MR  vs  RW, CBK & MS
Posted on August 6th, 2015

By Ganapathy Moorty

On the 17th August 2015, a decision will be made by the people as to whether  MR> RW, CBK & MS”, or  MR<RW, CBK & MS”, once again in the general  election.  Oh, sorry!, just  forgot to list the foreign powers and their agencies, i.e. the so called NGO’s,  also along with RW, CBK & MS.

None of the above challengers of Mahinda Rajapakse, had or have the guts to oppose him alone.  While MR stand on his own, believing in his own strength and achievements,  the others find it impossible to even imagining of challenging him alone, as they have had no achievements in favour of the country during their long reigns before MR.   Let’s start the times of all parties concerned here served the country after the Tamil militancy came to play a key role in the Sri Lankan politics.  The UNP ruled the country continuously for 17 long years, from 1977 to 1994, and  Ranil Wickramasinghe was a part of the government, serving  as PM  from 1993 to 1994.  During the 15 months he was PM  the UNP was enjoying a 2/3 majority government, and RW was considered to be an executive PM, as T.B. Wijetunge was just filling up the position of the executive presidency  due to the assassination of R. Premadasa.  But nothing was done to eradicate terrorism or to bring a solution to the ethnic problems by RW.   After that, Chandrika Bandaranayake  Kumaratunge  ruled for 11 years, during which she had RW as PM for  three and a half years.   The three and a half years of RW’s Prime Minister saw the infamous ceasefire agreement, with Norway as facilitator, meant to bring peace to the country but ended up as the LTTE gaining more grounds, internally and internationally.   Internally they got a de facto government of their own while getting international recognition, that it, even though an armed organization, can sit on par with an elected government of a country.  Note, that the CFA was said to have been signed with the LTTE, as Norway as facilitators even without the consent of the President, which was CBK herself.  The only thing that happened adversely to the LTTE at that time was the revolt by the Eastern commander of the LTTE, Karuna, which drastically changed the military might of the organization.   Even though RW later claimed to get the credit of weakening the LTTE by dividing it, Karuna said that his revolt was the result of the Eastern sect of the LTTE being marginalised by the Northern LTTE leadership.

Strangely, the President who was sidelined by RW , not even consulted as she claimed at that time,  later on in January 2015 gave her full support for RW to become PM again, working vehemently against MR, someone whose father was a founder member of the SLFP along with her father, and  who never deviated from the policies of the party, even during the long years of  UNP rule,  whereas CBK  herself left the party for some time complaining her mother, Mrs. Bandaranayake,  gave more importance to her brother, late Mr.Anura Bandaranayake,  in the party ignoring her existence in the family.  We can learn two things from the above two happenings:  1.  It’s not the policies or the welfare state of the country, but the personal grudges  and/or rivalry between  the leaders that counts, and  2. Birds of the same feather flock together”, i.e. the Colombo elites – just like the capitalist western countries come together  to threaten the third world countries to toe their line by hook or by crook, or to attack and plunder a country (that has rich resources )citing false accusations – would put their differences under the carpet  whenever it comes to be competing with a rural, man of the soil, if he happens to be a challenge to their  superiority and popularity!)

We have seen and experienced the country of Sri Lanka, from 1977 to 1994, the 17 long years as one period of time (or reign), from 1994 to 2005 another period of time,  and again from 2005 to May 2009, and lastly from  May 2009 to December 2014.  How life was for the people of Sri Lanka during those different periods of time, though altogether it meant a short period of time in a historical sense?  During the first 17 year period was mostly controlled by J.R. Jayawardene, and R. Premadasa.  No one can deny that a type of dictatorship prevailed in the country even though it was claimed to be a democracy.  Remember the blank sheets signed by all the UNP MPs in the possession of JRJ.  This was called democracy.  Moreover, the two worst ethnic riots took place resulting as the fuel for the fledgling Tamil militancy and causing the Tamils’ exodus  from that country during that time only.  The UNP government, with all the strength it had in the parliament (3/5 in numbers) failed to find a viable solution or to curb the growing militancy among the Tamil youths.   As a result, the country had to allocate a large portion of its annual budget for defence buying arms and ammunition while the people in Sri Lanka, particularly those who lived in the North and East, began to suffer a lot, finding their lives have drastically changed by the events that were going on and on.   Between the two, J.R.Jayawardene and Premadasa, the former was keen on playing for the interests of the western powers, resulting, at that time, in the confrontation with our own big brother, India, and the rest is history.  Arming and training the Tamil militant groups, Indo-Sri Lanka agreement, 13th Amendment etc.

