Posted on November 8th, 2015


Late Ven Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero underwent two  heart surgeries  at the Central Hospital Sri Lanka during last 2 months. According to established medical dictums, overseas travel is not recommended to heart patients following a surgery, for at least 6 months after the operation.   There is general consensus amongst the medical professionals, 12 months period as a safety net period for overseas travel for such patients.

There was no doubt that Late Thero might not have been in a position to understand the risks associated with such a decision to travel and he might have been persuaded by political strongmen to do so.  Were there any ulterior motives behind this risky decision and strategy?  Now Ven. Sobhitha Thero is silenced!

In the recent past, Late Thero had publicly expressed his disappointment with the government for breaking its key promises.  When President Mahinda Rajapakse met the Thero at the Hospital in Colombo, the Thero had told  the President ” Apita weraduna mahaththayo” ( we made a mistaake).


Former Chief Incumbent of Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihiraya Mapitigama Buddharakkitha conspired and killed the former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr S W R D Bandaranaike.  Buddharakkitha killed Mr Bandaranaike as the Prime Minister refused to give major contracts to the Bhikku, who supported him to come to power in 1956.

Late Sobhitha Thero did not expect any financial rewards in return from Maithreepala and Ranil regime for bringing them into  power, instead he genuinely felt disappointed with the new government for its failure to keep the promises.  Now Ven Sobitha Thero is out of the future political equation, there will be happy faces emerging.

It was on 20 November 2014, the President Mahinda Rajapakse issued a proclamation calling for Presidential election in January 2015.  The events that had taken place during past 12 months from November 2014 to November 2015 had not benefitted Sri Lanka at all.  These events did not enhance image of Sri Lanka.  These events had neither increased the standard of living nor decrease the cost of living for Sri Lankans.   These events had not improved the disposable income of the average Sri Lankan.  These events had not improved the employment, education or health sectors in Sri Lanka.

These events had placed the leader of  ITAK, the Tamil dominated political party with 16 seats out of 225 as the Opposition Leader of the Parliament.  These events had placed the leader of JVP which won 6 seats as the Chief Opposition Whip of the Parliament.

These events had placed the majority Sinhalese in a low ranking order.

Unfortunately, Late Ven. Sobhitha Thero must have realised his error of judgement of creating a political crisis in Sri Lanka.  It is too late now and regrettably Ven  Sobhitha is no more to rectify the situation.

Oba Wanseta Niwan Suva Lebewa.



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Did you notice the death of Sobitha thero is VERY SIMILAR to the death of Ven Soma thero?

    Heart attack was the reason given for both cases.

    Although Sobitha thero helped the JAMAPALANAYA govt. to come to power he was TOTALLY DISGUSTED of the conduct of the UNP led govt. and Maithiripala. Obviously they KNEW TOO WELL Sobitha can change a govt.

    His death must be investigated.

    UNP govt. COLLPASED within 6 months of the death of Ven Soma thero. This UNP govt. too will collapse within 6 months of Sobitha thero’s death.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Just as it was with Soma Hamuduruwo, this time Yamapalanaya did the needful to dispatch Sobhita speedily. To send a grievously sick person by air is very similar to what Soma Hamuduruwo got in Russia by the Christian Church.

    He was no longer needed and he became Karapincha in the end.

    May he rest in peace!

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    This is definitely a manslaughter! They wanted to silence him before he speak up.

    Same story as Soma Hamuduruwo.

    A proper investigation should be done. But who will order it. Yama Palanaya, RAW and CIA wanted to silence him.

    He was mislead by clever lies saying Hora Hora and he took things to his hand and worked hard for the RAW and West’s agenda. Later he realized that he was taken for a ride and regretting. Just before he speaks up they got rid of him.

    A Autopsy should be requested by patriots…

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Lorenzo for reminding of collapsing of UNP government!!

    Hope it will happen again!!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Hope Maru Sira and Bandit follow him SOON. Run-nil can be beaten easily.

