Peoples Voice Muted in Parliament
Posted on October 9th, 2015


Today (2015.10.08), when Hon Dinesh Gunawardena, MP, raised a matter of “public interest” (transferring of permanent employees of Central Bank who had given hard evidence to parliament on the infamous bond scandal under good governance in February 2015) under section #17 of Standing Orders in Sri Lanka Parliament (Mr Gunawardena is one of the senior most MPs with over 30 years of experience in Parliamentary tradition & practice), the Speaker did not allow it even to be mentioned in Parliament and went further by adjourning Parliament sittings.


under the guise of “regular transfers” close to some 200 Central Bank employees had been given transfers for giving evidence on the “half-a-billion dollar bond scandal” reported during good governance in Feb 2015. there was a COPE committee appointed to investigate on the matter during the previous Parliament, but the report was not allowed to be table in parliament.


the decision for the Speaker to make was whether the above matter was of public interest or not. the speaker announced it is not.

MPs with backbone:

then 21 MPs in the real opposition rose to their feet under Standing Orders of SL Parliament and supported Hon Gunawardena. hence the Speaker had no option but allow Hon Gunawardena to read only the draft of the matter. which was readout in parliament by Hon Dinesh Gunawardena.


we would like to out & loud thank and appreciate a large section of Central Bank staff, their families and the General Public for the thousands of appreciations and wishes sent our way.

9 Responses to “Peoples Voice Muted in Parliament”

  1. Independent Says:

    Big fraud by TAMIL THIEF is one thing we should not allow him to take revenge from whistle blowers. Frauds of previous government is not excuse to do even worse frauds and continue to ROB the country. Ranil should be forced to take action or he himself will have to be sent to USA.

    Let me summarise the STEALING done by the TAMIL THIEF (TT) in a simple way. My numbers are not exact for simplicity.

    1. Central Bank wanted to buy MONEY in an auction.

    2. Central Bank (CB) informed all bidders that interest rate expected is 9-10%. ( Now this itself is too high, when interest rates around the world is almost ZERO). They were informed 1000 units are required.

    3. Method of buying in the auction is also wrong in my view. After all bidders submit their rates and the amount, CB buys money form the lowest rate bidders at an (weighed?) average rate (between lowest and highest rates).

    4. At the auction (I don’t know how many exactly but say) 10 bidders place their bids (rates and the amount) all close to 10% and 1000 units, except the HORA company which bids for 12.5% and 13000 units.

    5. the CB bought 5000 units (instead of published 100), HORA company is out as others can supply the goods at 10% .

    6. But suddenly at the last minute TT says he wants 20000 units. Luckily someone advises him against so much buying and they decided to buy 10000 units. Because the other bidders could not supply 10000 units ( they were not ready as they have been deliberately mislead by TT) , now the HORA company have a chance to supply the money. Therefore interest rate goes up to 11.5 % (approximately). Now this is a 30 year bond, again never happened before.

    This HORA company has connections to a lot of HORAs, that is besides the point. Clearly TT is a BIG HORA and money may have been paid to UNP funds, that again is besides the point. All are HORAS, that too is not relevant here.

    But now the Big Thief has sacked or transferred all those whistle blowers, with approval of RANIL.


    All bring back this bugger that bugger must be stopped and CORRUPTION shall be fought by honest people not by HORU themselves.

  2. Independent Says:

    Even “protests” have become shameless !
    There was a protest to “BRING BACK DHAMMIKA RANATUNGA” as Port chairman ( when his bother is the Minister) by PORT workers !
    What a joke ?

    Now people are asking for NEPOTISM !

    why ? because media prostitutes have PROVED them NEPOTISM is better !

  3. ranjit Says:

    After Jan 8th coup orchestrated by Foreign hands and our local traitors we do not see any democratic rule except jungle rule same as we had during 2002-2004. Seventies.Eighties.Two Thousand what we saw was all dead corpses of youths in this country and the war heroes and Innocent civilians killed by brutal barbarians LTTE. Now again thanks to our stupid citizens who thought of their stomach than the country they were born brought this cruel,hatemongers to power. The promises they made during election time was such the stupids thought Sira/Wicky combination will make this country a heaven with lot of goodies cheap and available for the people on easy cash. Not even nine months have passed with this Achcharu Govt of liars and cheaters the prices of essential goods have sky rocketed and small time investors are closing down their businesses.

