Open Letter to ex-TNA, MP, P.Ariyanetthiran
Posted on November 11th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

9 November 2015


  1. Ariyanetthiran, former Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP from the Eastern District of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Dear P. Ariyanetthiran:

I just happen to read the news item in the New INDIAN EXPRESS of November 5, 2015, posted from Colombo, titled ‘Expulsion of Muslims Wasn’t Ethnic Cleansing’. 

Let me tell you that vile statement of yours shocked me, stymied me, foxed me, and angered me. Is this guy for real or was he hallucinating after  greedily gulping down a coconut-shell filled with Batticaloa KassippuToddy for his morning breakfast?”  Who the hell is this wacko who is trying to paint the serial killer Tamil Tiger terrorists with a lily-white glossy paint with a killer-tar brush? I wondered.

So Ariyanetthiran, to give you the benefit of my doubt I wanted to find out who this disingenuous wacko was.  And I did find out that you were a trustee of Kokkatticholai Sivan Temple, obviously a pious deity revering Hindu,  with three horizontal finger stripes of ash on your forehead, and also the Editor of Thamil Alai (Tamil Wave), a Liberation Tamil Tiger terrorist newspaper. That proves positive that your vile statement was to cover the Muslim blood soaked behinds of the Tamil Tigers.

And that you had been selected by the Tamil Tigers as one of the candidates of the Tamil National Alliance’s (TNA) in the Batticaloa District for the 2004 Parliamentary election.  And then you failed to get elected, rejected by the people, coming fifth among the TNA candidates.  And then the Sri Lanka’s thuggish-democracy kicked into place to let you walk the corridors of the parliament building in Kotte, in May 2004, following the resignation of Kingsley Rasanayagam.  What I read was that Rasanayagam was abducted by the Tamil Tigers and forced him to resign his seat so that you could enter the parliamentary chambers like a cocky Batticaloa rooster with a cluck…cluck…clucking sandaled footsteps.   Right! What a crooked way to enter parliament.

So you had to pay back to the Tamil Tigers for that favour. And so you took into your right hand one of their killer-tar-brushes to paint these Sinhalese and Muslim blood stained ruthless terrorists lily-white.   So that is one hella-va back drop for your ‘vile statement’ that got my goat.  And so you thought you could fool a Sri Lankan expatriate, a Buddhist-Sinhalese to boot, born and bred in the heart of Colombo.   In fact at 54 Mount Mary, Railway quarters at Dematagoda. That was foolish wasn’t it Aryanettihiran?  What a sordid way to do Tamil politics.  Ha!….what a string of  fly-sizzling-Masala-wades hanging from a road side boutique on the way from Batticaloa to Jaffna.  Cheap……..and greasy!  Ariyanetthiran,  and that said it all,  as to why you painted the Tamil Tiger terrorists as a hoard of Kalashnikov carrying bleeding-hearts wanting to save the Muslims from getting harmed during the Eelam IV War.  Right, Ariyanettihiran? Did you try to convince the displaced Muslims with that explanation?  That 100,000 Muslims were kicked out on 28 October 1990.  But, Oh, No! It was not ethnic cleansing by any means! If you haven’t, then give it a try.  But beware of the Muslim grandmothers with broomsticks, who will chase you down the road calling you a ‘pariah-Tamil-politician’.  But just be careful that you raise your vetti well above your boney knees when you run for your life in case you trip and fall and the grandmothers will catch up with you and beat the shit out of you with their broomsticks.

And so your bleeding-heart Tamil Tigers kicked out 100,000 Muslims in 48 hours on 28 October 1990, who had lived for generations in the North and East, of Sri Lanka.   You know what Aryanetthiran, I will put my neck out and call you a  ‘God-damn Humbug’.  It was pure and simple, a classic text book example of Ethnic cleansing, nothing more and nothing less!

Here are other Tamil Tiger, text book examples of Ethnic cleansing  of Muslims, to establish your Tamil  ethnically pure Tamil State, Eelam, for your clan in the North  and East of the island and own the prime real estate lands of the North.  You just can’t pull wool over my eyes Aryanetthiran, don’t even dream of it.

