Who is Samantha Power ?
Posted on November 25th, 2015

By Charles S.Perera

She is part of the USA Administration represented in the UN.  USA with its 200 odd year history is a hybrid nation of European pioneers who built their nation on the ashes of the original inhabitants.  These pioneers  reduced the original Americans to an insignificant minority.  Therefore American history and culture is not one of unification of people but one of  destruction and division. There primary effort is to keep themselves secure from re-arising of the original inhabitants of America, and destroy nations of composite communities to never make them a challenge to USA.

Therefore they interfere into sovereign states to divide people according to communities. The Americans as history has taught them interfere into developing countries to help the minorities  to separate themselves  isolating the majority and make the majority community  less important. This is what they did with the American Indians –the indigenous people of America.Apaches etc.

Samantha Power has come to Sri Lanka to  discuss with the Tamils in the North  to discuss  the ways to arrive at their object of a separate Tamil State in the north.  As Sri Lanka is now being ruled by a set of political fools they do not seem to have an idea as to  what USA is upto  after having  changed regime , passing resolutions in Geneva against Sri Lanka for the elimination of Tamil terrorists, getting advise from the Tamil diaspora  making an all out attempt to set a Tamil State in the North.

These foolish Sirisena Ranil Government is facilitating matter for USA and the enemies of Sri Lanka to divide the country making the Tamils the determining factor of Sri Lanka’s breakup as a sovereign state.

USA has never in its history helped any country and its people to rise above economic disabilities and assisted them to become a sovereign state  other than to break up nations to form other nations like it did in Serbia.

USA has made its past history and destruction of people a culture .  Today USA has no other  object in its foreign policy other than  to  make USA with its 200 odd year history the leading nation of the world.

Samantha Power is a part of this hybrid culture. Power once in an interview described a hypothetical need for a mammoth protection force” to police a peace accord between the Israelis and the Palestinians which drew much criticism. Later she disavowed the comment and had even asked the host of the interview to remove the video from his web.

When Samantha  Power was before  the Senate Committee  for the confirmation of her appointment to the UN, Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican, asked her to explain what she meant, in a 2003 essay in The New Republic, when she called for a historical reckoning with crimes committed, sponsored or permitted by the United States.” Power disavowed the piece, saying that she probably very much overstated the case,” and adding, This country is the greatest country on earth. I would never apologize for America.” Rubio pressed the point, leaning toward the microphone, his eyes sweeping the gallery, and Power had to repeat the line—This is the greatest country on earth”—two more times.

Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, brandished notes containing a quote in which Power referred to the United States as the most important empire in the history of mankind.” He asked, Do you believe America is an empire?”

Power replied, . I believe that we are a great—a great and strong and powerful country, and the most powerful country in the history of the world,” she said. Also, the most inspirational.”

Power is an American interventionist to disrupt nations and use war as a tool for that purpose.  Ben Rhodes, the deputy national-security adviser for strategic communications, recalled, that Power has consistently urged the Administration to consider intervention, including intervention in the expanding war in Syria

It is said Power returns over and over to one question: To what end can America’s power be directed? The President, by his own account, is less sanguine.

Power worked with traitors to their home land.  She makes it obvious in her visit to Sri Lanka. In Iraq Power was the point person on Iraqis who had worked with Americans.

Power is ambitious.  She has no sympathy for other nations and other people. What matters for her is to make the world believe in the   greatness of America, and project her self importance..” ….. for nearly two decades, Power has left others with a clear sense of her long-range aspirations for higher office and her muscular style of foreign policy. She began her career as a reporter in Bosnia, where her colleagues joked that she might become Secretary of State and reignite the Cold War.

Power is a favourite of President Obama, who himself is not a  sympathetic and a generous  man.  His foreign policy is American centered .  He has one view of terrorism where it concerns America and another where it concerns other countries like Sri Lanka which fought a terrorist war”. It is a question of their terrorists against whom it is prepared to carry out relentless wars, and terrorists of other countries who America would pamper and encourage.

President Obama, in his speech before the General Assembly of the UN, offered his rationale for the bombing campaign. He described the air strikes with a moral, if not a strategic, certainty that he had previously resisted: There can be no reasoning, no negotiation, with this brand of evil. The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. So the United States of America will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death.” It fell to Kerry, Rice, Power, and others to try to recruit and maintain that coalition.

How can the terrorists  be different in Sri Lanka ?

This is Obama’s policy against terrorists as understood by him, their terrorist are real terrorists,  and  terrorists elsewhere like in Sri Lanka for him and Power are freedom fighters. What a set of hypocrites they are   who claim leadership of the world ?

Samantha Power wanted to remind her peers of the human implications of terrorism. It’s not a geopolitical strategic abstraction,” she said. It is about groups that target families who are flying on airplanes, and take the lives of firefighters who are trying to rescue other people. It’s about preventing that.” So far, progress had been slow. People have not shut their borders, they have not put laws in place, they have not acted with the urgency that is needed.”

