Appeal for Pardoning the Sri Lankan Housemaid and the Male Migrant Worker
Posted on December 6th, 2015

N.M.Ameen President


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  1. Nanda Says:

    This majestic creature “his majesty of Saudi Arabia” does not poses even minimum level of brain function let alone education required to understand that the stoning to death of a poor woman is inhuman.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Dr Ameen for telling the truth.

    May the Merciful One be pleased with you.

  3. mario_perera Says:

    Dr.Ameen’ s statement should be translated into Sinhala and Tamil and given maximum exposure in newspapers and other media.

    It is a candid, truthful and chilling declaration of the abject economic, social and cultural misery and degradation that is the lot of the vast majority of our citizens whatever be their race, language and creed. It also goes to show the abysmal distance that there is between the rulers who sit snugly in parlement and the lowermost strata groveling in an irredeemable mental and physical poverty.

    Dr.Ameen’s letter is a damning indictment of the entire political, economic, social, and religious system in which the poor and the destitute live and move and have their being.

    The rulers of this country do not car a damn about our migrant workers who are mostly women. They do not care damn about the aptitudes of these migrant workers, the processes of selection, the agencies involved, as well as of the conditions and consequences of work in these middle east countries. Noting opens the eyes of our rulers to these factors. they are oly glued to the financial statistics resulting from the remittances of this badly selected, and ill formed unfortunate labour force.

    With these glaring realities erupting before our very eyes the topics laid out for the consumption of the general reading public are completely derisory.

    the Muslim girl Rizana died in vain. Should this unfortunate Buddhist woman perish under a hail of stones, he death too will be in vain. The rulers will only be concerned with the pittance these women sent back to enrich their miserable coffers.

    Mario Perera

  4. Nanda Says:

    This woman is not Buddhist. She is Muslim. One of the main problems in this case is that. She somehow condemned herself to death under brain washing she received over 45 years.
    Please read the articles written by our Muslim brothers elsewhere.
    Sharia Law is such that it does not intend to give this punishment unless the woman keeps on saying “I am guilty” until her death, every day. This woman has accepted guilt 4 times. Even the King cannot save her now, because she refused to say “not guilty”.
    Even if she is saved she is going to commit suicide.
    The government need to rehabilitate Muslim women in general. They must be taught of equal rights with men, taught of useless Allah who depend on mortals to punish the offenders.

    I cried for Rizana. She was different. Following is a translation of her last letter..

    If the message of mercy reached to our doorsteps, Why should I be hanged on the earth that gave birth to peace? O’ all those who were stricken in grief for my sake…. Peace be upon You All

    I, as per Allah’s wish, being born in a very poor family, came out of the shore as a person out of thousands of people subjected to social injustice. The struggle that my father went through to enliven us by cutting firewood, The helplessness of my starving brothers and sisters and the worry of my mother to educate and bring us up to a greater standard of life compelled me to compel my parents to send me abroad and thus I came.

    Rather than trying to verify who and how I was sent here as a teenager, take a message from what s being said through my death and prevent emergence of many other Rizanas. Please do not blame my parents. But pray for them. And also please lend your helping hand to many other helpless parents.

    There were enough scholars and organizations to advise that Muslim ladies should not go out without a Mahram (blood relative). But had they come forward to advise the males on how to look after the women as guardians, situations of thousands of helpless’ like me would not have been left unattended

    Why would I kiss the rope of the guillotine in the land where the message of mercy descended if those so called great people brought the message of mercy to our doorsteps, I mean, the message of mercy brought by the Mercy to mankind? Why didn’t those who spread the message of Islam little by little, bring it completely?

    It is pathetic for innocents like me when I heard those who were aggrieved on my matter and those who strives for my release being asked ‘ why you raise voice against Islamic Sharia Law’, It is very unfortunate as there was none to raise voice from those who knew the Sharia law when I was informed that no financial support can be rendered to appear on my behalf.

    None could present with original documents to prove my true age citing that my passport and the birth certificate were fakes. Not even by those who were on joy ride on my behalf. There was no one to lend me a helping hand when I was stranded in a foreign country. If there was one, I could have been released through the sharia law that you are boasting of. Why didn’t any of those who learnt sharia law appear for me who did not know Arabic , leaving me the only option of the Malayali interpreter who did not know proper tamil ? And I went through thorough beating by the ‘Madam’ and the policemen. Isnt it a fact that my sick father and the mother stricken by poverty do not have knowhow and the financial ability to facilitate one who speak on my behalf.

    You may not be able to find an attorney to appear for me. I am not worried over it. But make sure that this would not happen any further. But Bring up a system that look after those who leave the shores and that gives legal advice.

    Women are considered as equal as eyes in dignity under the shadow of Islam. It is the same that she receives in the family and the society. Say it loudly that it is not allowed to go without ‘Mahram’ not only across the sea but also across the door. It is the day that the message of Islam becomes completely received. Had our society that spends annually hundreds of thousands for un obligatory hajjs and Umras, given a helping hand to my brother and sister, will a situation like dying of infant by a teenager like me occur?

    Today, my death notice comes amidst challenges faced by our sisters. How can we face the society when we could not find solutions for own problems at home? If there are any lessons in my life and also in my death, please pave a way through it to hundreds of poor girls like me. That is my message to you.

