Mahinda predicts economic crisis in few months
Posted on December 19th, 2015


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  1. Dilrook Says:

    I’m totally disappointed with Mahinda. He was once again absent from parliament when the budget vote was taken. This is the second time. It shows he can be easily controlled by anyone by striking fear into him. Such a fearful leader is not just a burden to the nation but also a risk to patriotic forces. His inability to leave the SLFP is another disappointing factor. In a way it is better for patriotic forces to leave him behind. Even if he joins them his enemies will be able to penetrate into any patriotic movement by striking fear into Mahinda.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mahinda is a strategist. He has always been so.
    He is no fool either.
    If MR listened to all and sundry when the LTTE ran amok for some 30 yrs and backed off the last attack, there would be no “patriotic forces” talking in the country today !
    Those who hid in the woodworks when the LTTE ran killing and damaging property are out today and talking freely.

    Best thing to do is to ask him direct why he does things his way.
    I personally am of the opinion that he knows what he is doing, and why he does things that way.

    Re the Budget :

    New Budget copying an ultra-Capitalist western country !

  3. Cerberus Says:

    In my view MR is not afraid. When he fought the war against the ruthless LTTE his life and the lives of his family was in grave danger all the time. He never hesitated to do what was right for the country even at the cost of his life. LTTE nearly got Gota. The forces arrayed against him now are the same forces that got rid of Gaddafi and Saddam. This means the Western powers with the full might of the Church behind them. MR is not afraid but he is not foolhardy to throw himself against a brick wall. Right now the UNP is in charge while being supported by the West and the Church. I think MR is merely biding his time since knows that in the scheme of things nothing lasts forever and truth wins in the long run.

    He has spoken clearly on Dec 19 in the parliament and had his say about the budget and its deficiencies. He also makes statements to the press so that the people know what his views. He does not want to demean himself by going down to the low levels the parliament has descended to these days. People are bribed with big money to vote for matters that UNP want to push through I believe. I do not think they are voting according to their conscience. Greed and fear of people have become so great that they see nothing else but money. This is true for countries, Churches, Temples, world leaders etc. Instead of acting on principles and ethics some world leaders are doing what is required to accumulate wealth.

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