When CBK came to power in 1994, there was much expectation from the Singhalese as well as the Tamils, but it was short lived.  Her reign of 11 years proved futile, nothing done to develop the country or to eradicate terrorism.  Once she looked determined to eliminate the LTTE, but was submitted meekly to the pressures by external powers.  And then the infamous P-TOMS, which was one another blunder on her part.  There is nothing much to talk about her achievements, except that she made Mahinda Rajapakse as PM first and then accepted (willingly or unwillingly!) his nomination for presidency later.  Or, maybe she had no option other than doing it, as it was MR only the perfect person to lead the party and the country at that juncture!  Although CBK now claims that she defeated the LTTE in Jaffna in 1995 and thus laid the foundation for winning the war, the LTTE factor and their activities continued to be there until May 2009.  There is a saying in Tamil one who can only jump half of a well, will fall into the well”.

From 2005 to end of 2014 proved to be the years during which Sri Lanka changed fast again, this time for the good of the country.   The first four years were spent in a determined way to eliminate the LTTE militarily, and eradicate terrorism from the soil of Sri Lanka.  In May 2009, LTTE were finished militarily! MR and his brother GR were able to achieve what was looked by others almost impossible.  And they achieved it by utilizing the services of the same military generals who had been serving under the leadership of J.R.J.,  R.P., and CBK  for years, showing that any achievement would only be possible depending on the quality of the leadership.  MR  & GR displayed such a quality of leadership that resulted in liberating the country not only from terrorism, but also from the constant interferences of foreign powers on the pretext of bringing peace in the country and human rights.  In fact, MR had to face much more pressure from foreign powers to halt the war than that any of his predecessor.  Maybe, J.R. Jayawardene faced it from India, and he submitted himself to it.  Anyway,  interferences on the pretext of human rights still continue.   Every war had its own toll of human deaths and other kind of destructions in the course of fights.  War never ended without deaths and destructions.  The problems here is when big powers wage war on smaller and weaker countries, the deaths and destruction do not counts.  There would be no human rights breaches and it’s only for redeeming the human values and restore democracy!  But whenever there is a fight to save the country from terrorism in a third world country, the scale (to measure the values and rights) differs.

One must also keep in mind, that if the LTTE were not militarily defeated, and the war continued for another five years, say from 2009 to 2014, the number of people killed, mostly young men from both communities, would have been much more that that was claimed have been killed in the final stage of war – the rural Singhalese young men from the Sri Lankan security forces, and the Tamil young men and women of poor families from the LTTE.

As a Sri Lankan Tamil, the writer of this column knows very well, that most of the Tamils, especially the youths, fled the country due to threat by the LTTE.  The Tamil parents did not want their school going children to be fodder for the LTTE war machinery.  They had to go through many difficulties and find all kind of ways and means to have their children escape from the LTTE.  Those who were lucky enough, ended up in foreign countries, and those who could not make it to foreign countries, in Colombo and suburban areas.   Nobody did want to stay in places where they could be targeted by the LTTE.    As far as the Muslims concerned, they must not forget the killings of Muslims in the East and the 24 hour eviction notice issued to them by the LTTE in Jaffna.  They also were unable to live peacefully during the LTTE time, even though they were speaking the same language.  Therefore, the people of Sri Lanka, especially the Tamils and the Muslims in the North -East,  should be more grateful to Mahinda Rajapakse, than any other leaders in Sri Lanka, including the Tamil & Muslims leaders.   The writer also knows well, that the Singhalese people are very tolerant ones as they still welcome the Tamils to live in their areas whereas the Tamil leaders make so much of hue and cry whenever the Singhalese people set up their homes in the North-East part.   If Tamils can set up their homes in the parts of country other than the so-called Tamil traditional areas, then the Singhalese also must have the same rights, viz. to set up their homes wherever they want to.   If there is an even spread of community settlements throughout the country,  then the politicians would be afraid of wielding the ethnic cards to harvest the votes, but to do some concrete works for the development of the country and the welfare of the people if they want to be elected again.

