Safeguard  Security
Posted on July 22nd, 2015

S. Akurugoda

We remember how the government elected in 1977 under the leadership of J.R Jayewardene (J.R.J) removed the security forces from the coastal areas of the Northern and Eastern provinces in order to please the Tamil politicians, disregarding the  importance of national security. J.R.J led government underestimated  and turned a blind eye on the strengthening of the separatist movement until 13 soldiers were ambushed and killed by the LTTE in July 1983.

The LTTE commenced their attack on civilians in 1987 with the Pettah Bus Station bombing which killed 113 civilians and continued their massacres  until 2009. The evils of  terrorism continued for decades with loss of several thousand of lives (including those of innocent civilians), almost daily in addition to the loss of  billions worth of properties.

The deteriorating of the internal security invariably provided a greater room for the intervention of opportunistic foreign hands.  India became the first country, since independence, to interfere with the internal affairs of Sri Lanka , in the late 1980s with the so-called Indo- Lanka Pact of 1987 leading to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and the induction of Indian troops (IPKF).

Norwegians became the second country to interfere with the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, under the guise of ‘peace facilitation’. Simultaneously, various meddlesome NGOs started emerging.

Disappearances, abductions and killings were carried out daily by the LTTE in areas under their control for nearly three decades while the so-called international or local ‘ human rights champions’ behaved like the proverbial monkeys, hearing no evil, speaking no evil and seeing no evil.

The so-called ‘peace facilitation’ also led to the emergence of undue interference of the foreign diplomatic corps based in Colombo notably US, France, Germany and Britain as never seen before.

The signing of the so-called peace agreement of Ranil -Prabhakaran, orchestrated by the so-called ‘ peace facilitator’    allowed LTTE to have their own areas of administration, police, armed forces, court of law etc and the then government of Sri Lanka gave the terrorist outfit   an unprecedented recognition.  The signing of P-TOMS  by Chandrika to share tsunami relief with Prabhakaran , another attempt by the so-called dubious ‘peace facilitators’ to administer the country’s internal affairs, was a typical examples of  such  exploitation of the opportunities until 2005.

None of the above pacts or so-called solutions promoted by the interveners helped us to achieve the preached peace or security but enhanced routes of terrorism and separatism  leading to the creation of  ‘an unofficial state’ in the LTTE held areas. Had that so-called ‘Peace’ process continued, unopposed, the country would have been divided long ago with a formation of a country called Eelam under the rule of Prabhakaran and Sri Lanka under the rule of a puppet regime of the West.

The country was almost at the verge  of separation on racial basis until the Precedential election held in 2005.  The elected President of 2005, Mahinda Rajapaksa gave the necessary political leadership to defeat the decades long terrorism and to re-establish peace, national security and the unitary state of the country while preserving the national identity by leaving no room for those opportunistic foreign elements  for further involvement in the internal affairs of the  country.

With the change of government in last January, incidences of dismantling or reduction of several High Security Zones and Defence Establishments in the North and East of Sri Lanka have been reported, jeopardising the country’s national security.

The policy of reducing the high security zones, closure of defence forces camps, confining troops to barracks, the release of LTTE cadres suspected of criminal activities and proposal to remove the ban imposed on LTTE front organisations and individuals with LTTE links  functioning in foreign soils under the guise of so-called reconciliation  appear to be an attempt to appease the LTTE lobby and other assorted internal and external political forces, especially the opportunistic foreign hands  who were behind the regime change.

As per media reports, foreign hands are directly involved in the  local politics by providing every amenities to install and maintain puppets regimes, as they wish, a situation worse than that existed  prior to 2005.

The latest reports of remote controlled bomb found in Aluthgama, hand bombs found in Kaluthara and Aluthgama, seizure of cyanide capsules owned  by   LTTE cadres  in Tamil Nadu and the discovery of white van (bearing a forged number plates) with a firearm  in Mirihana  are signs of another  emergence  of ‘ rule of terror’ that we experienced since 1977.

Thus the basic question we have in front of us today is whether we are prepared to go back to the 1977-2005 era or to go ahead with the peace and prosperity achieved since then up to the January 8th of this year.

