US Pivots From Africa to Asia – Sri Lanka’s Quisling Prime Minister Dutifully Plays His Mercenary Role (Part 1)
Posted on November 18th, 2015

By Gandara John

Following Sri Lanka’s formal surrender to the US in Geneva on 01 Oct 15, America’s pet poodle in the Indian Ocean Island of the once independent and sovereign State of Sri Lanka is now straining at the leash to meet the sharp deadlines set by his handler.

Tasked to produce within a year, a Constitution that would dissever the State of Sri Lanka and create in its place a Confederacy of several ‘identity based’ Federal States on the tiny island, Ranil Wickramasinghe has turned to the Mont Pelerin Society for a leg up.

The Mont Pelerin Society, meeting for the first time in Switzerland in 1947 at a mountain resort that lent its name to this secret organisation of White Supremacists, committed itself to establishing a New World Order with a global plutocracy in which there would be a ‘One World’ Government.

The Mont Pelerinists who have accommodated in their fold those of the ilk of Augusto Pinochet, Enoch Powel, Otto Habsburg, Max von Thurn und Taxis solemnly pledged to dismantle the sovereign States in Asia and Africa and erase for all time the boundaries of these States, rubbishing the basis of all International Law, the Treaty of Westphalia that established the concept of  ‘State’ and the principle of ‘the Sovereignty of the State’.

These arch feudalists of Europe and America, funded by the likes of Rockefeller, Koch Brothers, met at a time when their monopolistic power had been largely eroded and their instincts had warned them of the danger of being completely swamped in the emerging geo political milieu.

They gathered at Mont Pelerin to take stock of the situation, reflecting on the major events of history that had diminished their power since the days of the Treaty of Westphalia; they plotted a Plan of Action that would, by infiltrating and attacking the political processes in States across Asia and Africa reverse the trend, recapture lost ground and establish a New Order which would give the Feudalists Absolute global power.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, the global ultra right club of White Supremacists Full Stop

 A telling feature of the Mont Pelerin Society is its revolving door relationship with dubious organisations like the, Committee of 300,  Club of Rome, Club of Madrid, Club of Budapest, Bilderberg, Tavistock Institute for Human Behaviour, Illuminati, Black Nobility, Council on Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta, Pan Europa, Trilateral Commission, to name a few of the elitist reactionary organisations.

In retrospect, it is coincidental – if coincidence it ever were – that exactly nine months before the US instigated Rainbow ‘Revolution’ of 08 Jan 2015, Wickramasinghe responding to an attractive offer from the US, accepted the largesse of the CIA funded ‘Centre for International Studies’, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which he had visited previously too. On the table greeting him was a generous Robert Wilhelm Fellowship which included a handsome stipend; Wickramasinghe had no qualms palming what was on that table.

During his prolonged visit to the MIT, where courses are personalised by the mind controlling institute Tavistock, Wickramasinghe was programmed to study the formulation of a new Constitution.

In Europe in 1648, the Treaty of Westphalia had consolidated the power of the Feudalists by clearly identifying and demarcating the boundaries of the European States and by safeguarding, from outside aggression, the fortunes the European Feudalists had amassed.

The hand of the European Feudalists was further strengthened, when the Treaty of Westphalia was extended to Asia and Africa to identify and demarcate the boundaries of the European Colonies; in so doing, the land, wealth and resources in those Colonies the European Feudalists had appropriated, were secured. More often than not, the European Feudalists with fortunes in Asia and Africa successfully shielded their personal identities behind Corporate personalities.

The Westphalian Principle etched in stone in International Relations is that ‘Each State has sovereignty over its territory and domestic affairs to the exclusion of all external powers on the principle of non interference in another State’s domestic affairs and each State, no matter how large or small, is equal in International law; the Treaty went on to recognise that the State alone has the monopoly in the use of lethal weapons inside its territory.’

The world at that time was attractive to the European Feudalists; they enjoyed the monopoly of power in their own European States as well as in the lands the European States had colonized. With the unfettered use of land, labour and capital, both in their State and in the Colonized States, the Feudalists accumulated even greater wealth.

Christianity or the need ‘to save the godless heathen’ was an attractive mantra the Feudalists chanted, to aggress the native lands in Asia and Africa.

But then, dark clouds loomed over the skies of the Feudalists. At the brain storming exercise of the Mont Pelerinists in 1947, ‘Universal Suffrage’ was identified as having delivered the biggest blow to the Feudalists. The landed gentry, accustomed to untrammeled power in the execution of the affairs of State, were suddenly confronted with the ‘nightmare’ of having to grapple with the votes of the ‘hordes of landless peasants’ influencing the formation of, ‘the Government of the State’; the voting numbers of the ‘peasants’ were overwhelmingly more than the limited numbers of the Feudalists.

The ‘Government of the State’ had now become the repository of the ‘collective power of the people’. The people naturally protected the government and the government protected the State and her people.

Nationalism was that symbiotic outpouring between the State and the people. The State not only reflected the power of the people but also stood as the symbol of the people’s dignity, pride and unity.

Another major reversal of fortune the Feudalists suffered was when, in the aftermath of the Atlantic Charter and WW2, the European States lost their Colonies; the Colonies became independent Sovereign States and the European Feudalists felt threatened with their assets in Asia and Africa coming under attack.

It is relevant that although the Colonies rid themselves of the European powers, the Feudalists continued their presence in the former Colonies through their Corporations which by then were well on their way to taking control of the political system within the United States of America.

The Treaty of Westphalia, which earlier had given a fillip to the Feudalists, had three centuries later become a thorn in their flesh especially with the spirit of Nationalism running strong in the veins of the New States in the Asian and African Continents.

And then there was the emerging power of the Trade Unions.

The Mont Pelerinists concluded that if they wished to retrieve their lost privileges of unfettered use of land, labour and capital to accumulate wealth and to recapture their lost power, they needed to roll back the wheels of history.

In Asia and Africa rolling back history meant a concerted attack on the State, the Government of the State, the boundaries of the State and the people of the State. It also meant that the Feudalists would have to reestablish a Feudal authority, like the European Colonial States of old that would lay down the law. The Corporates were identified as such an authority.

If Christianity had lost its shine as a reason to intervene and aggress States in the Asian and African continents, Human Rights was picked up as a suitable replacement to fill that void to ‘civilize the uncivilized’.

In the Global Plutocracy, the plutocrats had pledged to establish, the Mont Pelerinists   identified the need for, a uniform legal system of world courts backed by a global police force and a unified military to enforce laws in all the dismantled States where no boundaries would exist.

And to this end Von Hayek, the evil founder of the Mont Pelerine Society, and his hooded votaries of white Supremacists formulated their plan.

The Society adopted the Neo liberal economic policies of Hayek who advocated unfettered capitalism where the poor and the destitute are left to fend for themselves either working for near slave wages or dying of starvation or perpetually stoned on narcotics. It is significant that members of the Mont Pelerin Society are leading the campaign to legalize narcotics.

Naked profit has been the corner stone of the Mont Pelerin Society’s economic policy and their perception of the ‘Rule of Law’ was, as practised by Pinochet in Chile, dog eats dog and only the fit survive. Hayek and Pinochet had a symbiotic admiration and need for each other.

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