Posted on September 18th, 2015

By Concerned Citizen

I am putting together some information I have read up on the Lankaweb and other sources, in Defense of Sri Lanka going to war with the LTTE over the many years and exposing certain facts that the International Community tends to ignore.

After some 500 years of suffering under Colonial Rule, we the Lankans, have some Questions to ask and facts to present:

No one in the UNHRC is asking why it is that the Tamil leaders of Lanka have consistently asked for a Separate state even during the time of British Colonial rule (1815-1948) ​where the Tamils were the favored ones, ​and the same demand going on today, even though they have all the rights that others in Lanka have.

Even though Tamil Dalits have migrated all over the world to countries such as Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Canada, Europe, Australia etc., it is only in Sri Lanka that they want a separate state. Is it not because we are only 12 miles away from Tamil Nadu the true home of Tamil where 15 million Tamil Dalits reside, struggling to get out of the institutionalized slavery they experience?  Is it not because the Tamil Language has been given Official/National status with Free Education and Free Health Care?

None of the UN bodies question the role of Tamil Nadu politics dversely affecting Sri Lanka. They ignore the 15 Million plus Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu struggling to leave Tamil Nadu. The Prevention of Atrocities Act of India ((as late as 1995) is not effective in Tamil Nadu.  Most cases of human degradation (Tamil Dalits degraded in the most inhuman way – many cases exposed now through the internet) are not even acted on.  The Times of India reported just this last June,

​that a Tamil Dalit youth had dared to enter a Hindu Temple and for that he was abused by his higher caste assailants urinating into this poor boy’s mouth.  This is the situation in Tamil Nadu today, yet the UNHRC has not taken any action.  Why is that?

No one at the UNHRC is asking about Tamil Dalit discrimination going on in Tamil Nadu.  When PM Nehru’s Anti-Secessionist Law came in (1963), putting a halt to Tamil Nadu’s separatism from India, the Separate state call in Lanka by Tamil leaders intensified culminating in the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976, for use of Violence in achieving a Separate state called Eelam.

​This Declaration has still not been officially revoked.  ​​Why is that?

Tamil Nadu fishermen poach fish in Sri Lanka waters.  No UN body has taken action to stop it.  Instead, Lanka is punished with a fish sales ban in the EU countries, stating that Lanka fish boats do not carry GPS equipment or some such excuse.  TN fishermen do not carry GPS equipment either and they spoil the sea bed with bottom trawling. ​Most of the fishing vessels are used owned by Tamil Nadu politicians. ​Lanka loses some one billion dollars worth of fish to TN poaches each year. Yet, Lanka is punished.  Why is that?

​Why was the JVP created by the poverty stricken youth of Sinhala Buddhist village families?  Do they know that almost all the SE Asian Buddhist countries had the same problem after Colonization of over hundreds of years?

Does the International Community realize that over 50% of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka live among the Sinhalese live in the South and West outside the North and East they demand as a separate state?

​More Questions for the UNHRC: ​

Why was the Sirima/Shashthri Pact allowed to be abrogated by India?

​​Why was the 1983 Riot orchestrated by a combination of India via Dixit, the then JR UNP Govt and some other powers allowed to happen? ​It was obvious that it was orchestrated since many Tamils were ready with passports to leave the country, and Tamil ambassadors were in place in London, Paris and Berlin to show the Riot videos, which were sent to them by Tamil leaders as soon as it happened.

​   ​Why was the 13-A imposed under DURESS on Sri Lanka by India (1987)?

​Why has the 6-A NEVER been activated?​

Since Sri Lanka has the Tamil Language as a National/Official language and offers free Education & Health Care, many hundreds of thousands of Tamil Dalits have left Tamil Nadu and entered Lanka as illegal migrants.  This is in addition to over a Million and a half Tamils of Dalit origin brought into Lanka during British & Dutch Colonial times to work as indentured labor in the coffee, tea and tobacco plantations.  They have all benefitted through Tamil Language use as well as well as the Free Education (including University) and Free Health Care.

​No other country in the world has given these benefits, including Tamil Nadu. ​

Now let us examine ​some of ​the ​LOSSES​  to Lanka due to t​he Tamil Leaders demand for a separate state:

​(1) Massive loss of life (mainly Sinhala Buddhists as well as Sinhala and Tamil leaders. It is estimated that over the 30 years period almost 100,000 people died. Over 27,000 Lanka Army soldiers have so far died to stop terrorism and defend the integrity of country).  The psychological damage to soldiers as well as lay people in Lanka are immeasurable.  Mistrust and divisions within the various groups grew.  Also, huge war expenses fighting the terror group, the LTTE, which was trained in Tamil Nadu, India.  All that money could have gone into developing the country for welfare of all Lankans. It is estimated the LTTE too lost about $5 billion on the arms shipments, alone which were sunk to the bottom by Sri Lanka navy with help from India and USA.  Those moneys could have been used for such good purposes.