Powers is of Irish Origin. Her father was  a Dublin pub piano player, raconteur, dentist, and drinker named Jim Power—a fearsomely formidable pub debater,” as the Irish Independent once put it. Samantha Power says I was extremely close to my father, inseparable, Where we hung out most of the time was the pub.” Her father died at 47 drinking in his favourite Pub.

Samantha Power started life as a war reporter in Bosnia. When she was not  accepted to be sent to Bosnia as a war reporter  for lack of experience , she did not hesitate to break into the editors office   …….. when the editor left one night she sneaked into his office and stole some stationery. I wrote this letter saying, ‘Please provide Samantha Power with all the credentials she needs. ” It worked.  That is Samantha Power who will stoop to any thing to have her way..

Michael Rose UN Commander in Bosnia had nick named Samantha  and her  reporter friends Bomb the Bastards bunch”. . Power had said , These guys who had been terrorizing these people were going to be stopped!”

In her second year of law school, Power took a class on the just use of force. I began looking at the historical cases of genocide, looking at the Armenians, the Khmer Rouge, and Saddam Hussein’s Al Anfal campaign and Rwanda,” she said. She wrote a paper for class and sent it to Anthony Lewis, then a Timescolumnist, and Martin Peretz, who was editing The New Republic, both of whom followed the Bosnia war closely. They told her she should try to turn it into a book. She did, and the result was  ‘A Problem from Hell,’ ” published in 2002. In it, Power reconstructs deliberations in the Clinton White House and in the State Department and other agencies as officials overlooked or rejected proposals for U.S. intervention. She criticized those who avoided using the word genocide” in their statements, and praised those who resigned in protest of inaction, such as Marshall Harris, a thirty-two-year-old Bosnia desk officer at the State Department. America’s repeated refusals to end genocides were not accidental products of neglect,” Power wrote. They were concrete choices made by this country’s most influential decision-makers after unspoken and explicit weighing of costs and benefits

With the backing of the Security Council, the U.S. and its allies imposed a no-fly zone and bombed Libyan forces. But Gates opposed using the U.S. military to prevent a humanitarian disaster unless there was a clear image of what would follow. In his recent memoir, Duty,” he recalls telling aides to withhold information on military options from staff members at the National Security Council and the White House: They don’t understand it, and ‘experts’ like Samantha Power will decide when we should move militarily.”

When I ( Even Osnos of The New Yorker), asked Gates about that criticism, he said, It was not just her. It was several White House staffers. They were Ben Rhodes and Samantha and, I might add, Susan Rice—particularly strong advocates of getting involved in a U.S. military engagement. And I don’t know whether these folks have a guilt complex over the Clinton Administration’s having botched Rwanda, where the U.S. did nothing, or what, but they are very much driven.” He said, It becomes detached from U.S. national interests. So I was totally opposed.”

The image of Power, Clinton, and Rice became a cartoon—Obama’s Valkyries leading him to war—but Gates does not believe that Obama ever broadly embraced Power’s expansive view of humanitarian intervention. He said, I think he was being pressured by the Europeans, particularly the French and the British and the Italians, and their interests were much more directly involved than ours. And I think he was more influenced by that, and by the arguments for preventing this humanitarian disaster, than he was by any kind of broad strategic or philosophical commitment.”

France is already suffering for that

But Power was responsible for the messing in Libya during and after Gaddafi.  On this subject, Power’s characterological direction of error may be the belief that a frank discussion of Libya’s lessons exposes her to deeper criticism, and could undermine support for future interventions. Libya was the first clear test of her toolbox, but she has stopped short of analyzing her record with the rigor that she once brought to the study of others.

Libya’s deterioration had a spillover effect. For many in the government—including the President—Libya didn’t go so well,” the former senior White House aide told me. If Libya had been a great success, that would’ve created more momentum on the Syria debate. And it wasn’t.”

Power who had the ear of the President was responsible for the Lybian disaster. Power speaking about Obama had told the journalist , I can be a pain in the ass, and that’s what he wants. That’s what’s so amazing. There are plenty of people out there who could check the conscience box.” She went on, There are milder personalities that could create the illusion of inclusion, and spare you the headache of argument and counter-argument, and President Obama did not choose that milder version.”

Power and Obama entered the Administration farther apart than their pedigrees and their friendship might have suggested: she advocated intervention and American exceptionalism; he spoke of America as the most powerful leader in the world, but recoiled from the adventurism of the Bush wars and the presumption of enduring American primacy, focussing instead on the need to rebuild the country at home. After nearly six years, Power still believes that America retains the capacity for brute or moral force to shape the course of global events—to bend the curve—but Obama, by his own account, does not. To some degree, there has always been a contradiction between the Administration’s determination to retrench from the costly adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan and the expectation of restoring American credibility through moral leadership and actions.