    We have a Deputy Speaker, several MP’s and Minister’s who has been rejected by voters in this country. What can we expect from such a Govt? Is it Democracy? We have a President and a Prime Minister who acts like Lord of the Jungle. They condemned and abuse public servants,politicians who oppose them in bad language. They accuse people without any evidence or reason. The rulers have become jokers because they act like jokers in front of the public. The citizens must act immediately to save this country from this evil lot before they take us back to era of darkness and horror.


    Sorry, this government is owned by OBAMA and John Kerry. Nothing can be done until OBAM Leaves White House; end of December.

  5. NAK Says:

    The good for nothing MUTT ‘Runil’ promised before the elections that a comprhensive inquiry will be held on the
    “Great Central Bank” robbery” but now the main culprit in the robbery is back in charge and has begun a purge of those who gave evidence as they were duty bound to do. The good for nothing MUTT ‘Runil’ meanwhile is determined to protect his his partner in crime!!!

    Oh!people of Sri Lanka “do you realise what you have done?”

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Anaesthetic Buddhist killer pol pot ponil behaved in the Parliament yesterday like a gangster.
    He really showed his real dark side. He is all too powerful and nobody can touch him. He knows it.

    He gets away with murder every time.
    He got away killing 60,000 Buddhists.
    He got away with grassing intelligent officers.
    He got away with signing pact with hitler mala paharan.
    He got away with prolonging the war and getting ltte to kill 100,000+ Buddhists.
    He got rid of Buddhism in the north and east by using ltte to purge those areas of Sinhalese.
    He got away with doing the central bank robbery of 5000 billions with his catholic buddy mahendran.
    He got away with winning the election with promising moon and earth and loads of lies.
    If any body dares to challenge him, he got his pathalayin to silence opposition.
    He has been the most powerful man in Sri Lanka for the last 40 years.

    He is a dark terror. Silent killer. Anaesthetic killer. Buddhists only please.
    Malwatte, asgiriye chiefs, shobithaya dhrohitaya, ambare damilaya, high priest ratanaya, etc. etc. where else
    you can find a Buddhism lover than him in the country?

  7. ranjit Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya you are damn correct.He is a serial killer where police cannot find or touch.His plans are all imported stuff.he is a master cheater too. Acts like Goebbels and work like Hitler. He escapes from all wrong doings because of pure luck. Cunning old fox with different faces. Brain is from America,upper body is from the west and the down portion is from India because he walks like an Indian. Funny old Traitor.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Ranjith, thanks very much. Police can find plenty of evidence. It is in the batalande report in BLACK AND WHITE HIS
    INVOLVEMENT. Catholic traitor chief pol pot and his catholic buddies how they killed Buddhist youth pretending to
    put down an insurgency. Then central bank day light robbery with his catholic tiger buddy also proven beyond
    anybody’s doubt. He doesn’t care. He knows he is untouchable because he is a catholic. If MR done so much robbery and murder he would’ve been hung in public!

    He doesn’t any of what anaesthetic killer got. No pathala. No church. No trousers! no Colombo background!
    So he is tv, newspaper etc. etc’s no 1 villan!

  9. Independent Says:

    Here comes the new Basil in the making. History repeating. All Politikkos are the same . Nepotism has been proven best for our begging country by Media Eagles

    Boardroom battles at Telecom, Mobitel
    View(s): 628

    Fireworks erupted at the board meetings of Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel on Friday with Telecom Chairman P.G. umarasinghe vehemently opposing moves to suspend Mobitel CEO Ranjith Rubasinghe pending an inquiry. The SLT Board meeting was held first at 4 pm. Soon disagreements broke out.

    The situation escalated so much that Harin Fernando, the Telecom Minister, was called around 9.30 pm to defuse the tensions. He did so and helped the parties agree on certain decisions. This included suspending Mr. Rubasinghe for three months pending inquiries into allegations, including using Mobitel money and resources for the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s re-election campaign. It was also stated that Mr. Rubasinghe had allegations against him at the Financial Crimes Investigation Division of the police. The Mobitel board meeting started after Minister Fernando left late on Friday night.

    Arguments broke out again with
    Mr. Kumarasinghe refusing to allow the changes the board wished to introduce. Authoritative sources said there was much shouting and screaming in the room. They said Mr. Kumarasinghe was particularly adamant that Mr. Rubasinghe should stay on.
    Amidst the ruckus, businessman W.K.H. Wegapitiya resigned from the board, also amidst much protest from
    Mr. Kumarasinghe. The board also asked Mr. Kumarasinghe to suspend Mr. Rubasinghe immediately but he said he would issue the relevant letter on Monday.

    There were six board members at the Mobitel meeting and nine at the SLT meeting.

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