Some Suggestions for Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Party to Ensure a Resounding Election Victory
Posted on July 13th, 2015

Daya M. from Australia

Mahinda and his supporters should consider the following suggestions in drafting their Election Manifesto:

The following recommendations, if promised to implement in the next term of government, will ensure a resounding victory for UPFA at the coming election:

  • As suggested by the veteran Tamil politician Dr. Anandasangaree some months ago, the Tamil ethnic problem, as well as the Muslim problem, can be solved easily by enshrining a bill of rights in the constitution which guarantees equal rights to every citizen of Sri Lanka irrespective of religion, race, caste or gender.
  • Promise to bring in anti-discrimination legislation criminalising discrimination based on religion, race, caste or gender. Australian anti-discrimination legislation can be copied and hence, western countries and human rights advocates will become powerless to criticise Sri Lanka. Then the Tamil politicians will have no legs to stand on.
  • Promise to appoint an independent and powerful commission to oversee this legislation.
  • Promise to get rid of the 13th amendment and abolish the Provincial Council system, which then becomes superfluous. The demands of Tamils for devolution of power to provinces and the colossal waste of money and corruption due to provincial councils can be eliminated.
  • With the money saved from abolishing the provincial councils higher salaries can be promised to public servants, including teachers.
  • Promise the voting public that a new constitution amendment will be enacted incorporating the anti-discrimination legislation while abolishing the 13th amendment.
  • Also promise to enact the 20th amendment which got stalled during the last Parliament.
  • Promise to uphold law and order impartially (unlike the UNP), run a clean administration and not repeat the mistakes of the past of not keeping a tight reign on some errant members of the party.

If these recommendations are followed and forcefully communicated to the voters, MR and UPFA will win the election by a thumping majority. I earnestly hope that someone in MR’s camp of UPFA will read this and convey the message to MR and the members of his inner circle.


10 Responses to “Some Suggestions for Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Party to Ensure a Resounding Election Victory”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil politician Dr. Anandasangaree
    Daya M. from Australia- when Sangaree become Doctor ???

  2. Independent Says:

    Diannah paramour

    13 Jul 2015 — Thank you concerned citizens worldwide who have signed the petition, it breaks my heart.
    Please enjoy these interesting updates:
    1) Over 2,000 signatures logged to date.
    2) Petition is now circulating in five countries.
    3) Police prepare to arrest the LTTE supporters who assaulted me at the LTTE genocide remembrance service.
    4) My bones broken by them have now healed well.
    5) I shall be attending public speaking engagements in NSW.
    6) During this visit we shall plan the Government delegation.
    7) My two public information booths (TAS/VIc) went well.
    8) Senator Jacqui Lambie has requested my photographic evidence taken of the LTTE flag being raised alongside the AUSTRALIAN flag. These have been sent.
    9) A.S.I.O. Have documented my graphic death threats.
    10)Official complaint lodged with the ATC. ( no response yet)

    Google my name for the full story. ( under Lankaweb)
    If you think that the brutal 30 year war in Sri Lanka is are wrong.
    The AUSTRALIAN government in 2013 refused a request from the then President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa, to ban the ATC and freeze their funds, our government refused to this because they were ignorant to believe that the LLRC was going to be damaged if they did.
    Now the ATC are freely sending funds back to assist terrorism and buy votes in the upcoming elections.
    When I attended the genocide service, I was horrified to witness books on glorifying VP and terrorism For Sale.
    As soon as I entered that ( community) hall, I knew I would not be allowed to leave uninjured.
    My vicious assault and rough theft of my flag proved one thing……….
    These people do not want peace, they remain brutal thugs from the backstreets of Jaffna.
    I’m not the brave one, the dead SINHALESE babies and the SLA are the brave ones….so are you.
    I love all of you very much.
    This might be my last public update once the WESTMINSTER legal system support the ATC and silence me, with a blanket suppression order.
    Signed: Miss Diannah Paramour
    “Duplicity, Truth & Forgiveness in Sri Lanka ( c) 2004.
    Thank you.

    For petition sheets:
    [email protected]
    “This is my duty towards peace to serve this cause”
    Thank you.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    I don’t trust VADAKUNDI RESOLUTION signatory Anandasangaree for a SECOND.

    But excellent suggestions.

    This is the winning strategy – SCRAP 13 amendment + a BILL OF RIGHTS.

    MR will never run a NEGATIVE campaign. He never did. He only runs on POSITIVES. So these are very good suggestions.

    (We should run the negative campaign to discredit Run-nil, etc. to the max.)

    Think further.

    The BILL OF RIGHTS thing will attract people of ALL ethnic groups. It can be used to get youth saying once discrimination is NO MORE all of you will get jobs.

    20 amendment is another good suggestion. During the election, politicians will KILL EACH OTHER for preference votes. When MR gives them hope via 20 amendment to END the “manape war” and have a decent election system, people will love it.

