Govt. takes over Avant Garde arms
Posted on November 12th, 2015

By Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy Island

Police headquarters yesterday said that the weapons they handed over to Rakna Araksha Lanka Ltd. (RALL) on the instructions of the Defence Ministry under the previous government had been found on Sri Lanka Shipping Company-owned Avant Garde (formerly MEROU) tug chartered by the Avant Garde Maritime Services (AGMS).

Police headquarters stressed that there hadn’t been any weapons transfers to Avant Garde and the guns had been given to fully-state owned RALL. The police were responding to our front-page story yesterday, headlined ‘Arms issued to police ended up with Avant Garde.’ The report was based on a statement made by Health Minister and Cabinet spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne early this week.

Addressing a public rally at Warapitiya in the Aluthgama electorate, Dr. Senaratne said that weapons issued to Nikaweratiya and Elpitiya police stations had been found on board Avant Garde. Avant Garde carried over 800 assault rifles of two different types.

Retired Maj. Gen. K.B. Egodawela had been the Chief Executive Officer of RALL with work force of 4,000.

The vessel was returning to Galle at the end of its three-year deployment when the Navy took it into custody on Oct. 6. Avant Garde had been based at the Port Sudan in the Red Sea. Well informed sources told The Island that AGMS informed Sri Lanka Shipping Company of its decision to send back the vessel was due to decline in business in the Red Sea area. Avant Garde had been engaged in the lucrative business in providing security to foreign merchant vessels.

Sources said that that many had been confused over the naming of the tug Avant Garde as the hiring party, too, was Avant Garde.

Meanwhile, authoritative sources told The Island that all weapons on board Avant Garde had been placed under the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) pending further investigations. All weapons on board Avant had been acquired locally, sources said, adding that a second ship, Mahanuwara, chartered by AGMS carried weapons secured from overseas. Sources said that weapons from Mahanuwara would be taken over by the navy and moved to a base. Sources said that hence no private firm would be allowed to handle weapons on land or sea. Mahanuwara was due to be sold for scrap.


7 Responses to “Govt. takes over Avant Garde arms”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Heading of this news report is misleading.
    All the weapons on board of Avant Garde (formerly MEROU) tug( chartered by the Avant Garde Maritime Services (AGMS).)belong to 100% state owned Rakna Araksha Lanka Ltd. (RALL). Instruction is to transfer arms from Rakna Araksha Lanka Ltd. (RALL) to Navy which is an internal transfer, if at all.

    The Avant Garde Maritime Services (AGMS)is a private limited company. Sirisena or Rajitha can not take over a private company without following the proper procedure.

    This is a timely warning shot for those who intend to invest money in Sri Lanka.
    Yahaplanaya politicians are real crooks!!!

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Avant Garde (formerly MEROU) belong to 100% state owned Rakna Araksha Lanka Ltd.

    Rakna Araksha Lanka Ltd is 100% state owned.

    Rakna Araksha Lanka Ltd. (RALL) to Navy which is an internal transfer.

    Matter is closed now !

    No wonder We-Thamil Sakkiliyar call you Chinhala Modayas !!!

  3. nilwala Says:

    Minister Rajitha Senaratna and his big mouth should be shut if MY3 is to continue without losing face more and more….and this is not the first time either that RajithaS has shot his mouth off before putting his brain in gear.
    OR is is deliberate diversionary tactics whenever there is looming political challenge?

  4. Christie Says:

    Hi Folks; Indian Empire is taking over the business and most probably will be run by the Adanis.


    SA Kumar, (Sakilli Dmala, You coined it not me) Excellent comment. Now can you focus little out side the BOX and you can see what Muslim OBAMA tried to do and it back fired. Atul Ketchup was to do the same thing if MR won the election. News released up to now on MSNBC show the carnage. Allah-Kum-kbras attacked a French military base and captured it and many solders lost their lives. Later French Commandos took I back, with out any loss to the Commandos. French President was watching the Foot Ball (Soccer) game (Germany vs. France) who was air lifted to Elise Palace, but came under ground fire from Allah terrorists at large. French President has requested, MUSLIM OBAMA to send the Allah prisoners captured so far to GATMO Prison, but he has declined the request. It’s time for Sinhala Buddhists to wake up and attack few newly built Mosques to show that Atul Ketchup MUST leave SL as soon as possible even if the ruling claque (Like RANIL PUNK) wants him to stay.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Lanka puta
    One at time avant garde prolem sorted now .

    Paris very sad insitant happing now ……

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Leave Tamil Muslim to us you know we Tamil know how to sort out them with out any blood

    Puta ! We do not want any more blood in mother lanka at for another 33 years or more

    Anpudan ….
    (I)lanka(i ) Puth(alvan)

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