Next Sri Lanka  will  cosponsor  with USA  a resolution  against  King Dutugamenu for war crimes.
Posted on October 5th, 2015

By Charles.S.Perera

Now it is a question of reconciliation with the Tamils at any cost and for that it is possible the Sirisena –Ranil good governance may demand USA to investigate whether  USA could extend  the UNHuman rights violation, and even genocide  calling for  accountability of King Dutugemunu’s war against  Elara the Cholan  Tamil,  as a USA resolution at the next UNHRSession in Geneva to be cosponsored by Sri Lanka.

It may be considered  a conventional war under  Geneva conventions. It could  be a possibility with Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain as the UN Commissioner of Human Rights and  Obama’s State Department to  pass a resolution to extend UN Human Rights to apply backwards to  161 BC. The question of King Dutugemunu’s presence is unnecessary as long as the benefit of the justice of a hybrid court could be made beneficial to the Tamils.  If the USA wants it,  it could do it in collaboration with Ranil Wickramasinghe-Chandrika and their yes Man Sirisena.

As people compare Mahinda Rajapakse to  King Dutugemunu , and the  Minister of Justice Wijedasa Rajapakse has already said that Sri Lanka does not belong to Sinhala, Ranil may be extremely pleased to ask his FCID to investigate the possibility of filing action against King Dutugemunu in absentia,  just to humiliate Mahinda Rajapakse.

Making accusations against the  former President Mahinda Rajapakse his family and every one connected to him closely or distantly  and taking them before the FCID, the Commission of Bribery  and Corruption, or the  Presidential Commission of Investigation are a favourite pass-time of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and Maithripala Sirisena, it is most probable that they may give a try bringing accusations against King Dutugemunu , as Mahinda Rajapakse has been compared by a large number of Sinhala Buddhists to  King Dutugemunu..

If that happens there will be yahapalanaya Ministers and Universitiy professors to  sing hosannas to Maithripala Sirisena,and  Ranil Wickramasinghe for their great achievement.  We saw it happening on the 4 October, 2015 in a ITN political discussion(debate) Giraya.

The  two yahapalanaya Ministers Mahinda Samarasinghe, Wijedasa Rajapakse and a Professor  Terence Kulasinghe  from the Peradeniya  University, three  persons despite the office they occupy,  clueless about why USA and West are so full of admiration to Maithripala Sirisena of  Sri Lanka shaking away his hand with so much of warmth, were singing hosannas in praise of Maithripala Sirisena.

The foolish men did not seem to know  that hand shaking and enthusiasm for Sirisena, was for no other reason than  to keep China and Russia away from the southern region. The yahapalanaya Ministers  were smug faced  about the reception  Maithripala Sirisena receicved from the white European leaders ,  and the great honour Sirisena was given to sit at the high table for dinner with none other than the great Obama the black President of USA .

The yahapalanaya Ministers  and the Professor who was full of praise to India, seem least able to understand that  USA and the Western leaders were only celebrating the success they had in duping a foolish Prime Minister  agreeing in Geneva to cosponsor a USA resolution  that makes a joke of a Sovereign State surrendering its own  sovereignty and sealing its fate of being a failed and subjugated State,  to please USA and the West.

This yahapalanaya government in their attempt to take revenge from Mahinda Rajapakse  taking even his personal physician  to be grilled by  Ranil Wickramasinghe’s FCID, (may soon take even his toilet cleaners), are ready to do any thing to please the  USA and the West and make the people believe they have achieved great heights of diplomacy, praising themselves for having been accepted as the friends of the Whites and turning away the yellow.

In the mean time the Tamil diaspora is pleased as they have achieved which they have never dreamt of achieving under a Mahinda Rajapakse Government. 

The Tamil diaspora knows how to play their cards.  They do not want to show still that they are overjoyed  with what has happened about the yahapalanaya government cosponsoring the USA resolution along with Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain’s 225 page UN Report.

In an article in the Colombo Gazette of the 5th October,2015-Ex-LTTE Member Rudrakumaran calls  resolution is a Fudge” , it is reported”….. Rudrakumaran’s TGTE says the Human Rights Council, a state-centric institution, had passed a resolution last week noting that a credible justice process should include independent judicial and prosecutorial institutions led by individuals known for integrity and impartiality and further affirms in this regard the importance of participation in a Sri Lankan judicial mechanism, including the Special Counsel’s office, of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, defense lawyers, and authorized prosecutors and investigators.