    Sobitha thero left the Frankenstein monster he created. Hope Maru Sira and Bandit follow him SOON.

  6. nilwala Says:

    Sobhitha Haamuduruwo must have been quite anguished at what is going on in the country, and in particular about the role he had played in it. Now it is too late for him. Hopefully the country will reset soon.


  7. mario_perera Says:

    Ven Soma began with a bang and ended with a whimper. Ven.Sobitha faced the same fate.

    A much used slogan among political monks was: Bana preaching cannot change this country. The country, he deemed, can only be changed by a legislative process. Pushing this dictum to its utmost Ven.Soma aimed at reaching political power. His trip to Russia and its gains were in preparation for this endeavour. That intent remained unrealized. His mantle fell on the JHU.

    Ven Atureliya who assumed the mantle of Ven.Soma said they would transform parliament by making it ‘dharmistha’ within six months. At the very oaths taking one of its venerable members was subjected to a most indecent assault (his testicles were violently squeezed) and spent several weeks in hospital. The promised transformation period of six months elapsed and nothing happened. Now many many years have transpired and nothing has happened. In the meantime Ven.Atureliya vanished from the scene. Ven.Soma’s dream fell by the wayside.

    Ven.Sobitha took up the fallen mantle. He identified root causes of the malaise of governance and fought to rectify it. The pillow was changed but the headache did not go away. Ven.Sobitha gave vent to his disappointment. Now he is gone.

    They all began with a bang and left the scene with a whimper. The difference from the others was that Ven.Sobitha succeeded in changing the pillow whatever it be of the headache.

    What they all aimed at was changing society through the legislative process. Ven.Sobitha insisted that the process cannot succeeded if corrupt legislators are set to parliament. Yet after so much drum beating, the voters went contrary to his urging. They re-elected corrupt representatives for parliament.

    What does this show? What other than the corrupt nature of the voters. The corrupt bring forth the corrupt. The corrupt voter (let us bluntly say ‘the corrupt country’) created corrupt legislators and consequently a corrupt legislature. The corrupt legislature will want nothing else but that the corrupt country remain corrupt and thereby ensure his place and power.

    Can such a country be redeemed? YES. HOW? By ten mighty tsunamis flattening the land and washing its entire human component into the sea.

    Mario Perera

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    You identified the problem CORRECTLY but the solution is FUNNY.

    I once smashed a laptop because the internet connection kept dropping. NOT the solution.

    The solution is a dictator panel of patriots and sensible people taking over SL and FIXING it. FAT PARASITES in the system are not that difficult to get rid of. The panel should be supported by trigger happy hunters who will be kept busy. I’m sure MOST people will support it.

  9. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Lorenzo,

    I always read your comments with much interest.

    The solution of a “dictator panel of patriots and sensible people” is attractive.

    However where are these patriots? Where are these sensible people? How can they be identified and brought to the fore? Does being a patriot and a sensible person suffice before the immensity of the task?

    The suggestion of trigger happy hunters is a scary proposition, is it not? They would themselves have to be patriotic and sensible. Are there any such?

    Thank you,

  10. nilwala Says:

    I am amazed at some of the comments by Mario Perera in his posting.

    There are plenty of patriots and sensible people in Sri Lanka, but SOME of them were lured by lies and propaganda into voting for the Yahapalanas at the August 2015 election…just as it happened in 1815.
    Today they pay the price for their naivete.
    Bhikkhu Sobhita must have been quite distraught by what he had created.

  11. mario_perera Says:


    Please answer: where are these patriots? Where are these sensible people? How can they be identified and brought to the fore?

    You say: There are plenty of patriots and sensible people in Sri Lanka, but SOME of them were lured by lies and propaganda into voting for the Yahapalanas at the August 2015 election…

    If as you say : “but SOME of them (sensible people) were lured by lies and propaganda into voting for the Yahapalanas at the August 2015 election…” then they cannot be sensible people !! How can one trust ‘sensible people’ who are susceptible to lies and propaganda??