  4. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    At this point it is all about getting the FACTS from the COPE report to the voter so it is no longer about the COPE report and politics, it is about bond fraud and Ranil and the UNP’s cover up of this crime.

    To win, Mahinda has to GAIN MORE VOTERS than his 5.8m base he won in January, and this is why he has to have a two-pronged approach – (1) one that appeals to his base to keep them at his side (security, separatism threat, econ development, etc.), and another (2) to get the disaffected Good Governance voters (2m) that now feel betrayed by Ranil and the UNP by proceeding over the largest bond fraud in the history of the country without holding anyone accountable.

    Ranil needs ALL of the good governance voters from January to have even a shot at winning and this is why he has named his new alliance the UNF for Good governance. Mahinda, on the other hand, only needs 50% of these Good Governance voters and he wins.

    UNP loyalists (2m) + Minorities (2m) + Good Governance (2m) = UNP/Ranil victory (6m).
    UPFA base from January (5.8m) + 50% of Good Governance (1m) = UPFA/Mahinda victory (6.8m)

    But Mahinda needs to BYPASS THE MEDIA FILTER controlled by the West and the UNP by running ads that reach voters directly. A good starting point to GAIN 50% of the good governance voters would be a TV ad featuring the Central Bank staff in a VIDEO (people want to ‘see’ your sincerity) news interview, in which they witnessed and objected to Mahendran’s direct involvement in the bond issuance to this nephew that included coming into the bond trading room, reviewing the bidding list, and directing them to accept all bids to the EXACT amount of his nephew’s bid. In this ad, the Central Bank staff testimony should be compared to Ranil’s ‘independent’ committee of UNP loyalist’s conclusion that there was no direct involvement by Mahendran to show that Ranil and the UNP tried to cover up the fraud (cover ups of crimes sway voters even more than the actual crime because of the abuse of power).

    By bypassing the media filter with TV ads showing direct testimony of actual eye witnesses from Central Bank staff, it destroys Ranil and the UNPs effort to sweep this fraud under the rug with Western-controlled Sri Lanka media and undermines their ability to dismiss the COPE report as ‘politics’.

    In addition, one of the suggestions in the above article concerning “Promise to uphold law and order impartially (unlike the UNP), run a clean administration and not repeat the mistakes of the past of not keeping a tight reign on some errant members of the party” will also help win the Good Governance voters.

    13 Amendment abolishment is necessary, but trying to use this as an election tool only helps Mahinda win the 5.8 voter base he ALREADY HAS, and doesn’t help him GAIN any voters at all. The patriots are already with Mahinda, but he needs to get the other voters who believe good governance is more important than patriotism.

  5. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    It is not about ‘negative’ versus ‘positive’ campaigning, it is about WINNING. To win, Mahinda needs to get the FACTS before the voter so they understand what kind of government they will get with Ranil and the UNP versus a new government with Mahinda. Some of these facts may be ‘negative’ for Ranil and the UNP like bond fraud and their effort to cover up this crime, but this is their own doing so who cares.

    If Mahinda does not counter Ranil’s negative campaign by raising Ranil and the UNPs own negatives with the voter, he will lose.

    This is actually axiaomatic in American politics – counter every negative with FACTS, and then raise your opponents negatives with the voter but use FACTS. In every instance when a candidate has not done this in America, he has lost as the voter ends up believing the one-sided negatives just like what we saw on January 8th.

  6. nilwala Says:




  7. Christie Says:

    ” bill of rights”. Let us remove sacred Bull of rights in Ceylon. The Governor has left is a good sign. Siriseana the Coolie may rebel against the Emperor. I don’t know how many countries have Bill of rights in the world.
    I am for removing Provincial Governments put in by the Indian Empire in the first place.

  8. nilwala Says:

    Agree with Christie. There is a Bill of Rights already in the Constitution, pertaining to each individual citizen of Sri Lanka. To my thinking that is all what is needed. What the Minorities want are Group Rights, which can be very dangerous.

    In addition, here are some suggestions which I had included in another thread on the LankaWeb site:

    1. Promise the 5.8M supporters of A STRATEGY to maintain Unitary Status to be put in place within 1mo of election.
    2. a. Use all Evidence of Fraud and Corruption and Dictatorial acts of the UNP (in Yahapalana) that have demonstrated within the 150 days what lies in store for the country if UNP is elected for a further 5yr period.
    b. A UNP in governance will have little to show for the country’s Development as they have promised to proceed with investigations, which will Stall the projects already in place.
    c. Upliftment of the Low Income Groups will stop. UNP will only take care of the Elites
    d. Privatization of government -held projects will proceed leading to more unemployment.
    3. Use the social media
    4. Reach the Youth with the above Truths
    5. Explain to the Muslim people in clear language what lies in store for them under a devolved Tamil-led region now promised by UNP.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Even Neville says some form of scrapping 13 amendment.


