Mahinda ready to be PM candidate Will join next rally
Posted on June 12th, 2015

Dasun Edirisinghe  reporting from Matara Courtesy Island

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said that he would accept the people’s invitation to contest the next general election as the prime ministerial candidate.

In a message read out at yesterday’s mammoth rally held by UPFA rebels at the Sanath Jayasuriya grounds in Matara the former President said that he would surely be on the rebel s’ platform a the next rally.

The former President’s message was read by former Minister and SLFP Vice President Dullas Alahapperuma.

Rajapaksa said his government had defeated the LTTE in 2009, but the present government was paving the way for its revival.

He alleged that out of 159 army camps in the Jaffna peninsula 59 had been removed. Now, the government was in the process of releasing some LTTE cadres in custody at present.

Rajapaksa said the present government’s pro-Ealam foreign policy would have to be defeated or the country would be in danger.

The former President said that all development projects including the Matara-Beliatte stretch of the Southern Expressway, the Matara-Kataragama railway, the Matara new town, the Northern Expressway, the Uma Oya Project, the Colombo Port city project had been stopped.

China and Russia had helped Sri Lanka defeat the LTTE, but the present government had stopped all Chinese-funded projects.

He said that the suspension by the incumbent government of the national development drive was the biggest blunder in the post-Independence Sri Lanka.

“No one can bring me down by levelling false allegations against me,” Rajapaksa said, asking the people to be ready to come forward to prevent the LTTE from raising its head again.

5 Responses to “Mahinda ready to be PM candidate Will join next rally”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    MR must take a stand. He can’t avoid these rallies. He has to SPEAK at these rallies.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    He will do it in the next one!!

    What would be the next action of RAW and the West to stop him coming to power??

    Shot My3 and blame Mahinda and arrest him… and put Run-nil at the President seat??

    but if my3 is no more, SLFP will not have a split and they will be strong against UNP who is in power… but the President is from UNP.

    Their aim to release LTTE hardcore may be to plan and get rid of MR by them… MR is with lesser security now. These cadres are well trained hard core nuts.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    That is EXACTLY the plan.

    So what should the MR camp do?

    Let this happen and beg to voters? Will not work. They have to be PROACTIVE and FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE.

    Best defence is offence.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Fight Fire with Fire that’s the game MR should play. We are backing him as Sinhala Buddhist to save our Motherland from LTTE Diaspora and the evil foreign backers of this Govt. Sira must give up or leave without damaging the great party S.L.F.P. anymore. NO S.L.F.P. without Mahinda they proved it yesterday at Matara.

    After 2009 all Sri Lankans irrespective of color,Religion,Race lived very peacefully as one nation but unfortunately today it’s the other way round. Sinhalese are not happy at all and the lies these Jarapalanaya Gangsters utter are disgusting. Only good thing they did was making Gas and energy prices down nothing else. Bread is 50-60,Tea is 50-75 in decent Restaurants, All the bakery items are expensive,Taxi fares are high,Coconuts,Vegetables and other commodities are all high than earlier. If MR’s Govt was there all the development work would have been continued without any fuss. They had all the money and help from different sources in the world. MR never let down people or his Opponents. He treated the then Opposition leader with respect as a human being but just look now how this Tie Coat western backed Christian pimp Ranil is doing acting and treating people like Lord of the Rings. Check that Choura woman who has come from nowhere and utter lies and lies like she is a Saint of some sort. People must use their head this time and should not believe UNP lies and waste their vote. They should bring back Mahinda to save our Motherland before Awamangalaya’s Tamil Diaspora turns our land in to Red again. Tamils,Muslims,Sinhalese who loves dearly the land they were born to must be saved before UNP/Sira/Choura hands over to Foreign Mafia pretending reconciliation and good Governance. Let’s attend the next “NUGEGODA MAN” rally at Anuradhapura and give our fullest support to this great leader in appreciation for ending the bloody war of thirty years.

  5. stanley perera Says:

    UNO orders to arrest Sudan leader on war crime charges. Beware MR, you may be the next. But, I doubt that situation will arise as my3 and Runil’s stratergy is working.

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