Ancient Flag of Sri Lanka 
Posted on May 27th, 2015

By Charles.S.Perera

The Hela flag had been prepared when there was one people in Lanka the Helayas.   There were of course the other clans such as the Nagas and the Yaksas.  But there were no Tamils and Muslims.  It may have been prepared by the Buddhist Monks.

Every one may have believed that the lion in the flag represent the  Hela people.  That was why the Tamil and Muslim parliamentarians demanded the Orange and Green stripes not to be left out leaving the whole flag for the Sinhala lion. Our Sinhala politicians gave in. Recently even  Maithripala Sirisena gave into the Tamils asking them to sing the National Anthem in Tamil. Rajitha Senaratne said that having heard the Sinahala National Anthem sung in Tamil he was so pleased that his body hair stood straight.

That was how our Hela heritage had been distorted and sold the National Anthem for a few votes.

The Tamil terrorist Prabhakaran thought that the lion in the  flag represented Sinhala people and he adopted the tiger head to represent the Tamil people- it is sadly the separated head of the tiger in a circle of  bullets which is on the blood red tiger flag representing brutality, ruthlessness, with the bullets representing their lack of courage. But the lion flag has a full bodied lion strong and fearless.

But the lion on the Hela flag does not  represent the Hela people, nor the sword cruelty or the bo leaves their religion.

The Sword stands for Justice, the Lion the King and the Tail the people. The sword, the head of the lion and the tail should be at the same level, meaning that the King meets out justice to every one equally. The back ground is not blood red it is colour the of the earth and yellow stands for peace.  The four bo-leaves represent Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity.

Mr. A.T.Ariyaratne of Sarvodaya says that the Sword represents righteousness, and the three feet of the lion firmly on ground represents annicca, dukkha and Anatma

9 Responses to “Ancient Flag of Sri Lanka ”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    He must be having a lot of hair on his body. Must have looked like an angry Porcupine Eh ?

  2. Independent Says:

    My uncle from Galle (cousin of Pati Mahattaya) was right hand man of AT Ariyaratne and he was my neighbour too. I know how he was misusing funds. AT Ariyaratne is the father of NGOs and not a clean person.
    National song was sung in Tamil since 60’s. It is a mistake or our fools.
    All mistakes cannot be easily corrected , if not impossible.
    Another mistake of recent times was letting Vigneshwaran to have a Elam Council. Abolition of Plaayth Sabha altogether should have been done. But CHOGM became more important than the country.

    Now, 13A fight completely stopped, even in Lanka Web. Thank you MR.

  3. Kumari Says:

    Can Lankaweb please publish this ancient flag? Charles, thanks for providing the description of the flag. In the UK they have the Union Jack but also an English flag called the St George s cross. It is high time we also adopt the Hela flag and the National flag.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “It is high time we also adopt the Hela flag and the National flag.”

    NO WAY!

    Then Tamils will carry their OWN tiger flag and Muslims will carry their OWN Saudi flag. Upcountry Tamils will carry the Malayanadu flag. SL will have 6 flags (including the president who has his own flag which changes from president to president.)

    Either we go back to the CORRECT FLAG (without green and orange stripes) FOR ALL SL OR we stick to the existing flag.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Kumari agreed
    adopt the Hela flag and koddiya flag also Union flag (the National flag)
    He must be having a lot of hair – old lion flag represent Bhuddist Sinhala Tharma not sandiya lion !

  6. charithsls Says:

    I go along with what Kumari says establishing a National & Hela flag akin to UK. That’s a quite a good idea.
    It may never happen the changes we want in the national flag so this way we ‘ve both.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Hela flag for Sinhala Lanka , Kddiya flag for TE & a National for all of us – why not ???

  8. ranjit Says:

    I am for anything good for the Sinhalese.It should be that way I hope someday before we die there will be a true Sinhala ruler to rule this land of ours without thinking of ungrateful votes of Tamils and Muslims. I am truly against these Sinhala politicians because they are only interested in votes rather than the country. See the Tamils and Muslims they are all united when it comes to a point where they are threatened or attacked but not Sinhalese who are divided and attacking each other.

    A Sinhala flag is a must and the law should be equal to all. National anthem should be only Sinhala language like in India although they have people who speaks different languages the national anthem is one. All powerful democratic countries in the world has one national anthem not two or three in different languages. Our homeland should be a Sinhala country with other minority people live side by side in harmony respecting the law in the country like we used to be in for thousand years. We cannot allow 22% Minority to run amok and demand for separate lands and powers. Rubbish??? The traitors who are supporting should be put behind bars in my view. These Sinhalese traitors who called themselves democrats do not have any love for the country.They work for money and power.They damn care about the well being of the citizens except their own stomach and their kith and kin nothing else. Our citizens must understand that without believing all the garbage and lies they utter.

    MR is the only leader we can trust at this moment because he proved beyond doubt that he loves his Motherland than others by eliminating the most ruthless barbarian of all time Velupillain Prabakaran. He treated everyone alike and the country was very peaceful under his rule. After Jan 8th we feel unsafe and afraid thinking what will happen next under this Jarapalanaya rule. We see the same scenes what we saw in war time. We hear shooting cases,murder and protests in the north same like in 2004 and Muslims taking over the East as if they are the owners of that area. Ruler should rule the whole country with a strong hand without leaving any room to traitors,separatists or extremists to raise their ugly face in any occasion. Should not treat differently.All citizens should be same and treated same and the minorities should learn to respect the Majority and live in peace and harmony.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    I am wondering whether a bit of re-thinking on what the Lion Flag of Lanka signifies would be better than adopting two flags i.e. the Hela & Lion Flag which may be construed as possible further division.

    For instance, the entire Body of the Lion could signify the People of Lanka ; the Sword as per now could signify Justice for
    All ; the two Stripes could signify Danger from within and outside. Danger here could be Famine, Drought, man made disasters such as Terrorism, civil war etc. which could come from inside or from foreign climes.

    We ought to be UNITED against such Life Threatening events, without playing into the hands of the ‘divide & rule’ people.

    The other parts of the Flag could continue to signify the Life Supportive aspects for all in Lanka.

    * Are the present GoSL leaders part of the Stripes (Danger) because of their stupid/cockeyed ideas on how Reconciliation ought to be done ?

    * It is also imperative that Sri Lanka leaders talk OPENLY about the Danger posed to Lanka through Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty matters. Guarding of coastlines, a strong Navy to monitor illegal sea activities, a strong army & police for internal security are imperative. Copy Britain in these aspects.

    Jayawewa !

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