Pro-LTTE groups returning to Sri Lanka: for what and under whose orders?
Posted on September 13th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

Sri Lanka’s terrorism was not homegrown. It was created and handled by by our neighbour India. That terror soon became surrogates in the hands of foster parents from the West who were happy to take refugees so long as they could buy time until the correct time. The collateral damage were killings (soldiers, civilians, even LTTE). These hidden realities show us that terrorism is truly created to forge geopolitical interests. In such a scenario the military defeat was calculated to move to phase two of an overall bigger geopolitical plan. The manner that the very nations that spurred terror are now engaging to play a bigger role through their chosen locals goes to show Prabakaran and the LTTE were just tools to camouflage. Now we see some precarious scenarios. LTTE-linked TNA head is the Opposition Leader. Groups internationally banned as LTTE fronts are openly collecting funds and star guests inside the UN and lobbying against Sri Lanka. LTTE banned propaganda are now re-emerging inside Sri Lanka. Where is it meant to all lead is what the people and the new leaders to wonder.

The mistake made at the end of the military victory over LTTE was not to denazify the LTTE. Wrong advisors and international political pressure brought to bear may have been part reason for this. The result invariably was to remove the Tiger leader and his ground troops but the main set of men that steered the LTTE Inc via legal and illegal fundraising networks continued unabated and were responsible for lobbying and derailing efforts at reconciliation. What has always escaped the attention of authorities was to highlight that the Tamils themselves would always be a divided race owing to the caste factor. The caste factor played and continues to play a role in how the Tamils live and function. These hometruths never get honourable mention even but a good look at how the Tamil groups are formed will reveal the case in point.

If anyone wants to understand why Mahinda Rajapakse was virtually put out of the way – read William Blum a former US state department official The United States strives for world domination, hegemony wherever possible, their main occupation for over a century, it’s what they do for a living. The United States, NATO and the European Union form The Holy Triumvirate. The Holy Triumvirate has subsidiaries, chiefly The International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Criminal Court … all help to keep in line those governments lacking the Holy Triumvirate Seal Of Approval: the IMF, WB, and WTO impose market fundamentalism, while foreign leaders who act too independent are threatened with being handed over to the ICC for heavy punishment, as the United States imposes sanctions on governments and their leaders as only the King of Sanctions can, lacking any sense of hypocrisy or irony.” Now you surely must comprehend who is instrumental for the drama inside the UN/UNHRC and what a farce that is even the present OISL report on Sri Lanka.

16 LTTE fronts were named and banned in April 2014 alongside 400 names. These names and organizations remain valid. The leaders and their organizations are all operating in the very countries that continue to ban LTTE and questions what excuse they have not to even investigate them for material support under their own domestic laws in place. A handful of arrests are taking place with the Hague sentencing 5 LTTE supporters for fund raising. However, it becomes a farce when the leaders of the banned organizations are the VVIPs inside the halls of Geneva lobbying against a sovereign government using video clips which are probably funded by them. Source the panel discussions, reports, documentaries, research, witnesses and they invariably all end up linked to these LTTE banned elements making a mockery of justice and a laughing stock of the international players mouthing human rights, justice, accountability etc.

In the backdrop of these international players we need to realize that the Holy Triumvirate is preparing the grounds to enter Asia and to enter Asia the last battle station where the 2 superpowers (China and Russia) and the vassal India finds itself a whole new ballgame is at play. Obviously things are not as easy as overrunning Eastern Europe, Middle East or Africa. Thus, the role of the players on behalf of the Holy Triumvirate in the form of Church missionaries engaged as NGOs in development and other ‘educative’ roles are combining with local elements – re-emerge the LTTE fronts into the scene once more.

The mooting of the road/rail link with India is an idea in line with these overall objectives. The relaunch of Tamilnet to once again re-indoctrinate Tamils is another. Now TV stations are opening up steered by the very LTTE fronts remaining banned. Deepam TV is one such handled by Sri Balasundaram in Norway, another nation that sinned against Sri Lanka. This tv station is originally located in UK but has offices in Chennai and now in Colombo. The weekly ‘Theepam’ publication is actually given free of charge and 10 copies are distributed and seven issues have been printed so far. The runaway LTTE linked parties are also returned. Gopinath has returned from UK to head this Nallur office. We may be able to find some of the ‘missing’ may have been living overseas all this time. It’s another matter if authorities are concerned to track these names and match them against those claimed to have been killed!

Invariably what needs to be highlighted is that the LTTE or Eelam is not anything meant for the Tamils but a globally planned exercise using the Tamils for which Tamils have not minded as the cream of them are now living overseas and enable to help their families back home. The sufferers in the Vanni and the bulk of those that comprised the cadres and child soldiers were from povertystricken low caste Tamil homes and whether LTTE prevails, TNA prevails or Eelam prevails their sordid lives will not change a bit.

Eelam has become just a money spinning, ideological and geopolitical game hiding a bigger operation. The former government was hoodwinked probably using the very personnel that have now jumped ship and forming the new government.

The manner in which the new government have opened up Sri Lanka allowing all the cats and dogs to enter will decide how many rabid animals have entered to unleash another future of troubles for the country. When the men that defend the nation are also been hounding and ill-treated the new government must wonder who will defend them if they are pressed against the wall.

Should we not follow simply logic. War crimes they say. Prove it we say. Are there bodies or skeletons or do the dead have names, birth certificates etc if not can a documentary prove 40,000 dead! If soldiers have acted outside the orders given by their commanders Sri Lanka military courts should deal with these not tiger courts funding the UNHRC!

Those that say ‘engage the tiger’ should first go to the zoo and see what cohabitation they can find with an unpredictable tiger inside the cage and return and say ‘it worked’!

Shenali D Waduge

2 Responses to “Pro-LTTE groups returning to Sri Lanka: for what and under whose orders?”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Shenali for revealing many new developments which we do not know.

    Now who will follow the National Security issues?. Do we have our intelligence units still operating? or are they all finished up by Yamapalanaya? Very soon LieTTE will open their head quarters and TV station in Colombo.

    The fellow who took fruits to the hospitalised Terrorist carder has gone to Geneva with Mangala representing Sri Lanka. It is like a LieTTE agent representing SL to defend SL against the LieTTE complain in the courts. What a joke of Yahapalane.

    Majority of our people do not know all these. They are having a nice time and in every evening engaged by tele dramas… they do not know the pitfall they are in.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    The REAL TAMIL PROBLEM IS IN TAMIL NADU where BIRTH CERTIFICATES are issued to TAMIL DALITS stating their CASTE !! The Caste Wars of Tamil Nadu have been transferred to Sri Lanka ! This 3,000 yr old problem cannot be solved in Sri Lanka. The problem has to be solved at the source, Tamil Nadu.

    All Foreign Governments ought to recognise this truth at UN level !

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