What is the objective of letting lose hard core LTTE terrorists?
Posted on June 4th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

The media has highlighted news of requests by LTTE-created-TNA to release LTTE prisoners. For whose benefit, why and for what reasons would a political party request to release hard core LTTE cadres into society when they had flatly refused to follow the rehabilitation & reintegration program? More importantly why would a government assuring the people that it would not allow terrorism to arise wish to consent to an absurd request to release terrorists who should be charged for crimes upon unarmed civilians instead of setting them free to be amongst us challenging our safety and security?

Then Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera’s article on 2 June 2015 in the Island newspaper under the caption ‘Rape and Murder of Vithiya’ draws reference to the need to analyse the arson that followed the rape. This is important because there are available statistics to show that 112 cases of rape has taken place in the North between 2008-2014 inclusive of a 8month old baby and none of the 112 cases of rape (some murders) resulted in a riot as what happened following the rape of Vithiya.

Thus, we need to seriously wonder if the vandalism and the rape were two different scenarios conveniently tied together perhaps as an experiment to see how far these ‘outbursts’ could be triggered to spread to other cities with a larger plan to cause chaos throughout the country!

Both President and PM must realize that they will be no one one’s darling for long because the ultimate gameplan is to use them to get what they want and thereafter to kick them out by the masses that brought them in! It’s a cruel world but that’s the reality!

How did the Government react to the murder & the vandalism? It transfered the police officers who caught the culprits and rounded up the vandals! The Government is advised not to cover up the vandalism but to get to the bottom of it for ultimately it is the Government that will be held accountable by the world if the situation does in fact spread as planned.

With the knowledge that India clandestinely trained Tamil youth and started the menace of terrorism in Sri Lanka, the vandalism that took place outside the Jaffna courts must be looked as more than anger for a rape and murder. Remember 112 cases and nothing happened including a 8month baby and an 80year old grand mother!

The media reported of Mahalingam Sivakumar, a Swiss national close to the TNA coming frequently to made pornographic movies – rape being one. A very nice venture for a Tamil to come all the way to Sri Lanka and have his own people subject to sexual indecency and then make money by selling the tapes abroad. That he was near the scene suffices to be reason why he was tied to a tree by the villagers. Then arrives the UNP MP and has her security guards release him and take him to the police!

Where was UNP MP Shashikala Maheswaran when these 112 cases happened? Why didn’t she come out in 2008 to say life with LTTE was far better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP8pXKk6Hr8&feature=youtu.be

The other high profile figure is the Dean of the Law Faculty Prof. Thamilmaran who is said to have requested the release of the Tamil Swiss national – though the good prof has obviously denied this and why not he’s likely to run for a TNA parliamentary seat soon! The involvement of the Navy in helping to transport the Dean and the rapist to Colombo where he was eventually arrested before fleeing the country.

The Sunday Rivira is also reported to have raised queries about an Indian Tamil among the arrested and when Indian High Commission officials make a bid for his release, no one can blame us for imagination running riot!

With the announcement of the Sirisena Government in agreeing to the LTTE-created TNA’s request to release ‘political prisoners’ who in other words are hard core LTTE cadres is the fact that 90 of the 130 arrested for vandalism of the Jaffna Courts were LTTE, additionally there are about 3000 unemployed but rehabilitated LTTE living on hand outs by the Diaspora and these guys who are living off handouts are expected to deliver when ordered. Many of the submissions by Tamils to the UNHRC investigators included details about the killers of their children roaming the roads free while the families were stuck in poverty and continuing to grieve. We have every right to wonder what mischief segments of the Jaffna University, TNA MPs, NPC members and possibly with the involvement of Indian intelligence has in inciting the riots that led to stoning the Jaffna Court complex. All this was well knit into a month that meant victory for Sri Lanka but anger for those who were living off the LTTE not necessarily as its members but people who benefitted because LTTE prevailed. This winnable situation for them became an unwinnable war for the rest of the country and that 30 year mantra was blown to bits in just 3 years!

In the best interest of this government it must desist from taking lightly the vandalism that took place outside the Jaffna courts. It must realize that with the already high numbers of trained LTTE cadres in prison with TNA demanding their release, the LTTE cadres who have returned from overseas believing the environment now safe for them to return and with the release of hardcore LTTE cadres it spells trouble moreso when caches of arms are emerging suddenly all over the island. Obviously these have been smuggled or had been hidden to be used and the ground work is being already laid.

As things stand there is no requirement for a terrorist leader. The objective is clear and Eelam to be given is not meant for Tamils (in Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka) but for the West & India and to realize their bigger plans that has found it a piece of cake to fool West-worshipping Wickremasinghe and Sirisena ready to please anyone who will keep him remaining President plus a Diaspora ready to enjoy dividends overseas for fooling the Tamils in Sri Lanka plus the Tamil politicians ready to dance to their tune in an arrangement of cash-on-delivery.