However, strangely, within a short span of time, the Tamils seemed to have forgotten what they had gone through only a few years back, and ready to fall for the false promises of the TNA and their likes.  One can only hope they would think wisely before they vote this time. The TNA has not delivered any good for the Tamil people so far, but giving them false promises which they themselves believe never be fulfilled.   They try their best to keep  kindling the Tamil people’s  ethnic emotions so that the people would start thinking wisely and they, TNA, would keep going back to Parliament to enjoy the benefits of being MP’s.

From June 2009 to December 2014, what Sri Lanka has seen in terms of development works, the infra-structure and the opportunities for employment, the transportation and the freedom to move freely anywhere in the country, the opportunities for the student population, both communities without any differences,  to have uninterrupted education in upgraded schools with the modern facilities, improvements in health care and education, all these were not seen before 2009.  In fact, the Tamil students got more  facilitiesafter the war.

(Now, Maithri Sirisena is the president and leader of the SLFP which has the majority in the parliament, but RW, leader of the UNP has been appointed as PM.  This also is called democracy.  Not heard of anywhere before.  The PM seems to be doing things that only satisfy the western interests and the capitalists.  President does not look like an executive one but a nominal head.  Who is he afraid of , or who is he indebted to (for the position he all of a sudden pushed into?)

In return for all these, considering all that happened before and after the war, keeping in mind of all that have been done to the country by all the leaders, current and past, we all have to come to a conclusion that there had never been a leader to the calibre of former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse a true son of the soil, a leader with a vision, and one who really loved the people of Sri Lanka.  If by any chance, the people fail to elect him as their leader, there is a possibility to and probably a plot to have him before a war tribunal by the foreign powers, or for alleged misuse of power by the local leaders in order to curb his chance of becoming to power again.  We should not let it happen, as we need MR to lead the country again!


13 Responses to “MR  vs  RW, CBK & MS”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    MR should have banned all RACIST parties in 2010. These parties canvassed for Maru Sira more than others. You can see that in the election results in the north-east.

    To tell the truth, IF war continued until 2014, MR would have won the 2015 election EFFORTLESSLY!!

    From 2005 to 2009 ONE QUARTER of TNA MPs were killed (by the LTTE). IF it continued with INCREASING NUMBERS, the entire TNA would have been history by now.

    Strange that CIVILIANS worst affected by war – in Colombo city, north and east – have FORGOTTEN about the war and MR winning peace. Do they need to brush up their memory?????

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Facebook LORENZO, if you knew all these ANTI-SL PUNKS had taken over the UNPatriotic Party,

    WHY DID YOU VOCIFEROUSLY support them at LankaWeb and AGITATE to get MR/UPFA GoSL OUSTED???

    My God NOTHING you say MAKES SENSE …. EVERYTHING you SAY SMELLS bad in the Light of What you DID & SAID leading up to the Jan 8th Presidential Election?

    BLOODY Hypocrite & LTTE Operative is trying to CAUSE more Chaos!

    There can be ONLY ONE of TWO EXPLANATIONS:

    EXPLANATION #1. You are an INNOCENT NINCOMPOOP, as you are PLEADING NOW for us to believe, and made a honest “MISTAKE”! ALL THAT HELL, FIRE & BRIMSTONE railing against MR/UPFA charging “Corruption, Corruption and More Corruption” making LISTS just as you are making now, was a HUGE MISTAKE on your part!

    If you are really a DUMB MUTT who got taken by the Yamapalaya song and dance, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL NIKAN POOPING at LankaWeb? Who wants to LISTEN TO AN ABSOLUTE MUTT like you anymore who was DEAD WRONG THEN and is DEAD WRONG NOW? Is there NOT OF SHRED OF SHAME about what you had done?


