Is the Sri Lankan Government off its nuts or has it already ceased to exist, to invite UK and Norway to meddle with our Army and the Constitution and allow free access to all spheres of development and Government in the country?
Posted on December 9th, 2015

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwwara 9.12.2015.

I appeal to all patriotic Sri Lankans, especially the Sinhala Buddhists and the legal fraternity who are not servile to any political party to draw their immediate and serious attention to the following two news items and, if the news paper reports are correct, first to lodge their protest to the Government against this decision and ask the Government to stop this madness forthwith. Second if they don’t listen, then to organize a countrywide protest against this treacherous move and continue it nonstop until the Government withdraws this decision and chase out those so-called advisors and experts already come on invitation to destabilize, disintegrate and destroy our motherland and pause  a serious threat to national security. They also should demand this Government to apologize to the people and also to the legal fraternity of this country as it is a shame and a humiliation by the country and the entire nation and ask to sack those responsible for his blunder. If they don’t listen, I suggest the protesters ask these politicians responsible to seek election to the Parliaments of those countries from where the experts have been invited.

Isn’t it a disgrace on a Parliament having 225 Members and the entire legal fraternity of this country if they are unable to find the necessary expertise to either reform of draw a new Constitution for this country? As for me I strongly believe they can. After all it is the patriotic legal circles and the intellectuals of this country who know best about the needs of the people of this country. And this Constitution is going to be the supreme law of this country, not Britain, USA,      Norway           or         India.   I am thoroughly disgusted and dismayed over this subservience and servility on the part of the Government. I am sure it can find more decent ways of paying its debt to these international ‘friends’ for helping them to defeat MR without humiliating the whole nation and losing a nation’s self respect. I thought we have got freed, at least partially, out of this colonial bondage long ago. The UNP that runs the present Government has miserably failed even in 1948 to assert, reclaim, restore and protect our pride as a 2500 year old civilization when it timidly gave in to the dictates of British colonial hegemony by accepting Governor Moors dictates to adopt the word UNP and Jenning’s Constitution wherein the seeds of communal politics were first legally enshrined. Thereby it accepted that there is more than one nation in this country. Firstly, by accepting the name of the newly found political Party as UNP and the Sec 29 of the Constitution (both of which conceded to the concept of presence of many nation in this country), whereas at the time of cession in1815 there was only one nation in this country, that being the Sinhala nation. Secondly, it also failed to demand for the original name Sinhale to be inserted in the Constitution which was the name of the country handed over in 1815 by accepting the name Ceylon with the Sinhala translation Lankawa that has created innumerable problems thereafter.  I only cited this instance to show readers as to how our politicians have blundered in handling national issues even in the past. Curse to all those who have betrayed the motherland and the nation then and also those who follow suit now.

I doubt whether those pundits who have invited these foreign experts have obtained prior Parliamentary approval to get down them. If not, that again amounts to a betrayal of the sovereignty of the people by this Government. Importing foreign lawyers who do not know what Sri Lanka is and its history or culture to draft a constitution is not second to getting down ‘experts’ from Italy sometime back to saw coconut trees in Batticaloa.        

            UK to work with Lankan military (Island Dec 7th)

                ‘UK will work with the Sri Lankan military on accountability issues in the wake of the country co-sponsoring a resolution at the UNHRC. British Defense Adviser in New Delhi will concurrently function as non-resident military representative for Sri Lanka to facilitate the process. UK is a member of the UNHRC comprising 47 countries’

Norway experts to Change the constitution (Divina 6.12, 2015)

               ‘The Government has decided to get foreign expert assistance to effect the necessary Constitutional changes for the abolition of the Executive Presidential system and to revise the election system.  The Government has already invited number of experts from a number of countries including Norway. Meanwhile the Norway expert is expected to arrive in the Island on December 7th. A member of the Cabinet subcommittee appointed to make recommendation on these reforms said among other things these experts will advice and provide guidelines ton these issues.’

                The promises made by these people at the elections were to replace the existing Constitution with a new one. Later it also said that it is going to appoint a Constitutional Council to draft a new Constitution

My question is as to why this Government resorts to this type of antinational tactics to destroy this country. We all know how countries like Britain and all other Western allies acted against this country at the UNHR to pin us down. We also know how these imperial powers have exploited us in the past and how they have destabilized our countries for centuries. We also know how they have supported the LTTE to ruin this country. We also know how they continue to do the same thing even today. In this backdrop why doesn’t the Government get Samantha power, Nawanedan Pille, Kerry or that lean tall hungry looking former US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Mr Blake or the Prime Minister of the Interim LTTE Government in New York or that deported Tamil Bishop of Global Tamil Forum living in London, looked after by Cameron, Jayalaitha or Karunanidhi to advice on the new Constitution for us. I really cannot comprehend what a wonderful set of legislators we have in our Parliament who does not have that wee bit of brain to understand the danger of putting these serpents under their clothes.

