinhala – Buddhist civilization is lost.

  11. Independent Says:

    මහින් දගේ ජනප්‍රිය තාවය යලි ගොඩනගා ඇත්තේ පළාත් සභා කාරයෝය​. ඒ නිසා 13ආ නැතිකිරීමට මහින් දට කොහොමටවත් නොහැකිය​.
    වෙන කිසිම එකෙකුටවත් පළාත් සභා නැතිකිරීමට කිසිම උවමනාවක් නැත​.
    විශකුරු ආන් ඩුක්‍රමය නැතිකොට රට හරිමගටගේමට හැකි එකම නායකයෙක්වත් නැත​.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    All of you miss the MAIN point.

    We have a LTTE GOVERNMENT today.

    If you want to understand the govt. think HOW the LTTE would think and react.

    This govt. is doing just that.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE govt. of My3 has no choice than to AGREE to China defence drills!!

    Endia is already building up a new Tamil terrorist group in SL.

    China and Sri Lanka have held a joint drill at a comprehensive military training base in southern China to enhance their capabilities, specially in combating terror.

    The Chinese People’s Armed Police Force (APF) and the Sri Lankan Army held the drill code-named ‘Silk Road Cooperation – 2015’ in Guangzhou.

    The joint drill was aimed at helping both sides to learn from each other, so as to improve their capabilities of performing duties, the Chinese state-run Military Online News reported.

    The focus of the drill held on March 29 was on developing anti-terrorist skills and tactical trainings.

    The anti-terrorist skills highlight skills of shooting, capturing, and climbing.

    The tactical trainings mainly comprise operations of searching blocks, rescuing hostages, as well as anti-hijacking aircraft and buses, said Su Haihui, deputy director of the Training Department of the Chinese APF.

    The second phase of the drill between China and Sri Lanka is expected to be held in June this year.

    China will send several special operation teams to Sri Lanka to take part in the second phase of the joint drill, the report said.

    Sri Lanka under former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime has endorsed China sponsored Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road (MSR) initiative for which USD 1.5 billion Colombo Port City project was to provide a key base in the Indian Ocean.

    The new government headed by Maithripala Sirisena has kept the project under suspension over concerns relating to environmental clearance and heavy interests rates charged over the loans provided for the Chinese projects.”

    – PTI

  14. L Perera Says:

    China bashers in Sri Lanka must be reminded of a response from Hillary Clinton at a press conference in 2013. Where she referred to China as “OUR BANKER”. Need I say more?

  15. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Independent,

    The reply of Douglas to Nilwala was:
    nilwala: Thank you. “IS THERE A MONETARY VALUE THAT CAN BE PLACED ON A CIVILIZATION” What more to say than to agree with you.

    They both use the word ‘CIVILIZATION’, while you use the term ‘Buddhist civilization’.

    That the grounding and founding civilization of this country is Buddhism is OBVIOUS. No one questions this or puts this in doubt. That the Americans issued a statement of sympathy at the death of the Asgiriya Mahanayake is further proof of our standing as the most ancient surviving BUDDHUST civilization of the planet.

    Civilization is a primary and primeval MOLD, which is subsisting and persistent. Yet for economic advancement and prosperity a country has to think OUT OF THIS MOLD.

    In a comment to a previous article I acknowledged the line of thinking of Lorenzo with the following statement:

    “It is GREED that helped turn countries into invincible Empires. It is their greed that turned the continent of Africa into an open SLAVE market.

    Then, under the guise of respect for morality, they abolished the slave trade and gave it a re-birth under the camouflage of INDENTURED LABOUR. Thereby they transformed the whole of INDIA into the new born slave market.

    It is GREED of the modern empires that has disseminated wars all over the globe.

    They treat us like slaves and WE? We turn the other cheek, we say ‘Tanha begets suffering’ and so pride ourselves about our religion and its sacrosanct principles.

    Religion may be the path to Nirvana or Heaven or Paradise or whatever. I say MAY BE because NONE of the beloved departed has come back to tell us that they got there. But religion is in no way the path to economic success. If so Sri Lanka should by now be an economic empire and not the country that it is, the one of the begging bowl.

    This obsession with religion has been this country’s undoing.”

    Independent, I still maintain that we must think OUT OF THE RELIGIOUS MOLD to escape this dark tunnel of poverty and misery and above all, abject slavery to the wealthy and powerful nations. Wealth is Power.

    I recall one religious leader said my kingdom is NOT of this world’. Yet his adepts have made this world their kingdom. It was said somewhere that Dutugemunu was accompanied by monks on his way to battle. Similarly the Portuguese were accompanied by Franciscan monks during their invasion of our country. I am sure the monks were not there to preach bana to Dutugemunu, to tell him that war begets suffering!

    So it is better that we call ourselves a very ancient civilization which everyone knows is Buddhist, without harping incessantly on the religious factor. Harping on it will only continue to tie our hands and deprive us of our economic clout. Harping on religion creates a negative psyche as regards our drive towards wealth and prosperity.

    Independent, what we must pride ourselves of is that we are: a very ancient civilization based on THE RULE OF LAW.

    Mario Perera

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    The total US Debt is around $18 Trilion. Of this about 6 Trillion is foreign held. The China held component is around $1.3 Trillion and Japan holds about $1.2 Trillion. The China held part is 1 of 18 Trillion which is relatively speaking, a small amount. There is a hype on China. Why is that ? Is it because the Chinese have good relations with resource rich Africa ? And small Lanka has ports that China may like to use en route to Africa and back, so little Lanka mustn’t be friends with China ? And Europe (America’s friend across the Pond), has not so good relations with Africa, what with colonisation and slavery to boot. Some countries sound like petty minded folks !!

