Stop humiliating our heroes
Posted on September 25th, 2015

S. Akurugoda

Former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, addressing the media, has expressed  his regret for finishing the war on terror when he came to the so-called Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to investigate serious acts of fraud, corruption and abuse of power, state resources, and privileges (PRECIFAC) few days ago, to give a statement over the Rakna Lanka armoury.
Today I feel sad to have finished the war. I have had to report to all these commissions just because I finished the war. None of these commissions would be there, if I had not finished the war,” he has said.

Mr Gotbhaya Rajapaksa,  rightly guiding the country’s security forces,  under the  political leadership of  Mahinda Rajapaksa managed to crush the decades long terrorist movement within three and a half years and removed the threat to lives of all the citizens including those of the ungrateful politicians ruling the country today and their supporters. As Mr. Rajapaksa has quite rightly revealed, he had to report to all these commissions as a result of ending the war.

Beside his great contribution to the ending menace of  terrorism, Mr Rajapaksa did a immense service  to develop major cities, within a very short time, remarkably the city of Colombo.

During the time of terrorist war the threat to life was the main concern of every citizen on daily basis irrespective of their ethnicity.  All those who failed to remove the menace of terrorism for nearly three decades  have united and grabbed the power, via political coups, are ruling the country today disregarding the   wishes of  a large section of the people who still pay their respect to  the real heroes for paving  the way to achieve the peace they are enjoying today.

The above statement of Mr Rajapaksa immediately remind us what late Angarika Dharmapala told the people of this country, merely because of the ungratefulness of the countrymen towards his great services to the country and Buddhism.

The British wrongfully alleged that Angarika Dharmapala instigated Buddhists to riot during the 1915 Singhala-Muslim riots and imprisoned  him for 6 years. It is alleged, it was a case where the British took revenge from Dharmapala who spoke harshly against the British rule in Sri Lanka. . Angarika Dharmapala never recovered from the mental agony he suffered as a result of the unlawful imprisonment.  He suffered because he did nothing wrong; it is alleged he was punished solely because of the British’s hatred towards him. .

It is interesting to note that , similar to what is happening today, there were some Singhala leaders, loyal to the British (‘Kalu Suddas’), worked against  Angarika Dharmapala even during those days. History is repeating. Although hundreds of similar incidences are  available throughout our history (including some during the most recent past), it is not the idea to reveal all those in this short letter. It is evident from what is exhibiting  since the end of last year,  how our foreign enemies are manipulating  the country’s  ‘Kalu Suddas’, the inherited  ‘Short Memory ‘of some Sinhalayas, and the greediness to power and wealth (by any means) of the majority of the  politicians to their advantage, even today.

The current acts of ‘Kalu Suddas’ and the power hungry politicians are not surprising at all and they will do their best within the next few months to achieve the goals of their masters suppressing the views of the rest of the countrymen towards their war heroes.

The Washington, Capital of USA, is full of war memorials including the wars they lost, such as Vietnam. Australia and New Zealand, too, celebrate their ANZAC day and provide enormous  respect to those who fought on behalf of the country, despite the motives of such battles.  It is time for our ‘Kalu Suddas’, at least to learn from their own masters, to pay due respect to those who fought to defend the territorial integrity of the country,  instead of humiliating them and paying way to send the heroes to gallows.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mr Akurugoda has expressed herewith our own sentiments regarding the gallant Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

    I recall that in a recent interview with former President Mahindas Rajapakse, he told his tv audience that the ‘death of 27,000 soldiers is no small matter. Think about it’. My mind reeled under this number. And this was only the numbers from the Armed Forces. How many thousands of horrible deaths were faced by simple, unarmed Sinhala Buddhist villagers at the hands of the terror group, the LTTE ? How many Tamil families lost their children to the LTTE ?

    We must ask WHY this happened to Sri Lanka for some 30 yrs.

    Yes, the ex-Colonists had a lot to do with it coupled with Tamil Leaders demands for a Separate State since the 1930s along with their Tamil Dalit Caste problem. The entire war was made OUTSIDE of Lanka and BLAMES LANKA FOR DEFENDING ITSELF. What did they expect ? – for Lanka to bow down and die.

    To those who demean our Armed Forces, we say : You yourself have benefitted from removal of the the LTTE. Please do not shed crocodlle tears now for a deadly killer group.


    Is Lanka expected to be some sort of false Democracy with no sense of statehood, no sense of national feelings, no armed forces to defend itself, no culture, nothing worthwhile ?

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Dear Gota,

    I am so sad to see you are in this state sir. You saved the Mother Lanka and now getting beaten for that “mistake” from the traitors.

    Please remember there are still grateful people who will back you and support you and who will protect you.

    You are still our hero!! If you have not won the war for Mother Lanka, with such precision planning, we would be still clashing with the Ealam kingdom at the border villages getting killed 1000’s or innocent civilians + Bombs exploding everywhere in the country.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Like Hiranthi said “You are not alone Sir,We the grateful people are always with you and your Brother Mahinda for freeing our country from those LTTE barbarians.

    Although some ungrateful citizens in my country saw you as an enemy majority loves you and respects you more than any politician in this country. Because of your fearless leadership we were able to finish the brutal terrorism from our soil without any outside help. We thank you Gota,President Mahinda Rajapksa,Armed forces leadership and the war heroes collectively for ending the war within a short period for every citizen to walk freely in this paradise island of Sri Lanka.

    Actually we live today with great sadness because the way these traitors running the Govt. We never saw foreigners poking their fingers in our affairs like now at anytime. We had a President with a backbone and a vision not a Grama Sevaka with no vision or statesmanship. It’s disgraceful to have such a President in our Motherland. We cannot have faith in him or trust him because of his uncharacteristic actions. His two co partners (Ran Nil & Choura)too same as him.They both act like Jokers telling one lie after another thinking that all are stupids like them. Time has come to leave the homeland and live in a peaceful country but not in America with Satan because of dark future ahead. No guarantee to live freely on the road or inside your own home with this kind of Achcharu Govt or shameless politicians who works for themselves but not for the sake of the citizens in this country.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Foreigners poking into Lanka internal matters started with some 500 yrs of Colonial rule. Rule is continued through ‘kalu suddas’ (e.g. Sicko Trio) who bow to foreign needs rather than local needs.

    British PM Cameron famously said : “most of the troubles in the world today are due to Britain”.

    It is no wonder that there are so many bestial ad ugly crimes in Lanka today. Confusion reigns and Human Life is not respected.

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