Has anyone felt it this way?
Posted on October 20th, 2015

Kithsiri De Silva.

Recently, I was browsing to book a hotel in Sri Lanka on-line and I was little taken aback reading some of the disparaging comments posted by some, whom one time were Sri Lankan / Ceylonese but now living abroad.

Mostly, they have come particularly from one or two communities and wondering whether this is another secretly planned and concerted effort to harm the image / economy of the country.

Has anyone here felt it this way?

Kithsiri De Silva.
Sri Lanka.

3 Responses to “Has anyone felt it this way?”

  1. Nimal Says:

    I notice that some who have gone abroad and live like paupers, come back to show their arrogance, have little compassion like we have, the admires of the colonials. I just come back to UK from my beloved country of birth but I see on the roads is the lack of respect and tolerance and should they ever go to West to live and return with a chip on their shoulders and they are the ones that give bad reviews like the ignorant yanks. Yanks want every country to have facilities larger than life in where ever they went, difficult customers I say.


    Kithsiri de Silva, you state you are living abroad but give an address as Rajagama. These two does not tally up! This for you and the readers; Every action that was cooked up to get rid of MR and put Sirisena as the President and put RANIL PUNK above him was MUSLIM OBAMA’s Grand plan. Ranil PUNK openly said that no one can touch him and he is above the law and he is the owner of the Parliament, he controls the. speaker. Ask your self this question. Who put these Punks to be the Sri Lanka government? Lets take few years back. Hilary Clinton then secretary of State in USA went to Tamil Nadu and met with Jayalalitha, Vikko, and Karunanidhi then went back and employed 15 Tamils of Sri Lankan to work as Directors. They were Harword educated. They were later hired by Muslim OBAMA to defeat MR at the elections and to down grade the republic to a Parliamentary system without a constitution. the 18th amendment was passed by buying MPs and using the slogan “HORHA, HORHA”. MUSLIM OBAMA openly said that if you do not stop the Sri Lankan Economic advance and Infrastructure development like the “Mattala” Air port and the Harbor, we in USA will loose jobs because with the economic growth comes the job growth for SL. Tell me one country that has a Prime Minister who can dissolve the parliament, without any member of parliament or the speaker, or the president or the leader of oppression leader requesting it? Ranil Punk openly said that he was trained for 3 months in Los Angeles California, USA, in 2006 to ridicule the Constitution and put him as owner of SL. There cannot be a NO CONFIDENCE motion in the parliament against the Prime Minister, but there can be against the President. Read full text of 18th Amendment.
    1. Nimal thanks for the comment about Yanks, but every American can not be calcified as what you state. I am a Proud American and I love my native land SL. There was a congressman who came to support MR and what happened when he went back? At Washington DC air port he was questioned by FBI / CIA agents. This is to sate that how powerful these Tamils in the State Department. They put MUSLIM Atul Ketchup as the us ambassador.

  3. Kithsiri Says:


    Where did I say that I am living abroad?
    We Sri Lankans are known to be readers between lines but it was not expected from a so-called US citizen.
    Thank god that we have been exposed to ” යන්නේ කොහේද මල්ලේ පොල් “, kind of stories, early in our life.
    My only advice is to read well before you comment.

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