Sri Lanka ‘Lichchavised’ by the ‘RCM’ Dictatorship 
Posted on September 24th, 2015

Rahul says,

Lichchavisation of Sri Lanka = Balkanization of Sri Lanka = Break up of the Nation of Sri Lanka= Creation of a Union of Federal States in Sri Lanka.

As John says, RW and Sambandan are speaking the same language; they are both for the break up of the Sri Lankan Nation and in its ruins creating several Federal States which together in a Union will be Sri Lanka. They are both agreed upon fragmenting the country to tiny pieces.

While RW speaks of a Lichchavi administration Sambandan talks of a Federation of four to five States.

It is to the dubious credit of Sambandan that he has been consistently vocal in his stance for the breakup of the country.

The same cannot be said of RW or, for that matter, of MS and CBK who remained conspicuously silent on the subject in the run up to both elections when regularly challenged to be transparent and to explain their stand on this issue.

RW, MS and CBK were openly accused of making a secret pact with Sambandan prior to the Presidential Election; the deal being Tamils would vote for MS and the quid pro quo being the break up of the Nation of Sri Lanka, the merger of the North and the East, the removal of the Army from the North and the East, the eviction of the military from strategic camps, the creation of a Tamil Federal State, the release of imprisoned hard core terrorist cadres, the creation of an armed Police in the North and the creation of a Court of Law in Sri Lanka, with International judges and prosecutors, to hang Sri Lankan war heroes who saved Sri Lanka from the terrorists.

As events unfold the pieces of the jigsaw keep falling into place confirming what was leaked out earlier by credible sources.

RW continues to be untruthful; he waffles when he attempts to couch his actions with words such as ‘Lichchavi’ administration, foreign to the country but not foreign to his advisors at the NED funded NGOs like the ‘Centre for Policy Alternatives’.

RW has now only, after the General Election, invited people to join him to establish a Lichchavi Administration.

In the meantime MS pontificates with his now familiar asinine logic that in the name of reconciliation he was compelled to close down strategically important military establishments, confine the military to barracks in the North and to release hard core terrorists from prison.

People query, is Arjuna Mahendran holding MS to ransom; what power does Mahendran the former international banker from HSBC wield over MS; why does MS fear Mahendran so much.

The creation of several Federal states within Sri Lanka was not on MS’s manifesto in the January Presidential Election which he barely won; MS scraped through with the votes of just 200 thousand voters in a highly flawed election where the voter turnout in the North and the East was phenomenally high and is being challenged in the Supreme Court and in the UN.

MS scraped through with the Tamil votes which Sambandan promised plus the disputed Tamil votes which are being challenged.

The Sinhala voters categorically said NO to MS and did not give MS a mandate whatsoever to break up the country

Some of the main features of a Lichchavi administration, an abhorrent Nepalese system, are the fragmentation of the Nation to a considerable number of autonomous identity based Federal States, the creation of ruling elites or war lords in those Federal States, the creation of internal armed units and militia like the STF in each of those States and devolving authority to the autonomous States to negotiate directly for finances and investment with external governments and agencies.

In Nepal the exercise of drawing up a Constitution incorporating such features was executed by elements of the US funded CPA in Sri Lanka through the auspices of the UN. Nepal has been fragmented into seven States.

The fragmentation has caused some of India’s and China’s borders to be exposed to some of Nepal’s newly created States which have shown increased vulnerability to US coercion, causing security concerns in both India and China.

The break up of a Unitary Whole to several autonomous units is advantageous to the US which is openly accused of meddling in Nepal’s internal affairs. It is a copy book example of dividing a country and then ruling it.

It is easier for the US to deal directly and independently with one or more of the Federal units of a country, having their own war lords with their own personal agendas, than dealing with an inviolate country; the process at the end of the day adversely affects not only the ‘Whole’ but the divided units too.

The US additionally has the option of playing one Federal unit against another and thereby manipulating the ‘Whole’ to succumb to US will; it is a game the US are very competent at, ‘Creating Conflict’.