    I PREFER to BELIEVE the second reason! Isn’t it time now, to create a slew of avatars to hide and comment under, as you usually do? Maybe you can revive “Nanda” … the anti-MR bana preacher …. to help you! Bah!

    In EITHER case, BUGGER OFF O SHAMELESS Facebook Lorenzo …. you were NEVER a Patriot of any kind!

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    For the supporters of UNPatriotic party (UNP) and for the supporters of Jaathiya Vinashakarana Party (JVP)
    red elephants.
    You all have very short memories. Maybe this few clips from previous yahapalana regimes of UNPatriotic party (UNP)
    to jog your memories!

  4. douglas Says:

    Ananda-USA: Normally I confine myself to express my views on the main article. But having read your above comment and some other, I will appeal to you to contemplate on: “ASEVANACHA BALANANG, PANDITHANANCHA AEVANA”. In the same token can anyone attempt to straighten the “Dog’s Tail”? What is there to discuss with a person who even does not know to spell the name of a person or a country? Please do not give prominence and make them “heroes”.

  5. Kumari Says:

    As Sinhalese Buddhists we felt our leaders did not do enough for us. They always tried to please the Tamils and the Muslims. Through out our lives the main problem Ceylon/Sri Lanka had was the Tamil issue.

    I think, this time MR has decided that Sinhalese Buddhists are worthy of being looked after. I wish the majority community too has realised it. This understanding between the leaders and the community should result in betterment for both.

    Mage Ratata, Theruwan Saranai.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    As our Menike used to say, “ALI MATHIWATA KOTI!!” Now Doglas has joined USA.


    Lets hope so.

  7. douglas Says:

    Now this LTTE Operative (exposed by me long time back) has assumed the role of “MATCH MAKER” – “MAGUL KAPUWA” and suggests a “marriage” between “MY3 & MR” For him MY3 is now “MARU SIRA”(before January 8th 2015 MY3 was “God Sent Gift”) and is attempting to tie the knot between that “MARU SIRA an MR. What is his “Brokerage” – per cent of the “Dowry”? If anything goes wrong in a “marriage” the Sinhalese people curse the “Magul Kapuwa” – (Match Maker) by saying: “Oya Kapuwata Hena Hathama Gahanna Ona” ( strike seven lightening with thunder) Good luck Lorenzo with your “match making”. Good Bye till 18th August 2015. Readers of this web know very well this “DEPITAKAATTUWA”

  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    “Asewanacha Balanang, Pandithanancha Sevana” indeed!

    That is why having discovered Lorenzo’s DUPLICITY I will not accept the “HELP” that he is “PRESUMABLY” offering now in support of MR/UPFA!


    I would FAR PREFER to IGNORE Lorenzo and not DEGRADE myself by EXPOSING HIM as I do, but given the IMPORTANCE of the upcoming General Election to the SURVIVAL of our Motherland. other READERS of LankaWeb who are largely UNAWARE of the HISTORY of this BACKSTABBING DEVIOUS LTTE Operative, in his multiivarious INCARNATIONS is, MUST BE WARNED and made aware who they are dealing with.

    I HATE having to keep challenging LORENZO, it is AGAINST my natural instinct, but our Motherland deserve some sacrifice from EACH of us doesn’t it, and it must be done periodically … at least until the General Election ends.

  9. Independent Says:

    Let me break the silence to agree with Douglas and Ananda-UAS that there is a very good chance this pundit Lorenzo to be a LTTE operative.
    As long as he doesn’t revert to violence ( sometimes this bugger does that – Militray takeover, killing of the president etc.) he too should be allowed to say what he has to say.
    Hatred will not will not be defeated by hatred but by not hating.

    සැමට බුදු සරණයි.

  10. douglas Says:

    Ananda – USA: Thank you. Neither I had any intention to deal with his duplicity/backstabbing. Yet some of the glaring duplicity in his comments prompted me to write after a long silence and in a way I fell sorry for myself for not being able to desist from doing it. However, I do not mean to bring any mental distress to him, because showing Metta to anyone is my principle. Good luck to him in his efforts to “Bring Back MR”, but hope he will not do what he did to MY3 after that achievement.

  11. Cerberus Says:

    There is a paradoxical situation in Sri Lanka within the SLFP party.

