Posted on July 4th, 2015

By Stanley Perera reporting from Colombo.

I can only take the horse to water.  But I cannot make him drink.  It is a myth that racist Tamil people are crying their eyes out for Tamil people’s aspiration.  What I cannot apprehend is when the moderate Sri Lankans request the TNA and Vigneswaran to spell it out what the Tamil people’s grievances are, you maintain the mum is the word” attitude.

So far nobody said what the grievances are.  When you do not answer the question asked, we are in the belief that you have no answer to give.  Hence you are crying your eyes out for nothing.  I mean absolutely no nothing.

If you are real and honest without any hesitation spell it out in point form what your grievances are.  If you did then we can help you solve the problem.

In the recent time we have noted Sampanthan becoming somewhat a moderate politicians.  But his party collegues are taking a very rigid and racist decisions.

Chief Minister Vigneswaran having lived all his life in Colombo on the back of the Sinhala brothren, soon after becoming the Chief Minister changing his behavior pattern and calling for Tamil people’s aspiration is un-imaginable.  On behalf of the united Sri Lankan, I am providing you Wigneswaran and Sampanthan a wonderful opportunity to educate us on what Tamil people in Sri Lanka are lacking of.  If you tell us only we can help you win the demands.  When you do not tell us I am afraid we cannot help you.  MY SIMPLE AND HUMBLE ADVISE TO YOU IS DELETE YOUR RACIST ELEMENT IN YOUR PROPAGANDA AND ADOPT LIVE AND LET LIVE AS ONE NATION SLOGAN”.  Be honest Vigneswaran and TNA, tell the world what you have done to develop the country.  You have simply cried for invisible aspirations of the Tamil people.  I am honestly telling you politicians that you are disgusting ripping off the poor.

One last question:  What have you done to the war widows in the North.

You have turned a blind eye to their new born lively hood of prostitution.  You want SL army out of North.  Where do they go to?

Export them to Tamil Nadoo?.  What an idiotic proposal?  When in South there are army camps all over you want North free of army camps.  When it is good for goose, it should be good for gander also.  You are enjoying your life in absolute luxury at the expence of the Tamil war widows.  Disgusting and disgusting Vigneswaran and TNA.  If you fail to give us an answer to my question, within seven days we the moderate Sri Lankan people take it as You are only a bunch of con artists,  You are wearing the emperor’s clothing.  Finally we call you a bunch of comedians.


  1. stanley perera Says:

    They are called in the civilized world “free loaders”.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    99% Tamils in SL are FREELOADERS.
    99% Muslims in SL are FREELOADERS.
    99% Singhalese in Endia are FREELOADERS.

    It NOT their country. Why should they bother!

  3. Cerberus Says:

    Tamil Nadu tried to break away from India and failed. When Nehru anti secessionist law in 1963 they realized it was not going to be possible. So they turned their attention to Sri Lanka. Chelvanayakam was brought from Malaysia to Sri Lanka to lead the fight for a separate state. Our Buddhist leaders with their compassionate outlook introduced free education, free health care and even free food for those with low incomes. When we are next to a land mass teeming with millions of poverty stricken Tamils it was like putting welcome boards all round the island. Tamils were determined to get to Sri Lanka somehow. Hundreds of thousands came illegally and moved to the tea estates or found work in the Sinhala households in Colombo.

    Most of these Tamils were Dalits or Untouchables from South India. In India ‘Untouchability’ is an institutionalized form of slavery. The caste system in India is very strong unlike caste in Sri Lanka. If someone is born to the Untouchable caste (now known as Dalits), they have little hope. Their station in life is fixed. In their birth certificates they have to state their fathers caste. To escape caste many of them have migrated to other countries – a move which is most likely encouraged by India. They are in Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Madagascar, Australia, Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc. Sri Lanka is particularly vulnerable to illegal migration since Tamil Nadu is only 12 miles away across the Palk Straits. They come to Sri Lanka, get their free education then go abroad and spit at the country and the people who gave them everything.

    What puzzles me is Tamils do not mind moving to Norway, Germany, France etc. and learning the very difficult languages and assimilating in to those cultures. However in Sri Lanka they do not want to learn Sinhalese and refuse to assimilate and keep asking for a separate state. They fought a very expensive war against the Sri Lanka Govt., and lost. It is estimated that about $5 Billion was spent by the LTTE diaspora to get the separate state. Incalculable amount of suffering was caused for the people of Sri Lanka by this pointless war. Guess who benefited from their ignorance. It was the arms suppliers to the world. When India was divided into India and Pakistan who benefited ? Both countries armed themselves to the teeth against each other. Arms dealers to the world benefitted. Imagine if that money was spent to uplift the North and East of Sri Lanka and the poor in Tamil Nadu. Why is that the Tamils in all the other above mentioned countries are very quiet and keep their heads down and work hard. But in Sri Lanka they feel they can throw their weight around. If the Tamils are so unhappy in Sri Lanka why do they not migrate to Tamil Nadu which is only 12 miles away? Modi has welcomed all people of Indian descent to come back to India. Instead they will risk everything and go as refugees to the West and Australia.

    Is it not true that the whole issue was created out of nothing so that they could get refugee status and go abroad to the affluent countries some of which uses these Tamils to work against Sri Lanka ?

    The other reason is the agenda of some foreign countries which are trying to break up Sri Lanka and then India. Anyone interested can read the book “Breaking India” by Dr Rajiv Malhotra. They wish to sow disunity and create separate states all over and destabilize countries so that they can be used for their own geopolitical games. That is why some foreign countries are so interested in the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Hence you are crying your eyes out for nothing. I mean absolutely no nothing.-
    do you know what is the meaning of Thamil Eela Thayaham !!!

  5. stanley perera Says:

    Cerberus, you have completed the task undertook to carryout. Wonderful analysis in plain truth. An excellent comments.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    FYI, 1948 Indian Tamil 0.9M & Lankan Tamil 0.8M living in Mother Lanka .
    rest you can work it out .

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