: Open Letter to Hon. Maithreepala Sirisena by S B Lokuge
Posted on April 19th, 2015

S B Lokuge

Hon Maithreepala Sirisena
The Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Dear Hon Sir,

Today I am writing to you with all the respect due to you as the president of our country on the last day of your 100 day programme. Tomorrow will be a different day as we judge you by the way you have performed in those 100days, what you have achieved, if you have honoured your election manifesto to eliminate corruption and create a just society.

During the election campaign, you talked about corruption in the previous government in which you were an integral part, a very senior minister. You were reduced to tears when you talked about the pain, the torture and agony suffered under Mahinda for 7 years. You mentioned with emotion that Mahinda and his goons were planning the destruction of your family if you lost the election. But you choose to be a senior minister of his government for nearly ten years. Why? Obviously you did so to enjoy  all the perks you got as a senior minister. Is not so Mr President? By staying as a minister were you not encouraging Mahinda commit those alleged crimes Mr President?

Now let us look as those past 100 days.

Your only achievement is that you have proved that you are an incompetent, lame-duck president, a puppet of those proven failures, Ranil and Chandrika who work for the enemies of our country. Although you promised eradicate corruption, you and your incompetent allies have only come with allegations of a coup, bribes, commissions, Lambroginies, Palaces, luxury  meditation centres, $15 million luxury planes(laugh loud) etc, etc, etc……

In 67 years independence what have we achieved as a country? The country went backwards till end of the war in 2009 when the previous government started those mega development projects and put the country in a rapid development drive. Now you have halted some of those projects incurring compensation payments, lost jobs and revenue. Why? Because for decades people saw what Mahinda did for the country and those incompetent fools in your government do not want to give him any credit as they are incapable of doing anything like that.

Today the enemies of the country led by emperor Modi and our modi (Chandrika) and Ranil want to isolate our biggest friend China. Every patriotic Sri Lanka knows our biggest enemy is India who help others like USA, UK, Canada and some European countries to punish us for eliminating their faithful Tamil voters,

You have allowed high ranking US and British officials to visit North and the East and pay homage to dead terrorist and humiliate our war heros. You have allowed The Canadian High commission to harass our citizen and break the laws of our land. You have failed to take any action to protest against the remarks ED Miliban made on Sinhala/Tamil new year.

You have failed to take action against the corrupt Finance minister, Foreign minister and the Governor of the central bank. You have appointed some allegedly corrupt ministers of the former government to the cabinet. You have not arrested a known felon, Danuna, you have illegally sacked the chief justice and illegally appointed another, you have promoted Sarath Fonseka to neutralise him as a political threat.

If these are not criminal acts, then god help Sri Lanka.

4 Responses to “: Open Letter to Hon. Maithreepala Sirisena by S B Lokuge”

  1. asoka2468 Says:

    One more thing to add to a very well written letter. Mr. President can you please get rid of that stupid grin off your face? Not only do you look stupid you also look pathetic.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: It is all right to write to the Coolie. Send copies to the Emperor Hon Narendran Modi, Governor Chandrika and Kankani Ranil. Jai Hind

  3. ranjit Says:

    SB even short it’s great to forward a letter like that to the traitor MY3 as you called him President but I will never. He didnt came by the vote but with a coup orchestrated by RAW,CIA and others who were against MR. He was the traitor to the S.L.F.P. not MR.He is the one who left S.L.F.P. and it’s President after eating hoppers and Lunumiris maybe a tea also.

    He planned the coup with all our enemies before hand and left the party and his boss without notice. This puppet should be brought to justice for treason along with Chandrika and Ranil for sure. They were enemies of our country. They allowed a foreigner to loot in billions after they appointed him as the Governor of the Central Bank. This Govt is more corrupt than the previous. You better check this guy’s family background.His brothers are all gangsters with criminal records. You cannot compare this guy to MR at any level. He is a pthetic character in front of world leaders. Chandrika the witch should be kicked out from this country as she is not belong here. “I was ashamed to be called a Sri Lanknan” that’s her words to foreign media sometime back.

  4. Siri Says:

    This is a very good article. Now all Patriotic Sri Lankans should ask for the resignation of this Idiot My3 Pala as the country cannot afford to wait four to six years to replace him. The world is moving forward, but Sri Lanka will continue to move backwards till we replace this idiot.

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