As John has pointed out Hinduism is the religion of over 80% of the Nepalese people. But with the new Constitution, Hinduism has lost its prime position in the country; that was achieved by simply making the country a secular Nation.

The Evangelical churches with loads of NED/CIA funds and engaged in unethical conversions are openly preying on the impoverished Nepalese tribesmen, especially in those Nepalese States whose borders open to India and China.

In Sri Lanka what would the effect of Lichchavisation be? It is only to be expected that the country would be made a secular Nation and Buddhism would lose its rightful place as the State religion.

US funded Evangelical Churches like Colton Wickramaratne’s well oiled churches would have a free run to engage in unethical conversions and be a conduit for foreign funds.

It is again only to be expected that the five Federal States within Sri Lanka as Sambandan and RW envisage will be represented in the Constituent Assembly at the Centre. The five Federal States would have equal rights vis–a-vis each other in the Constituent Assembly.

The majority that the Sinhalese enjoy in the entire island would be downsized to being a majority in just one of the five Federal States.

In the Constituent Assembly at the centre, as John says, the Sinhala State is reduced to 1/5th of the Federation of Sri Lanka.

It is a slick move with Buddhism devalued and the Sinhala people turned from a 72% majority in the entire island to a 20% presence at National level.

In the context of RW’s and MS’s plans of fragmenting Sri Lanka, marginalising Buddhism and reducing the Sinhalese to a minority the Indian and Sri Lankan moves of building an overhead bridge, boring a tunnel connecting up Sri Lanka with India and making Palaly an International Airport have ominous foreboding.

With an International airport in Palaly, travel to Jaffna from abroad would be easier from Chennai than from Katunayake; this would isolate and distance Jaffna from Colombo while making Chennai closer to Jaffna’s heartbeat.

It would also mean that with Indian trained Jaffna Tamil airport staff, specially selected during Mody’s visit to the island, now manning the Palaly airport, there would be a stampede of  Indian Tamil ‘refugees’ large enough to sink the island and to flood the hill country that will have its own ethnic State, if RW and MS have their own way.

The Indian Tamil hill country State has physical control of all of the island’s waters with all rivers having their beginnings in those hills; the island’s economic life support, tea, is in that State . This is a heady combination that could affect the very viability of the other States in a Lichchavised Sri Lanka and provide India with a long handle.

The Wahhabi State in the East receiving funds from Saudi and Qatar could be the hub for ISIS terrorists to subvert the rest of the proposed States in the island and the Southern States of India.

In the context of the destabilisation and the break up of the country with the proposed Federation of States, it is pertinent to keep in mind the Google balloon hanging over the island; surprisingly neither MS nor the defence establishment of the country has raised any objections.

The balloon would give clear photo and audio coverage of the entire island 24/7.

The balloon links would be connected to the satellites so that sensitive information would be transmitted directly and immediately to Washington. Nothing would be private. When Sri Lanka has a cold Washington would be sneezing.

With such wherewithal Washington has the capability to activate drones, initiate and terminate events and to selectively shut down or keep open INTERNET connectivity.

Sri Lankans are being suckered into a situation. Are RW and MS attempting to breed a vile race of Sri Lankan quislings?

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  1. Ramanie Says:

    Excellent piece Rahul! This is exactly what the RCM combined evil is doing! If we allow this to happen these are really the last days of Sri Lanka as we know it!

    Bridge between India and Sri Lanka is giving ladders to monkeys! It will be one way traffic from India to SL! So, only a one lane one way bridge is needed!


    What Rual is saying is hypothetical, but this government cannot be brought down by democratically, because it was not installed by democratically. One man one vote did not count!

  3. Independent Says:

    Yahapalayaya Government has removed a top government authority official 4 hours after his appointment , completely opposite to their preaching ! He was my ex-friend too log time back.
    I think they have to sack a lot, otherwise cannot run this government.

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