Meanwhile please see the following two development package as well by the EU and India to get further insight in to the de-Sinhalization conspiracy programme deployed by these western intruders and India. They all built for Tamils only in the North, East and on the Plantations thereby creating and strengthening polarization of ethnic Tamil settlements all over the country, a virtual canker for all future reconciliations, one of the main accusations by the UNHRC against Sri Lanka. Under the 13th A, India asked JR to make Tamil also an Official Language here, while it is not even in India. JR meekly did it. India asked him to give citizenship to all estate Tamils He did that too, violating all national and international procedures by making the citizens by an affidavit worth one rupee? India asked JR to accept the North and east as traditional Tamil Home lands in this country. JR granted that as well. I am not surprised even if this International community and India ask Ranil- Sirisena Government to accept Colombo District also as a Tamil enclave as the majority, with those who have been recently packed in, there, are already Tamils. When you see how things are lining up and the dead silence of the people no one should be surprised even if they grant it on a platter in the name of national reconciliation, if saying no to that will affect their positions.

EU supports building of houses in Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Batticaloa via Euro14 m grant

Tuesday, 8 December 2015 00:04

With a financial envelope of Euro 14 million, more than 300,000 people are expected to benefit from the support provided by the European Union to build houses and improve community infrastructure for internally displaced people and returnees.
The activities will be implemented from 2016-2018 in nine selected divisions of the Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Batticaloa districts by Habitat for Humanity. This initiative dovetails on the earlier housing programs for which the European Union contributed with Euro 50 million in the districts of Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Vavuniya and Batticaloa.
Speaking during the signing of the project, Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, David Daly said: The project contributes to a sustainable solution for returnee families with the specific objective of improving the living conditions and social cohesion of displaced people, returnees and their host communities. This is not just an infrastructure project, but an initiative that will contribute to livelihood support through skills development and loan facilities to help people build towards a more hopeful future.”

The initiative aims to construct houses for almost 16, 000 conflict-affected persons, in cooperation with World Vision Lanka. To minimise debt, vulnerable families will receive supplements for loan repayments. In addition, more than 60,000 people in 60 villages will be supported through financial, disaster preparedness and construction trainings. To provide more holistic development support and increase livelihood opportunities, Habitat for Humanity will provide vocational and skills development training to households, persons active in the trade sector and youth in construction related services. 
This project will also follow a homeowner driven process” of construction, whereby the selected families will contribute through their own labour towards the reconstruction efforts. The project also provides support to the domestic economy by sourcing all building material locally. The project also aims to safeguard women’s rights by ensuring their participation in community consultation meetings and decision making process.
At Habitat for Humanity, we believe that housing is not a product but a process. It is not enough to build houses, we need to turn them into homes and empower homeowners to transition from poverty and dependency to independence and self-sufficiency,” says Greg Foster, Area Vice President for Habitat for Humanity Europe, Middle East and Africa. This is exactly what we hope to do for the war affected communities in Sri Lanka. We want to show them”

The billion question I am compelled to ask the Government in this instance is as to why the hell it allows these foreigners who are our sworn enemies to freely interfere and intervene with our internal matters to promote division of the country on ethnic basis which the British did it from 1815 continuously and carry on up to date as if this country is still under them? I don’t think any other country in the world has allowed this type of selective and direct aid to particular groups within their countries.

Implementation of these selective packages further aggravates the existing tendencies to isolate different ethnic groups and prompt them to think as separate ‘nations’ as they do even now. This situation will further complicate the reconciliation process. Therefore this modern device of divide and rule  packages should be immediately suspended until arrangements are made to allocate these houses and all other facilities on national ethnic ratio basis, eg S 70% T18% and M 7%. These new settlements should also me mixed settlements where land will be allocated by lots to avoid communal segregation and promote inter ethnic harmony.

India Committed to Build 50,000 Houses in Sri Lanka: Government


‘Published: 08th December 2015 02:16 PM

Last Updated: 08th December 2015 02:16 PM


NEW DELHI: India is committed to build 50,000 houses for internally displaced people in Sri Lanka, Lok Sabha was informed today.

Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said the project envisages construction of new houses and repair of damaged houses and it is being implemented through two models, agency driven and owner-beneficiary driven.

“The beneficiaries of the housing project are identified through a consultative process,” he said in reply to a written question. Rijiju said as per the information received from the state governments of Tamil Nadu and Odisha, a total of 1,01,368 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees are presently staying in the country.

“There has been no organised repatriation of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees since 1995,” he said.             The Minister said the Sri Lankan government has released nearly 2,000 acres of land to internally displaced persons in the Northern and Eastern provinces.

In January 2015, the External Affairs Minister, during her meeting with visiting Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, has urged the Sri Lankan government to create conducive environment for Sri Lankan refugees to return to Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan government has been extending facilities, including education, civil documentation and medical services to any returning Sri Lankan citizen after staying as refugee, including in India, he said’.