Power had said, As time wears on, I find myself gravitating more and more to the G.S.D. people”—the get shit done” people, a term favored by Susan Rice. We’re racing against the clock here to get as much done as we can. So when you run across people who know how to be bureaucratic samurais, or are especially persuasive in their diplomacy internationally, spend more time on those relationships, and on brainstorming with those individuals, to achieve a common purpose. Principles and positions only take you so far.” ♦


These are the perons Sri Lanka yahapalanaya  has embraced criticising Mahinda Rajapakse regime which made Sri Lanka an independent Sovereign State neither attached to the West nor to the East.  Samantha Power is a dangerous person to be allowed to come to Sri Lanka and meet the Tamils.  With this type of relationship Sri Lanka will not remain a unitary Sovereign State for long. Samantha Power  speaking of Sri Lanka had referred to a darkest and most painful chapters in its country’s past.

That chapter is not what it was before the 8 th January, 2015, but it is, what it has become since Maithripala Sirisena became the President. Sri Lanka which saw continued development projects since the elimination of terrorists is stagnating today, bringing it closer to bankruptcy and a territorial break up. Sri Lanka under Maithripala Sirisena’s Presidency has already become failed State.

Samantha Power has met the Foreign Minster Mangala Samaraweera- a person blind to political reality through his hatred of the former President, who  continues to push the government into  a precipice of disaster. Samantha Power has not made a friendly visit and her visit has other reasons beneficial to USA. She had not failed to mention  that USA is serious about the accountability process , a semantic infiltration  for war crimes investigations.

The pat on the back with which poor Maithripala Sirisena will be happy may be  her remark: “One example I shared with the Foreign Minister is the President’s intention to dilute the power of the presidency at a time all around the world we have leaders who are trying to extend their powers and term limits, change their constitutions in order to ensure that they have more power. This is a fresh air in strengthening checks and balances in Sri Lanka”.

However she has warned, “so we are watching, I am here to find out from the people of Sri Lanka what the U.S. could do to make your democracy more prosperous”. But she only met the Tamil Separatists , and they are only a part of the people of Sri Lanka.

Samantha Power has lot of qualifications but she is no diplomat. She openly supports Sri Lanka Tamil dissidents .  That has become the role of USA and Europe today.  She who visits Sri Lanka for the first time should have also gone to the South to inquire what the Sinhala people have to say about the Sri Lanka Tamils.  She has not come to help reconcile the communities, but distance the Tamils further away from the majority Sinhala.  That is why people like her are a danger to Sri Lanka.  But the pelerine Ranil Wickramasinghe is not a patriotic Sinhala politician.  That is why he dos not raise his voice against  the visiting Americans and Un Officials who pander to the cause of the Tamil separatists.

The present Government of Maithripala Sirisena has made Sri Lanka a subject nation , a colony of the USA and the West.   They will further destroy Sri Lanka that was saved from terrorism and gradually developed as a sovereign State into development, peace and security.

We want USA,UN or Western visitors to speak to the Tamil separatists and tell them the necessity to reconcile with other communities and make unitary Sri Lanka their true home.  Sri Lanka Tamils should take their own decitions without being influenced by the Tamil diaspora which has a different Agenda.

Goodbye Samantha Power we do not like you, please do not come again to put people against people in Sri Lanka.

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    Lorenzo, I dare you put one word of dis-information against the author. If you do LIGHTNING WILL STRIKE ON YOUR HOUSE YOU WILL BE HIT BY LIGHTNING. I Guarantee it. Harthara varam Deviyo protecting lankadeepaya will command the MARA YAKA to burn you and your family alive.

  2. douglas Says:

    LANKAPUTHRA: Be assured ; he will not do it. That was when this author was promoting Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse during the Presidential Election of 2015 January. At that time Mr. Mahinda Rajapkse was “MAARA” and “MY3” was the “Hero”. Now for him “MAARA” is the “Hero” and “MY3” is the “MARU SIRA”. Please do not have that “wish” to fall on him. Live and Let Live is a good policy.

    Re. the article. All these so called “Super Powers” make inroads into our territory when we are “divided”, “weak” and “mismanage” our resources. Since Independence we have proved those qualities beyond boundaries. Have we learned our “MISTAKES”? NO. We know the President of USA (anyone) has been and will be only a “Pawn” in the hands of a strong circle of “Bureaucrats” and a class of “Business Tycoons”. So it is nothing strange for persons like Samantha Power and a host of others to roam around the world and make their presence felt in every sphere of life of the “divided”; “weak” and “rouge” people and Governments respectively. The NEED and HOW to HANDLE these roaming vultures is a matter for us to show our strengths in UNITY, PRINCIPLED MANAGEMENT OF OUR RESOURCES and BUILDING A STRONG NATION AND A COUNTRY. If that happens, they will think twice in making this type of inroads into our affairs. That is the ONLY WAY.

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    I wish you the same!

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