    The Patron of the party the one eyed bandit queen CBK is openly supporting the UNP. You cannot expect much from that woman. She should be expelled from the party like the rest of the members who were contesting under the UNP such as Rajitha, Hirunika etc.

    Maithripala Sirisena, who contested in Jan 8 elections under the UNP umbrella is now leader of SLFP. This is because after the Presidential election, President Mahinda Rajapaksha handed the leadership to Sirisena and left for his village to retire. I do not think MR ever thought he will be back in politics. Now Sirisena is using the fact he is the accidental President of SLFP to destroy the party.

    What President Sirisena has done is very immoral and unethical. He, while being leader of the SLFP allowed nomination for MR, after refusing for a considerable length of time, he agreed only reluctantly, since 100% of the party members wanted MR to run as the leader of the UPFA party. After nominating MR as the SLFP/UPFA candidate, he made a statement to the country that he will never let MR be the Prime Minister. What is the meaning of his actions other than to confuse our people who are already thoroughly confused?

    On top of that Sirisena gets a court injunction to prevent the Central Committee of SLFP from meeting. He wants to make sure the party does not meet him and vote him out as leader of the party. This means that come Aug 18 if UPFA wins a majority he can continue to put Ranil W as Prime Minister who will then select a UNP cabinet (Christian/Catholic) as earlier and run a fascist dictatorship as done for the last six months. If he puts someone else from the SLFP party as the Prime Minister what does MR do? Is he to sit as an MP in the Parliament?

    Sirisena is a Machiavellian character. I do not think he has the brains to think far. Is he being guided by either MI6, CIA, MIT or all three in order to destablize the country? Somewhere the Church may be also involved as they were with the LTTE in 2009. Ranil may be hoping to have riots in the country so that he can declare Martial Law and put the entire opposition behind bars. He can then be as Fascist as he wants with no questions asked.

    The Sinhalese people are being divided and ruled.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    Agree with what you said above, but I want to clarify that there is a GOOD REASON why “President Mahinda Rajapaksha handed the leadership to Sirisena.” He did not do so just to “retire” in his village!

    The Constitution of the SLFP states that the Leader of the Party MUST BE the President of Sri Lanka, if the President is ALSO a Member of the SLFP.

    Therefore, unless MR chose to form a breakaway faction of the SLFP, or worked to change the RULES of the SLFP from within to remove that requirement, he had NO OPTION but to handover the Leadership of the SLFP to the new President of Sri Lanka.

    I remember becoming totally aghast at the handover of the SLFP Leadership by MR, until I learned about this rule in the SLFP Constitution.

    In the light shone by this 20/20 hindsight, perhaps the SLFP should change this rule for something better … but what is better under all circumstances? Who would have IMAGINED a coup-de-etat against the sitting president from a Member of his own party?

    That is why TRAITORS pose the GREATEST dangers to both nations and political movements! They circumvent the usual assumptions in security safeguards!

  13. douglas Says:

    Ananda-USA: You have a point in this matter. However, I look at it from a different angle. MS was the Secretary of the SLFP and defied the party and deserted to contest against the party nominee, MR. Also, in doing so MS resigned from his post in the SLFP. This is where the SLFP as an established and long standing political party lost its CREDIBILITY in DISCIPLINING the members of the party. At that very point of MS deserting the party and joining with others to contest its own nominee, he should have been forthwith “SUSPENDED AND SACKED” from the membership. If that disciplinary action was taken, MS would never have been the Leader of the party and the President of the country. That is what I call NO NONSENSE management of affairs of any organization including the Government. If that happened, there would not have been handing over of leadership and MR would have been the Leader of the party in keeping strictly with the Constitution. In that particular instant the SLFP “HIERARCHY” failed and failed its membership. That cannot be excused or agreed upon. The present SLFP under the leadership of MS had done that to some of the members who defied and sought election with another political outfit. I appreciate that action and that is a show of “NO NONSENSE MANAGEMENT”. Unfortunately MR did not have that “MANAGEMENT CALIBER” in him and that led to his GREAT FALL. As a result the SLFP lost an opportunity to redefine the political history.

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