Sarath Silva does another U-turn
Posted on May 27th, 2015

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Former Chief Justice Sarath Silva launching a scathing attack on the present government, saying that it ‘was illegal from its inception.’ He said that he ‘regrets having lit the fire’ by opposing President Rajapaksa’s candidacy.

Silva, in a speech at the Organisation of Professional Associations lashed out at the government listing three aspects in which he believed the government had failed. I didn’t expect Maithripala Sirisena to contest the last election. The moment he announced his candidacy I knew this wasn’t moving in the right direction. They sent me a list of meetings at which I was to speak.

I put the list into the dustbin,” he said. This is in sharp contrast to statements given to the media, including Daily Mirror, in which he unreservedly supported the candidacy of Sirisena. The only issue I had with President Mahinda Rajapaksa was my opposition to the 18th amendment. I don’t think it is good for a person to contest thrice. That’s why I opposed it. I lit this fire by saying that he couldn’t contest a third time, and I regret it,” he said.

He likened the presnt government to a ‘pickle which is hard to digest.’ I must be honest, I reluctantly voted for Maithripala because I didn’t believe that Rajapaksa should have contested thrice. Thereafter I watched the swearing in. The Chief Justice wasn’t present, a tradition that was upheld for a long time. That’s the first thing. And then suddenly Ranil Wickremesinghe takes oaths as Prime Minister.

This is whilst a Prime Minister was still in his seat. Is that good governance? This government was illegal since its inception,” he said. Silva, detailing his second criticism, said that the manner in which Mohan Peiris, the then sitting Chief Justice was removed reduced the judiciary to a ‘comedy.’ I told Mahinda not to appoint him and instead to appoint a career judicial officer.

It was Mohan who gave Mahinda many of the dead ropes. But still he was the sitting Chief Justice. There is a process through which he could be removed specified in the Constitution. Instead, the President just signed a letter while Mohan was outstation and then the previous one was brought in.

Then she also resigned. It’s a comedy really. Anyone reading history in a few years time will actually wonder if this was some street show,” he said. –

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6 Responses to “Sarath Silva does another U-turn”

  1. chandrasena Pandithage Says:

    Former CJ Sarath N. Silva has confirmed that the established government as a illegal one. This illegal mechanism have done lot of changes to our ruling system and all these things are illegal. Not only that our legal system also the established gangster’ government drive their own way for their gains. People must get together and make a proper plane to chase these gangsters very soon. Who can expect a election from this illegal government. Think wisely.

  2. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    While no one can argue against the need for more ‘good governance’, we must understand how that issue gained prominence in the last election cycle. It was the former US Ambassador in Colombo that kept harping on ‘good governance’ in the two-year run-up to the election – it was prominently placed in nearly ALL of her public speeches regarding Sri Lanka, almost like a broken record: “good governance, rule of law, democracy, media freedom”; repeat, “good governance, rule of law, democracy, media freedom”; repeat,…. What was hidden in the mantra was the US frustration with not being able to control the former government and the desire to do so to contain China’s growing influence in the region.

    This is the same broken record we heard in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen by the US and the Soros NGOs (Human Rights Watch, Transparency International, International Crisis Group, and Open Society Foundation), and we see the sorry result in those countries, in which the only real change is there is now someone leading the country that the US controls. There is no semblance of any of the good governance principles in any of these places, and more remarkably is the SILENCE regarding good governance after the US gets its favored leader in place.

    Fast forward to Sri Lanka, and we are not hearing a peep out of the US Embassy concerning ‘good governance’ even though it is obvious to all, including the former Chief Justice Silva, that there has not been any meaningful improvement in ‘good governance’ with the new government. All we have seen is a leader favored by the US (Ranil) take charge, all of the Chinese investments in the country stopped, and that’s it! Sounds like a political COUP to me, not ‘good governance’.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “Who can expect a election from this illegal government. Think wisely.”

    Who can expect a FREE AND FAIR election from this illegal government.

    Glad you got it chandrasena Pandithage. We are waiting for an election to bring back MR but this ILLEGAL LTTE govt. will NOT hold a free and fair election.

    We must be FOOLISH to expect a FREE AND FAIR election from them!!

    There are only TWO WAYS.


  4. Independent Says:

    Libya, Egypt etc were ruled by dictators, even though Gadafi worked well for the country and the region.
    We had a elected leader but we must accept that we lacked “good governance”, even now there is no good governance.
    It is extremely sad that this nice term “good governance” is made a joke now. Criticisers should blame individuals not the term “good governance”.
    Many things happened last year. Good leaders should have noticed and made adjustments.

    1. Runil went to US to learn how to topple governments.
    2. MR went to US for undisclosed private reason

  5. ranjit Says:

    To me also this Govt is the worst Govt in my life.I told many times this is illegal and it was a coup orchestrated by the western Mafia and India. Except the price of the Gas reduction nothing is cheap today.They give hopper for 10 rupees and raised the price of Roti or Rice. Everyone cheating everyone. Poor citizens have to suffer for all this Achcharu rule by the pimp Ranil and his Gay boys.

    90% have realized their mistake for giving the vote to a puppet and allowing UNP thugs to form a Govt.It’s high time all get together and remove this illegal Govt as soon as possible and bring back MR to lead our beloved country.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! We are back to base. I endorse your #1.

    I heard through the grapevine, that there are three actors, ( THREE STOOGES ) who have agreed to take the gullible Sri Lankan People in a make believe circus. The Three Stooges are:-

    !…..RANIL….says, boruwata, lets go for an election, Iam ready for an Election. UNP will win the Election.
    2….MY3……says, boruwata, Yes, Parliament will be dissolved in APRIL MAY JUNE JULY August SEPTEMBER etc
    3….RATNE….says, boruwata I will never allow Parliament to be dissolved, without the new Electoral System. I will take to the STREETS.

    Behind the Curtain Boy Anura says, NO purpose in going for an Election, without a NEW Electoral System.

    The Morale behind all this, if ELECTIONS are held, obviously Parliament will be dissolved. EVERYBODY LOSES THEIR PERKS AND PAY PACKET. So why take the chance that MR cynically took.? HELL NO, the talk of elections will go on, while the SINHALESE are EATING KAVUN. MODAYO, MODAYO, MODAYO.


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