(2) Loss of Reputation with the world community since the 1983 trumped up Riots is irreparable.  These arranged Riots ​enabled some one Million Tamils of Lanka to migrate to the West as refugees.  This Tamil Diaspora went as Refugees as no western country would have accepted them otherwise.  Hence the trumped up Riots.  The present day Tamil Diaspora lobby hard with votes and dollars to influence foreign organizations as well as international bodies, their objective being to form Tamil Eelam for Tamils only.  Lies, Cheat & Deceit go on apace to foreign organizations and govts to achieve such a State.  No proper evidence of crimes supposedly committed is even asked for!  In the meantime, they are demanding a Federal State for Tamils, merging the N&E (that was the stand of the TNA at the last election).  The GoSL is supposed to fund such a state too.

(3) Sri Lanka suffered enormously due to the treacherous acts of the Tamil Leaders in Sri Lanka. In spite of having all the benefits that all Sri Lankans have they found it expedient to wage a war of terror against the country and Sinhala and other people of Lanka. The acts of compassion by the citizens and govt of Lanka were returned with vicious anger against them.

(4)  All Sri Lanka wanted was cheap Labor from Tamil Nadu.  What a price to pay!  Have the International Community realized that the quest for Cheap Labor has brought the country to its knees?  Have the International Community realized that GoSL, past and present, have given the Tamil Dalit Cheap Labor the maximum that can be given at huge costs to life of others in Lanka?

​Foreign countries for their own agendas are exploiting all these acts by Tamil Leaders. ​



More information on the situation of Tamil Dalits in the links below.  Google for more information.


​See ​


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    You want to know why?


    When Sirima tried to PACK these illegals back to Endia Singhala people SAVED them. Singhala singers sang songs of PRAISE for the TEA PLUCKER WOMAN. When Tamils chased away ALL Singhalese from Jaffna FOOLISH Singhalese accomodated them in Colombo.

    This is why.

    IF SL people treated Tamil Dalits in SL the way they are treated in Endia, SL will not have this problem.

    In 2010 even Tamil Madu politicians INCLUDING KANIMOLI – Karunanidhi’s daughter – said conditions in MENIK FARM refugee camp was MUCH BETTER than living conditions in Tamil Madu!!

    This is why.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    TE for Eela Thamilar ( Hela Demila) !

    TAMIL NADU TAMIL PROBLEMS – who compliant to you TN or Kerala have problem even if they have they will compliant to their CM or PM not to UNHR or you & me.
    any way you worry about next door problem do not you have your own problem ???

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    MENIK FARM refugee camp -is not refugee camp it is MENIK FARM IDP camp !!!

  4. Cerberus Says:

    For once Lorenzo I agree with you. However the Sinhalese are what they are just at the Tamil Dalits are what they are. Our natures are so different. Look at Wigneswaran, after having lived a whole life time in Cinnamon Gardens and having been a Supreme Court judge he did not mind telling lies about Genocide of Tamils to UN even very recently. As a Sinhalese I find it very hard to understand how someone can lie so blatantly. If that is the best Tamils can produce as a leader then heaven help them.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    “If that is the best Tamils can produce as a leader then heaven help them.”


    “If that is the best Tamils can produce as a leader then heaven help SINGHALESE.”

    Because LIARS, CHEATS, CROOKS, KILLERS, etc. succeed in today’s world. Others fail. TRUTH to be told.

    This is a story a friend in the army told me. In 1996 when army was clearing LTTE presence in the north a hungry Tamil man arrived asking for food. A hadrworking soldier gave his lunch pack to him. The same afternoon that hungry man tipped off the LTTE to kill the kind hearted soldier and his convoy. He and at least 5 more soldiers died, hungry! That man was injured (as he was close to the claymore mine). Army rushed the shittpiece to army hospital and gave blood and free food and released him. Since then he has done many similar activities until a Tamil paramilitary group whacked him dead.

    So don’t be surprised.

    It was a BRITISH administrator Sabonadiere in 1806 who said, “untruthfulness comes as naturally to a Tamil as mother’s milk.”

  6. Independent Says:

    Teaching from another Tamil man, listen, understand the intention and discard !

    Stupid Tamil teaching of wickedness, hatred, violence and cowardliness.

    Listen to Buddha’s words instead.

    Conquer the angry one by not getting angry (i.e., by loving-kindness); conquer the wicked by goodness; conquer the stingy by generosity, and the liar by speaking the truth.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    As a Sinhalese I find it very hard to understand how someone can lie so blatantly.
    or is he telling not lie ???

    one more thing you missed out about our CM He is a widower who eat daily food (Kiri bath & Seeni sampal ?) from his respectable both daughter-in-law are Sinhala (one of them is LSS Vasudeva Nanayakara’s Daughter)

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Dalits have been ill treated in Tamil Nadu. Tamil leaders of Tamil Nadu try to push the Tamil Dalits into Sri Lanka and take over Sri Lanka via these Tamil Dalits. It is that simple.

    As for cruelty from Tamil Dalits – it is because they are ill treated in Tamil Nadu. They treat others the way they have been treated. It is that simple.

