Peace Plan for the Civil War in America and Europe -Part 2
Posted on December 7th, 2015

Rahul Speaks

The Proposed Peace Plan for the Ongoing Civil War in America and Europe -Habitants of African and Arabian Descent Fighting For Human Rights Dignity Life and Self Rule .(Part 2)

In Part 1 of this Peace Plan to, arrange a ceasefire, bring the antagonists in the raging civil war in America and Europe (AE) to the negotiating table and achieve a lasting peace, an intelligence analysis was made of the combatants and  their auxiliaries;  freedom fighters of African and Arabian origin are fighting racists regimes in America and Europe infected  by  a white majoritarian affectation.

  1. Aim of the Plan. To bring America and Europe (AE) to the negotiating table and talk peace with the freedom fighters of African and Arabian origin in those AE countries, that would ensure a lasting peace. 
  2. Situational Analysis.  See Part 1.
  1. Execution of the Plan. The Plan will be executed in 15 Phases.
  2. Phase 1. Establish a Peace Secretariat and its several branches in the US and in each of the European countries.
  1. Phase 2. Establish ‘Co – chairs’ comprising China, Russia, Iran and India to run, monitor, overlook and coordinate the work of the Peace Secretariat.
  1. Phase 3.  AE countries to create an atmosphere of goodwill prior to the peace talks by:

1)                       Stopping immediately all military operations in the African and Arabian countries.

2)                     Stopping immediately the worldwide hate campaigns, open and subtle, against the African and Arabian people.

3)                     Repealing the Patriot Act and all other repressive statutes in the AE countries.

4)                     Stopping immediately the use of drones for any military purpose.

5)                      Releasing all political prisoners of African and Arabian origin.

6)                     Lifting the proscription on all Arabic and African organisations described as terror groups by AE countries so that the people of these groups may move freely in those countries before and during the peace talks.

7)                      Making ‘persona grata’ all the freedom fighters, including Abu- Bakr al Baghdadi and Saleh Abdelsalam.

8)                     Lifting restrictions, if any, on the building of mosques and places of worship in the AE countries.

9)                     Lifting the restriction if any on the wearing of Arab and African attire, in public and to school.

10)                 Encouraging the singing of the National anthems of each of the AE countries in Arabic and African dialect.

11)                   Dedicating the first week of May every year to thank the Almighty for the life of Mr. Bin Laden.

12)                 Identifying and establishing cemetery sites in each of the AE countries to plant memorial slabs, with the names of the millions killed by AE forces in Africa and Arabia.(See para 1)

13)                 Tasking Chandrika Kumaranatunge to obtain Norwegian support to have Sudu Nelum street dramas staged in all American and European Streets to drive home the message that the war against the freedom fighters is un-winnable and pursuing war is futile.

14)                 Tasking Ranil Wickramasinghe and his bedfellows in the Mont Pelerin Society, to identify in America and all European countries land with sizeable coastlines to establish Arab and African homelands where the African and Arabian habitants, empowered with Interim Self Governing mechanisms, may live peacefully in segregation, a move that would help in the reconciliation and reparation processes that will follow.

15)                  Downsizing all NATO bases in Africa and the Middle East prior to eventually closing them down and pulling out all AE troops from Africa and the Middle East.

16)                 Declaring all AE secret and floating prisons and armouries and opening them up for regular inspection by the Co Chairs.