  1. According to your Tamil Tiger logic, kicking out 27,000 Sinhalese who had lived in the North of the island for generations, and some sustaining you Tamils by feeding bread that most of the Sinhalese bakers baked between 1971 and 1981.  I call it a down right classic text book example of ethnic cleansing.  And you would say that kicking out the

Sinhalese  was to remove them  from harms  way due to the Eelam IV war.  And that is buckets full of punakku eating hogs- wash.

  1. On August of 1977, you separatist Tamil thugs, stoned and chased away 400 Sinhalese lecturers and undergraduates from the Jaffna University campus.  While you might say that they were chased out to save them from harms way from the Eelam War, I say it is a down right classic text book example of ethnic cleansing. 

And by the way, your thesis that the  Tamil Tigers were a hoard of bleeding-hearts who really had concerns for  the welfare of the Sinhalese and got them out of harms way by kicking them out, comes to naught, as they were pelting rocks at the buses that were transporting them south to get at these 400 Sinhalese.  And the undergraduates were lying on the floor of the buses to dodge the rock-missiles.  And that is a fact.

  1. For you Tamils to have an ethnically purer Tamil North and East you rascals massacred Muslims at prayer at the Meera Jumma and Husseiniya Mosques at Kathankudy killing 147 Muslim men and boys on 3  August 1990. 

And your logic, Aryanetthiran is, the Tamil Tigers removed the Muslims from harms way from the Eelam War IV, so what better way to achieve this humane exercise other than burying 147 Muslims under 24 inches of soil , so that they will be out of sight of the warring factions that might harm the Muslims.   Brilliant!  Wow, how the heck did you all manage to arrive at that IQ- smart conclusion?

And that happened to be your Tamil Tiger bleeding-hearts solution to help the Muslims!  What crap, what piffle Aryanetthiran.  Give me a break, give the Muslims a break.  I say it was ethnic cleansing of the Muslims, and a down right text book example of ethnic cleansing. 

So you are trying to convince this Sinhalese expatriate, that killing Muslims and having them buried  under 24 inches of soil is truly the bleeding-heart Tamil Tiger way to remove the Muslims in the North and East of Sri Lanka from harms way from the Eelam IV War like the –

62 Muslims hacked to death at Nintavur in Ampara on June 21, 1990;

–         like the 40 Muslims murdered at Akkaraipattu on Ampara on August 6, 1990; and

–          like the 127 Muslims murdered at the Saddam Hussein Village, Poovalkadu and at Kalavalchanai near Eravur on August 9, 1990.

Come on Ariyanetthiran, give me a break, give the Muslims a break and stop spewing that crap of – ‘Expulsion of Muslims Wasn’t Ethnic Cleaning’.

Ariyanetthiran, count your lucky stars that you have been spared by the Muslim Grandmothers from dragging you by your ears to the nearest street water pump, make you kneel down and washed your mouth with Carbolic Soap to clean it for lying and make you say loud a 1000 times so that everyone gathered around you would hear clearly your confession – Yes, I lied. Chasing the 100,000 Muslims on 28 October 1990, was indeed Ethnic Cleansing,  I am Sorry!”


Asoka Weerasinghe,

6 Responses to “Open Letter to ex-TNA, MP, P.Ariyanetthiran”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL has released 31 hard core terrorists for Diwali. These are suicide bombers. Tourists to SL should be wanred against impending POSSIBLE terror attacks by these terrorists.

    If this TNA MPs logic is correct the possible expulsion of Tamils from Colombo will also not be ethnic cleansing.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. helaya Says:

    Lets kick out all the Tamils from Colombo and Kandy to start with. That will not be ethnic cleansing according to our kind hearted MP

  4. helaya Says:

    Lets kick out all the Tamils from Colombo and Kandy to start with. That will not be ethnic cleansing according to our humanitarian.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Lets kick out all the Tamils from Colombo and Kandy to start with- Already tried since 1956 to 1983. so please not again .

    THERE IS NOBODY TO BAIL THEM OUT.- what about TNA , where are they now ???

    Send all 200 ish VP’S man to rehabilitation than release .

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


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