    I am your sister who bids adieu

    Rizana nafeeq

    Translated by Musnad

  5. Nimal Says:

    We too have appealed to our politicians here to put some pressure on that country, who seems to be their bed fellows. We must not allow any of our workers to these countries. I think Indonesia is doing that.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Thank you N.M.Ameen for very intellectual letters .
    Hope & prey our Buddhist woman come back to Mother Lanka soon

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    GONJA Ramanayaka is very popular among housemaid families. Did he come forward to save her? NO. Down with GONJA!

    Govt.s don’t care about migrant workers in the middle east because they are Muslims and Singhalese. IF they were Tamils then by now the whole parliament would be on fire.

  8. Nanda Says:

    I don’t know Ramanayaka helped in this case. But the woman is not Buddhist but Muslim according to many sources. There is no racism here in anyway. Only issue is Lanka Muslims do not protest enough, majority behave like Saudis with Permanent Residence in Sri Lanka.

    4 Muslim MP’s Including Minister Bathiyudeen Shout at Sumanthiran and Prevent MP From Speaking on Shariah Law in Parliament
    By By P.K.Balachandran

    Four Muslim Members of Parliament, including a cabinet Minister, shouted down Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A.Sumanthiran, when he mentioned the term “Shariah” while speaking in parliament on Friday on a Saudi Arabian court’s order to “stone to death” a Lankan women for committing adultery.

    The 43 year old Lankan woman, a mother of three, was to be stoned to death in Riyadh on Friday but the sentence was not carried out because the lady had appealed against the order with the assistance of the Lankan government.

    Sumanthiran, also a leading Supreme Court lawyer, said that laws regarding the mode of punishment in various countries should be looked at afresh, from the human rights angle. He mentioned stoning in Saudi Arabia, flogging in Singapore and the use of the electric chair in some states in the USA as examples of practices which need to be reviewed. He further said that countries cannot prevent people from across the world questioning laws which violate human rights and cannot use religion to stall intervention.

    He pointed out there has been international intervention in Sri Lanka to restore human rights in the island and Lanka has accepted it.

    Sumanthiran said that stoning was a practice mentioned in the Old Testament but the practice was discontinued with the advent of Christianity. He recalled that when people wanted to stone a prostitute to death, Jesus Christ said: “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” No one did.

    When the Tamil MP proceeded to ask if the Shariah law sanctions stoning to death, S.M.Marikkar, Rishad Bathiyudeen and two other Muslim MPs, shouted him down. Bathiyudeen insisted that Sumanthiran has no right to talk of Shariah law. Islam and Shariah law should not be dragged in when the entire House is engaged in saving the maid in question, Bathiyudeen argued.

    Sumanthiran’s contention that he had the right to speak on any religion so long as he is not offensive was rejected.

    Speaker Karu Jayasuriya’s pleas to the Muslim MPs to let Sumanthiran complete his speech fell on deaf ears. Even Minister Lakshman Kiriella’s assurance that anything hurtful to Islam could be expunged, failed to pacify the four Muslim MPs.

    A defensive Sumanthiran said that he is not attacking Islam and that he is an avowed friend of the Muslims. In fact, only recently, he had incurred fellow Tamils’ wrath when he described the en masse expulsion of Muslims from North Lanka by the LTTE in 1990 as “ethnic cleansing.”

    Later, speaking to Express Sumanthiran said that Bathiyudeen agreed that he is a friend of the Muslims but insisted that he could not speak on the Shariah.

    However, the Muslim MP listened quietly when the Deputy Minister of Power, Ajith Perera, urged the government to ban unskilled Lankan women from seeking employment in countries like Saudi Arabia.

    Ban Being Mulled

    Meanwhile, Sunday Virakesari quoted the Minister of Foreign Employment, Thalatka Athukorale, as saying that President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are discussing the possibility of putting a ban on Lankan women going to Saudi Arabia as maids.

    In January 2003, another Lankan, 24 year old Rizana Nafeek, was beheaded in Saudi Arabia for the alleged murder of a baby. Rizana’s argument that a confession was forced on her, was not accepted by the court. An appeal for clemency made to the Saudi King by no less a person than the then Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa was ignored.

    Courtesy:New Indian Express

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Religion and State do not mix well.

    The State must take care of all its citizens plus visitors to that state, wherever in the world. Religion can be practised outside the State law. Any crimes by visitor workers especially ought to be tried by standards set by international Law.

    That sounds fair to all, does it not ?

  10. Nanda Says:

    My argument is ANY religion cannot tied to the Law Enforcement system in ANY country. For example some one burning Tripitika publically in Sri Lanka shall only be considered as a person who burnt a religious book. We can’t hang him for that or send to 20 years jail.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    I didn’t want to dispute Mario’s claim she may be Buddhist.

    She is originally from Batticaloa. Later moved to Marathana.

    She cannot be Singhalese. Anyway the issue here is not ethnicity as you correctly said. Thanks for sharing that news.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    The State Laws of any country ought to deal with such acts as deliberate burning of any religious texts. Such burning of religious texts could be construed by lay folk as deliberately provoking a group of people. Deliberate provocation is not acceptabl and should be dealt with through the Law of the Land, whether the book is on Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or any other religion.

    Yes, the Law could consider the crime as ‘burning a religious text’. I cannot say what the exact punishment ought to be.
    Confiscation of property is very effective for most crimes !!

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