At the same time look at the way how the Sinhala Mpp keep dumb, deaf and blind to the plight of the Kandyan Peasants who have sacrificed so much over 300 years to save this country from these colonial invaders and who had been robbed  of their lands and life in millions to save the Motherland for posterity. Has anyone spoken at least a single word about the imminent danger that will befall on them by this approach to foreign assistance and by this type of interferences.  All foreign aid should be channeled through the government of the country.  If you are going to allow all our enemies to come in and play hell like this, then why should we have a Government? Hasn’t the government failed miserably in its most fundamental duty of national security, protecting the country from foreign invasion by allowing outsiders to have their own governments within our country?

13 Responses to “ Is the Sri Lankan Government off its nuts or has it already ceased to exist, to invite UK and Norway to meddle with our Army and the Constitution and allow free access to all spheres of development and Government in the country?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is utter disgrace. ALL forms of VILE ELEMENTS are landing on SL to destroy it.

    SL has been made a prostitute once again. Norway, UK, LTTE RUMP, Endia, etc. exploit SL however they want.

    Honestly I don’t see there is a WAY OUT of this MADNESS PEACEFULLY. IF BBS can come forward to ELIMINATE threats to national security using WHATEVER means necessary I respect them.

    Parliamentary speeches, social media, protests cannot STOP this UNDEMOCRATIC govt.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yahap has failed miserably by the masses of Sri Lanka. Only Colombo matters to RW/CBK duo ?

    A bought Parliament and a Colombian legal fraternity are silent ?

    Welcome to Neo-colonised & waggable Sri Lanka ! All bow, and get ready to scrape too when the time comes.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:





  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    The spokes person has said that there are 101,368 Tamil refugees in TN camps. Earlier the count was 60,000. How did the number leap forward ?

    These Tamil people should be absorbed into society in Tamil Nadu. That is the right thing to do. They ought to be issued with Birth Certificates without the Caste lines and re-settled them properly in Tamil Nadu.

    It is the duty of the Tamil Nadu leaders to take care of Tamil folk, including their over 15 Million Tamil Dalits.
    It is the duty of the Sri Lanka govt to protect the Armed Forces of Lanka from false War Crimes charges, and the citizens of Lanka.

    It is infinitely kinder to give FREE birth control material to all adults anywhere than to have wars and diseases to reduce populations.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    We wonder what any of these countries now standing in judgment of the SL Army would have done if they had a LTTE type terrorist outfit attacking their citizens and property for over 30 yrs ?

  7. nilwala Says:

    The irresponsible behavior of this Govt. is mind boggling… BUT, to put the nation at risk with the LTTE hard core elements freed must mean that there is a strategy here. The next couple of weeks should be revealing of what lies in store. All those people responsible for relaxing National Security will be held responsible by the people for the people in the name of DEMOCRACY that will not bend to TERROR.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    We want PERMANENT SOLUTIONS for the problems that has beset the country for hundreds of years. We are tired of ‘asbandung’ solutions. We want GoSL to go to the heart of problems that beset Lanka.

    Some suggestions for peace in Lanka :

    * TAMIL NADU must take care of all her citizens, including the Tamil Dalits. Tamil leaders must stop their Tamil Caste Wars on the land of Lanka. In turn, GoSL must take care of the SL Armed Forces and true born People of Lanka.
    * Deport all illegal migrants.
    * Remove the Tamil Language as a National & Official language of Lanka.
    * Activate the 6-A.
    * Deal with all Terrorism/Separatism swiftly with suitable punishments.
    * Last but not least, introduce MEDITATION to all schools and any other places willing to teach it.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Already We have PERMANENT SOLUTIONS !!! Saiva TE (NPC) & Muslim TE (EPC) & Bhuddist Sin Hela Lanka (Other 7 PCs).

    Only my personal worry is Indian flag is flay in Jaffna sky not Koddiyas or Loin flag – kaput !!!

  10. Raj Says:

    මොනවද ලොරෙන්සෝ ඔය කියන්නේ, තමුසේ මේ පාන්ඩුව හදන්න මොර දීපු එකෙක්නෙ වෙනසක් ඉල්ලල. මේකේ ඉන්න අය සමහර විට දන්නෙ නැතිව ඇති, මෙයා තද කොටි රජෙක්, සිංහ කබායක් පොරවගෙන ඉන්න. මෙයාට සිංහල බෑ, ඒනිසා මෙයට කුලප්පු වෙන්න බෑ

  11. Fran Diaz Says:


    Yindian flag means Tamil Nadu rule in Eelam, sooner or later. That means birth certificates with Caste on them under Hindu rules. Have fun !

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    under Hindu rules. Have fun !- Agreed We need again another VVT Karayan VP & R Premadasa .

    VP Thalaiva where are you ????

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    under Hindu rules. Have fun !- Inauguration of ‘India Corner’ and India funded Language Lab in Jaffna !!!
    Our Saiva TE (NPC) Always colonised by outsider Since 1505 to today (from 2009 to today by Indian) .

    I wonder What We have in this dry land ( Last time when MS visited in Jaffna He asked CM Viggie How your people are living in this dry land) !!!

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