    Where are the rest of those sensible people (those who apparently were not lured by lies and propaganda)?

    NIlwala, are your sensible people identifiable? If so, where are they and what are they? Are you sensible people permanently sensible or part time sensible people? surely when you say there are plenty of sensible people (those that are not lured by lies and propaganda) surely you can identify them when you see them.

    Please transmit to us this wondrous gift of identifying ‘sensible people’.

    Mario Perera

    What is the use of sensible people if they can be “lured by lies and propaganda”??

  12. nilwala Says:

    Mario Perera clearly does not allow for mistakes by sensible people who can sometimes be subject to human fallibility and be misled…. I hope that he is as perfectly sensible as he presents himself to be.

  13. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Nilwala.

    What we are engaged in is an intellectual discussion and nothing more.

    With my kind regards


  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    May this Buddhist priest who cared, attain the Peace of Nibbana.

    It is time for all Concerned Citizens of Lanka looked at the Root Causes of the main problems that beset the country and correct those past errors using the Law and with educated reasoning bring forth new guidance and attitudes, before more and more able people die because of the greed and fear of a few people and outsiders.

    That is the best tribute we can give to those who give their lives due to intense caring. We have to solve the Security problems of the citizens of Lanka first and next their other problems, and not first get into solving the problems of foreign countries, including Tamil Nadu.

  15. Independent Says:

    Lornezo, the “sensible man” is action. Re-naming Sinhala names to Demala.
    නාගදීප නම වෙනස්‌ කිරීමට
    උතුරු සභාවෙන් යෝජනාවක්‌

    චතුර පමුණුව

    නාගදීපය යන නාමය වෙනස්‌කර එය නයිනාතිව් ලෙස නම් කිරීමට ගැසට්‌ නිවේදනයක්‌ පළ කළ යුතු බවට වූ යෝජනාවක්‌ උතුරු පළාත් සභාව සම්මත කර ඇත. උතුරු පළාත් සභාවේ සභාපති සී. වී. කේ. සිවඥනම් විසින් මෙම යෝජනාව ඉදිරිපත් කර ඇත. මෙම නාමය වෙනස්‌ කිරීමට ජනාධිපතිවරයා මෙන්ම පළාත් පාලන ඇමැතිවරයාද ක්‍රියා කළ යුතු බව එම යෝජනාවේ සඳහන් වේ.


    With all due respects to comment writers: What we forget is going back to “Who Sobitha Thero was?” I like to start from “Marvill Aru”. Sobitha Thero was vey close to Prabhrakeran whether any one disputes me welcome to challenge me. When Prabhraken cut of water to rice farmers in Mavin Aru gota decided to attack and capture the water control gates. Sobitha Thero immediately called MR and protested. Apparently MR directed him to talk to Gota, but Gota never responded. Now Prabhrakeran threatened that he will attack every military base and sink many Dora attack boats as he can. Sobitha Thero got Prabhrkeran on the telephone and told MR that lots of civilians are going to die and that he is going to call the UN secretary general. MR ignored it. What would have been the reward for Sobitha Thero? Probrakeran promised him the Governor of Eastern Province and he will chase away KARUNA. One of Gata’s brilliant attacks that were successful, was the Mavil Aru. And here was the Beginning and the end of Tamil Terrorism. Now do we have to worship Sobithaya as a god? According to Fran Diaz, yes. Fran, with my little knowledge of Buddhist philosophe, there is no peace in your Nibbana. Ask why; it is because to have peace you must have WAR! in Nibbana there is no war there. Execellent analysis of the current situation in SL. Your next sentence is very informative. It is one sentence like the original US constitution without any punctuation marks. Now that you know the root cause why not try to correct it? Don’t tell me that your on the payroll of ATUL KETCHP. Atul, recently went to a Hindu kovila told the gathering that Nagadeepaya was a Hindu kovila long time ago and the Buddhist extremist took over and made it a Buddhist temple.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    It is interesting to note how you view what others write here ! Somehow, it appears to us that you manage to exaggerate stuff written by others to make it appear as something else, to suit your way of thinking.
    I did not say that ‘we have to worship Sobithaya as a god”. We are merely trying to understand this monk who was so concerned about peace in Lanka and unfortuantely for him, matters went awry.

