Daham Sirisena, the entertainer
Posted on October 3rd, 2015

Courtesy The Nation

I’ve had a fantastic time reading all that’s being written about Daham Sirisena. The Big D, as I now think of him, is a fantastic creature. I mean, who wouldn’t want a walking, talking, Facebook-ing PR nightmare for a son, am I right?


Let’s assume for a moment that Maithripala Sirisena actually reads this (hah! Fat chance). Mr Sirisena, here’s a question for you:


Look at him.


This is Daham Sirisena, Public Figure.

His crowning achievements in life? 48,000 likes on Facebook, shaking hands with Narendra Modi, being the Lucky Sperm and sporadically waving a gun in someone’s face. By all the gods, is that what it takes to get into the UN? If so, hold my beer. I got this.

Look, Mr. Sirisena. A whole bunch of us voted you in; a whole bunch of us didn’t. Those who did vote for you voted not because of your heritage or your spectacles or your  (disturbingly) cheery face in press photos, but because we were bloody tired of the Rajapakse clan. You presented a much saner vision of government. You got the job.

But let’s get one thing clear: we voted for you, not for the Sirisena version of the Rajapakse dynasty. This isn’t even the first time. We were perfectly alright with brushing off your daughter’s media tour. (Oh wait, we weren’t, but Maharaja’s media network was perfectly alright with slowly *cough* making those videos disappear from their channels).
But I digress. Your son is not a world leader – not yet. No-one’s voted for him. Maybe he will be, in time, but that’s in the future. Right now, he’s a gormless 22-year old so stupid that he typed in the dictionary definition of nepotism and then argued against it and ended up pleading not to be placed in the same category as Namal Rajapaksa and Co.
Namal must have laughed his rear end off after seeing that. Heck, Tutankhamun’s corpse probably sat up in the darkness and winced. Let me remind you that Namal was an actual, elected Member of Parliament. Even with all the horseplay and the rugger nonsense and the lawyering he still had more legitimacy than Daham Sirisena.

Like it or not, Daham, at best, is a nonentity with a Facebook page. At worst he’s part of a breed of circlejerk activists whose sole purpose in life seems to be self-promotion. Even so, he’s hardly the choice of weapon for the UN: Colombo is host to seasoned,
professional #activists who do this day in and day out. They’ve got skills Daham wouldn’t even dream of – including, but not limited to knowing how to construct a logical argument on Facebook. If you need someone useless in tow, please send one of them the next time.

If you do want to take the guy around, fine; just don’t make him part and parcel of the whole bloody media kit. Don’t take him on the official tour. Don’t have him sit behind the board saying SRI LANKA” in front of the whole world. If that’s what he wants, lock him up in his room and throw away the key.  Plenty of world leaders have children. They manage them just fine.

It’s about time, Mr. Sirisena, that you put the brakes on this farce. It didn’t work out for your predecessor: it’s not going to work out for you.
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4 Responses to “Daham Sirisena, the entertainer”

  1. ranjit Says:

    He is not Rahul Gandhi or Namal Rajapksa but a stupid boy with no knowledge of politics except living like Lord of the Jungle after his father became the President of this country. In any way he is not fit to be in the Sri Lankan delegation to attend the UN at all. By blaming others his father does all undemocratic things as President. These kind of things must be despised and rejected by the public as they were spending public money after all what they said about the previous Govt and accusing them for misuse of funds on kith and kin.

    All were fooled by their clean men tactics and bogus promises. Every politician is same no difference but these traitors made us all fools for believing on them. Poor are suffering more than anybody today in this country. Prices of essential foods have gone up.Govt is full of loser’s. Nowhere in the world loser’s get jobs as Ministers except in Sri Lanka. Men who has been rejected by the people are like Kings today thanks to the leaders in this unpatriotic Govt. Talking about Democracy and doing things like Dictators.No freedom of speech,No freedom of movement,No freedom even to protest. They put fear in to peoples minds and make Foreigners happy than the citizens in my country. Indian parasites are all over the country in various forms and disturbing the peace and harmony of our citizens. They bring cheap labor,Drugs,Money laundering,Prostitution etc and destroying our paradise nation same as they did by creating a monster in Prabakaran in 1983 and started terrorism to disable our beautiful homeland. I say to them stop fooling the people anymore and show us the new Sri Lanka you promised TRAITORS.

  2. Samanthi Says:

    Thank you, Ranjith. Very well said!

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Daham Sirisena- Do not worry about these comments .
    You are learning , learning to become Kirama Sevakar over 40 or 50 years later People put you which job is appropriate for you .

    Wish your all the best Malli ( Thanbi ) Daham !!!

  4. Tilak Says:

    Ninety nine per cent of Sri Lankan politicians are the same. They talk something when they are not in power, but once in power and tasted its pomp and glory, they forget what they said before and what the public have appointed them for.

    Worse are their children. The people in this country have witnessed, read in newspapers and seen on TV how some children of the powerful elite have been behaving worse than hoodlums, ruffians and thugs, waving their guns at night clubs, abuse power more than their fathers at times by using their fathers’ security squads by not only wasting public money but becoming a liability and a nuisance to the society. There is No need to give examples, but such incorrigible behaviour of such has saturated in to the society well and truly in the past and is continuing even today during the yahapalanaya.

    In my mind both such fathers and idiotic yobbos are not only a damn disgrace to this beautiful nation.

    This problem has become contagious and turned into such a shameful state of affairs where the ordinary folk who appointed these politicians are being taken for a ride all the time. Could it be a collective bad Karma that those born in Sri Lanka are paying year on year, term after term and decade after decade. There is no salvation to be seen in the horizon.

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