Deforestation in Madhu reserve – environmental group
Posted on May 12th, 2015


Environmental organisations claim that an illegal resettlement programme is also currently underway within the Madhu reserve in Mannar.

Environmentalist Ravindra Kariyawasam, national coordinator of the Centre for Environment and Nature Studies, says that clearing of the forest has already commenced and that authorities should immediately put a stop to this.

However, speaking at a press conference yesterday the Conservator General of Forests, S. A. Anura Sathurusinghe, stated that new measures have been instigated to safeguard forest reserves in the North and East.

Meanwhile the deforestation which had taken place in Wilpattu has currently been halted as a result of President Maithripala Sirisena’s intervening

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  1. Nimal Says:

    This is a tragedy for the country where all regimes have pilfered the rainforest of it’s valuable trees. Now the new trend is to rob the elephants. This is all we Sinhalese are good at, hardly a honest business man among us paying taxes that show some concern for the excesses of our politicians. When our town was closed for absurd events it didn’t matter much to the non tax paying majority but to the hard working tax paying minority. No wonder there’s animosity by the minorities towards us.

  2. ranjit Says:

    With this Hora Ranil Regiment anything can happen.If they do it’s genuine,if others do it’s a crime. No questions asked?Ranil the Gay boy with Puppet MY3 and wicked witch CBK in the helm taking our Motherland back to thirty years without any heart for their beloved homeland. This trio’s main ambition is to finish off MR and stay in power with the help of evil Americans & Indians. We shouldn’t allow that to happen.We have to get up and fight to the end if not we will not have a country to call home. Wake up you stupid Sinhalese before the enemy comes to your doorstep and kill you. Save your land,save your children,save your religion before they take over everything in a systematic way step by step.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    MR kept quiet when this bathurdeen rat resettled mussies in government land.
    What did the rat do to MR? Rats waited and waited and when they knew ship was
    sinking jump to the maru sira side. Ministers again! surprise surprise! Typical mussie rats.

    The rats starts villages saying it’s turkish, qatar etc. donations and carve out mussie
    areas in the country. Sinahlese and Tamils turn a blind eye. In the north and east tamils
    used to be the majority. Now the mussies with their fast breeding outnumbering them. But who
    cares? Tamils, so called natives (with only less than 500 years history in Jaffna, because the oldest
    building there is the old dutch fort) don’t care. They want a mala eelam in the n&e. Obviously they have a
    case. They have a case on the internet. The ancient so called mala eelam kings buildings exist only on www.
    Nowhere else. Nobody has ever seen an ancient brick from those buildings. What a shame those mala eelam
    kings used cowboy builders while Sinhalese kings used proper builders.

    So who is going to stop islamisation of Sri Lanka from fast breeding mussie rats?
    Champaka? he is only a paka as the name suggests. Or rathanaya, sobithaya, traitor in chief gb
    ranilaya or maru sira? None of them give a toss! So happy multiplying and happy land grabbing for the mussie rats!

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    The Jaffna kingdom (Tamil: யாழ்ப்பாண அரசு) (1215-1624 CE), also known as Kingdom of Aryacakravarti, of modern northern Sri Lanka was a historic monarchy that came into existence around the town of Jaffna on the Jaffna peninsula after the invasion of Magha, who is identified as the founder of the Jaffna kingdom !

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    We cannot help but think that illegal Land Claims are being made to settle ILLEGAL MIGRANTS into Lanka, especially from Tamil Nadu & the Maldives. Local folk have not realised that illegal Tamil migrants can easily get protection by joining up with other religious groups already established in Lanka, noteably Islam and the Catholic church and of late even Buddhism. Correct me if my assumptions are wrong.

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