    L’Puthra, We have already had war in Lanka – in fact, 30 yrs of terrorist war. Do you want more of the same ?

    Two World Wars starting in Europe, ended with about 80 Million dead. Was a lasting peace attained ?

    The Buddhist Scriptures state that Nibbana is attained through self effort to end suffering. Buddhists attempt to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. Also, Dhana, Seela & Bhavana (Meditation) to attain such a state of no return or merging with the Eternal/God/Truth/Allah. We are also told that Guidance and Grace from an Enlightened Teacher/Master has to happen.

  18. Independent Says:

    “When Prabhraken cut of water to rice farmers in Mavin Aru gota decided to attack and capture the water control gates. Sobitha Thero immediately called MR and protested. ”

    Complete , Fabricated Lie

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    ONLY WAR brought peace to SL and Europe. Stop denying this FACT. It is an INSULT to war heroes.

  20. Independent Says:

  21. Independent Says:

    Dear Moderator,
    Please let this go, which will prove the dead Thero’s innocence on MaviL Aru incident. You have allowed a deliberate LIE by Lanka Putra. Please show the world this TRUTH.

    This inverview was exactly after Lorenzo’s men closed Mahaveli Ganga sluice gates.

    Q. Ven. Thero , what do you think of the current situation in the country ?

    A: Yes, now we can see an uncertainty in everything and everywhere. We cannot fathom as to what would happen in the next minute. The government was pushed to this type of a situation even if the government doesn’t like it. Because all our leaders including President J. R. Jaye-wardene, President Premadasa, President Kumaratunga and Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe tried hard to solve this matter amicably with the LTTE.

    All of them put in their maximum effort honestly. They did a lot of sacrifices. Those people also used the maximum international influence to solve this matter. But LTTE never wanted to solve this problem amicably. Instead they grew day by day and became a deadly terrorist organisation. LTTE never stood for peace. They even killed all the people who demanded them to accept peace such as Rajiv Gandhi, Kethesh Loganathan, Neelan Thiruchelvam, Lakshman Kadirgamar etc.

    Through these incidents the LTTE has clearly shown their dislike for peace. Killing of Loganathan is a message sent by the LTTE in protest of peace. So this developed day by day and this war became very brutal day by day. Small children were killed, monks were killed and large masses of people were killed such as in the Kebithigollewa incident. And the closing down of Mawilaru anicut is the culmination of the LTTE’s brutality.

    As a nation we never withhold water to anyone, even to the enemy. Here the LTTE stopped giving water not to its enemy but to innocent farmers. Given this kind of a situation how could a responsible government just wait and act blind? The duty of a government is to protect its people. Therefore the government had to fight. But LTTE purposely dragged the government in to this. The government has clearly stated that they are for peace and they still stand by that.

    It is the LTTE that always denounces peace. Going for a war is a very dangerous thing. It wastes valuable human lives and assets. But to give water to these 15,000 farmers government had to fight and defeat the LTTE. With the defeat of Mawilaru the LTTE has now gone berserk. Now they are attacking everywhere they could including Jaffna.

    So the government can’t stay without fighting when they are being attacked and they fight back. The President has clearly indicated that he always wants peace and this is only a retaliation for the LTTE attacks. However all these incidents have finally created an intense war situation in the country.

    Lots of small children had been killed. The LTTE still rejects that the school in Pudukkudiyiruppu is a military training centre. But it is actually a military training centre. Most of the LTTErs who died recently were female child soldiers.

    That shows a lot of forced child conscription is going on. When someone attacks you with arms you have to fire back, even though she is a child, because she still is a soldier of the enemy.

