Fundamental Christian NGOs threat to religious harmony
Posted on August 12th, 2015

Concerned Hindu Courtesy:  The Island

Sri Lanka has been flooded with fundamental Christian NGOs – the number has been put at 300 by surveys. There is a daily phenomena in the press where large number of these NGO’s are applying for registration to the Registrar of Companies, as religious companies. Truly they are religious companies marketing Evan Gelis M, in remote villages and in the estate sector. They do so by exploiting poverty by unethical methods by bribery and fraudulent ways such as cash, dry rations, clothing and even employment, by saying it is the gift of god who has seen the plight of the believing unsophisticated villager or estate worker.

In the process they in a subtle way try to undermine the age old Buddhist or Hindu way of life by providing breeding material for piggeries, poultry and goat rearing which fosters killing. In this way they assail the socio-religious-cultural life of the village.

The regional centre for strategic studies who did a survey of evangelism in Sri Lanka as far back as 1998 forecast a conflict situation leading to violence as in some Asian countries. This forecast has come true as there has been 40-50 incidents in different parts of the country leading to violence. These incidents are rarely reported in the press. Recently in the uncleared area of Eravur, on May 25, a mob of about 500 Hindus attacked the new church and manhandled the pastor. Eravur police stepped in but were outnumbered by the mob and had to withdraw with the pastor. The government has to take serious notice of this grave situation and take meaningful steps to control the escalation of the problem.

The government’s hand is being further strengthened by two landmark judgements of the Supreme Court against unethical conversions in determination Case No. 2/2001 dated 24.5.2001 and Case No. special determination 2/2003 of 24.01.2003 wherein the Supreme Court has specifically ruled “The freedom guaranteed by article 10 (of the constitution) to every person to adopt a religion or belief of his choice postulates that the choice stem from the free exercise of one’s thoughts and conscience without there being any fetter or allurement which in any way distorts that choice. (Sc 2/2001).

“The constitution guarantees to every person the basic choice he makes with regard to his religion or belief, would be taken with complete freedom without being exposed to any undue influence or fraud”. (Sc. 2/2003).

Concerned Hindu

Courtesy:  The Island

2 Responses to “Fundamental Christian NGOs threat to religious harmony”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    STOP ALL Foreign Missionaries and Foreign Funds from ENTERING Sri Lanka for PROMOTING religious CONVERSIONS now!

    Take a LESSON from the DEMISE of HAWAII as a Sovereign Nation to understand the THEFT & IMPOVERISHMENT of native peoples BY STEALTH that accompanies religious conversions by foreigners!

    Sri Lanka has ENOUGH native religious leaders of ALL FAITHS to attend to the RELIGIOUS NEEDS of its people; Foreign Missionaries and NGOs are NOT WELCOME, and should be BOOTED OUT IMMEDIATELY!

    Medieval Japan STOPPED missionary conversions in and PRESERVED its National Integrity & Cohesion to this day, and Foreign Powers lost the FIFTH COLUMN they wanted to EMBED in Japan to undermine, control and colonize it.

    Let Sri Lanka take a lesson from Medieval Japan and KICK OUT the Foreign Missionaries and NGOs NOW!

  2. NAK Says:

    Sadly,concerned Hindu, you are too late…nearly three decades too late.Still, you can control the damge but first you have to cage the tiger.

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