This Resolution is a fudge. It prioritizes the Sri Lankan Government’s obsession with controlling criminal proceedings over the victims’ rights to effective justice. Any reasonable observer knows that all criminal proceedings within the Sri Lankan justice system will be stymied by racial bias and political interference. The role of the Sri Lankan State in the mass crimes will be whitewashed,”

With all  anti Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist and pro Tamil reconciliation activities taking place since the 17 August, 2015, with Maithripala Sirisen’s  national government headed by Ranil Wickramasinghe in place , no one can say where they are going to stop pleasing the USA , the West and India.

With the proposed India Sri Lanka tunnel and Bridge projects and the CEPA Sri Lanka is doomed to be a part of the Tamil Nadu, and loose its identity for ever. That is what our Sinhala Buddhist voters wanted when they voted for a change from Mahinda Rajapakse Government and voted for Sirisena –Ranil-Chandrika Yahapalanaya.

Reports emanating from the Press Trust of India (PTI) state clearly that our Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe has had discussions with the Union (Central Government), Road Transport, Highway and Shipping Minister Nethin Gadkari on the proposed Indo Lanka Land Bridge on September 16, 2015. A further PTI report dated September 20, 2015, states that Secretary level talks between Sri Lanka and India are scheduled for October 2015 to take the Land Bridge Project forward.

In  presenting the UN Report Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain said But this Council owes it to Sri Lankans – and to its own credibility – to ensure an accountability process that produces results, decisively moves beyond the failures of the past, and brings the deep institutional changes needed to guarantee non-recurrence,”

And Pablo de Greiff (UN Rapporteur) noted that to fully realize this potential Sri Lanka needs to work on parallel tracks. On the one hand, a deliberate process needs to be devised by which the country will move ahead towards a comprehensive transitional justice strategy addressing the manifold challenges the country is facing such as the in-depth reform of the justice system and the security sector (military, police, intelligences services included), the establishment of independent truth-seeking mechanisms, the design of a comprehensive reparation scheme to name a few.

Where were they when there was a thirty years of terrorism in Sri Lanka and what do they know about Sri Lanka as a whole without partitioning it on ethnic ground ?

These pontificators  see terrorism in Sri Lanka through their professional eyes. After all they are there to do  a job.   Therefore there jobs do not let them see the human side of things from the point of view of Sri Lanka. For them the period of terrorism in Sri Lanka is fiction or like reading  in  books about  the killing of the inhabitants of  ancient Mexico the Astex by  the Invading Spaniards or burning of non-believers at stake to make others obedient and accept Catholism to evade death by the  armies of the Inquisitors.

Fault is not in them but in the yahapalanaya Government of Maithripala Sirisena and his UNP Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasingh who cosponsored  a resolution without a whimper against it, instead of refusing to accept the resolution and call for a debate.  By cosponsoring the resolution it becomes the resolution of Sri Lanka which has accepted its conditions in toto.

If that is not selling Sri Lanka to USA and the West what is it. ?

Because of this Yahapalanay Government  Sri Lanka is no more a Sovereign State but a modern colony of USA ,the West and India.

Hence it cannot be ruled out that yahapalanaya government  may even cosponsor a USA resolution against King Dutugemunu to try him in absentia for war crimes against Tamils.

16 Responses to “Next Sri Lanka  will  cosponsor  with USA  a resolution  against  King Dutugamenu for war crimes.”

  1. Independent Says:

    King Dutugemunu (not DUTUGEMNUI) lead the war from front. He was not just a commander or a even a general he was the fighter himself risking his life for the country. He was not paid salary, eligible for pensions and living out of public money. Public did not pull him out of wilderness and planted on a paid Sinhasana.
    He himself thought and found enjoyment of Tamil Yahapalanaya of king Elaara not satisfactory for Sinhalese and Buddhists and organised a new army, a new guerrilla army. After fighting but get defeated he escaped and learnt from an ordinary elderly mother that his method of hit and run fighting cannot beat Elara’s Yahapalanaya. He re-organised himself and liberated the country.
    After liberation records indicate he worked mostly for the Sinhala Buddhist majority, did not try to please India of Arabs or anyone else. He became even more Buddhist and refrained from defilements than letting his sons ruin the culture and Buddhism saying that “young people must enjoy”.