The scenario raises need for caution and certainly not the attitude the Government is taking in pretending only the rape happened and the vandalism was related to it. We must all the while remember that militancy started clandestinely and took us unawares. The same nation is again functioning as a nosy parker in our internal affairs and will continue to do so unabashedly.

We cannot afford to walk into another 30 years of conflict enjoying just 6 years of peace.

The new Government must remember this at all times and realize that their decisions are causing ripples to the peace that was enjoyed in the last 6 years by the unwise decisions they are now taking.

Shenali D Waduge


13 Responses to “What is the objective of letting lose hard core LTTE terrorists?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: The most important aspect of the rape of the student girl is the involvement of a Indian terrorists from Switzerland and videoing of the actions. Was it for the next Channel 4 truth show to be shown in Geneva?

  2. Kumari Says:

    If you watch the video of Wimal Weerawansa on Mahinda.Info under the caption “Yahapalanaye Keruwawa”, all these things come together. The Genocide resolution of Vigneswaran, Rape Case, Throwing Stones at the Court House and all the disturbances are part of the grand plan of carving out a third of the island to the Indians and the Terrorists.

    I always wondered who was behind 1983 riots, now it is getting apparent that the ruling party had a hand in it. I only prey that the peace loving communities in Colombo and the rest of the country, will not get dragged in to any disturbances. There are about 5000 Indian thugs in the island now, (ready to drape robes of Buddhist monks) who were brought to create chaos in case of a Mahinda win at the Presidential elections.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Riots are being used for Separatism. Idea may be to use/include released LTTE cadre for such a purpose ? Considering Lanka near history on violence & Separatism, it would be foolish to release such people into society in a hasty fashion, without sure re-hab work first.

    It would be wise to recall the 1983 Riots. These Riots were engineered by all the interested parties and the end result was that Tamils went as REFUGEES to the west, (Canada especially as they accept only Refugees without questions asked – a concession to Europeans seeking refuge from WWII), thus forming the Tamil Diaspora that operates against their Motherland Lanka by bribing VIPs abroad, vote banks etc.
    It is pertinent also to note that those killed in the Riots were poor Hindu Tamils and a handful of Buddhist Sinhala people.
    It should be recalled also that then Minister for Industries, Cyril Mathew, played a role in the Riots along with other major players. Sinhala people were dressed up as ‘leaders’ of mobs. They were DRUGGED. WE SAW THEM. They wore white jatawas and tucked up white sarongs and carried long wooden poles, as in old Sinhala times. There were Tamil mob ‘leadesr’ too, but they were spared the special costumes ! The Riot was identified as Sinhala thugs vs all Tamils. The Riots were filmed and sent abroad to 3 Tamil Ambassadors in the west -in London, Bonn & Paris (Moorthy, Luxmi Nagendra & Balachandran respectively). These films were shown to govts abroad, wide publicity given, and the rest is history.

    Beware of the illicit Drug trade. All School children should be taught the dangers of it by parents, schools etc. Same for all govt and private institutions employees. Be Watchful, Lankans for Peace !

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Death Penalty for illicit Drug peddling should be made Law soon.

  5. Kumari Says:

    Dear Shenali, Fran, Christie and all those who love the country and who has an idea where this government is heading.

    Talking of 83 riots, I remember an elderly Tamil gentleman (he is no more) told me “what is this, every time you people have an election, you catch an hammer the poor Tamils?” That was true then. Before the riots we had elections in 83 and then too some Tamils were harassed and Tamil shops set alight. I think the then government could not take it to a full scale riot, that is why the killing of 11 or 13 soldiers in Jaffna, which set off the riots. After Mahinda’s time, we don’t have post election violence. All Sri Lankans must be thankful to him for this.

    What My3 is doing is pleasing RW and country’s foreign enemies. No point in expecting My3 to do even a penny worth of a thing to protect the country. The 100 day programme was an eye wash for the Sinhalese while he was helping India and other foreign collaborators to lay the separation foundation in the North and the East. I feel that, the work on the ground did not go according to the plan and that is why the parliamentary elections are not announced as promised. 1) They did not expect Mahinda to command such a popular backing; 2) Could not get the SLFP parliamentarians to tow the line; 3) 19A did not pass powers to PM; 4) Could not break the SLFP (not yet). It would be vital to chase My3 from the SLFP as he is not upholding the traditions the party. With a little bit of luck we can do that. If that happens we can win back the country we are loosing. However, Bandula Gunawardena is confident that even without the SLFP label the Mahinda group can win. The general elections will be fought on who wants the UNP rule or not.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for your continued concern.


