What is in stock after 17th, if UNP wins ! An eye witness of July 1977
Posted on August 14th, 2015


Much of the general public voters in Sri Lanka are absent minded, thus they fall in to pits repeatedly and then regret because the past is simply forgotten.

Not knowing what the UNP and specially Ranil is, you are sure to endure terrible future to regret all the time till your death if you vote UNP and Ranil in to power. There isn’t much time to detail in full but let me put it in point form as a fore warning.

Should Ranil and UNP barbarians were elected on 17th August 2015;

  1. Revenge taking will begin with indefinite off to the Police as was in 1977 July. Opposition activists will be brutally murdered, raped, robbed, looted and burnt creating chaos all over the country for days or perhaps weeks taking old accounts of last over 20 years of UNP’s brutal history.
  1. RW and his band wagons will rush accumulating cash arrears and missed opportunities over last 20 plus years, will have no time for any thing else. Anything will be sold or betrayed for highest bid.
  1. The country will be divided in to three or more pieces (Federal or beyond) over a few months of achieving power creating Federal states probably North-East merged and rest as south initially. NO MORE SRI LANKA or SIHNALE.
  1. The LTTE will resurrect and achieve everything they need by force and later will lead to border attacks for invading more in to Sinhela territory. This will cause daily carnage as it is in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan etc.
  1. US will establish a base and send their forces in the guise of UN peace keepers (just time keepers for US) to observe borders only allowing LTTE/Tamils/Muslims to attack Sinhela people and to stop any counter attack from Sinhela side.
  1. Indian coolies from Tamil Naadu will flood in North to settle and supersede the Sinhela population just in months, grabbing all jobs. CEPA will provide safe haven for the damn Indian coolies to exploit Sri Lankan market dumping all Indian shit here.
  1. With the blessing of CIA, Islamic State ( I.S.) militancy will begin in Sri Lanka and Sinhela Buddhist will be the helpless victims of beheading, bomb explosions and eventually taking up the land part by part.
  1. Fate of the govt. sector is decided already and much of the govt. servants will have to go on unpaid leave, then at the end of the leave no more job or state sector to their surprise.
  1. Education and Health the most vital for poor mass will die in months. Poor at least book their coffins now at present rate before the prices jacked up!
  1. Water resources will be taxed and that is the end of Agriculture, so farmers shall keep pesticides ready before prices jacked up!  No more Rice, let’s eat Burgers, lasagna and Macaroni pasta etc. made of American flour.
  1. Old tires will have a good market in suppression ahead of mass agitations and trade strikes over cost of living etc., so stock tires now, you could sell at a good price.
  1. Human heads will become a best sellable commodity to the PRA Dentist again!
  1. Underworld will be developed instead Infrastructure with modern structures that Narcotics, Ethanol and Prostitution will have unprecedented upliftment. ROSY-WESI all become equal.
  1. Cost of commodities will rise in rocket speed due to cost of imports and unavailability of state funds, thus even Sigiriya and Sri Pada will be sold for rock value.
  1. Tamil LTTE diaspora will run a Treasury, Central bank while all blue chip listed companies will be owned by LTTE
  1. As economic burdens rise up, even house wives will be forced to do SHORT TIME services for extra cash. Facilities will be set up all over the country by the ministry of ROSY for women.
  1. Muslims will supersede Sinhela Buddhists at their whims and fancy
  1. The Police and underworld will be merged
  1. There will be white elephant type projects to swindle as much as money for the UNP band wagons

More surprises are to come up and to enjoy, happy and gain with RW!!!

Await the end of Sinhela Buddhists with future UNP regime!

3 Responses to “What is in stock after 17th, if UNP wins ! An eye witness of July 1977”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    Ranil will create another Batalanda to take care of all dissidents. My3, CBK and Ranil will take turns to treat the guests to their special treatment at this place I am sure. Rajapakse family will be at the top of the list. May all the Deities protect this family and our country from the scenario you have painted.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Christie Says:

    ඉන්දියානු ජඩයින්ට සින්හල අපි සක්කිලි (Dalit)යන්ය . උන් එදාත් අදත් අපේ සතුරාය. එක්වන්න මහින්ද වටා රොක්වන්න ඉන්දියානු ජඩයන්ට හා ජඩවාදයට එරෙහිව නැගී සිටින්න
    For Indian Imperialists we are Dalits. Indians are our enemies todaya and yesterday. Unite with Mahinda and stand up to Indian Empire and Indian imperialism.

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