    Even to connect king Dutugemunu (not DUTUGEMUNI) and the words “war crimes” is absurd. Such ideas will be giving more ammunition to the enemy.

  2. Ben Silva Says:

    Who voted in Sirisena and RW ? – Sinhala Buddhists

  3. Indrajith Says:

    Once again a nice piece of writing!


    Yes, it is possible, but OBAMA’s white house will be over in few months. Bottom line is MONEY TALKS. Fabricating a story and present it to the whole world is an out standing achievement by Sirisena. Sirisena president, can lift up RANIL Punk to the height of the Himalayas and he could be looking at other awards he should be giving. Next Srisena’s son; Dumbhe will request Crack Cocaine to be distributed on flights to and from SL.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Great piece of writing Charles.We appreciate it very much. Actually I am fed up of writing even a word or a comment regarding the situation we are in today with this Devil send Yahapalanaya. Our stupids did a blunder by voting this treacherous Govt to power. Now how much we cry they do not care a damn because these politicians work for themselves not for the people. Which country has appointed a losing candidate as a Deputy speaker? Which country has given Ministerial posts to losing candidates in an election? If this is the position in my country what can we expect from them? It’s better to say “ADIEU” to the country we loved so much and go and live somewhere where we can live in peace rather than staying with these traitors who hasn’t any love except their own selfish dreams to get rich day by day.

    Only thing the people who love this country can do now is to get united and make a strong Opposition to fight this Achcharu Govt of traitors to the homeland. I have a strong feeling that if we get together we can overcome all the difficulties and send this Govt packing in to exile. How much these traitors say that there is no danger to my country there is because of so much interference from America and the Indians. We have two Rajapaksa haters in the helm and they will not sleep until they hang him although they say “NO” They have started to question Mahinda’s Doctor and maybe his toilet cleaner next as Charles says how do we know? This is the first time we see or hear such things in my land. This is not fair at all. A country who erased terrorism from it’s soil has become a victim because of evil minds.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Utter idiots!

    They are all worked up because Russia is bombing their beloved terrorists in Syria.

    When MR had power he should have finished off these TRAITORS. It is the SAME OLD TRAITORS who are destroying SL now with the Maru Sira scarecrow in front.

    Now UNP is trying to bump out Maru Sira so that HORU Jaya will become the president. Until a patriotic speaker is appointed, we have to protect Maru Sira.

  7. Independent Says:

    I don’t care whether it is Runil, MR , MY3 or anyone else. Politicians are not our servants. There is ZERO payback for these buggers who play and gamble with public money. We should use them. IT IS THEIR DUTY. They don’t use their own hard earned wealth. No ONE. All illicit money in some way.

    This is a crucial time. It is stupid to be solely on one side siding USA, UK block. Yes, keep the new relationship but show clearly we are open to help for Russia, China and Pakistan.

  8. aravinda Says:

    We are heading for a Era of anarchy, which in old times was called as Avicharaka Samaya. As a child, my favorite author was W.A.Silva. His historical novel, VIJAYA KOLLAYA may depict what is ahead for Sri Lanka.

    This was a time, in 1521, three sons mutinied and murdered their father VIJAYABAHU the 2nd, and divided the nation. Weaken country fell to foreign domination. This led to number of weak leaders controlled by Portuguese, where civil war and terror reigned. The majority Sinhala people were cornered and ridiculed, betrayed and insulted, and terrorist acted as victims and defenders of Sri Lanka because hunted. After 500 years, we are heading that way.

    History tell us what is going to happen to our nation.

  9. nilwala Says:

    Brilliant piece of satirical writing by CharlesP….shows how idiotic the system has become, but more than anything the way history has an uncanny way of repeating itself.
    Thanks Charles!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:


    The elections were RIGGED. Also the N&E voted en bloc for Siri-Wicki.

    Let us never blame the poor Sinhala Buddhists who lay down their lives to keep the country intact, every time.

    What the Sinhala/Buddhists have suffered and put up with for 500 yrs or more starting with the arrival of the Portuguese, should be written down in a book and also made into a film.


    “Gratitude is a good thing”

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,

    Many thanks for your article. We appreciated the Dutugamumu/MR connection you refer to. Too true.