  1. Phase 4. The Co Chairs to arrange a date for the first meeting between the ‘civil war’ combatants of the AE countries  in one of the following locations, Moscow, Beijing, Delhi or Tehran.
  1. Phase 5. Pledge in confidence the payment of I million US dollars to each of the leaders of America and Europe by way of awards such as Nobel prizes, Magsaysay awards  as given to the Mandelas, Tutus, Obamas and Ariyaratnes  of the world   to induce them to come to the negotiating table and achieve
  1. Phase 6. Establish Interim Self Governing Authorities in America and Europe based on the LTTE model agreed upon by Wickramasinghe and Kumaranatunge in 2003 and now being acted upon by Wickramasinghe to be included in his Mont Pelerinist doctored New Constitution.
  1. Phase 7. The AE countries to amend their Constitutions to create Federal States based on race, in America and Europe, for their African and Arabian habitants; the perforations of the AE states should be done in a way that their break up in the future, if necessary, should be facilitated by this process.
  1. Phase 8. Indict the following for war crimes (accessories- see part 1) at the International Criminal Court:

1)                       Louise Arbour

2)                     Radhika Coomaraswamy.

3)                     Navineethan Pillay.

4)                     Kofi Annan.

5)                      Ban Ki – Moon.

6)                     Bill Clinton.

7)                      George Bush.

8)                     Barak Obama.

  1. Phase 9. Indict for war crimes in a world Court with judges from Russia, China, Iran and India the perpetrators of the ‘French’ genocide in Rwanda in 1994.(See Part 1)
  1. Phase 10. Indict for war crimes in a world Court with judges from Russia, China, Iran and India the perpetrators of the US hatched genocide in Rwanda (See Part 1).
  1. Phase 11. Establish Truth commissions in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East for purposes of reconciliation and determining a broad framework for reparation.
  1. Phase 12. The world community to conduct siege warfare on the AE countries by imposing Economic, Trade and Cultural embargos to isolate and make America and Europe failed Pariah States in the event the AE countries show a reluctance to talk with the freedom fighters.
  1. Phase 13. On a time schedule determined by the Co Chairs the AE countries to close down all military bases, training camps, AE sponsored training camps and withdraw from Africa and the Middle East.
  1. Phase 14. The UN to be reorganized and restructured; the UN in the meantime to withdraw the recognition, of Corporates and their ‘fancy costumed’ creations (the NGOs), to the UN and its agencies, confining recognition only to member nation States and their organisations.
  1. Phase 15.  Task Chandrika Kumaranatunge of Club Madrid to earn her supper by convincing all Christian AE countries  including Britain and Canada, to establish secular nations, without ambiguity, within their borders.
  1. Coordinating Details of the Plan .

1)                       The AE countries will submit to the Peace Secretariat for approval all decisions taken by them on matters affecting the freedom fighters.

2)                     All AE countries will amend their Constitutions to accommodate within their systems, judges, prosecutors, investigators, policemen and other assorted administrators from the Co – Chair countries

3)                     An eternal flame will glow at all the African and Arab cemeteries in the AE countries where the flags of those African and Arab States will be flown.

4)                     For the Thavalamas or Street dramas Kumaranatunge will be paid this gravy only if she succeeds in bringing down recruitment to the NATO to a near zero.( See part 1)

5)                      If the assistance of Solheim is required for the street dramas and there is difficulty in locating him, it is recommended that searches be made in women refugee camps where Solheim has a habit of flashing his signature badge.

6)                     The Nordic countries to use their expertise in employing gunrunners as ambassadors to facilitate this peace plan.

7)                      If the assistance of Beranard Kouchner or David Miliband is needed, permission to be sought from their current bosses George Soros, Ukrainian Firtash, Russian crime boss Semyon Mogilevich and the CIA/NED funded IRC (The International Rescue Committee).

8)                     America and Europe to Co Sponsor this proposed Sri Lankan Peace Plan for America and Europe in their civil war with freedom fighters of African and Arabian origin;  Ranil Wickramasinghe from the Rockefeller initiated Mont Pelerin Society, Chandrika  Kumaranatunge from the NATO funded ‘Club Madrid’, ‘Global Leadership Foundation’ and ‘Bill Clinton Initiatives’ and A T Ariyaratne a Magsaysay Awardee from Club Budapest and ‘Noetic Sciences’ – all auxiliaries of the AE countries – will be required to persuade  America and Europe to co sponsor this plan, endorsing thereby everything said in this document.

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