    This has to be thought seriously.

    MR will NEVER run a negative campaign against anyone. He never did and never will. UPFA under My3’s leadership will not.

    WE HAVE TO RUN IT. Are we doing it? Yes or no?

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    HOGWASH: United National Front for Good Governance

    The FOG of confusion envelops the JUNTA of BACKSTABBERS of the UNFGG which I will now re-label as the UNFOG:

    UnPatriotic Non-National Federation of Odd Goofballs

    STILL laboring under the DELUSION that they can be the Kingmakers in the upcoming Election!

    The people of Sri Lanka have now seen the DESTRUCTION they have wrought:

    the National ECONOMY in tatters,
    National Infrastructure Development at a STANDSTILL,
    NO HELP from the Neo-Colonial Western Powers who EGGED them on to TREASON and engineered a coup-de-etat for a pittance paid to NGOs,
    Tamil Separatists behaving as if they ALREADY have their Separatist State of Eelam,
    MOST PROMISES of the 100 day Yahapalanaya program ABANDONED,
    Government Officials looting the National Treasury and the Central Bank,
    the UNELECTED but APPOINTED UNP behaving dictatorially as if they had an electoral MANDATE and promising DEVOLUTION to separatists,
    the value of the Sri Lankan rupee zooming downwards and the COST OF LIVING rocketing upwards,
    and a full blown WITCH HUNT of Political Opponents underway AS NEVER BEFORE in INDEPENDENT Sri Lanka!

    This has been the PRICE of Electoral Myopia !

    Who in his right mind would AGAIN VOTE for, or pay HEED to, these SERIAL BUNGLERS who having MISLED the Voters of Sri Lanka ONCE in January, 2015 at the Presidential Election want to REPEAT the same performance in August, 2015 at the General Election?

    The Sri Lankan people have HAD ENOUGH of these INEXPERIENCED BUNGLING IDIOTS who destroyed the war-winning government that was developing our Motherland at a breakneck pace!

    They know NOW the MONUMENTAL FOLLY of trusting these addle-pated JOKERS and greedy puppets of FOREIGN powers!

    Come August 2015, the Voters of Sri Lanka will LAUGH these JOKERS PERMANENTLY out of office!

    May the FOG of CONFUSION reign only in the minds of the UNFOG cartel, and not in the minds of the General Voting Public with their minds NOW CLARIFIED by the Antics and Bungling since the last Election.

    The SURVIVAL of our Motherland, hallowed in our time by the blood of tens of thousands of our dead patriotic sons and daughters, who have sacrificed their lives offering the last full measure of their devotion to their Motherland, now lies in your hands!

    Rathna Deepa, Janma Bhumi
    Lanka Deepa, Vijaya Bhumi
    Mey Apey Udaara Wu
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi!

    Aadi Sinhale, Ae Apey Meemuthun Layin
    Saara Wu, Udaara Wu
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi!


    MOU to form the United National Front for Good Governance in Sri Lanka signed

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    July 12, Colombo: The coalition partners, who contributed to the victory of January 8th election of President Maithripala Sirisena, have come forward to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections with the United National Party (UNP)as a new front and accordingly, have formed the United National Front for Good Governance.

    The Memorandum Of Understanding to form the United National Front for Good Governance was signed at the Temple Trees Sunday. The United National Front for good governance was signed under the patronage of the leaders and members of UNP, a section of SLFP, JHU, SLMC, Upcountry Tamil Alliance and Democratic Peoples’ Front.

    Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and General Secretary of the UNP Kabir Hashim signed the MOU on behalf of the UNP. Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka and Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero signed it on behalf of the Jathika Hela Urumaya.

    Meanwhile, another MOU between the UNP and the Progressive Group of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) was also signed at the Temple Trees. Ministers Rajitha Senaratne, Arjuna Ranatunga and M K A D S Gunawardena signed for the Progressive Group of the SLFP.

    The political party leaders said that they decided to establish the Front to prevent the reversal of the political revolution that took place on the 8th of January.

    Noting that for the first time in the history, the United National Party is contesting the General Election as a broad Front, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said they signed a new agreement to take forward, strengthen and implement the January 8th revolution. And the new government will establish good governance.

    He further said they have to face the attempts by former President Rajapaksa and his regime to disrupt the January 8th revolution and to grab the power again.

    The Prime Minister said that they decided to form a United Front to protect good governance and it has to work as a political movement. The United National Party will contest under the Elephant Symbol at this election and no one will lose their identity.

    He said that they have given the opportunity to be present in Parliament as separate groups. All communities in the country should be united. The democracy in the country should be strengthened and the country should move into a modern era, he said.

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