    The LTTE still has the opportunity to go for a negotiated settlement. The government also should keep in mind that the consensus of the UNP is essential in bringing in a permanent solution to this problem.

  22. Independent Says:

    You said “Unfortunately, Late Ven. Sobhitha Thero must have realised his error of judgement of creating a political crisis in Sri Lanka. ”

    No . He did not realise ANY error of judgement. It was the right decision at that time and that place.

    Why ? actually you have given it inside your letter. You said “Late Sobhitha Thero did not expect any financial rewards in return from Maithreepala and Ranil regime for bringing them into power said ”

    A decision taken without personal desires or liking or ambitions of hate WILL BE THE CORRECT decision at that time and that place.

    I remember how you yourself described him as


    “The Chief Incumbent of Kotte Naga Vihara Ven Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero has become the latest pioneer to lead a campaign against the President on behalf of disgruntled elements within and outside the country. Venerable Thero has brought about a sudden surge of impetus and a source of energy to enhance the struggle against the President. These Buddhist monks are generally well-fed, well-nourished and looks energetic (thirihan), with the compliments Buddhist devotees. Ven Sobhitha is demanding the immediate release of convicted criminal Sarath Fonseka whereas the appealing process against the judgement is still pending.”


    So, your latest letter on him shows your hidden regret. But that is good anyway, better for you than carrying the hatred.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am very well aware that peace came through war for both SL & Europe (world, actually, as these were 2 world wars).
    I am addressing L’Putra who seems to want more of the same i.e war ! Who is insulting war heroes here – not the people who want peace. People who want MORE war to win peace are the ones who are insulting war heroes, as more die for rumped up reasons.
    See Germany and America & the other Allies – best of friends now.
    No Lessons Learnt here ?

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    I am only interested in joining up with folks who want to PREVENT more wars. People who think of war as the ONLY solution for peace brings only suffering for soldiers and civilians, with only an interlude of peace.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    No one wants more wars. But there can be a GOOD ENOUGH reason to go to war. In that case AVOIDING war is foolish and dangerous.

    e.g. CFA
    e.g. Tamils started the war in 1976. GOSL kept denying it until 1983. This was the MAIN reason for it to drag for 33 years. Had we gone for war in 1976 it would have saved a hundred thousand lives.

    USA and Germany didn’t go to war but USA went to war with WW2 close friend Russia many times in proxy!!!

    BTW divided Vietnam was unified thanks to WAR. Same way UNITED Korea was DIVIDED by war.

    1. War can be a good thing or a bad thing.
    2. It all depends on the circumstances.
    3. Demanding war when it is NOT needed is FOOLISH.
    4. Avoiding war when it is NEEDED is also FOOLISH.
    5. A happy middle exists – war when justified, no war other times.


  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    Now you are talking.

    But PREVENTION of war is far better than war itself. Talk to people who were actually caught up in wars as well as war vets – they know the misery and tragic loss of life, mental and physical health, loss of wealth and property etc. You know all this already – I am reiterating my point.
    Again, we have to strive for PREVENTION of wars, everywhere.

    “Tamils started the war in 1976” : No, the insecurities started before that when Tamil leaders demanded a Separate state in Lanka during British colonial times in the 1930’s. In 1976, the Vadukoddai Resolution was put out : Separatism through Violence.

    The violence dragged on because the REAL reasons for Tamil Separatism were not put out to the public i.e. the Caste Wars of Tamil Nadu plus Tamil Nadu separatism from India. Also, the JVP problems were not resolved through talks and open debate.
    Now we are fortunately in a position to look at both the LTTE & the JVP objectively and resolve LOCAL problems.

    To this end, to PREVENT FURTHER WAR IN LANKA, as far as Sri Lanka is concerned, we have to remove the Tamil Language as an Official/National language and replace it with the English language, up to a point at least, as the English language is far more useful as a world language, use of computers etc.

