Video: SLFP can’t win under current chairman: Lohan
Posted on November 13th, 2015

Daily Mirror

UPFA MP Lohan Ratwatte said today the person who defeated the SLFP was the party chairman and as such the party could not win under the present chairman.

SLFP supporters at grassroots level are not in favour of the present party chairman as he was the one who worked against the party and defeated it. I like to tell our supporters to be patient until the right opportunity comes,” he said.

He said the party should either remain in the opposition or in the government.

Mr. Ratwatte said the situation in the country was so complicated now and seems as if the war victory would be reversed. The LTTE is raising its head again. LTTE prisoners should not be released.  I’m completely against this move,” he said. (Nadeeka Dayaa Bandara)


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5 Responses to “Video: SLFP can’t win under current chairman: Lohan”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    If so he should be removed from the SLFP leadership by the working committee after changing the SLFP constitution. Since 2006 the SLFP constitution says the president of the country, if he or she is a SLFP member, shall be the leader of the SLFP. This needs to be changed first to remove Sirisena. Unless he willingly steps down which is very unlikely. However, most SLFP working committee members support Sirisena as most of them are his appointees. Therefore this cannot be done in the short term.

    The next option is to abolish the executive presidency as promised. In fact venerable Sobitha clamoured to abolish it. At the very least in memory of him, the now useless executive presidency must be abolished. Then the SLFP constitutional provision about the president automatically goes allowing a new leader to be elected by the entire party membership.

    At the moment at least 61 MPs would support the abolishing of the executive presidency. TNA, JVP and the joint opposition of 41 UPFA MPs would support it. A further 89 is needed. SLFP has another 54 MPs. If they too support it, only 45 UNP MPs are needed.

  2. Independent Says:

    Why did Dilrook disclose this so openly ! Of course 45 UNP MPs can easily be borrowed for this purpose. No UNP likes a SLFP president. I am sure 80 UNP MPs will support this.
    But Ranil will become THE DICTATOR. He will surely put MR and GR in jail !
    Without MR and JR what is the point living ? That will be the end of the world.

  3. Kumari Says:

    If the executive presidency is abolished, the provinces can go their own way. The only hold the centre has is through the executive, so it should not be abolished. As Independent says, Sirsena will become a no body and Ranil will assume all the responsibilities. This is somebody the country never elected.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Provinces cannot go their own way just because the executive presidency is abolished. They are governed by the 13A, schedules which lay out their powers. Even these can only be exercised with the concurrence of the parliament. Any attempt to go over these powers is a violation of the constitution.

    On the contrary, continuation with the executive presidency will actually save errant provincial councils. Knowing 16% of his votes come from the north and the east, Sirisena will not take any tough action against the northern and eastern councils. In fact both Mahinda and Sirisena have shielded the northern provincial council which openly supported anti-Sri Lanka moves since inception in 2013.

    Release of dangerous terrorists is another example how executive presidency is endangering the nation in today’s context. The matter must have been sorted out by the Attorney General’s department but ultimately it was the wish of the president (who was influenced by the TNA boycott yesterday) who bypassed all procedure and got them released. More of these will happen as long as executive presidency stays.

    However, until it is abolished, the presidential election will remain the most important election. Mahinda camp must get ready for it from a third political force. It takes time to build up a third force. Keeping executive presidency and hoping for a change in SLFP leadership is totally unwise.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    No good will come from release of extreme LTTE terrorists. Who prevailed on the President to get them released and for what evil purpose ?

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