A call for present day ‘Gemunu’s and ‘Viharamaha Devi’s – our youth
Posted on April 21st, 2015

Tissa Gunatilaka, Sydney

It seems that we Sinhala Buddhists play ball to ball without having an overall strategy against the present dilemma, like our cricket team which consists of bunch of misfits. When My3 & Ranil (with the trickery of that woman behind) send different balls at a time: today it is a bribery ball, yesterday it was a foreign account ball, day before 19th amendment ball, a week ago helicopter account ball, a few weeks ago it was…. we bend our backs to deflect those balls everyday, without being able to effectively score within the required run rate. So what would be the ultimate result, loose again. Even the win is not a real win unless it has been successfully sustained.

We spend lot of time twisting our minds to write, defend, talk, text etc. analysing the ‘ball of the day’. It Also appears that the bowler is not getting exhausted either, a different kind of ball is invented everyday.

Spending time on current issues is good and it has to be done, but in the meantime we must spend more time in preventing our people, especially the youth, slipping into the western ideology. The young (say less than 28years old), western educated in Sri Lanka (whatever the medium of instruction is), a somewhat wealthy (who can afford a device to log into Internet or Internet protocol communication) are already being absorbed into the Western ideology/culture, irrespective of their parent’s culture (or religion). Thus making our youth believes whatever the lies uttered by the western masters as the gospel truth. This makes the way for western masters to ‘handle’ our youth in a manner that they wish through ‘social media’. Cyber Spring or arab spring that we witnessed on Jan 08th was the result of that manipulation. Here we are talking of our Sinhala Buddhist youth. Some may find it difficult to agree with my analysis, but if the Sinhala Buddhist youth (18-28 years old) were not duped by westerners in an arab spring style manipulation via social media, the block votes in the North and East could have been easily nullified.

Well what has happened is already in the history. But one comment is to be made: ‘ this regime of My3 & Ranil is not legal, because they harvested votes of Sinhala Buddhist through the most deceivable means by proliferating blatant lies ever known to people via social media controlled by the west.

Grabbing power in such a manner does not constitute a legal regime, especially where ‘truthfulness’ is recognised as one of the precepts essential in an ethical life, one should not gain benefits out of breaking the precept but to take the refuge. My3 & Ranil both had most viciously violated this essential rule of our society. Are they fit to govern?

I am sure that the west would not allow their social media to be used for dissemination of truth. They would close it down as soon as they sense it was used against their principles, which is propagating lies, like they did at Kandy and Rathnapura Rallies organised to force pseudo leaders of SLFP to bring Mahinda back into politics. Let us use the social media as long as they are available to bring back our youth into mainstream patriotic Sinhala way of thinking.

Bringing back Mahinda into politics and making him win is one thing but keeping him at the top would be another struggle unless most of our people (say al least 75%) keep appreciating what he has done to our country and its people. Last time even though he successfully defended the country against the most ruthless terrorist outfit that the world had known by winning the humanitarian war (it is a humanitarian war because all Sinhala and other communities equally suffered under intense terrorist activities unleashed at the time). But how many of us appreciated the great efforts of Mahinda with the help of our heroic armed personnel and Gota : obviously less than 48% of the country as shown in the last poll on Jan 08th. Why? By making us live freely without having a fear of bomb explosion, doubt of family member’s returning home after the work or school. People forget these niceties that was provided by Mahinda, unfortunately.

So turning the mindsets of our youth back to where they belong ie. accepting the truth that would benefit our country, would be a massive herculean task.

But it need to be done. Not only to bring Mahinda back to the leadership of our country but also to keep him there in order to prevent Sri Lanka falling back in every achievement we had earned during the last 10 or so years.

A time has come to take a warm respite from the seemingly continuos battle in order to visualise the depth of the pit that we all are in as far as the country is concern, and work towards prosperity again together with our youth.

Subha Pathum

Tissa Gunatilaka, Sydney

21 April 2015

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  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Living in Sydney and bashing the West and silent of India. It is Indians in the island nation that is causing all the problems for the non-Indians of the Island since 1796. Jai Hind.

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