Sri Lanka ‘Lichchavised’ by the ‘RCM’ Dictatorship 
Posted on September 18th, 2015

By Gandara John

The ‘RW-CBK-MS’ (RCM) dictatorship have planned the pulverisation of the Island Nation to four States with a new Constitution, while a smug Sampanthan looks on.

Addressing Parliament on 02 Sep 15 on taking oaths as the leader of the Opposition, Sampanthan of the TNA advocated the creation of 3 to 5 States within the Nation of Sri Lanka (SL), with maximum powers of Governance devolved upon those States.

The likely States that Sampanthan had in mind, political observers say, were the Tamil – Eelam State, the Wahhabi Islamic State, the Indian – Plantation State and the Nordic – Buddhist State; and the probable territories of these complotted states, they say, are located in the merged North and the East, the South –East, the Central and the South – West provinces of SL.

Hitherto only some extremist elements of the Tamil population had been clamouring for an apartheid state based on ethnicity; but with Sampanthan bringing in to public focus a case for ‘Segregation and Division’ for other SL communities too, it is evident that while propagating the Eelam idea, Sampanthan is also attempting to diffuse public pique against Eelam by camouflaging it under a broader blanket of several ethnic apartheid States within the country.

To sell this idea Sampanthan appealed to the raw instincts of the ethnic and religious bigots in the country by holding out an attractive array of carrots which included a greater number of political positions of power (‘there are many young members of Parliament who could be ministers, chief ministers in those regions’) than which exists even in the diabolic absurdity of SL politics.

The idea is a perfect recipe for the balkanization of SL,  like a Yugoslavia, a Sudan, a Congo or an Eritrea, broken up on ethnic, religious, tribal and cast lines and plagued with ‘war lordism’, the archetypal geopolitical carcass of a failed State that the International hyenas thrive on.

Sampanthan was obviously preaching to the choir. Addressing the media at Temple Trees on 19 Aug 15, Ranil Wickramasinghe – the R of the RCM dictatorship – invited political parties to support him in establishing a ‘Lichchavi’ administration. It was not necessarily a matter of semantics, to confuse and mislead the people.

The Lichchavi administration was a repressive form of governance that once existed for a brief period (300 to 7ooAD) in Nepal during its long history. The obnoxious nature of governance brought an abrupt end to that system of administration in the land locked country located strategically astride two giants, India and China.

Described as a confederation of several tribes, the kingdom was not an absolute monarchy; at best it was a euphemism for a dictatorship of the oligarchy with only a small portion of the population qualified to vote.

The foundation of that oligarchy was a symbiosis of the military and a self claimed elitist caste which belonged to a sect of the Kshatriya tribe.

In this small kingdom the tribes dotted the periphery; the many tribal lords on whom power was devolved from the Centre were permitted to maintain private armies.

These marauding war lords, who had exclusive rights to own land, terrorised the people, ingraining fear, exacting ‘Kappan’, and forcing tribesman to work on their lands; the war lords pretty much did exactly what they wanted.

These war lords elected from amongst themselves, a ruler and 9 men; these ‘wise’ men advised the ruler.

The ruler operating from the centre was vested with Executive and Judicial powers; his Executive cabinet was the core of the three headed dictatorship comprising himself, the Army commander and his (the ruler’s) deputy.

How did the RCM dictatorship get the notion of Lichivisation into their heads?

Nepal like SL in view of its strategic location is rich hunting ground for the International hyena.

In the early 1990s Nepal was swarmed by a host of well funded Foreign Government Organisations (FGOs) such as, USAID, Ford Foundation, Asia Foundation, George Soros’ Human Rights groups and the UN ‘Framework Team’; these are the familiar organisations that have destabilised countries around the world and have initiated numerous  ‘counter – revolutions’ they describe as ‘Colour Revolutions’. In Nepal these organisations stoked ethnic strife and destabilised Nepal’s governing structure.

