Paara Kiyana Thaaruka’s interview with Manjula Peiris
Posted on August 11th, 2015

If you believe in astrology please watch this program that was on Derana yesterday. 


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  1. Tilak Fernando Says:

    Last Monday I watched Manjula Peiris’s programmes on Stars ‘ Para Kiyana Tharaka’ on Derana TV Channel..He being an astrologer I had a great regard till monday last. The boo boo he did on this occasion was to spend 25 solid minutes of his programme before forecasting planetary effects for the week ( weak!) on a general basis and exposed himself as some one who got involved in politics and influenced by it.

    Those who watched the programme will know ( I see this video being posted now in the web) what I am talking about ! If there is a code of practice or ethics on Derana channel the hierachy should be aware that Majuja Peiris is given an hour’s time to help his millions of fans ( as he put it) not to advertise any particular candidate or a political party but he should confine to the the lagnas ( stars) and general forecasts. It would have been a different kettle of fish if it was like in a programme such as ‘Vada Pitiya’ where astrologers were summoned to have an open forum for people to watch on a defined subject. We have seen in the past how many so called pundits were were boasting about their predictions and went awfully wrong at the end of the day!

    Last monday show was disgusting to say the least in my mind. He ruined his reputation as a popular astrologer when he acted as a paid advertisement , and what in Sri Lanka it is generally known as ‘ kade yemak’.

    Astrolegars are certainly entitled to amplify their astological knowledge on TV but to become a stooge to a particular party or a candidate on such a general programme is disgusting. He may have pleased a certain section of the voting base by his direct request to vote for a particular candidate must have managed to created more enemies with such a partisan attitude.

    Astrologers have been proven wrong over and over gain in this this country for whatever reasons they babble, but just because they are given an audience on prime time on TV, should they stoop to such low levels?

    Thank you Mr.Manjula Peiris, I have lost all the confidence and the respect I had for you up till Monday last. I do not belong to any political party or favour any individual for that matter but I am only going by the moral ethics and the duty of an astrologer who should not try to convince the gullible folk by directly making requests to vote for anyone in the next week’s election.

    If one were to believe in astrology one could always argue with predictions & forecasts made by the young blind guy Indika Thotawatta who gave his version well before the January Presidential elections and also what he has predicted about the August general elections.

    People have seen astrologers such as Chandrasiri Bandara going full hog on television, ( see you tube) not to mention the once famous official Astrological Visaradha challenging all others many months ago, but what happened when the final results were out ? These experienced pundits had to bury their heads in sand !

    By all means, if Manjula Peiris wants to make a living out of astrology by using the TV as a tool, he can do so, and no one bothers about it, but he should know his limits in addressing millions of independent viewers and bear in mind not to just jump the track .

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