Henceforth, it is the duty of the peace-loving patriotic general public of Sri Lanka,  regardless of their party affiliations,  to defeat undue foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country to  protect the hardly achieved peace and national security, remembering those   heroic men and women of the Sri Lankan security forces who fought to re-establish peace, national security and the unitary state of the country.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Akurugoda your article is very important for everyone to read and understand what we went thru all these years under different leaders. I cannot understand why our educated lot do not understand the truth and what were the motives behind the UNP and foreign hands operating in Sri Lanka at the moment. Why anybody vote for UNP? What’s the reason? What good they can do to our beloved nation? Have they done anything good before? From 77 did anyone in the UNP leadership tried to stop the war? How many war heroes were allowed to be killed by UNP Govts? Have this stupids forgotten Batalanda? Have these stupids forgotten how much area was under LTTE during UNP time? Have anybody forgotten the so called peace deal signed by Ranil the traitor with the killer Prabakaran in 2004? Didn’t he agreed to give more than half to those killers to Govern by themselves? Why the Sinhalese so stupid to allow America and the west including India to interfere in our affairs? Ten years under the leadership of MR we had peace all around and the country was developing like no other time. So why the people cannot understand what is good and what is bad to this country and decide the future.

    Calling HORA to a HERO is very sad. If MR didn’t take the leadership and end the war in 2009 we may still have the bloodshed and thousands may have killed by this time. Leadership is very important. Strong leader is necessary to end or won any battle. It’s the truth. Ranil.JR,Premadasa,Choura all were weak leaders with no love to the country they were born. They were interested only in power and money. They did many dirty things against the Sinhalese and the Sinhala nation. They all let down the Sinhalese race to get the good name from the so called International community whom they go after to get advise and money. We have to bury them this time for no return as Ranil says in his meetings about MR. UNP dirty guys always wanted to make foreigners happy rather than the countrymen. Sinhalese do not be stupid by voting UNP to power because you will not have a country to call home if that happens. Be awake,think hard and use your brains and decide your future.


    ranjit, leave JR out of your comments. Aranthalwa massacre of Buddhist monks and Kithulthuduwa civilian massacre happened because PRAMADASE, Hinnawa gave sophisticated arms to Prabhrkeran. We must remember JR created the republic and the constitution and not your UNP. It was a all party effort. It is same as you calling HORA TO A HERO. Death to you UNPers like ranjit.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Lankaputhra why I leave JR out of my comments? He is the one who introduced us 13 (Made in India) and because of that we are suffering even today and how many were killed during that time and who opposed 13 and came to the streets to protest? Have you forgotten? All UNP er’s are same. I cannot say anyone is good because they always Governed by outside elements. UNP is always a westernized party for rich people not for the poor. You find Gays,Christians,Tamils and Muslims who lean more to the western Ideology side than our own. In my eyes UNP & JVP both parties are responsible for thousands of deaths of young people in cold blood and they are traitors to the Motherland. Shameless party with a gutless leader.


    ranjiy Last sentence It should have been Death to you UNPers. (Like ranjit got to that sentence I do not know. may be I was in a hurry my wife called me dinner and it ended too soon. Don’t take it as an offence). Let’s take a look at this carefully. I agree with every thing you have written. My only problem is at that time SL did not have any options but to give in to INDIA. No leader could do any better than JR. An example: Pramadase went to JR’s office with a military man and told him that military is split between him and late Lalith Athulathmudali. If you (JR) does not give the presidency to him he will set fire to the country. JVP will rule the south and Parbhrakeran will rule the north. I have the full support of Mrs. Tacher and Tony Blair. Today the situation is different. SL can stand on its own. Today trade is the most important factor. If India attempts another walk-in with out an invitation or with an invitation from RANIL PUNK then Pakistan will do the same, they will walk in.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Lankaputhra I always admire straight talk people and no offense at all my dear friend. We have to fight the traitors together this time because no one knows what will happen if UNP got the power back.The whole country will be on fire again. The problem I have with UNP is their lies and bogus promises which they will never keep. Why people think their stomach is more important than their country of birth? If we do not have a country how can we live? These traitors will definitely break the country to satisfy their International Financiers and backers. If that happens Sinhalese do not have a place to call home therefore we should fight to death to get our our homeland back. Only solution is Mahinda Rajapksa nobody else.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    My dear KA,

    We AGREE with ALL your comments about Premathasan and Endian parasites.

    But JR was no better. You should understand WHY we bring JR into the topic – JR’s HANDPICKED nephew Run-nil is now trying to destroy the country.

    I agree JR did some GREAT things for SL. Some will find them bad as with the OPEN ECONOMY. I think these FEW things SAVED SL.

    But JR also did bad things.
    He should NEVER have made Premathasan the PM
    NEVER have got Run-nil to do politics
    NEVER stopped the MADURU OYA project it was backed by ISRAEL too
    NEVER signed the Endia-Lanka agreement in 1987
    NEVER have passed the 13 amendment
    NEVER have released WIJEWEERA
    NEVER allowed TULF to be in parliament in 1977

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