    The Tamil gent who complained is right. The Anti-Tamil feelings from ordinary Sinhala people came because TAMIL LEADERS have demanded 50-50 (a minority group wants 50-50), Federalism, Eelam, Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976) to demand Separatism through VIOLENCE. In those early years, the Colombo Sinhala people did not know how to respond to their Tamil neighbors when violence happened at election times for that was the time the Tamil leaders made unreasonable demands. Tamil leaders were used to being the favored ones during especially the British Colonial times and they did not respond well to Independence of Sri Lanka from British rule (1948).
    The plums given to Tamil folk were quite forgotten viz
    * 1957 : Prevention of Social Disabilities Act enabling all castes to enter class rooms in schools
    * 1978 : Sinhala & Tamil both as Official Languages of Lanka

    * 1981 onwards : Around 145,000 Tamil people who were to be repatriated to India kept on in Sri Lanka and given citizenship
    * Hundreds of thousands of Tamil people who have come in as illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu to Lanka absorbed into Lanka.
    * Free Education & Free Health Care for all, including Tamil people.

    In return, we had LTTE Terrorism killing many thousands of local people, mainly the Sinhala Buddhists, who also died in the JVP uprisings of the 1970s & 80s. In return, we still have the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 still NOT revoked.

    I reckon the Separate state for Tamils only business certainly had something to do with the Cold War politics too. It also had something to do with the Caste Wars of Tamils, both in Lanka and Tamil Nadu.

    * Now it is time for Lanka to protect itself as the Tamil Chief Minister of the North has demanded Federalism for the North.
    * Now it is time the V’koddai Resolution was revoked
    * and the Tamil Language removed as a National/Official language.

    Then ordinary Tamil people can mix and mingle freely with others of Lanka without fear & anger on the part of either party.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    “Ordinary Tamil people” are peaceful voters of TNA and believers in TAMIL ELAM. “Ordinary Tamil people” also consider LTTE is a POLITICAL GROUP (certainly not a terrorist group).

    The term “ordinary Tamils” is a term created by SINGHALA politicians.

    In reality “ordinary Tamils” = SL Tamils (including LTTE cadres) = Tamil Nadu Tamils = Diaspora Tamils

    There are NO divisions within the Tamil community into “ordinary Tamils” and “extra ordinary Tamils”.

    Just stating FACTS.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    The war was NOT fought to a COMPLETE FINISH. We left out terrorists out of MERCY. It is FOOLISH to think 2 years rehabilitation can reverse 100s of years INDOCTRINATION.

    We will pay a VERY HEAVY price for our FOOLISH MERCY.

    “itha onda gaani emathaama budding!!!”

    IF hardcore Nazzis and Japanese war criminals were allowed to walk free, we would have had WW3 by now.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    The ‘ordinary Tamils’ are those Lankan Tamils who are not politicians, lawyers & business folk plus Colombian & Diaspora Tamils.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    “The ‘ordinary Tamils’ are those Lankan Tamils who are not politicians, lawyers & business folk plus Colombian & Diaspora Tamils.”

    So we are on the same page.

    Ordinary Tamils = TNA voters and their family members.

    Aliens don’t decsend from the sky on election day, vote for the party TNA instructs them and go back to where they came from. They are ORDINARY TAMILS who vote for separatism.

  11. ranjit Says:

    IF the majority Sinhalese can get united and work together no need to go after the votes of ungrateful Tamils & Muslims in this country. Sinhalese must first think of their Motherland and the religion they love most Buddhism. We have a great history,beautiful land and a beautiful culture on our own. We had great Sinhalese leaders in the past who fought and won great battles. The last one was with the Tamil terrorists. We can face similar wars if we do not work unitedly without being puppets to foreign Governments. The current Govt is made out of Christians,Gays and Tamils mostly. Although the guy on top is a Buddhist he is more sympathetic to other religions because the pressure he gets from his paymasters.

    Today we need a true Sinhala Buddhist to lead our beloved country not a foreign backed Christian. We don’t need to satisfy every dick and harry specially Tamils and Muslims. Any leader must think of the Sinhalese and Buddhism first then the others. We all have to think as Sri Lankans and should have the right to live and work in any corner of the country without being harassed or intimidation. No one can claim this is our area or his area or this is historically ours and so on. Sri Lanka is one nation.A Sinhala nation with Sinhala majority and it’s the home for the Sinhalese people. No separation,No Division,No concessions, same law to all and be treated same as well. Six years we lived very peacefully but not anymore with this Jarapalana Govt of Ranil/Sira’Chandrika. Help us to get our freedom back. TNA should be banned because of their support for separatism and carrying out LTTE agenda.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    The ‘ordinary Tamils’ are those Lankan Tamils who are not politicians, lawyers & business folk plus Colombian & Diaspora Tamils.- well said Fran .

    ‘ordinary Tamils’ – who work hard every day for their family & live happy in mother Lanka last 2,500 more years !

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    ‘Ordinary Tamils’ unfortunately are not ALLOWED to feel grateful to Lanka for what has been given. Instead they are trained to obey Tamil leaders who want Separatism and some even to V’koddai Resolution to get it through Violence.
    Left alone, such ‘ordinary Tamils’ will, just like other human beings, be grateful for what they receive in Lanka and be quie willing to give and take just like the others in Lanka.

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