Haminege Katha – Starting a Hare
Posted on August 5th, 2015

By  Gandara John

Once upon a time there was a little island in the Indian Ocean. The people on that island were happy and content and led a peaceful life, helping each other in their daily lives whenever they could.

One day a big bad white wolf drifted to the island. The tranquility that blessed the island disappeared; the wolf, wearing sheep’s clothing, stalked the length and breadth of the island preying on the sheep wreaking death, fear and destruction.

The people knew that they had to get rid of the white wolf if peace and tranquility were to return to the paradise island; the wolf hunt was fixed for 08 Jan 15.

The white wolf feared the worse.

But the big bad wolf was cunning. With the pack raring to hunt him down he alerted his foxy friends who thought the world of him; he would allow them to creep up on him once in a while and have a peck of his spoils

On 08 Jan 15, the foxy friends started a hare. The hunting pack was distracted; the wolf hunt soon degenerated into a hare chase.

The big bad white wolf smacked its bloodied lips as it bared its fangs wolfishly knowing that it had been let off the hook.

The islanders are wiser; they have vowed not to be distracted. The white wolf remains enemy number one and has to be eliminated along with his foxy friends. The wolf hunt is set for 17 Aug 15.

Moral of the story: Do not be distracted. Be focused. The country’s enemy number one must be first eliminated.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes ! Focus. Focus. Focus.
    Do NOT be distracted.

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