Daily Mirror & Buddhism
Posted on June 25th, 2015


I was aghast to read recently some comments in the Daily Mirror latest news column where a Buddhist monk Ven Gnanasara was being addressed as a ‘Bastard’ in one of the comments.It was shocking and unbelievable a national newspaper in Sri Lanka is publishing such derogatory comments on our Maha Sangha,be they right or not in their political opinion. I think this paper is notoriously known as a Christian oriented tabloid but not to be sensitive to the feelings of the majority of the country is unpardonable.Is this what Freedom of Speech has given us under the umbrella of Yahapalanaya.

Where does the President who does not waste time to show off that he is a very religious Buddhist stand on this?

If you scrutinize the comments on Daily Mirror,you are not surprised they have been hijacked by Indians ( & RAW) NOGs,Tamils & Muslims.

Several attempts to publish my comments never materialised.

We all need to express our objection to Daily Mirror to stop this nasty campaign to sling mud on Sinhalese & Buddhists under the disguise of freedom of speech.



2 Responses to “Daily Mirror & Buddhism”

  1. Dr.K Says:

    Hon, Rev Maha Sanga have to respond to this unacceptable statement regardless of the political stand of Ven Gnanasara Thero. The respect to the Bikku is to be protected in this country.

  2. Kumari Says:

    Do we have a press control commission? Where can we complain this type of conduct by the press? It appears Daily Mirror’s conduct is selective in targeting the majority religion.

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