Letter to the editor: Rs. 2 million worth books going waste
Posted on December 26th, 2015

Sent by: Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

The news item that Rs. 2 million worth books are going waste just because the picture of the former Chairman’s picture has been printed on the front cover begs the question Are we all such fools?”

First of all who authorized such printing? If it is against the law then that person/s must be held responsible and must spend out of his own pocket to rectify the mistake. If he does not, then adequate punishment must be meted out to him, him being the former chairman being immaterial.

On the other hand just to keep the books without distributing while many a child finds it difficult to buy the books is atrocious. I is not clear whether they are text books or exercise books. There are many ways to overcome the problem. Simply pasting a sticker on the face of this picture will solve the problem. If the government cannot afford to spend on this I am sure many NGOO will come forward to do so for the sake of the poor.

Or without printing a new cover just of plain paper can be incorporated as the cover.

Or the picture just can be ignore and the books distributed.  After all most of the time the children put another cover on the books.

Whatever happens the books should not be allowed to collect dust and be dumped as garbage. Hope the authority will take some action.


Sent by:

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

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