UNP – uphold Parliamentary traditions and practices!
Posted on June 11th, 2015


The Butchers of Batalanda Ride Again

A very timely and responsible article indeed! I wish some of the embedded journalists and intellects would wake up and take a cue from Shenali.

Sri Lanka is quaking under a ruthless reign of terror; fear and dread lurk in every nook and corner of the country with wide spread arrests, assaults, torture and intimidation of political opponents. Television channels do not tire in news casting daily the discovery of bodies of persons murdered in mysterious circumstances and women raped in broad daylight; the minds of the people are numbed by fear and they are too afraid to even react.

‘Robespierre’ Ranil has unleashed an illegal FCID unit to terrorise the people. In the notorious Abu Ghraib torture chambers, canine were unleashed by the US to spread terror amongst the prisoners; Ranil’s actions are fast reviving memories of the dreaded Butchers of Batalanda.

As the country slips, almost unnoticed, to a contrived state of anarchy parliamentary traditions and practices are dismantled; Parliament in a state of stupor allows arbitrary and unconstitutional executive decisions to go unchallenged; by default these spurious and mongrel practices are becoming dangerous precedents.

In the midst of these machinations the hand of the foreign Devil is clearly visible; the country is being inexorably pushed towards self destruction to become a failed State like Libya, Ukraine and many other countries where the ‘Colour Counter – Revolutions’ were created by US terror NGOs like Gene Sharp’s NED funded ‘Albert Einstein Institute’.

With the rash of street protests that have suddenly erupted on diverse issues, in various parts of Sri Lanka and with the complimentary television coverage that is being given to these streets protests the events that are unfolding suggest that these  events are only dress rehearsals for a major event that could be anticipated, the US inspired ‘Arab Spring’ in Sri Lanka.

An ‘Arab Spring’ would paralyse the country and serve as the foundation for a failed state; with the organs of state paralysed, the stage would be set for many possible options which could include and lead to R2P interventions, ‘Parippu drop’ style interventions, IPKF interventions, Thai style military interventions and UDIs to name a few.

In the context of these possible scenarios it is interesting to note the eye catching antics of the health conscious Minister who during the ‘crossovers’ in November 2014 visited the land of Arjuna Mahendran, the HSBC money launderer par excellence, for just a day to fix his eyes, allegedly without his local doctor’s prescription!

The concept of a bicycle brigade -purportedly to save energy- that has cropped up out of the blues  has interestingly the capability of effectively stymieing the Army bicycle units operating in built up areas and especially effective in the milieu of an ‘Arab Spring’.

When a country is paralysed and there is no fuel to transport the brigands the bicycle brigade would be the ideal answer to surmount that problem; considering the high maneuverability of bicycles especially when the streets are jammed with people bicycling would be a very effective mode of communication and the cycle brigade would be a force to reckon with during the ‘Arab Spring’ with the added advantage of circumventing security roadblocks and checkpoints.The cycle brigade could pedal death and destruction.unimpeded.

Under the direction of a murderous leadership the bicycle brigade in Colombo could be as murderous as the ‘Mathew’ brigade of 1983 that torched Colombo and were given a free rein by Yankee Dick to execute his planned pogrom.

Much coordination, administration and organisation are required to get the people on the street in any sustained street campaign; these small protests now taking place would be useful in helping to iron out the inevitable ‘teething’ creases.

As has been the experience of many countries that were subjected to the scourge of ‘Colour Counter Revolutions’ the people had been ‘networked’ onto the streets  by a mere mobile telephone text or social media instructions (remember the grease yakas?) from a central location somewhere across the world; selected NGOs gave the street protestors the life support necessary to sustain the protests that paralysed the targeted countries and brought these countries to their knees.

It is widely reported that under the present political leadership it is easier for the Counter Revolutionaries to get their act together.

2 Responses to “UNP – uphold Parliamentary traditions and practices!”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    It is time Ranil remembers what happened to Premadasa.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Sarath W,

    Now that is a damn good point. IF that happens today, there will be UTTER CHAOS in the YAAPA(LA)NAYA govt. Maru Sira is NOT duty bound to appoint any other as PM.

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