    Yes, we are in a most peculiar situation now. The new leaders of Lanka are actually apologetic for the MR govt and hte Armed Forces of Lanka for having released the Nation from near 30 yrs of LTTE terrorism. They seem to be saying : “So sorry we did not continue letting the LTTE (baby bashing specialists) slaughter the People of Lanka !!! So sorry we displeased you, the ex-colonists and new powers that be”.

    * Strange that the UNHRC does NOT inquire why it is that the Tamil Leaders of Lanka demanded a Separate State from the 1930’s which led to all the troubles and divisions culminating in the LTTE. This, in spite of all the concessions given to the Tamils of Lanka (plus Tamil illegal entrants galore too) – so much so, that Tamils of Lanka have more free items than the Tamils of Tamil Nadu, plus language rights and religious rights.

    * Strange too that the UNHRC does NOT inquire why Tamil Dalits flee Tamil Nadu, India.

    Tamils are a protected species, whilst the rest of Lanka are not …. ?

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    King Dutugemunui didn’t rely on DEMO-CRAZY. He was successful because he was a military ruler.

    SL is running out of options. IF we think BRITISH IMPOSED demo-crazy can save SL, we are being fooled.

    Elections are easily manipulated with money.

  13. Ben Silva Says:

    Sinhala Buddhists need to be aware of the extreme danger they face, ie getting wiped out in a manner similar to Nalanda Buddhists, if they hang on to ancient Indian cults, now rejected by Indians. How and why did the Nalanda Buddhists get wiped out ? Why is Buddhism nearly extinct in India ?

  14. Independent Says:

    “Sinhala” is a language. I have not heard that “Nalanda” was a language that existed those days. It is a school.
    I think “Nalanda Buddhist” are not extinct. I know for sure Mahela Jayawardane is a good example. He is a Nalada Buddhist.
    Mervyn Silva Gone. Duminda Silva gone. Sarath Silva gone. Silvas are the ones going extinct.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Nanda aka Dham aka Independent,

    Please look what Ben says without just distracting. We all know you are Mangala-Ranil-Bandit apologist which is OK. The lesser the number of Singhalese the better for the UNP.

    But allow others to CHART A COURSE for SINGHALESE to SURVIVE.

    What happened to NALAMDA Buddhists also happened to MALAYSIA, INDONESIA and MALDIVES Buddists. Endian Buddhists, Pakistani Buddhists and Afghanistan Buddhists.

    Now it is happening to South Korean and Japanese Buddhists, Thailand Buddhists and SL Buddhists too.

    Only a FOOL would deny these FACTS.

    SL Buddhists should NOT go to NIRVANA before sending Tamils and Muslims to NIRVANA FIRST!!

    I think that is the ULTIMATE “thaanam” (giving) Buddhists can do!! I call it “Dharma thaanam”. In free food stalls in Wesak people give “thaanam”. Like that give “Dharma thaanam” to Dharma poor people – NON BUDDHISTS.

    Send them to NIRVANA FIRST. Buddhists already know the path to NIRVANA so they can do it anytime. no rush.

    This is the RIGHT PERCEPTION (Samma Ditti).

    We (all SLs) have to take action to SAVE SINGHALA BUDDHISM for future generations. It is too precious for HUMANITY to lose this treasure. I disagree with some Buddhists concepts but I want it protected. May be I can’t understand its hidden truths but I recognize its value.

  16. Independent Says:


    Machang you are my 2nd Kotiya friend. I have one more who is very good but I never talk politics (Demala Problem ) with him.

    Machang, leave our Buddhism to us. Look after your Christianity machang. Most Tamils going to Apaaya anyway because as you said before “cheating and lying is in their blood”. I take no effort to send them to Nirvana, even Buddha couldn’t do it, who am I ? For your own good , leave it to us machang.
    Otherwise when that judgement day comes, Jesus will ask you “why the hell you Tamil Modaya tried to save Buddhism ? – I condemn you to Avvichi hell !”

    But when you are siding with we Sinhalse machang , I welcome it. I like you comments. So please do so. I also like Ben to be with us in this forum. So we can fight for Singalam machang no need for Buddhism as it is well respected by those who have larger brains machang ( it is called Vinnu in Pali, Gnaani in hindi and sangsrkrit)

    Those who find Buddhist concepts wrong are always free to leave it and go after Siva Lingam, Andy Lingam or any other Lingam they like.

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