    Lanka should NOT accept Tamil Nadu Tamil Dalits. Since they have been psychologically damaged for over 3,000 yrs, Lanka is NOT capable of healing these people. Instead of healing these people, Lanka itself is getting seriously DESTROYED as a country. Confusion and lack of self respect reigns as Dalit psychological problems are transferred to Lanka.

    Re Labor needs : Lanka has enough Labor. Tea plucking can be done with machines as done in many countries now. Mechanisation of tasks will enable anyone to do the work. Lanka does NOT need Tamil Dalit folk.

    Anyone who thinks they can solve Tamil Dalit problems is nuts and should not be trusted.

    Tamil Problems ought to be solved at the source. That is the ONLY permanent cure. They can start by issuing Birth Certificates with no caste lines. After all, we are in the 21st Century and not in some doldrum age 3,000 yrs ago.

    Our good wishes go to Tamil Dalit leaders to take the correct NON-VIOLENT path to Liberation of their people. Embrace Buddhism – after al, it is a religion/philosophy coming out of India.

  9. Independent Says:

    Buddha said no one is a “dalit” (VASALA) by birth. By behaviour only one becomes dalit. Some Sinhala political leaders are worse than dalits. Chase them to Tamil Nadu !

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil Dalit leaders – Does CM Jeyalalitha or Kalagner Karunanithi need We Mother Lankan fee advise !!!

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    I want to say “Anyone who thinks they can solve Tamil Dalit problems in SRI LANKA is nuts and should not be trusted”.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    We Lankans HAVE TO advise those who are responsible for causing terrible troubles in Lanka. Not only will we advise those in TN, but we are forced to analyse the goals of and advise those who can classify themselves as Neo-colonists too.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    We Lankans HAVE TO advise those who are responsible for causing terrible troubles in Lanka.- My head is spinning !!!

    I ( Eela Thamilan / (i)lanka (i) Thamilan) & You ( Sinhala) have problem why you are saying TN (Jeya/ Kalaignar) is responsible.

    do you thing We (BIG headed) Lankan Tamil would have been miss guided by these Cinema actors ????

    Are you not dividing our own problem ???

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sorry to say you must be shortsighted if you think that Sri Lanka Tamil Question is not related to Tamil Nadu Dalit problem !!

    Please ask yourself why so many Tamil Dalit illegal migrants come to Lanka by tens of thousands over the last few decades if not for the Tamil Nadu Dalit problem ? Why did over a Milllon Tamils (Dalits only) come to Lanka as indentured labor during Colonial times as Indentured Labor ?

    I will rest assured that the Lanka Tamil Question is over when there are no more cries, please and anger from TN Dalits and there is an EXODUS of Lanka Tamils back to Tamil Nadu.

    I am so convinced of that the Tamil Dalit problem in Tamil Nadu IS the ROOT CAUSE of the Tamil Question that nothing that you say will convince me otherwise. Sad and sorry that the problem is so intractable.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    error : read ‘please’ as pleas …

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz Sorry I do not agreed with you
    We- Mother Lankan ( 2m NEP Tamil People) problem is not any related to Tamil Nadu Dalit or TN problem or Indian Problem !!! it is Our ( You & My) own problem. eg: in a family Husband & Wife problem please do not blame neighbour.

    YES Agrred with you Their are other problems in this world eg: ISS, Afgan, Ugrain ,Kasmir, TN & Indian Dalit problem.

    Any all end now !!!
    United Mother Lanka for ever one ,
    live & let’s live until Eelam war V ( Hope & Pray it never happen ) !!!

  17. Cerberus Says:

    Here are two articles which show the true situation in Tamil Nadu.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:


    More than any other reason, it is the Tamil Nadu DALIT Problem that brings in CONVERSIONS of Tamil people in Sri Lanka, especially those tens of thousands who enter Lanka ILLEGALLY. They convert to various religions, mostly to Catholicism/Christianity, and Islam and a few to Buddhism. Some take to Hinduism, the main Tamil religion and practice a sort of ritual Hinduism and not the Yogas. Via the various religious bodies, we have destabilisation of Lanka with foreign agendas that get imposed on without the Peoples consent at Parliament level, somewhat similarly in some states in India too.

    Root Causes of all social problems run long a deep in any society, as with the Tamil Dalit problems. Address the Root Causes and the problems will be solved, at least more or less.

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil Dalit problems. Address the Root Causes and the problems will be solved, at least more or less.- Lord Bhudda failed ( from you comments) can We ordinary people ( what ever cooked We eat when the time comes We go(die)) win???

    last 3,000 years problem only can solve itself when Hinduism (India) disappear in this world ?

    live & let’s live in United Mother Lanka !!!

    NB/ VP you could not achieved while you are in alive but you dead achieved ( if We knew this We could have killed you 33 years ago )

  20. Fran Diaz Says:


    Re “Live and let live live in United Mother Lanka” : is possible when you Tamils stop the call for Separatism and spreading lies, cheat and deceit in the west accusing Lanka GsoSL – isn’t that the truth ?

    No need to remove Hinduism from India. The Four Great Yogas are the real Hindu Teachings and that needs to be prominent. Raj Yoga is akin to Buddhism.

    Rational thinking needed here …….

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