Nepotism; Father Defence Minister, Son-In-Law PRO, Daughter Chief Guest
Posted on December 26th, 2015

Courtesy ColomboTelegraph

Public anger on social media has skyrocketed towards President Maithripala Sirisena – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe led yahapalanaya government as the Head of State’s daughter Chathurika Sirisena isscheduled to be the chief guest at a Ministry of Defense led Civil Security Departmental function to be held on the 28th of December 2015 at the BMICH.

ChathurikaA disgruntled voter of yahapalanaya said that this nepotism phenomenon is getting more sick and ugly by the day. The Minister of Defence is the President Sirisena himself. He then appoints his son-in-law Wewelpanawa Gamage Thilina Suranjith as the Public Relations Officer of the Defense Ministry and now brings his daughter to even be the chief guest in such a distinguished Ministry, where far more respected individuals could have been bestowed the honor instead” he posted on her Facebook page.

It is worthy to note that President Sirisena’s daughter Chathurika Sirisena who was an absolute non-entity till her father’s appointment in January 2015, started off as being the chief guest at lesser prominent functions such as the National Kite Festival, at school functions at Rathnavali Grls School Gampaha and Royal College Pollannaruwa and gradually moving on to be the chief guest at the recently held annual concert of the Naval Pre-schools of SLNS Gamunu, SLNS Tissa and SLNS Dakshina at the Navy Headquarters in Colombo on 06th December 2015.

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3 Responses to “Nepotism; Father Defence Minister, Son-In-Law PRO, Daughter Chief Guest”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    That’s not all.

    Deputy defence minister RUWAN WIJEWARTHANA is PM Run-nil’s cousin!!! This is DOUBLE NEPOTISM!!

    Just imagine what will happen WHEN Run-nil will get Maru Sira killed.

    PM Run-nil becomes president.

    Run-nil’s cousin Ruwan becomes DEFENCE MINISTER!!

    Do you see Run-nil’s plan to get rid of Maru Sira and capture power??

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    Sri Lankans (especially Sinhalese..!) are the biggest idiots in the world when it comes to politics. They can be fooled very easily by cunning politicians, as they had elected one of the worst presidents (Sirisena) in the recent history, by ditching one of the most productive presidents (MR) Sri Lanka ever had.

    Everybody blamed MR for nepotism, but at least he got one of his brothers, Gothabaya, to defeat 30 years of Tamil terrorism, and transform infrastructure of the country (especially city of Colombo) to a modern nation in Asia.

    The present regime under Sirisena/Ranil is the worst leadership I have seen so far. Sirisena and his goon-ministers are busy appointing their kith and kin to every position they can find. This is double nepotism at its best…!

  3. aravinda Says:

    Nihal, Sri Lankans are not only idiots, also as people without conscience and memories. Psycho Prabakaran was correct in this regard.

    December 26th is the anniversary of the Tsunami, biggest natural disaster to strike Sri Lanka since times of Dutugamunu. People have forgot 36,000 died on that day.

    Main topic on 26th December is the bra thrown at Enrique Inglasis, the visiting Latin singer. That was also the main topic of Srirsena’s address in Ampara that day. There are thousands of burning issues in our country. But this is all in Sirisena’s mind. What a bum. We got what we deserve.

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