By 2008, the US funded ‘Maoists’ rebels grabbed state power, abolished the monarchy and established a Republic. In the run up to these events the ruling monarch and his entire family were slaughtered in one telling swoop.

The Yankee Maoists, an oxymoron of sorts, then agitated for dividing the country into 15 parcels of territory; they demanded a new Constitution that would accommodate 15 Identity Based Federal States for the Unitary Nation of Nepal.

The proposed ‘Putting – Together’ type of Federation of 15 States has weakened the Nation State and has given rise to deadly recriminations and rumbles in this mountainous country threatening to tear it apart; riots have broken out in the country and the Army are patrolling the streets. The people see the danger and see their politicians selling the country out.

The International hyenas are howling as they smell their prey; Nepalese territories bordering China and India are going belly up.

Most of these FGOs which receive NED funding (CIA funds) like to describe themselves as ‘Civil Society Organisations’. Their nexus with civil society comes from doing well what they are trained and paid for, ‘subverting civil society’.

Hinduism which was a glue to the multi – racial Nation of Nepal came unstuck when the country was made a secular Nation.

The host of evangelical Christian churches which have proliferated in Nepal did a comprehensive study of all the ethnic groups in the country, under the Joshua project. Arun Shrivastava reporting for Global Research says, The Complete list of every ethnic group in Nepal by number of households, population, residence, are known to CIA, MI6, and MOSSAD.”

A prominent FGO in SL funded by the NED and whose members serve as close  advisors and confidantes to the RCM dictatorship lent one of their ‘pundits’ to Nepal to advise the Maoists in drafting the new Constitution; a stint of two years in the foothills of the Himalayas culminated with the riots in Katmandu.

Any guesses from where the ‘Lichchavi Administration’ crept into the vocabulary of the RCM dictatorship?

Nepal is being Balkanized while SL is being Lichchavised. Like in the ancient kingdom of Lichchavi it is only to be anticipated that war lords like Prabhakaran of different sizes and shapes will be terrorizing and extorting the people

Buddhism is on the firing line like Hinduism was in Nepal.

With the stroke of a pen the Sinhalese will be made a minority in the Sri Lankan Nation.

In the proposed configuration of States, the Tamil speaking Eelam State, the Tamil speaking Indian Plantation State and the Tamil speaking Wahhabi Islam State will be a decided majority to the one Sinhala State.

With the aid of USAID and Monsanto, the monster company producing genetically modified food, now firmly entrenched in the island the Discovery channel prediction that the Sinhalese will be an extinct race in a hundred years will probably come to fruition.

Within the confederation Neighbour will be set up against Neighbour and the SL Nation will be set ablaze.

If SL is to be saved, if Buddhism is to be preserved and if the Sinhalese are not to be kraaled into a small territory within the Nation to be wiped out anon from the face of the Earth the illegal RCM dictatorship must be removed by all legal means.

Who amongst us will rise to Sri Lanka’s call?

One Response to “Sri Lanka ‘Lichchavised’ by the ‘RCM’ Dictatorship ”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    MONSANTO’s poison is now OUT of SL.

    Thank god for that.

    Tamil Nadu is a VERY HEAVY USER of Monsanto’s round up. They will go extinct before.

    “If SL is to be saved, if Buddhism is to be preserved and if the Sinhalese are not to be kraaled into a small territory within the Nation to be wiped out anon from the face of the Earth the illegal RCM dictatorship must be removed by all legal means.”


    What “legal means” exist?


    There are NO legal means to get rid of this dictatorship. NONE whatsoever.
    The ALUTHKADE BAR, supreme court, the new HYBRID COURT are all anti-SL.

    “naduth aamuthuruwange, baduth aamuthuruwange”.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SLs can do legally to save SL. NOTHING!

    Only the GUARDIAN GODS of SL can save SL.

    Enemies of SL KNOW this!! (Only our fools don’t know this.) That is why they want to ARREST guardian gods of SL using war crimes BS before they can save SL.

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