  17. nilwala Says:


    My concern in posing this rhetorical question was that the core Buddhist civilisation that had been nurtured and cherished in this island for over three thousand years was being now challenged by the growing global value system that was conspiratorially attempting to dislodge the core civilisation and impose a multiculturalism that was overtly secular in intent but covertly had the purpose of diluting the core value system.

    The country needs to develop economically and we need the global marketplace in order to achieve a level of living standards that would reject the disparities evident in the West and in India.

    It has to be well balanced and controlled through the understanding that excess of material display and goods is NOT desirable.
    However, it does not mean that life should be lived in the simple ways of the monastery, or without basic creature comforts

    Buddhism, and its cultural mores of the Middle Path, WITHOUT “SUPER RICH” and WITHOUT POVERTY is what we would like to aim for.
    A large MIDDLE CLASS

  18. mario_perera Says:

    Nilwala – WITHOUT “SUPER RICH” and WITHOUT POVERTY is what we would like to aim for. A large MIDDLE CLASS

    Could you please name one single country, just one single country will do, (if a Buddhist country so much the better…) that has achieved this goal of what you call “Buddhism, and its cultural mores of the Middle Path” ?

    I have cracked my head to identify one and have failed till now. I earnestly seek your help.

    As for me I would prefer living in a “SUPER RICH” Sri Lanka with the “SUPER RICH” practicing Buddhism and its ‘cultural mores’ i.e. caring for the poor and sharing their super riches with them.

    Mario Perera

  19. Independent Says:

    I was responding to a totally unwarranted attack on Buddhism by various enemies using various forms. I was really hurt by your indirect attack on “begging bowl” without which we would not have got our religion, culture and simply the survival of the Sinhala Buddhist.

    May I ask what kind of knowledge do you have on Buddhism for you to repeatedly claim “Lobha” is necessary to become a successful ?

    We were not an impoverished country when Portuguese arrived in 1505. Senevirath is giving a good account of our culture before the attack by other religions.

  20. douglas Says:

    mario_perera & nilwala: I appreciated the very interesting discussion that followed with this subject of “Civilization & Culture”. My thinking on all these subjects is: all those “civilizations” and “cultures” never remain for ever; but constantly subjected to “Change” either “man made” and or “natural forces”. Historical factors and forces have proved it. It was on this thinking, I was pointing out how “Money” and “Possessions” introduced to the society without limitations have contributed to some sort of “evolution” in our present day “culture” and “civilization”. This aspect needs much more discussions and this opinion is only a glimpse in that direction.

  21. nilwala Says:

    Mario – Do you not think that the age-old concept that the Middle Class is the moral/ethical backbone of a nation holds true?
    There is a sense of surfeit in a Super Class that can, to my mind, easily lead to moral erosion due to the power factor that brings with it an arrogance and exploitation. Just look at all the BRATS that are bred in families of the Super Rich and Powerful. Some element of struggle is what makes for the building of character. And that is what gives strength to the Middle C;ass.

    If the elimination of poverty is to depend only on Charity of the Super Rich, condescension and arrogance will soon erode the balance as disparities will grow to separate and widen the gap between the 2 extremes. The Middle Class via the Middle Path is what we have to find and sustain. A tough task one might say, that needs constant monitoring and diligent effort at bringing balance.

  22. mario_perera Says:

    Nilwala, thank you for taking the time to reply.

    You say: The Middle Class via the Middle Path is what we have to find and sustain.

    Naturally we must seek to find. But this seeking must not become a ‘wild goose chase’. This seeking must not become a mythological exercise. It must not turn out to be something akin to the ‘quest for the golden fleece’ or for the ‘Holy Grail’.

    Sri Lanka, though being the premier Buddhist civilization of the world, has never seen the establishment of a ‘large middle class via the middle path’. To my knowledge no other country has done so either. IF YOU KNOW OF ONE SUCH PLEASE REVEAL IT, and then our discussion shuts down here and now. If not your quest becomes ‘quixotic’.

    You say: “If the elimination of poverty is to depend only on Charity of the Super Rich, condescension and arrogance will soon erode the balance as disparities will grow to separate and widen the gap between the 2 extremes.”

    Nilwala, is it not what you state precisely that this country has been subjected to since independence? Is this not precisely the situation in practically all ‘third world’ countries? How can you expect this situation to change?

    But how would it be if, instead of a few business magnates doling out their largesse, their numbers snow ball and grow to such an extent that the country as a whole becomes rich? Then with the government financial machinery coming into play,a good part of that money will filter through all layers of society especially through government subsidies and through government sponsored projects. Such a situation will lead to a much greater creation of jobs while enhancing every sector of use to social life be it education, health or whatever. This is exactly what is happening in the wealthy countries.

    In such a case your reference to charity, condescension and arrogance will lose their meaning as it has in the wealthy countries. What the ‘hoi poloi’ receive will no more be considered charity but as their due.

    To get back to the principal issue that launched this debate, the above described situation cannot be achieved if this country remains irremediably attached to ‘book religion’ and its imperatives. We have to think ‘out of such molds’ if we want to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

    Mario Perera

  23. nilwala Says:

    Mario – I am NOT talking some ‘pie in the sky’ theory .


  24. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Nilwala,

    so nice to have exchanged a few ideas with you

    Kindest regards


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