I held his hand in admiration: MR supporter
Posted on July 26th, 2015

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The 35-year-old three wheeler driver, Hewa Narandeniyage Chaminda of Makandura Kalahagama, who was involved in the controversial Akuressa incident of grasping the hands of former President and Kurunegala UPFA candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa said he held his hand in admiration when he was moving towards the stage among the crowd but he couldn’t get his hand back due to the pressure exerted by the crowd gathered around him.

Describing the incident to the media at the Matara UPFA main office he said,”I have been an SLFP supporter for the past 18 years. From my first vote I voted for the SLFP at every election. Even after his defeat I went to Medamulana and Carlton house to see him. I have on several occasions greeted him by holding his hands”

“I had consumed some beer when I went to the Akuressa meeting. Mahinda Rajapaksa was proceeding to the meeting passing the spot where we were waiting. As usual I felt the urge to touch and hold his hand through the crowd. However, with a sudden surge of the people from behind it became much difficult for me to get my hand back which was squeezed among the crowd at the time. The rumours that I was trying to remove his gold rings were baseless. He didn’t attempt to assault me. I regret this happening as I had a high regard for the savior of the country,” he said.

Akuressa SLFP organizer Manoj Sirisena who arranged the media discussion said the UNP was exploiting the incident for political advantages trying to tarnish the image of the former president. He asked the people not to be misled by the false stories being spread by the UNP(Krishan Jeewaka Jayaruk)

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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Mr President
    If a person bend our finger in one hand We won’t go for foxing with other hand Sir !!! unless person is sandiya or
    something else happened there.

    I hope I am wrong ( not right) Sir .

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