Mass Conversions in India – Destroying Cultures and Families
Posted on August 2nd, 2015


Why are so many religious conversions in India going unnoticed?  The majority of the population there is quick to point out that Hindu Fundamentalists have done….,” or that The BJP, Hindu Nationalist Party is fanatical,” when such parties bring to attention the problem of forced conversions in the country.  All citizens of India who are influenced by giant media sources such as NDTV and CNN-IBN easily point out the Hindu fanatics,” but fail to see the growing existence of Christian missionaries throughout the so called secular country.

A Tamil advertisement posted by a Church trying to
fool uneducated Hindus by claiming that Hinduism
is been derived from Christianity

Christian missionaries come in huge numbers to India, most of who are from the Southern states of the United States.  They enter the country with claims of humanitarian-secular acts to help with compassion, the disadvantaged, poverty-stricken population of India.  However, when examined closely, out of their compassionate acts” emerge thousands and thousands of new converted Christians.  The disadvantaged populations of India are manipulated and taken advantage of by means of financial support and food as well as guidance towards Jesus through gradual force.  They are given education and put into labelled secular schools with Christian names in which students are fed lines from the bible while they are fed a lunch they previously did not have the means for.

If this is not an act of complete manipulation than what is?  Why is the Indian government allowing such organizations into the country in the first place, especially when their agenda is so clear?  In addition, when a Hindu soul decides to do something about such conniving acts, why is it printed as a first page story on a national news media source titled something in the line of Hindutva Group Hindering Freedom.”?  As in other countries such as Pakistan or Bangladesh with Muslim majorities, who sustain and fight for their religion, why can’t Hindus do the same for their countries religion without getting criticism from fellow Hindus?  How has a country’s majority, including the government become so blind to such appalling act’s that hinder and take advantage of religious freedom? No one should be forced into following a religion they do not wish to follow.  Instead, in India, thousands and thousands are baptized in masses.  There is literally a mass production of Christians in India, as if they are factory products that need to be re labelled as fast and as efficiently as possible.  Victims are gathered in an area together where a baptizing procession takes place. They line up for the holy bath, quickly poured down on them, and that’s it.  They must now follow the teachings of Jesus.

It is one thing to see such brutal acts but it is another to see it yet do nothing about it.  I as an NRI Indian am truly ashamed to be a part of a country who participates in allowing such amoral acts.  The solution to such a problem can only be devised if Hindus unite and form groups/organizations that fight against conversions in India and help to drive these people out.  It starts first by voting for the party that will support Hindu rights—parties like the BJP.  Such parties are not conservative right winged religion Hindu parties. Even though they have been titled as the Hindu Nationalist party, their views are very liberal and in line with the secular perspective.  However, they strive to protect the rights of the majority of India because they see the risk and threat there is to this majority.  People must act together and not be fooled by the headlines of mass media but rather question them and analyze them with true facts and personal experiences.  Believe it or not, one’s own experience can help a lot in understanding such headlines.  If you do not see or face what is claimed in anti-Hindu media, then there is a high chance that the facts are bogus.  Experiences, one’s surroundings and knowledge are key to understand the injustices that the Indian government is currently taking part in, by allowing such missionary groups into India.  The effects need to be examined and we need to be aware of the consequences for India as a country in the future.



Pratap Patel says

March 27, 2010 at 5:16 pm

All the Hindu religious leaders should come together and form an allianc to defend the Hindu culture
and the religion. They should fight as a united body to protect and defend Hindu culture. A conversation of one Hindu to other religion should be considerd as an attack on all Hindus. We should protest as a united body to the government and demand some action to ban the conversation ( just like the Muslims do ) We should also encourage the Hindus not to support and vote for Congress or any other party which does not support Hindu coulture , religion and Hindu interest. The congress and other political parties are taking the adventage of uneducated people.


Mohammed Abdullah says

October 6, 2010 at 11:02 pm

I am very sorry to hear about these people being deceived to convert to Christianity.
Before converting, it is important to know some facts.

  1. Jesus Christ never existed. The authors of the Bible, claiming to be his disciples who
    knew him personally, do not even know his name! JEsUs means a JEU = JEW, a Jew, any Jew.
    Over a hundred books have been written by famous white Europeans and Americans
    showing that the Jesus story is a fraud.


  1. The Bible (especially the Old Testament) is full of violence, barbarity, criminality,
    pedophilia and incest. See:


Rudolf says

October 27, 2011 at 4:54 pm

These christian missionaries are like a plague, a disease that devours the victim.

Most of these missionary thugs are sex perverts par excellence, rapists scum who prey on young children, homosexual perverts who abuse young boys.

This religion is one of the most evil and perverted in the world. It has destroyed many cultures like, ones found in Greece, Asia minor, the Inca civilization, Red Indians of Americas.

In India too these christian fundamentalist hoodlums tried to destroy the local culture, but it looks like these evil demons are succeeding thanks partly to that Italian witch sitting in New Delhi.


balli Singh dhillon says

November 15, 2011 at 6:42 am

Christianity is a plague affecting all the religions……

They creep into our system eating us away from inside,
these are the new threats…..

The akali dal,Bajrang Dal,RSS,BJP are going limp and impotent on these issues because they
have the power of western sponsored media behind them, if not kept in check…..these Missionaries will devour our culture


Sundasr says

July 23, 2012 at 2:52 pm

The real meaning of Christianity is nothing but CHEATINITY. There is also one more meaning CORRUPTIONITY”. Christianity is nothing but a Marketing Group. People are Brain Washed and made to accept that it is the WHITES who are their masters. The amount spent for conversion is nothing but peanuts. People who go to the Church contribute huge sums. After conversion in the Weekly Mass, Congregations, Convocations, Conventions, etc., etc., etc., the collections ranges anywhere from Rs.1 Laks to 1 Crore per day. People are brain washed to part off from 1/10th to 1/3rd of their incomes to the Church. Percentages of these collections will be shared with their masters (higher Pastors). See the lavishness the Father (Pastors / Bishops / Brothers / etc) live, you will be astonished. The Church run schools, institutions, Orphanages are nothing but BROTHELS. Read the book written by Sister Jesme, you will understand all these. The real intention of the Christian Missionaries is to make a huge income from the innocents and ignorant in India by just CHEATING. They want the poor and the down trodden to remain as the same only then their business will run well. They can show the photographs, videos and film shows in which if you have a close look, you will find these people will be remaining as down trodden only, whereas these Pastors will be with neat dress, high fi colors and will be leading a lavish life. This is exactly the agenda of the Christian Missionaries

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    In India, the REAL problem that leads to Conversions is usually CASTE. Dalits (earlier called Untouchables) and other People of low caste number over 100,000 MILLION in India. These people turn to Conversions to avoid being harrassed in society. Dalits, numbering some 65 Million in India and about 15 Million in Tamil Nadu, are subjected to some type of institutionalised ‘slavery’. Though the Govt of India has put forward the Prevention of Atrocities Act (Mar 31, 1995), the acts of cruelty against Dalits continue. In India, 33.2% of present day crimes are attributed to Dalits.

    A Tamil Nadu policeman has said that if the Prevention of Atrocities Act (POA) is properly implemented in Tamil Nadu, half the state would be in prison ! This shows the extent of discrimination there.

    Dalits convert to many other religions too, including Buddhism & Islam.

    We have to first face the problem honestly if solutions are to be found. Solutions have to be found within India itself.


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