Massive fraud at Colombo Thailand Embassy
Posted on June 28th, 2015

stanley perera 

MASSIVE FRAUD AT COLOMBO THAILAND EMBASSY Stanley Perera reporting from Colombo On 18th of June my friend Rajitha perera visited Thailand Embassy in colombo to apply for visitor visa to enter Thailand for a holiday.

Rajitha was ten minutes late after the closing time.  A staff member at the counter said if you give me Rs.4000 I will give you a set of application as you are late”.  However though Rajitha completed the application and handed it over to the other counter with the appropriate fees.  Thereafter Rajitha confronted with the staff member who demanded a bribe and had exchanged harsh words and pointed it to him that he is a politician and would take the matter seriously.

Normally it takes three working days to isuue a visa.  Rajitha came back to Thailand Embassy five days later as the week end was involved.

Five minutes to 3 in the afternoon Rajitha took me to the Thailand Embassy.  Rajitha was advised to bring the updated bank statement.  We rushed to the HNB which was around the corner and explained the circumstances to the staff officer at the bank and she promptly gave us the necessary bank statement.  We rushed back to the Thailand Embassy with tem minutes up our sleeves.  I demanded that I see the Visa officer in person.  It took over ten minutes for the female visa officer to come to the counter and she refused to talk to me in private although I said that I did not wish to wash her diryt linen in public. I then said to her that the person at the far end of the counter demanded four thousand rupees to hand over the set of application for visa.  This officer vehemently denied the allegations and I gve my contact number to call me for further investigation.  Up to date (27th) she has failed to contact me as I believe she is also involved in this visa raquet.  Rajitha said to the visa officer to check the CCTV if she need the evidence of bribery allegation.

We later contacted a travel agent in Colombo.  This is what he revealed to us:  If you want a visa in one day you pay a bribe of rupees five thousand.  If your pasport got a stamp of visa rejected”in the passport by any embassy you pay a bribe of rupees fifteen thousand to cover the page of the passport with the Thailand Visa sticker.

The writer believes that the entire embassy staff are involved in this fraudulent affair and they share the day’s collection.  Who do we report this matter for action?

stanley perera <[email protected]>

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    Stanly at last you are doing a grate job by publishing this racket on Lankaweb. Thank you for going to Sri Lanka. I can only suggest: 1. Print a copy of what you published on Lankaweb, take it to the Sirisena Presidential Secretariat and ask to meet Srisena president. If doesn’t then publish it on Lankaweb. Next go to your ex buddy, MR’s secretariat in Colombo of in Gall and tell him the story. Then publish it. This is all the advice I can give. Any other reader if he / she has any ideas please put them on Lakaweb.

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