    It is the Tamil Language that attracts the Tamil Dalits (15 Million or more now) of Tamil Nadu to flee TN atrocities and come to Lanka. It is the fact that has brought about Separatism & Terrorism, apart from Cold War politics which Lanka ought not to get involved in as the cost is too high and a subject out of our control. Land locked Switzerland remained neutral during WW II – so it can be done.

    We want a PERMANENT PEACE, NOT ‘asbandung solutions’ which drag us into future foreign wars, strife and separatism, to suit outsiders. A sense of Nationhood of Lanka, Unity, must prevail with peace between cities and the rural folk.

    MEDITATION should be taught in all schools so that future generations will not grope around in dark despair and death.

    I do hope you agree.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, re “USA and Germany didn’t go to war but USA went to war with WW2” :

    Comment on the above :
    USA did not join European wars. America went to war and had won Independence from the British ( American Ind. Day
    4 July 1776), and did not join in European wars. During WW I, USA kept aloof. The odd way and questionable sinking of the luxury British passenger ship “Lucitania” near the Irish coast by German U-boats with a number of US VIPs on board, compelled the USA to join in on WW I, and WW II when PM Churchill made a special trip to America and made a compelling case to the then US President Franklin Roosevelt.

    Today, the US appears to be the chief ‘guardian’ of the west. It also appears that America takes the flack for all that happens in the world ? !!

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    Prevention of war must not compromise national security and national interest. War is a legitimate and frequently used way to get things done when others fail.

    1. War can be a good thing or a bad thing.
    2. It all depends on the circumstances.
    3. Demanding war when it is NOT needed is FOOLISH.
    4. Avoiding war when it is NEEDED is also FOOLISH.
    5. A happy middle exists – war when justified, no war other times.

    Meditation cannot solve any national problem. Endia the meditation capital is also a horrible place for women and men.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    Going to Root Causes of problems at an early stage and Preventing internal war is the first step toward National Security, in any country. That is the common sense approach to the problem.

    If the Root Causes are ignored and they grow out of proportion, then internal Wars happen and complicates issues, and invites foreign intervention, (as now), and compromises and complicates National Security even further.

    To main proper National Security, it is imperative that Root Causes are identified early and dealt with effectively.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    All wars start within the Minds of the human beings first. Meditation cools the Mind and promotes Rational Thinking, away from violence and wars. The earlier children are trained into this mode, the better for society as a whole.

  31. Lorenzo Says:


    Complete bunkum!

    Stop taking the side of Pacha Jehan Perera, Kiriella, etc. anti-war crowd.

    1. Of course there are wars that start due to STUPIDITY and those wars are unwarrented. We should NOT start such wars.

    But what if (S)Hitler, Veza-pillai or any other MANIAC starts a war? Should we say NO WAR and surrender?

    “itha onda gaani emathaama budding”.

    2. There are other wars LOGICALLY THOUGHT OUT and started by WISE people.

    e.g. Dutugemunui, GR, Putin in Syria

    These wars must NOT be avoided. Otherwise the GOOD will suffer.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:


    Now you are beginning to sound like L’Puthra !

    The Dark Side will always be with the rest of us. It begins in the minds of human beings. Extreme Greed and Fear rule at present times.

    The best thing to do is to anticipate LOCAL troubled spots and eliminate the same before big trouble comes holding hands with outside powers too.

    It is mainly the WAR with the LTTE that has brought Sri Lanka to this sorry state. The WAR began long ago when Tamil leaders demanded a separate state in the 1930’s together with all the points I raised earlier.

    Let us agree to disagree re WAR, and close this matter. Bye bye !!

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    You sound like UNP Kiriella (any ass can fight BS).

    It is not what is inside me which may be pure but there are many crazy people out there. No one can force them to meditate and even then they will NOT change.

    e.g. Seriously you should have tried meditation with Vezapillai.

    “You cannot have peace if you are afraid of war.”

    Lets agree to disagree.

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